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Bruce’s Big Call Replay LINK  Intel begins at 57:30 min mark

Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – it’s Tuesday April 7th and you’re listening to The Big Call – Thanks for tuning in everybody - all over the globe Okay, let’s talk a little bit about where we are from an intel perspective because this is one of those calls where we’re funneling information in from a number of different sources and everything that I have heard that has been out there – You have to take some of it in consideration and see how it holds up with the direct information (the direct so called intel) that I would get – and you measure it against what you seem to know - It is not easy – this is a tough time guys – we are in a very interesting time while we wait for this blessing to manifest I can just tell you that there is some information – lets go back and say it this way – Have you guys noticed how we had the paycheck protection program – which would be done through the SBA but works through your local banks – small community banks – and all the way up to the big Tier 1 banks There is a bottleneck with that - at least two levels – a bottleneck at the bank level because they are being inundated with applications and there’s also a bottleneck with the SBA that is not really set up to handle this volume of applications – there is something there Now, notice how from a forgivable loan aspect on the one hand and then you have our $1200 for an adult making less than $75,000 a year -- $2400 for a married couple and 500 additional for each child under 18 - so there is an opportunity and I don’t know if that maxes out at a number 2-3-4 kids - I don’t know what that is – The point is you’ve got that program and you also have the loan program and you also have another program which is based a little more on an immediate need - $10,000 – there are at least 3 different programs right now – You notice that nobody seems to have any money from any of the yet - no one has received a check - no one has received a direct deposit and we were told a couple weeks ago (maybe even longer than that) that these checks would be coming – I thought we would get direct deposit within about a week - but obviously we did not – Here’s what I think is going on – I know those are coming – I know they will get through some SBA loans and will put those funds out – I’ve been told about another week to two weeks to get those out – there is a huge stack of applications ready to be processed that may have been processed but the funding has not taken place – Now, the same thing is true for our $1200 stimulus check or direct deposits – and it’s interesting to me that both of these are sort of in process but nothing has happened to get the funds out yet – I think – and this is only a theory – my theory is that those funds will go out as we are getting started setting out appointments or going in to our exchanges - I feel that they may be that closely tied together Now, here’s what I understand – the Tier 1 group - which is governments - is supposed to being paid monies by Dubai 1 and that is a number of boxes of bonds – bonds that have been hypothecated in Dubai and supposed to pay out to at least Tier 1- maybe other Tiers – but at least Tier 1 That I believe needs to take place before all of those government funds come out – but it could also be that our exchanges kicked that off - because just from a very few - let’s say you can count the zim exchanges on two hands – 10 or less zim exchanges with what is created from that is enough to fund these programs So, I just think there is something tied to that – we’ll see – I may be wrong but I just have a feeling that we are tied to it more than we think – The other thing is that we have heard that CMKX was supposed to pay out Monday the 13th of April and a Treasury source that we have said they have moved it up - they were going to move it up to Friday and now we’re hearing it’s moved up to tomorrow (wed 8th) Now, if that were to happen and CMKX does get funded tomorrow then I think that moves us up along a little quicker – We’ve got a window that seems to be from tomorrow all the way through following Wednesday which would be the 15th of April - and IF IF – If the CMKX is paid that should trigger the rest of the intermediate groups to be paid and therefore move us along a little sooner A Tier 1 banking source told us yesterday that our first crack at this would be tomorrow (Wednesday) – that means our first crack at getting notifications and getting started – the 8th – that makes sense – China loves the number 8 – we thought something could have happened today but it looks like maybe tomorrow – ok we can all make it – we can make it till Wednesday - And then, that same source - the same Tier 1 bank source – today – is saying 2-3 days after Easter -- Easter is the 12th Tuesday is the 14th - 3 days would be the 15th - so that could push us to the 14th / 15th – That is as far as I have – anybody putting it out – That is as far out as I have it – A possibility of something starting tomorrow – which I think will be more likely to be the CMKX and maybe some of the groups getting started – the intermediates that is – and then maybe we do after Easter in the 14th 15th range - Now, something miraculous is supposed to happen Easter Sunday – Something BIG – We don’t quite know what it is – we guess it could be this – it could be that - we don’t really know but seemingly something is geared around Easter – We know that – let me say this – my source – my main source – is telling me that we finished the 3 days of darkness last night at midnight – In other words it started Saturday – Sunday - Monday – and finished last night (Monday) at midnight I do not have that verified by anybody else yet – we’re trying but that’s all we have – one verification of that – normally I don’t bring that up but this is important – So where do we stand on that whole concept of the 3 days of darkness and then bringing in shortly thereafter the 8 hours of light / broadcast/ television on the emergency broadcast network which would be segments of 8 hours 3 times a day in 24 hours -- for 10 days duration – They would not be the same thing I believe but they would be bringing out the disclosure of what we have been through ever since we at least were born – and probably a little before then and certain things that have happened throughout the years that were said one way but were something else – I think there’s going to be a lot to it – I am very excited about that – I am not sure exactly when that’s going to start of course – but we’ll find out - it will be something to stay tuned with – So my opinion is – even though there’s a lot of stuff out there that goes against my thought – my opinion is we will not have to face the internet being down or cell phones cut off – I am being told from my sources that we do not have to endure that – it’s not for us – so we’ll see – Now will they be tuning up the internet – will they be going on – yes – what they are going to be doing is getting on and taking down the Dark Web – the Dark Sites – they will be doing that – I don’t know when that will have started – maybe it’s already started – but I think that will continue and they may somewhat sterilize the internet - we’ll see – In any case I don’t see that going down for us – It could slow down a little bit as they do what they do but I don’t see it going down and us not being able to go on line – at least that is what I am being told – we’ll see The timing that we’ve got is something could trigger as early as tomorrow but I am thinking it is more for CMKX and maybe some of the other intermediates – and then there’s us – and the latest information I got tonight was for 2-3 days after Easter which would be the 14th / 15th So, there’s a lot that has to come out – we know at some point the gold back dollar will be brought out – we know there will be discussion about gold backed currencies – not just here but globally – and there will be more disclosure about clean up on aisle 3 – but – what is sufficient? What is actually sufficient before we go?? That is the big question we have to find the answer to – I feel like some of the things I’ve heard out there or read have not been accurate – I cannot believe some of the things that have been put out as true – but you know – all we can do is literally wait and stay positive because we know we’re in the zone for this to come out – We are in that period of time where we really do expect this to come forward pretty quickly – I have no idea of anything that would have to drag way beyond where we are now in this time frame of around Easter – We also understand this St Germaine Trust is to be opened every year between either Easter time or Christmas – and I believe the St Germaine’s Trust will be used for funding something as well – not sure at this point what it’s going to fund but it could be prosperity packages – I don’t know guys – so much out there – I just find it unusual that the funds that are coming from the SBA loans and the stimulus checks – direct deposits that we are looking for are bottlenecked right now – They seem to be in a holding pattern and I know the President wanted us to start at least I understood that he wanted this to start between now and Friday –but I just don’t know if we’re going to see that – I don’t know – maybe we will - I just have to look at it this way - I am excited about where we are I ‘m just a little unsure of course when our start time is going to be – you see a lot of things out there – I suggest you enjoy this time even though it is tough sometimes to be at home – sheltering in place – but this is a good time to get outside and get some sun – eat right – exercise – meditate – pray – get in shape – get everything lined up so you can be as strong as you possibly be at this time - We will see how all of this unfolds before – during and after Easter – everybody have a great night – thank you for listening.



...I'm wanting to encourage people not to give up. It's my opinion the RV is close. It's my opinion the finish line is not far away. Finish well. That's the point I'm trying to make.


...yesterday Monday they did not have a currency auction. Today looks just like Sunday. Today they're showing us they had a currency auction but again just like Sunday the total cash sale is zero. They haven't sold anything this whole week. BOOM! We're looking good. We're right on to see a blessing this weekend...the ISX stock exchange..say the last update was March 16 so again they have not had any actual stock trading since March 16th and so far they technically have not sold anything at the auctions really since 3-16 either...looking good. I'm excited.

After the rate changes...I've already talked to Wells Fargo private client services privately...Private Client Services is not a bank branch they're a division of Wells Fargo that actually invest money for you. They said depending on the amount of dinar you have they can actually exchange foreign currency at a lower price and lower fees and rates than the actual bank branches can. We're finding out that bank branches are probably gonna do it about 1-ish% based on the amount of dinar you actually have...might be able to get reduced fees around 1/2 a percent on exchange...


Article quote:
"Zarfi pledged elections within a year of forming his cabinet and vowed to respond to the demands of the protestors."

Dude I'm really pumped about this...what do you think one of those needs are?

...one of the protestors said he is upset that of the fact that he has 250 dinars in his pocket and it's not even worth a quarter. That to me sounds like somebody who's looking for more purchasing power...


...I am hearing this from all my banking contacts and paymasters are looking for something to happen over this Easter weekend. To be in place by the 14th. They are all being very consistent now. I am hearing the delay has honestly been logistics with the CV19. They don’t have the people in place to exchange us…people can’t travel…

[So they are kicking the can again?]

No way do I believe they are kicking any cans …I think it is a mad dash to coordinate logistics and to get it out...

MilitiaMan (KTFA)

"The Trade Bank of Iraq issues an explanation regarding the work of ATMs"

"The bank said in a statement, "All ATMs continue to operate around the clock in Baghdad and the provinces."

Timing of this one with the talk of a new Mechanism for electronic account balances... I'll bet they will be reflecting the new currency too in short order...imo.

Frank26 (KTFA)

...the Central Bank of Iraq is telling their banks to start retaining more dinars and don't use as many American dollars. These are choice words... Why? Because the CBI was told to do this too...they will change the auction format because they can't keep pumping high volumes of dollars into their market...the auctions are coming back soon. This time they will come back to serve the economy of Iraq...

Mountain Goat


As we all know the CBI stopped selling the dollar at the currency auctions on around March 17th. So just recently they began the auctions again. They were forced to shut down due the illegal sales of the dollar to Iran that circumvented the US sanctions. A team of US specialists entered Iraq and worked with the CBI to find ways around the corruption. Now that these measures are in place, the auctions were restarted. This monitoring process will continue. The CBI must get within the 2% compliance again.


Judy Note on Currency Exchange/Bond Redemption: Treat the below as my guess. Official instructions would be available upon RV liquidity release.

An hour or so prior to liquidity release, Wells Fargo and HSBC Banks would send out over 500,000 emails to currency and bond holders, along with instructions on how to exchange and redeem. That information would also be available on certain websites as below:

Dinares Gurus: http://dinaresgurus.blogspot.com/
Dinar Chronicles: http://www.dinarchronicles.com/tetelestai.html
Dinar Recaps: https://www.dinarrecaps.com/our-blog
MarkZ: https://www.twitch.tv/theoriginalmarkz
MarkZ Twitter: m.twitter.com/originalmarkz
Bruce: http://bigcalluniverse.com/callarchive/
TNT Tony: https://twitter.com/the_tnt_team
Dinar Detectives: https://dinardetectives.com/

US ZIM Redemption according to Fleming:

The Zim Default rate was $11 million per 100T Zim Note.

President Trump gave the banks a list of 250 humanitarian and job creation projects for ZIM holders to invest in for higher-than-default rates on the ZIM.

The UST expected 90% of ZIM holders to take the default ZIM rate package and not want to present project ideas for higher ZIM rates, while 10% of ZIM holders would have their Wealth Manager & team that they would meet with at a second appointment, pursue higher project ZIM rates.

It was advised not to be among that 90% that would not pursue the higher Zim rates. Either present your own project, or invest in some of the 250 sanctioned projects that you would be shown in order to get the highest Zim rates. Your private banking team that you would meet with at your second appointment would want you to have higher ZIM rates so they could work with more money.

If you had less than 1, or up to 9 100T Zim Notes, no specific Humanitarian Project and if you choose to invest in some of the list of 250 sanctioned international projects, then at your second appointment your Wealth Manager and private banking team would be more than happy to ask the US Treasury for a higher Zim rate.

If you had 10 or more 100T ZIM notes and no specific humanitarian project, then the US Treasury has determined that you would have more than enough and would be among the 90% that would take the default ZIM rate without investing in the sanctioned 250 international humanitarian projects for higher ZIM rates.


712-770-4016 pin123456#

1. On April 1 they announced that Stimulus monies were coming in 1-2 weeks, or by Wed. 15 April. Bruce felt that those funds would come out at the same time we set our appointments.

2. Tier 1 Group (governments) was supposed to be paid through Dubai 1, 2 Tiers before the government funds came out.

3. One source said that CMKX package delivery would begin Wed. 8 April.

4. We were in a window to be paid Wed. 8 April through Wed. 15 April.

5. A bank source said 2-3 days after Easter – that would kick it out to Wed. 15 April.

6. Something big was supposed to happen Easter Sunday 12 April.

7. Bruce’s source said we finished the Three Days of Darkness Sun. night 6 April.

8. Disclosure would be announced in 8 hours of videos broadcast continually on TV.

9. We should not have to face the Internet being down, nor phones going dead. They would be taking down the dark sites.

10. President Trump wanted us to start sometime between now and Good Friday 10 April.

11. The St. Germaine Trust should be opened around Easter.


Trump's priority was still to get it done this week, including starting T4b, though as an FBI contact said yesterday, it might go into Mon. 13 April.

 A Treasury contact said that releasing funds for all Tiers was the way the Stimulus Bill payments were being paid for this week into next. Priority transactions were to start Tues. 7 April after 3:30 pm EDT

On Wed 8 April private transactions were to start. Tiers 3,4a and Tier 4b would be started any time between now and Mon 13 April.

1. Trump's priority was still to get it done this week, including starting T4b, though as an FBI contact said yesterday, it might go into Mon. 13 April.

2. Yesterday a Treasury contact said that releasing funds for all Tiers was the way the Stimulus Bill payments were being paid for this week into next.

3. Priority transactions were to start today Tues. 7 April after 3:30 pm EDT.

4. On Wed 8 April private transactions were to start.

5. Tiers 3,4a and Tier 4b would be started any time between now and Mon 13 April. The claim that T4b was not starting till May 1 or November 2020 was pure disinfo unfounded speculation.

6. Current military operation against Deep State leaders, Cartels and Human Trafficking networks must be largely completed before T4b was started, as the Elders were insisting on it and the Department of Defense and Trump were working on it with them.

7. Contact Daniel D who was working with the SBA loan processor, said that PP deliveries were scheduled to go out tomorrow Wed 8 April into Thurs. 9 April.

8. Department of Defense: "Anywhere between Thurs. 9 April and Easter Mon. 13 April these events would start to occur."

9. The Three Days of Darnkess this week would not take down the Internet. It would just continue regional rolling phone network outages and regional rolling Internet outages, as has happened over the past several days as Military, Reserve, and Special Operation Troops continued arresting Deep State Rats and bringing down the Deep State Cartels that were trafficking drugs, guns, cash, children, women, etc, and as military units removed Deep State threats (dark nodes, contaminated Covid-19 test kits, potential use of facial recognition software, 5G tower control from Deep State operators, etc). All this was happening now.

10. Global mass arrests to take down Deep State control were happening right now behind the scenes without publicly visible Martial Law (though there was Martial Law behind the scenes in the US). Martial Law was also public in some other countries right now.

11. Like it or not, our RV/GCR start was not being done in isolation. The RV/GCR release was part of the WAR to remove the Deep State's control that we were a part of as we waited.

12. The Deep State threw their Hail Mary pass in the Corona Virus Pandemic to stop Trump and the White Hats, but it was not working. They were losing the War.

13. The Corona Virus Pandemic was a final delay to starting us that was not in place until after Pelosi's stunts to stop the RV/GCR release failed and after the Mueller Russia-hoax Investigation failed and after the Impeachment failed to stop Trump and the RV/GCR release.

14. The current Military Operation had to be executed in order to get rid of the current obstacles (Booby Traps) the Deep State put in place to try to stop or delay the RV/GCR. This was why Trump said at the Corona Virus Press Conference yesterday Mon. 6 April, "This is a military operation," then VP Pence said it, and Asst Sec. of Health Admiral Brett Giroir also repeated it, "This is a military operation."

15. Trump also specified at the press conference that the military operation is a fight against "drug cartels" and then Trump also specified "human trafficking of women and children". .

16. Our guy confirmed that Human trafficking of women and children among pedophile networks was one of the main sources of funds for the Deep State, which had to be cut off in a military operation in order to start us safely.

17. At the daily Corona Virus Press Briefings since last month, Trump has been speaking explicitly about the Corona Virus challenge, but has also been making veiled references to winning the War over the Deep State and protecting the public and us RV currency holders in redemptions-exchanges.

18. Since the end of March Trump has been alluding to this war against the Deep State – creators of the virus. At the Sat. 21 March Corona Virus briefing, "We're going to win, and there will be a lot of celebration when we win. And we’re going to win with as few lives lost as possible. It’s a tough enemy. It’s a tough killer – far bigger, far more vicious than ever before." (google "whitehouse.gov one common goal, which is saving American lives we’re going to win with as few lives lost as possible tough enemy").

19. The RV/GCR release and our start was part of the War to remove the Deep State that was coming to a head during this week’s Military Operations.

20. Currency-holders would not have had the freedom to spend our RV funds if the White Hats were not removing the Deep State control right now.

21. There was a Deep State 16-year plan to destroy America which was started by the Obama two terms and which was to be continued in what the Deep State had planned to be an Hillary Clinton two terms to destroy the infrastructure of the USA (Google "Sun Q Tzu threader 16 year plan to destroy America" and "qmap.pub #570The 16 Year Plan To Destroy America"). The 16 year plan involved global elites the Rothchilds, Wall Street bankers, Obama and Hillary Clinton to crash the American economy and buy it back for pennies on the dollar so the world would remain under control of the Deep State Military Industrial Globalist Complex.

22. The Deep State planned that Hillary would follow Obama's actions to put treasonous political operatives at key positions throughout the federal government, just as Obama placed John Brennan [Obama's own handler] over CIA, James Clapper, DNI; Eric Holder and then Loretta Lynch as Attorney General, Valerie Jarrett in White House, James Comey at FBI, etc.

23. As president Hillary Clinton would have continued Obama’s actions of shrinking the U.S. military and depleting its resources, while actively funding Iran and North Korea’s development of nuclear weapons. The purpose was to start a nuclear WWIII that would cause death and destruction on a massive global scale.

24. WWIII would have been a “fake war” promoted by the government-controlled Mainstream Media. Billions of the world’s populations would have died, and the globalists (including Hillary, Obama, Brennan, etc) would have reaped billions of dollars on a global scale.

25. Under the Deep State's planned Hillary two-terms, the US middle class would have been completely destroyed, the US population be reduced to a status of enslavement, starvation, death, and disease. The US was to have no borders, the Constitution was to be revised to remove the Bill of Rights and all fundamental freedoms and the population would be disarmed by the repeal of the Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms – not a pretty picture.

26. This week the 16 year plan and the Deep State had to be defeated in Military Operations that culminated past weeks operations in order for us currency holders to have the freedom to use our RV funds to help those in need and heal the planet post-RV.


Frank26:  4-7-20 SUPER SUPERVISING


Donald Trump is now actively involved in the reinstatement or monetary reform of the Iraqi dinar
Recorded message from Delta
Articles that Frank is talking about on your tube tonight.
Walkingstick and Delta’s Posts LINK  



MarkZ Wednesday Update- Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

MZ: there just isn’t any news.   Everybody is in a waiting pattern for late in the weekend or very early into next week with great expectations…..

MZ: I think Iraq will quickly come up to speed …..everything should go into place once they have a stable currency …the government ect….

Member:  Frank26 might have some interesting news today or tomorrow, if any of you follow his intel from Walkingstick, (Iraqi banker).

Member:  US Treasury is closely monitoring Iraqi central bank to ensure no physical cash is being distributed through auctions, squeezing out Iranian theft. electronic only now through bank transfers.

Member:  Helicopter money is the perfect cover for the RV.

Member:  Helicopter $$ happening in Canada. I personally know people that have received.

Member:  The news reported this morning that first deposit checks to go out at the end of this week .

Member:  MarkZ, Here's a number for helicopter money 800-659-2955, it's called SBA disaster relief. Ppl will need help filling out. $12,000

Member:  If you don't file taxes, you can complete a tax form on Turbotax for stimulus. No charge.

Q: How is Okie?


Q: Any news from Isaac?


Q: Are we still expecting 10 days of darkness?

MZ: There was talk of that and then talk of 3 days of darkness……I don’t see it yet….is it possible?  It is and I am prepared…..

Member: I hear the delays are arrests and rescuing children in sex trafficking ring. 

Member:  I hear the children are being rescued in NYC and surrounding areas.

Member:  Yes, pray for the children and troops caring for and rescuing them.

Member:  No tangible evidence that any children were rescued form DUMBS, no evidence St. Germain funds are real. All we have are rumors.

Member: Trump says things will look better around Easter

MZ: He is still saying that….even though he has commited to a nationwide “lockdown” until the end of the month. He could well be talking about “us” and the Gesara/Nesara funds……the St. Germaine trust over Easter….we hope and pray he is talking about us. 

Member:  Leaving work at the hospital last night we were greeted by 300 people in the parking lots with signs, balloons and honking horns telling us thank you. It brought tears to my eyes.

Member:  1720: bubonic plague / 1820: cholera pandemic / 1920: Spanish flu / 2020: Covid-19 ///// 100 years separating each pandemic.

Member:  165,000 died from Flu last year, There was no global shutdown. We need to stop the fear mongering over Coronavirus.

Member:  Yes! Planes will crash, ships will sink and trains will derail and it will a be blamed on COVID-19 by the Leftist, Marxist media.

Member: I think everything we are seeing is to wake up the sleeping public.

MZ: I agree with you….Its to let everyone know just how messed up the country was and our finances as well….there is no money velocity…..money is not moving or flowing….what we have here is a mess.

Member:  Trump is trying to protect the 401k's etc to prop up the market so that it can recover, according to X22, both of his reports are worth watching from yesterday.

Member:  Payroll taxes will go away after NESARA becomes officially inacted!

Member:  If you have expendable income buy the Dong. The April 6 Trump ruling about manipulating currency is forcing VietNam to comply or lose the ground they have gained in trade.

Q: Have you seen any big arrests yet?

MZ: No, and I am watching closely…..have not seen any yet. 

Member: Passover starts at sundown,,,,,,putting red ribbon on outside door

Member: Happy Passover to everyone……Hoping this holy week with Passover, Good Friday and Easter will mean Hope for our country, and new beginning for the world, and a resurrection of our finances, rule of law and justice served on all that is evil.  May God bless us all. 


MZ: Next stream is 10AM est time tomorrow…Bob Locke will be our special guest……everyone have a nice day…stay well, stay safe and stay home. 



JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ObvK4NR_LI&has_verified=1&bpctr=1579044401 

Mod:  THANK YOU, SNAKE, PLANNING QUESTIONNAIRE: https://www.mmbb.org/docs/FinancialPlanningQuestionnaire.pdf 

Your straw man (Strawman) is an artificial person http://freedom-school.com/aware/your-straw-man-is-an-artificial-person.html

MZ: Video on PP’s and Farm claims: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAL0exvL45Y 

Mod:  Dr Shabibi answering questions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ol8wve53-ME

MZ: Watch the Video “The end of the road” by Monkey films on Amazon Prime….End of the Road: https://tubitv.com/movies/451883/end_of_the_road

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