Committee members differ on dropping zeros from IQD; Khalil notes by dropping zeros, IQD will be equal to USD, 18 APRIL

Economist says monetary policies need to improve prior to dropping zeros from IQD, 18 APRIL

Investment Committee Member: CBI establish procedures to prevent fraud at the changeover after deleting three zeros from currency, 17 APRIL

Editorial: What does it mean to delete Iraq 3 zeros from the Iraqi dinar?, 17 APRIL

Secretary Hadi says discussing the timing of dropping zeros is premature, but says committee has discussed the project; Project needs concerted effort and cooperation from entire GOI, 17 APRIL

CBI subtracting zeros from the local currency (2 articles), 14 april

          Finance Committee Member: CBI will start measures of deletion of zeros from currency during the current year, 13 april

Ambassador of Kuwait confirms his country is seeking to remove Iraq from Chapter VII; UNSC makes final decision, 3 april

Foreign Relations Committee welcomes the upcoming visit of Kuwaiti Prime Minister; The release of CH VII means open trade and stronger economy, 2 APRIL

Deterioration of the Iraqi dinar from the dollar smuggling to Iran and Syria, 2 APRIL

CBI dollar restricts withdrawals for April 15; Instructions to stabilize the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar against foreign currencies, 27 march

Close to moving Iraq out of CH VII and into CH VI says US State Department Press Release on Sec. of State Kerry’s visit to Baghdad, 25 MARCH

World Bank restructure the Rafidain and Rasheed in order to raise the value of the Iraqi dinar, 25 MARCH

IMF Mission Concludes Article IV Discussions with Iraq

Economic parliamentary: Launch the budget early next week

Bankrupt: Cyprus today, America tomorrow

Iraqi Official: This April, Kuwait is anticipated to sign Iraq out of Chapter VII, 19 march

Parliamentary Finance: do not oppose the project to delete zeros from the currency .. And postponed for technical reasons, 18 MARCH

Economic Committee Member: Three economic laws are planned for amendment to meet the policy of the free market, 11 MARCH

Economist Opinion: IQD needs economic stability to make it a desirable currency internationally, 11 MARCH

Iraq FM Zebari discusses Iraq and the future of CH VII sanctions, 2 march

The Currency Newshound Commentary: Zebari article regarding Chapter VII, 2 march

Zebari: Iraq would emerge completely from Chapter VII with exception to the technical issues with Kuwait, 1 MARCH

Mixed opinions: What will happen if they delete the three zeros of the Iraqi currency?, 1 MARCH

Kuwait calls for the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII of the United Nations , 27 DEC

Iraq, Kuwait agree to shut down all outstanding issues in order to remove Iraq from Chapter VII; Technical issues will remain, 27 FEB

Foreign Affairs Member: Much success towards Chapter VII release – Need to focus on Arab support; Internal differences and a weak external role behind Chapter VII delays, 27 FEB

Iraq, Kuwait agree to shut down all outstanding issues in order to remove Iraq from Chapter VII; Technical issues will remain, 27 FEB

Foreign Affairs Member: Much success towards Chapter VII release – Need to focus on Arab support; Internal differences and a weak external role behind Chapter VII delays, 27 FEB

Politicians continue to debate dropping zeros from the IQD, 24 FEB

Finance Committee Member: Currency will not be replaced, no zeros dropped in 2013; Blames political instability and poor stability of CBI, 23 feb

Source: Washington worried about the situation in Iraq; Will not renew DFI protection in 2013, 20 feb

Saleh: CBI is working to issue currency class of 100 thousand dinars soon; Urgent need for coin, 18 FEB

Parliament to resume its session Tuesday; Vote on Budget Law of 2013, 17 FEB

Experts warn exploit the assets of the Central Bank as a cover for local currency, 17 FEB

United States sends 6 diplomats to resolve the political crisis in Iraq, 17 FEB

Iraq seeks WTO entry based on flexibility given to other countries; Qualified to join WTO says business union, 17 FEB

CBI looking for methods to advance level of IQD and bank involvement; Says Chapter VII threaten bank investment, 17 FEB

Member of the Economic Committee: the mysterious CBI policy and need clarity, 15 feb

Economist demands that the deletion of zeros from the currency to the lack of security and economic stability, 15 feb

Economic Committee Member says PM’s Cabinet policy to raise IQD to 1,000 bad timing, 10 feb

GOI recognizes its inability to cancel three zeroes of the dinar however seeks to increase value; Any improvement in political situation will make process happen faster, 5 feb

Cabinet Secretariat: Government seeks to have the exchange rate at 1,000 dinars to the dollar, 4 feb

Iraqi Cabinet rules out replacing, omitting zeros from IQD in current phase; IQD expected to rise by reserves and growth of economy, 4 feb

          Iraqi dinar would soon return to what it was prior to 1980 due to global demand: Banking and Finance Ministry Head, 3 FEB

CBI authorization to reduce the dollar exchange rate to enhance the value of the dinar, 1 feb

Economists Opinion: decision to delete the zeros from the currency .. Necessity, 30 JAN

Parliament: linking CBI auction network with financial institutions will reduce corruption and supports national currency, 26 jan

The Central Bank called network connectivity for auction information, 24 jan

Monetary policy and its consequences on the Iraqi dinar , 23 JAN

Economic Committee Member on WTO: Iraq’s economy making strides good qualify to join the World Trade Organization, 18 JAN

Foreign Relations Committee: Iraq close to transferring from CH VII to CH VI with United Nations, 14 jan

Iraq Foreign Relations Committee: Iraq will emerge from Chapter VII in 2013, 13 jan

Editorial: The feasibility of lifting zeros from Iraqi currency? Opposed to dropping the zeros from the currency, 13 jan

Finance Committee Member: Politics is postponing the deletion of zeros; All competent authorities support the project, 7 JAN

Economist: Deletion of zeros project should be expedited; Strengthens power of IQD and national economy, 7 JAN

Upper: Directors of the Central Bank acting to weaken him, 7 JAN


* New currency will begin printing as of Sept 2012 or as early as June; Issued in Jan 2013

MAY 19TH, 2012 08:19 AM

 Iraqi parliamentary sources said that printing new Iraqi currency will start early next month of June will be replaced with the currency and delete zeros of which will be the beginning of next year 2013.

The parliamentary Finance Committee on Tuesday that the deletion of zeros and replacing Iraqi currency September early January 2013, as pointed out it will start printing the new currency in various categories in September.
A member of the Finance Committee Haitham Jubouri that “the month of January of next year 2013 will see the deletion of three zeros and the replacement of the currency,” adding that “as of next September 2012, will be the direct printing of new currency in different categories.”
The Jubouri that “the process of replacing the old currency will continue to a full year to be the withdrawal of the old in full within the first six months of the year 2014,” noting that “delete three zeros and replace it from would be afterbirth on the stability of the Iraqi currency and reduce the demand for hard currency.“

Economic Parliamentary exclude the existence of government intervention policy of “central” patient request “delete the zeros”


Economist reveal four solutions to raise the price of the dinar against the dollar


Call for the study of the process of replacing the currency to reduce the volatility in the market says Finance Committee Member


CBI raises interest rate to 16%


Iraq tariff law begins in July


Finance Committee to host CBI Sunday; Discuss currency matters including deletion of zeros


Zebari with head of UNAMI discuss key issues including Ch VII exit


CBI pledges to raise the value of the dinar again


Central Bank: next July will see the elimination of bleeding currency

Iraq parliament approves 2012 budget 


Parliament Economic Committee: Process to start removing zeros from the currency in September


Saleh: Dinar is covered heavily by $60B in foreign reserves; Goal is to be equal to the dollar




CBI: The Politics of raising the Iraqi dinar against the dollar will contribute to strengthen the Iraqi economy


CBI to study the legislation to legalize the process of removing zeros from the local currency

CBI responds: Our “Dropping of the Zero’s” policy is successful and Anbuge personal criticism doesn’t represent the opinion of the government


CBI confirms the possession of large reserves of hard currency to meet the demand