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...a little bit of privileged information.  They kind of have a choice coming up.  Do they want to revalue at a certain rate and then when the markets correct itself add value to it and get into the markets at a little bit of a higher rate so they can get gains on it.  Because here's the problem, they can add value to their currency today they've always had that ability...but if they're not investing that they're not getting a return on it.  They're just keeping their economy afloat...they have to structure this thing to where they can get into the markets...the more that they wait - the more that the market is in the position it's in - the higher the rate you and I get.  And that's what's exciting.  Because it just accelerated...

TNT Tony & Ray Call for March 23, 2020


Bruce’s Bill Call Replay LINK  intel begins at 56:32 minute mark

Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – it’s Tuesday March 24th and you’re listening to The Big Call – All systems are go – Welcome from wherever you are listening all over this beautiful globe of ours – We are excited to give you the best information that we can tonight – I look forward to it Everyone should be cranking their health up so they can be totally ready for when this thing goes – not only for that but for the life you’re going to lead afterwards – we are entering a new paradigm and this blessing we’ve called it – this total global reset – global currency reset – GCR – this thing is the trigger for all of it – the new technology – medicines – energy – travel – anti-gravity - all kinds of things are coming that have been latent that are about to be revealed and I’m excited for all of us to take full advantage of what has been repressed and get ready to receive it – and add to it with our project We are in the cat bird’s seat – we are in a great place and I’m going to try to bring this out to you now in the intel - I will let you know kinda where we are - and what I anticipate happening First of all we got to talk about what’s going on with the congress – we know we have a bill that should have been passed today – we were on the 2 yard line this morning and somehow we are still on the 2 yard line I think – we did not – to my knowledge at the time of The Big Call - we did not get it passed – You guys may have a TV on – you may see that it has passed but I don’t know that it will until tomorrow – it should pass tomorrow – I would think if not the President will take over and do an executive order and make it pass – in other words – put an order out on a finished product – a finished Bill - he has that right – he wants the government to work together – he wants congress to work together – but we’ve got a lot of resistance from the Democratic side in the Senate with Nancy Pelosi holding up the whole thing – It seems she’s not really – she doesn’t care that people are needing what is in that Bill “now” and have needed it for weeks – hopefully she will come to her senses and allow the Democratic Senate votes to go through – we do need it to be a bipartisan effort – to get it done – I believe we are going to be in good shape for that to happen tomorrow without a whole lot of extra fluff and ridiculous requests that have been put in that Bill Beyond that – and yes yes it does have something to do with our start – it does - I will say this – you guys remember the groups that we’ve talked about – Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 and Tier 4 which we generally break up into A & B – A for the Admiral’s group and B for the internet group which is us - They see Tier 4 as once continuous group and that’s ok – that’s fine – more than fine – but there is a group that we’ve discussed with the sovereign groups – the Farm claims – the Indians – CMKX – adjudicated settlements – Fines & Penalties – etc - these groups fall into a category known as the “Intermediates” – these are between the true Tier 3’s and the Tier 4’s – We have heard forever that these had started or were in some process of completion – had finished – We have heard it all!! I have put it out as I have heard it - and you have heard it on this call – So what I am about to tell you is - those intermediate groups were to be paid out today starting at 4 pm Pacific or 7 pm Eastern Daylight time - that is the latest information we got – This came because President Trump spoke with President Chie yesterday – back and forth I believe on 3 different occasions and it was decided that the intermediates would go on Tuesday – that’s today – this afternoon - There was a decision agreed to about the rest of the country – this case the Tier 4’s starting after that - However newer information that I received today clarifies that somewhat – and I’m going to let you have that – that is what President Trump has been doing to try to get this party started – and he wants this done and you guys know this will go during this COVID-19 situation Some of our listeners are elderly – and some are young in their 70’s and 80’s - I am not too far from that group – I’m going to say that there are fears out there that we don’t hold - we operated by faith – not fear and I know you do too – There are situations where people in their 70’s and 80’s that will go to exchange – putting themselves out there – now, when you go – if you have a little bit of a cold – have a sneeze or anything that sounds like a cough – you still can go - they will check your temperature when you start to go in and when you go out If you have anything like that – anything that sounds like a cold – you let the first person you greet know - hey I’ve got a little cold – I’ve got a little something – don’t know what it is – whatever – they will let you exchange but when you’ve told them that they will put on a mask – several people that you come in contact with will put on a mask – they will give you a pair of gloves to use while taking your money out of envelopes – assuming you have them in envelopes - you pull the currency out of the envelopes and hand it over to 2 different people that are sitting beside or across from you with a delarue machine – the counting and verification machine in the redemption centers You will have your silicon gloves on- they will have theirs on and you will hand them your currency to run through the delarue machine Now, here’s the thing – they will also be putting a saran wrap over the keyboard so it does not retain anything – after every person they process they have a protocol to remove the saran wrap – your gloves - their gloves and put in a disposable bag which will be picked up later by CDC – it will be disposed of properly as toxic waste Here’s the thing – this is something that you don’t know – haven’t heard yet – The CDC – Center For Disease Control in Atlanta – put out about 25,000 + representatives to go to all of the redemption centers – Tier 1 banks – and now Tier 2 banks as well – there were about 600 Tier 2 banks added over the last day to do redemptions - these are banks that had not been part of it before – The CDC sent out reps to visit those banks all the Tier 1 redemption centers – Tier 1 banks and tier 2’s – they started on Saturday from 10 am - 6 pm at night and they were doing a massive cleanup and sterilization of all surfaces in the redemption centers and banks – They were teaching the protocol on how to do everything to the redemption center staff – So picture everybody working to clean up and to learn how to do this – for us – with the addition of the Tier 2 banks they changed the protocol yesterday slightly because they had – they were going to use on representatives from CDC on Monday to go back through and do final inspection – and updates on protocol and pass the redemption centers and banks with their approval on inspection Because of the addition of these Tier 2 banks – my understanding is that did not occur yesterday (Monday)as we thought it would but rather because of the additional banks and protocol and clean up and tomorrow between 9 and 11 the final inspections will occur – That is excellent and designed for – guess whom? You and me – that whole protocol with the CDC and the banks and redemption centers is designed to keep us safe – if you are elderly and concerned about going out – being in public – just realize this is not a prayer meeting – this is getting the exchange done in 20-25 minutes and getting the heck out of there This is your first appointment – I’m going to start telling you a few things about it – what you’re expected and how you carry yourself - You go in – you’re going to meet someone – taken to a room – see a video for about 4 mins - after you have done the KYC - proof of ID etc – It appears that we don’t know whether they are going to give us that video that we talked about getting if you’re a multi currency holder – we still not sure if they will give to us before the appointment – meaning sending us a link by email Pause ?? error??? Connection error?? Ok so here we are back – so you are going to go from that room and have 2 people across from you with the delarue machine that will take your currency as I explained and count and verify – During that process you may be discussing the concept of your project/s - you may get into rates a little bit - and here’s what I’m going to tell you - the presentation that you give is going to be taken very seriously – they want you to be calm but have good energy - they want you to be centered – make eye contact – and obviously due to this COVID-19 you are not going to be shaking hands – fist bumping - but acknowledge them with a nod – keep a safe distance – finish your presentation in 5-8 mins they want to offer you a rate – on Zim first – they will see from your presentation and will make you an offer – we talked in the past about a default rate – however, my understanding is they do want to work with these people that have really good projects but they do not want you to be greedy Consider what they offer you for your Zim and if you think it is way below what you want or are worthy of then you can slightly negotiate that at that time I am going to say this though – if they sense greed you are going to get D-queued – and your rate will be maybe half of what they offered – Let’s say you get a decent rate on your Zim and you’re pretty happy and you have some other currency – my recommendation to me was take what they offer you on the other currency – in other words don’t get to where you’re looking greedy for asking for a contract rate on Dinar or Dong – just take the rate they offer you - it might be front screen – it might be better than front screen – I am giving you the advice that I was given and I’m doing what I am telling you guys right now – if you have any bit of greed put it in your back pocket and button it up – they do not want to see it and I don’t want you to be “it” – I want you to be happy – excited and a good thoughtful person – wise - they will be looking for “qualities” – integrity – to see what you are made of Ok lets keep going a little bit more – you’ve ponied up your currency - you’ve discussed rates – you’ve set up 1 maybe 2 accounts or you had 1-2 new accounts that you could use – you talked about Trusts - you get a debit and or credit card – made right there on the spot – tied to one of your accounts – you let them know how much money you will need in the first 90 days - for projects and personal use – to be put in a spill-over account – the motherlode account is the one that earns the interest and gets poured into the spill over account – Here’s the other thing – once you’ve done that – you could ask for a few cashiers checks – maybe get a wire or two – that’s a lot to do in 20-25 minutes and we have not even talked about perks or a second visit in 5-10 days - you do need to make that second appointment to talk about security – perks – etc I think I have covered everything in the way of intel that I wanted to share – we are looking very good based on the information – there is a possibility of going tomorrow afternoon with notifications to our group – but there is just about an equal possibility of going on Thursday So whereas the Chinese wanted us to start tomorrow it might not happen – we have this Bill to get knocked out in the morning from the Senate and we also have the inspections from CDC in the redemption center from 9-11 that is probably when we would have been notified – now I’m thinking we’ve got a possibility of getting notified in the afternoon but more than likely situation for Thursday – that is the latest update I have received As I have always said – I always get more info after the call than I do before – but that is enough for us to roll with for now – ok that’s it for tonight everybody – stay tuned we’re almost home -


Frank26 (KTFA)

"Is it possible for the RI to be pushed out several months from the coronavirus epidemic?"

Of course it is but the way it's moving right now in the direction that it's going crescendo - peaking - almost over with, manufacturers helping, the whole economic world is not listening 'Oh it's a disaster' instead they're holding back and they're gonna move the moment Trump tells them. So is it possible that the RI could be pushed out several months...? Based on all those things that we've been saying and studying, no I just don't see that.

"Now that the auctions have been stopped..."

You have to be careful with that. They've been stopped because of the curfew. Because of the virus. Will they come back? Will they come back different? Will they come back at the program rate? Will they come back with only their currency at a program rate or a new rate? This is where we're at with my teams...

Question continues:
"...in your opinion is Iraq implementing or planning their next course of action?"

Yes. That's what our studies have all been. I believe their next course of action was to stop the auctions. To stop using the American dollar. BUT they did that! So I wonder what they're gonna do next - suddenly.


...a little bit of privileged information. They kind of have a choice coming up. Do they want to revalue at a certain rate and then when the markets correct itself add value to it and get into the markets at a little bit of a higher rate so they can get gains on it. Because here's the problem, they can add value to their currency today they've always had that ability...but if they're not investing that they're not getting a return on it. They're just keeping their economy afloat...they have to structure this thing to where they can get into the markets...the more that they wait - the more that the market is in the position it's in - the higher the rate you and I get. And that's what's exciting. Because it just accelerated...


...I didn't say the rate changed. I said the rate change process started. We are in the middle of the rate change process right now. It has started...IMO we are approaching the end...


I think once this coronavirus starts to subside a little bit you're gonna see some very very very quick actions. A lot of movement in Iraq. I really think they cannot continue to exist this way without a rate change. Whether they get to reinstate at $3.22 or whether I'm right and it's gonna be somewhere around $1.34...

Mountain Goat


"The United States did not focus on individuals, but rather on principles related to the appointed Iraqi Prime Minister, Adnan Al-Zarfi..."

please don’t go off half-cocked thinking this article means that the US does not support the new PM candidate al-Zarfi. This is NOT what it is saying. Instead Mr. Schenker is just down playing the inference that the US is controlling Iraq by supporting the new candidate and a puppet to the US. Instead he wanted to tell everyone the US supports the principles behind the man not just supporting a puppet prime minister...Actually this is really good news!


...Yes, the CBI is talking to the IMF about loans to manage the budget during this difficult time but there was no talk of raising the value of the dinar...Like I have already stated..there only really two options for Iraq...LOP the dinar (neutral event, minimal increase) or pass laws and build a private sector and float the dinar.


"The World Bank informs Iraq of its unwillingness to discuss any new loan for Baghdad with the status quo"



...people are mad because the RV hasn't happened yet. Don't be shaken! Look at all the signs that are happening!!!


Judy Note: A deadline of Tues. 31 March has been set by the World Court to finish the RV. All sources appeared to agree that President Trump was working hard to meet that deadline. It all came down to the Stimulus Package being passed by the Senate. President Trump has indicated that if the Stimulus Package was not approved by the Senate tomorrow morning Wed. 25 March, he would sign an Executive Order to put the Stimulus into law.

Since either of those two scenarios were bound to happen tomorrow morning Wed. 25 March, and the CDC would do a final inspection of redemption centers tomorrow morning Wed. 25 March, plus since the Sovereign groups were paid today Tues. 24 March, 800#s released and Tier4b Internet Group appointments were expected by Wed. evening 25 March, or more likely by Thurs. morning 26 March.

On Tues. 24 March Trump called for a re-opening of the economy by Easter Weekend 10 April: 'We have to get back to work' – which not by coincidence was just after the Tier4b (Internet) Group finished redemption and currency exchanges at the Contract rates – Tues. 31 March and the general public would begin exchanging at the new Forex Rates after 1 Aprilhttps://www.foxnews.com/politics/trump-during-fox-news-coronavirus-townhall-signals-desire-to-ease-guidelines-we-have-to-get-back-to-work

All procedures for the Global Currency Reset have begun.

The new currency rates have been locked into bank screens.

Over last weekend the Stock Market upgraded to Quantum Financial System digital trading and now there was no way to cheat on buy and sell orders.

Over last weekend Banks and their branches converted over to the new Gold Standard system.

It was rumored that the US Government had taken over and was now running the previously privately owned Federal Reserve. The IRS was now located at the new US Treasury on an Indian Reservation near Reno Nevada.

We have been told that the Tier4b Internet Group (us) could receive the 800#s via receipt of emails containing a code to call for an appointment and a link to a 15 min. CD instruction video that explained the exchange and redemption process. The 800#s would also be on websites as stated below in this report.

President Trump has signed off on NESARA and it was expected to begin at the same time as the Global Currency Reset.

President Trump: The economy will skyrocket with passing of the Stimulus Package this week.

Bruce: The Sovereign Groups were to be paid out Tues. 24 March. The Center for Disease Control put out 25,000+ to do final inspections Wed. morning 25 March. There was a possibility of going tomorrow Wed. 25 March, but more of a possibility of getting notified and setting appointments for Thurs. 26 March.

OkieOilMan March 24 2020 12:19 am EDT: I’m being told to expect landing permission on Wed. 25 Marchhttps://dinaresgurus.blogspot.com/2020/03/okieoilman-update-24-march.html

Fleming: Our military Intel contact just confirmed the Reno guy's Intel that the banks and their branches have been converted over to the new gold standard system over the weekend, and all was ready to go. He also confirmed Okie's Intel that "landing permission" start of our T4B redemption start was now Wed 25 March. Some of the delay was Senate and House Democrats blocking the $2 trillion stimulus package, which was tied in some way to the release. Trump said he would use an Executive Order signed behind the scenes under the Stafford Act to push things through. They wanted at least 8-10 days of 800#s out for exchange-redemption appointments by the end of the month Tues. 31 March for needed liquidity in the economy and markets. The World Court and Interpol were exerting the Chinese lawsuit ruling pressure for sooner than later.

Snake Update 23 March: https://dinaresgurus.blogspot.com/2020/03/snake-update-23-march.html The news I received today from my banker was that everything has started as far as the procedures were concerned, the banking holiday was being used to connect all banks worldwide to the QFS system and the possibility existed that we may receive the elusive 800 numbers tomorrow Tues. 24 March with that Tuesday being the earliest we could go and exchange. Again everything was fluid.

Q: indicated that there would be Ten Days of Darkness needed for a cultural, economic and political reset to take place within the country and globe. That darkness was believed to have begun on Sun. 22 March when all procedures for the Global Currency Reset had started, and would extend to Wed. 1 April when the general public could begin exchanging at the new international currency rates. What that Ten Days of Darkness entailed was anyone’s guess.

Tues. 24 March the US Dollar Index was at 102.1 and fast going upward. It had been consistently above 100 for several days, indicating that the Markets had crashed. https://www.investing.com/currencies/us-dollar-index-streaming-chart

Tues. 24 March Corona Virus Outbreak Update: Twelve states have ordered residents to stay home except for travel to essential places like grocery stores or pharmacies, orders that cover more than a third of Americans. 395,647 cases worldwide, 46,485 in US; 17,241 deaths worldwide, 583 in US.

Mass Arrests and Martial Law: https://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsJ7d_Vx1v9YReHobHrQcf8VjkAyJ2tVi

Nur Rasool: On 23 March President Ramaphosa of South Africa announced a 21 day lockdown of our country due to corona virus (402 infections) effective in 48 hours, with military policing deployed across the country effective immediately. Thank you for all you do and much love to you and all.

India's prime minister ordered a lockdown of that country of 1.3 billion people for 21 days:

South Africa and India joined New Zealand, Great Britain, China, Japan, the US and Italy which were now functioning under a form of Martial Law because of the Corona Virus epidemic.

At a Fri. 20 March 11 am EDT Press Conference President Trump activated the Defense Production Act, (provision three of which contained NESARA), and thereby made a soft announcement of the US being in Level Four Martial Law. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=santasurfingbeachbroadcast&view=detail&mid=D9E5CD2DBA60D2243351D9E5CD2DBA60D2243351&FORM=VIRE Provision Three authorized the President to control the economy (NESARA).

This week Twelve states have ordered residents to stay home except for travel to essential places like grocery stores or pharmacies. Under some type of quarantine were residents of California, Conn, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Mass, Michigan, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Georgia, Kansas, Oklahoma, Alaska, while some have even closed non essential businesses such as Maryland, Nevada, Virginia and Kentucky. Many reported tanks, police, troops visibly present on the streets.

With so many in the US government worshipping Satan and thousands of indictments filed in federal courts said to contain charges of pedophilia, why was the National Guard deployed to 12 cities? With so many in Hollywood worshipping Satan that included the rape, torture and murder of children, why was the military in Huntington Beach?

With withdrawal from Adrenochrome (made from the blood of a traumatized child) causing symptoms such as talking weird, hallucinations and visual perception changes, why were Ben Stiller, Drew Barrymore, Ellen DeGeneres, Madonna, Tom Hanks and his self-proclaimed witch daughter making weird comments and videos on the internet while they were home restricted (except for Hanks who refused to come back to the US and was said residing in an Australian hotel) due to the Corona Virus?

NESARA: We were starting to see the implementation of NESARA with the Universal Basic Income due to be sent out by April 6 and another one on May 18. If you were making $75,000 or less you would get $1,200 per adult, $500 per child. Those making over $75,000 to $1 million would receive less on a sliding scale.

A. March 24 2020 The Big Call, Bruce: http://bigcalluniverse.com/callarchive/ 712-770-4016 pin 123456# (712) 770-4014

1. The Congressional Economic Stimulation Bill should pass tomorrow Wed. 25 March, or the President would sign an Executive Order to get it done.

2.There was a possibility of going tomorrow Wed. 25 March, but more of a possibility of getting notified and setting appointments on Thurs. 26 March.

3. The Sovereign Groups Fines and Penalties, Farmers, etc. were intermediate between Tier 3 and Tier 4 and were to be paid out today Tues. 24 March starting at 7 pm EDT.

4. Tier 4 should start after that, dependent upon Congress passing the Stimulation Bill.

5. If you go to your exchange with a cold, cough, etc. let the first person you greet know. They have a protocol like putting on a mask and give you gloves to pull out your currency and put in the DelaRue machines.

6. The Center for Disease Control put out 25,000+ to go to the redemption centers and do a massive cleanup last Sat. 21 March. The final inspections will occur between 9-11:00 am EDT tomorrow Wed. 25 March.

7. The first appointment will be 20-25 min.

Meet someone, prove who you are, see video, discuss your project, get into rates.

The 5-10 min. presentation you make on your projects is going to be taken very seriously.

They will make you an offer on your Zim. There is a default rate on the Zim. If you think your rate is below what you want you can negotiate. If they think you are greedy they won’t offer you a very good rate. Take what they offer you on the other currencies.

Let them know what you need for the first 90 days both for yourself and your project.

They would like you to set an appointment to come back in 5-10 days to discuss perks, apt. with your wealth manager.

B. March 23 2020 Morning Chat with MarkZ: https://www.twitch.tv/theoriginalmarkz

1. I am still hearing from my international bankers including contacts in Zurich and Hong Kong that tomorrow Wed. 25 March they were expecting the release on original SKR’s from years ago tomorrow.

2. This was coming from multiple contacts that tomorrow Wed. 25 March this would happen.

3. This article from Forbes (see below) talks about the stimulus being paid via a digital wallet or digital currency. They would distribute to all taxpayers the bail-out money in a digital wallet from the Federal Reserve.

4. Roughly two weeks ago I was hearing from my bankers in Europe and Hong Kong that they were informed that the US government had taken over and was running the Federal Reserve.

5. They say the digital wallet would be accepted at any participating bank. The digital wallet would be held with the Fed, but was accepted and used through a portal at any bank you had. This article in Forbes screams QFS and that the us was taking over the Federal Reserve. https://www.forbes.com/sites/jasonbrett/2020/03/23/new-coronavirus-stimulus-bill-introduces-digital-dollar-and-digital-dollar-wallets/?fbclid=IwAR1KZ6-ljbJyVJw_1Tv2ItJbNx2bxejg0GUEfI43AoGHnbylosCzKIU7Mw8#4841c774bea3

6. This digital dollar/wallet was presented in both stimulus bills – House and Senate.

7. Additionally, ‘Non-Member’ state banks - those that were not members of the Federal Reserve and regulated by the FDIC - could opt-in to offer pass-through digital dollar wallets as well.

8. https://www.forbes.com/sites/jasonbrett/2020/03/23/new-coronavirus-stimulus-bill-introduces-digital-dollar-and-digital-dollar-wallets/?fbclid=IwAR1KZ6-ljbJyVJw_1Tv2ItJbNx2bxejg0GUEfI43AoGHnbylosCzKIU7Mw8#b9210d14bea3

9. When the Bond Market collapsed we would have the reset.

C. Dr Kia Pruitt: We were told years ago about an event that would quarantine America and possibly the planet: https://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message4302416/pg1

We were told years ago that there would be an event that would quarantine America and possibly the planet, in order to make global mass arrests. We were encouraged to stock up on food, water and supplies. We were also instructed to remain calm. Marshall Law may be implemented to keep people off the street while these arrests occur. Schools would be closed, flights grounded, airports closed, etc

Why? Because people were being arrested for participating in corruption and worldwide pedophilia and human trafficking, crimes against humanity, TREASON, murder, rape etc is massive and effects every aspect of society. This includes Hollywood entertainers, NBA and NFL athletes and staff, politicians, pastors, banking CEOs, corporate heads, school officials, coaches and educators. Some of your doctors, lawyers, judges, college professors, school teachers, police officers and chiefs, firemen, business owners, airport workers, pilots, bankers, priests, everyday people are currently being arrested for their crimes against humanity. A lot of them are involved in nefarious behaviors and secret societies, so the masses have not been privy to their wrong doings, ritualistic abuse, child sex trafficking, child hunting parties, ritualistic murders, drug trafficking, involvement in underground activities in the Deep Underground Military Bases (D.U.M.B.S.), etc.

This is why some of us reported on a notable resignation list for two years. Many people were on that list under the guise of resignation. We also reported on military tribunals which began January, 2019. Some of us watched military tribunals take place on c-vine dot come. The corruption is huge. POTUS asked that people not be in crowds. One reason other than catching the virus is because the deep-state NWO corrupt leaders could attempt to retaliate, since they know that we have been involved in a covert operation against them. Be safe. The planet is being cleansed. The Corona virus is a "cover."

While it is true that the Deep State global New World Order elites created the virus and attempted to infect the masses, Trump and the global Alliance co-opted the operation and used it as a cover to arrest global elites, including the POPE and the UN-royal family, politicians and Hollywood elites. The mainstream media will announce that folks came down with the virus. Actually, they've been arrested. Some have been at Gitmo for a while, actually. At some point an announcement will be made

Remain calm and be stocked up. Those people who don't have food and supplies will have an opportunity to get it from neighbors or the military because troops will likely be on the ground to 1) make arrest and 2) keep everyone calm. A curfew may be implemented.

We were instructed also that new monetary policies and our new gold-backed system will be implemented and trillions injected into the economy, AFTER the global mass arrests. Otherwise, these nefarious beings would have once again, stolen our wealth and re-empowered themselves. Soon the Republic, our lawful government, would be restored under Constitutional Law. Be encouraged. Things are finally getting better for humanity.

What an exciting time to be alive. Soon, we will enjoy the benefits of NESARA-GESARA and our sovereignty and finally enjoy planetary peace and prosperity. Be well. I love you!

D. Monday, March 23, 2020 Benjamin Fulford Report (Excerpt): "Fake Armageddon Show" -- March 23, 2020

Benjamin Fulford Report (Excerpt): "Oligarchs Sue for Peace" -- May 27, 2019

Benjamin Fulford Report: "US-China Proxy War Escalates" -- May 20, 2019

Benjamin Fulford Report (Excerpt): "US-China Proxy War Escalates" - May 20, 2019

The fake end-times scenario now unfolding in the West will soon get more fantastical, so sit back and enjoy the show. Although it may seem scary at times, the real aim is to create a better world. “We have defined the duration of the theatre as 20 months,” says a European royal family source. So far over 30 countries and a billion people are on lockdown as part of the show.

E. March 24 2020 12:05 am EST Exchange Stabilization Fund Runs out of Rigging Money, Weir: Bix Weir: Exchange Stabilization Fund Runs out of Rigging Money Are you kidding?! The front page of the Wall Street Journal talks about the Exchange Stabilization Fund used to rig all markets HAS RUN OUT OF MONEY?! What kind of Mixed-Up, Bizarro World are we living in?! All the Secrets are leaking Out!!! FREEDOM COMES SOON!!

F. March 23 2020 Patriot Intel Report, PIR: Patriot Intel Report -- March 23, 2020 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2PNU7ifiSzY We are going to see the Global Currency Reset and the redoing of the entire economic situation as this Black Swan Event unfolds. Gotta get rid of the old so the new can come in. We are watching something historical.

G. March 23 2020 Many Waking Up to Deep State, And We Know News: And We Know -- Many are Waking up to the Deep State Tactics And We Know https://qmap.pub/
https://qanon.pub/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ba9QMqLaRsQ

Q: Many were waking up to the Democrats tactics. Do not fear.

As TGP Predicted: Coronavirus Mortality Rate in US Dips to 1.2% of Confirmed Cases. When Will WHO Be Held Accountable? https://bit.ly/2UbA47O

17!! Patriots in control!!! 3 #Q17

These articles range from March 16-19. WWG1WGA https://bit.ly/3dogQUk

Ben Stiller https://bit.ly/3bqOxTr

JUST IN: Harvey Weinstein Tests Positive https://bit.ly/3dnCQOR

Major US Airlines were drafting plans for a potential shutdown of in-country flights. On Mon. 23 March thousands of flights were cancelled due to the planes not being full.

The Japan Olympics were cancelled.

With many in the US government worshipping Satan and thousands of indictments said to contain charges of pedophilia filed in federal courts, why is the National Guard deployed to 12 cities?

With many in Hollywood worshipping Satan, why is the military in Huntington Beach?

With withdrawal from Adrenochrome (made from the blood of a traumatized child) causing symptoms such as talking weird, hallucinations and visual perception changes, why are Ben Stiller, Drew Barrymore, Ellen DeGeneres, Madonna, Tom Hanks and his self-proclaimed witch daughter making weird comments and videos on the internet while they are home restricted due to the Corona Virus?

March 22 Q: Do not fear

H. International Child Sex Trafficking:

Human Trafficking Victims Mostly Underage Children From Within the US: https://www.foxnews.com/world/human-trafficking-victims-are-mostly-underage-children-from-within-the-us

I. Recent Reset History:

GESARA/NESARA: Operation Disclosure Intel Alert (3-20-20): "GESARA"
The outbreak of COVID-19 was an attempt by the Deep State Cabal to delay the transition.
However, the Deep State Cabal's doing has become their undoing. The global pandemic of COVID-19 was now being used as an excuse for the Alliance to discretely begin implementing the GESARA agenda. GESARA Agenda:

Sun. Feb. 16: China and several other nations informed the US Corp. that they would not trade with the US because of the fiat US Dollar.

On Mon. 16 March President Trump released a 15 day guideline to slow the Corona Virus spread – that ended on Wed. 1 April – not so coincidentally the very day as the general public was scheduled to begin exchanging currencies at the new international rates.

On Tues. March 17 the CIA sent a memo saying that all financial movement must stop for the reset. On that same Tues. 17 March at 3 pm EDT the reset was said to be released and sovereign groups were being paid.

Wed. 18 March: China and several other nations which had recently refused to accept the fiat US dollar for trade, announced that the gold-backed US Note was now accepted as the world’s main reserve currency. On that same Wed. 18 March the US Dollar Index (USDX) was above 101 all day, indicating that the Stock Market had crashed.

Wed. 18 March at 11 pm EDT President Trump met with President Chi. They decided to let it go and the Global Collateral Accounts were released.

Wed. 18 March at 2 pm EDT we went to Level 4 of Martial Law. That meant the Armed Forces were available, Reserve Military were stationed at a state level to guard against looting of stores that were closed. That would be an added security force for us when we exchanged.

Thurs. 19 March Zimbabwe currency began trading live on the Market. Their official announcement was expected on Fri. 20 Marchhttps://www.chronicle.co.zw/zimbabwe-sits-on-13m-tonnes-gold-reserves/ https://www.the-star.co.ke/business/africa/2020-03-19-zimbabwe-partnering-up-with-fintech-for-gold-backed-digital-currency/ https://bulawayo24.com/index-id-news-sc-national-byo-181510.html

J. Martial Law and Mass Arrests:

This week Trump was Mobilizing National Guard for two week Quarantine: https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/washington-secrets/breaking-trump-eyes-2-week-quarantine-only-drug-grocery-stores-open The action would require everyone to “stay at home,” and urged all businesses except grocery stores and pharmacies, be closed. It was expected to be announced this week.

All non essential businesses including airlines could be closed for 30 days beginning April 1.
Delta Airlines has had numerous problems of the virus being present among passengers. American Airlines was grounding the majority of their planes as of April 1. Flights globally were being shut down. The White House was contemplating shutting down in-country domestic flights. Four states were releasing non violent prisoners in order to release the stress on the system in the Corona Virus Epidemic. The US Canadian and Mexican borders and those of many other countries were already closed. https://www.foxnews.com/us/new-york-must-stay-home-cuomo-mandates-as-coronavirus-cases-spike

Fulford: Satanic bloodline ruling families were being systematically hunted down by special forces. The Rothschilds and other families hiding in Switzerland and New Zealand are also negotiating surrender. There was an extremely long list of over 157 celebrities. This massive – 158,000 arrests – operation will capture and remove the biggest evil and corrupt politicians, celebrities, and CEOs, including global elites and bankers such as George Soros, U.N. officials, and the founders of ‘GRETA Inc.’”

Prince Andrew of the U.K., former president Bill Clinton, former vice president Joe Biden, Tom Hanks, Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres, Quentin Tarantino, Charlie Sheen, Bob Saget, Kevin Spacey, John Travolta, Steven Spielberg, John Podesta, NXIVM and PIZZAGATE sex trafficking clubs, and hundreds more were directly involved with Jeffrey Epstein, who was allowed to make a deal and have his suicide in prison faked in exchange for his testimony.

CEOs of some major world corporations have been indicted or arrested, and some have been forced to resign — all in the last 30-60 days — such as the CEOs of the NBA, Harley Davidson, the Bill Gates Foundation, Intel, McDonald’s, Cesar Awards, Disney, and the Vatican Chief of Police among others. Approximately 700-800 more resignations are coming in the next 3 months.

There will be a 2-month complete shutdown of the world’s most common operations, such as schools, the stock exchange, some banks, airports, shipping, travel, events, galas, expos, sport games, sport championships, music award ceremonies, NBA/NHL/Baseball games, and ship cruises. There will be food shortages and staged electricity power loss. Gas prices will go down, food costs will go up, insurance will go up, gold and silver stocks will fall, and many corporations will either go bankrupt or take a significant financial loss, such as in the case of what’s about to happen to Air Canada, Disney, and Coca-Cola.”

There were over 160,000 sealed indictments filed in US federal courts across the nation against global and political elites, with over 1,613 acted upon & upwards of 500,000 arrests made worldwide. Arrests of political elites connected to indictments over FISA Abuse have begun and were expected to continue over the next two weeks.

There were now 37,000 more US troops in Europe on top of the 320,000 troops already there who were suspected of engaging in arrests of Deep State assets in Switzerland, Brussels, Antwerp, Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam and London. Since Fri. 6 March there has been 2,200 or more arrests of global elites and in the Cartels worldwide, over 600 of whom were Drug, Gun and Human Traffickers arrested in Mexico.

The United Arab Emirates has completed Mass Arrests of their own Royal Family and affiliates.

The Deep State has been operating a $150 billion year Child Sex Trafficking Network centered at the Vatican, where over 80 including 66 priests were arrested by Interpol last week for financial crime, pedophilia, child trafficking and sex abuse. Italy’s airports have been completely shut down, as over 80 Vatican and financial officials have been served criminal indictments for financial crimes, pedophilia, child trafficking, and sexual abuse. Kevin Annett’s been hard at work the dark sins of the Vatican: http://beforeitsnews.com/celebrities/2017/05/vatican-global-elites-found-guilty-of-child-sacrifice-2475081.html

GITMO was upgraded years ago for high profile arrests, while prison barges awaited in the harbor. A Military Tribunal on the crimes of 9/11 began there in Jan. 2019. The US Military was building a massive concentration camp able to hold up to 10,000 people in international waters off the coast of Alaska just below the North Pole named Ice Camp Seadragon.

K. Judy Note on Currency Exchange/Bond Redemption: Treat the below as my guess. Official instructions would be available upon RV liquidity release through an instruction video.

An hour or so prior to liquidity release, Wells Fargo and HSBC Banks would send out over 400,000 emails to currency and bond holders, along with instructions on how to exchange and redeem. That information would also be available on certain websites as below:

Dinar Chronicles: http://www.dinarchronicles.com/tetelestai.html
Dinar Recaps: https://www.dinarrecaps.com/our-blog
MarkZ: https://www.twitch.tv/theoriginalmarkz
MarkZ Twitter: m.twitter.com/originalmarkz
Bruce: http://bigcalluniverse.com/callarchive/
TNT Tony: https://twitter.com/the_tnt_team
Dinar Detectives: https://dinardetectives.com/

Each country had their own 800# or website code for use of currency exchangers/bond redeemers that would be sent out by email, or found on those websites. Clicking on that link on your computer or phone, would create your own unique signature to receive an exchange/ redemption appointment, along with exchange/ redemption information.

On appointments: If there were travel restrictions in your area you could obtain a travel document from a certain website made known with release of the 800#s.

The Tier4b Internet Group has the opportunity to exchange foreign currencies/ redeem Zim Bonds at higher Contract Rates prior to release to the public by Tues. 31 March. On Wed. 1 April currencies would exchange at international rates as shown on the Forex and Zim Bonds could no longer be redeemed unless prior arrangements had been made.

Special Redemption Centers have been set up across the globe to exchange at Contract Rates from 7am to 11pm. At your twenty minute exchange appointment you would watch an instruction video while they did a background check to flag felons convicted of serious crimes such as drugs and trafficking in order to screen out Cabal criminals from exchanging.

If you don’t have a Trust Account for your exchange/redemption, a Treasury Direct Account would be set up at your exchange for your funds. You would have 90 days to set up and transfer those monies into your own Trust Account. Abbot Downing Wealth Managers would be represented at each Redemption Center, though you could choose another Wealth Management company if you wished.

The Zim was a bond, not a currency, and redemption monies from that bond were designated for humanitarian needs. Zim holders could be offered a default rate of $.11 cents, or if you had a lot it could go down to $.03-$.05 cents. If that was not sufficient for your humanitarian program you could ask for a higher rate at your next appointment when you presented your humanitarian program.

All Zim would be on a structured payout (unless you were a senior) and you would receive an annual percentage rate on your Zim in the structured payout of 5% -7 ½ %.

They would present you with currency rates, which were said to be very generous. Non Zim holders could ask for the Contract Rates. If you did not agree those should be your rates you could negotiate more at your second appointment that would be set for within 24-48 hours.

Whether you held currencies or Zim in order to receive the higher Contract Rates you were encouraged to have a specific humanitarian project typed up in a summary of 1-2 pages that showed approximate costs, time frame of your project (5-10-20 years) how many people you could employ and your background as to what qualified you to do the project.

It was my understanding that if you partnered with other humanitarian projects including CARTS, that connection would not necessarily qualify you for the higher rates unless you had your own humanitarian project to present at your redemption/ exchange appointment.

Seniors age 60 and above had their choice of being paid out or not being paid out their Zim redemption monies in a Structured Annuity Investment Payout. All other Zim redeemers would be paid in your choice of quarterly or annually, in a Structured Annuity Investment Payout, with your choice of 5, 10, 15, 20, or if you asked, 50 or 100 years.

During your Structured Annuity Investment Payout you could be paid interest of 5%-71/2% on monies left at the bank during your payout period (of your 20% if you had a humanitarian project). The interest paid was said to be dependent upon on how much you had and length of your payout period. The longer the payout period, the higher the interest rate likely received. For US citizens: under present US Tax law you would be taxed on your interest earned.

Currency and Zim holders would be offered opportunities to invest in international humanitarian projects. The Chinese-Zimbabwe Humanitarian Project Contracts paid interest on monies invested, and then returned the monies after the term of your contract ended so it could be reinvested in other international humanitarian projects. It was rumored that particular contract was limited in the amount of Zim they could take in so if interested, it would be wise to obtain your exchange/ redemption appointment early.

All exchangers and redeemers would be required to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement.

You would be scheduled a second appointment with your Wealth Manager within 24-48 hours. If you did not agree with your rates you could request higher rates at that appointment. They were working for you, would not be telling you what to do with your monies, though would help you comply with your Non Disclosure Agreement and banking regulations. They would treat you with respect as a high level client. It would wise to treat them the same and not demand anything, or you would be escorted out the door and not allowed to exchange.

After your appointment you would be closely monitored by the NSA – through your phone, computer, Internet. If you broke your NDA and talked about your exchange, you would automatically lose your monies.

L. Non Profits Dedicated to Help Exploited/Abused Children and Adult Abuse Survivors:

Tim Ballard: The Underground Railroad rescued exploited children: https://ourrescue.org/about/

Kevin Annett: International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) rescued exploited children and exposed their rape, torture and murder kidnapping rings run by the Vatican. http://murderbydecree.com/ hiddenfromhistory1@gmail.com

Felicity Lee: Ivory Garden promoted healing techniques for DID survivors (Dissociate Identity Disorder caused by severe abuse during childhood): dissociativeidentitydisorder-ptsd.blogspot.com/2014/05/felicity-lee-patricia-goodwin-president.html https://www.igdid.com felicity4us2@gmail.com

Neil Brick: SMART published information on the Satanic Ritual Abuse of children and gave healing seminars for Ritual Abuse Survivors and therapists: https://ritualabuse.us/smart/neil-brick/ smartnews@aol.com

Enough Is Enough: Enough Is Enough® is a national bi-partisan non-profit organization who has led the fight to make the Internet safer for children and families since 1994. EIE's efforts were focused on combating Internet pornography, child pornography, sexual predation, sex trafficking and cyber bullying by incorporating a three-pronged prevention strategy with shared responsibilities between the public, Corporate America and the legal community.

SNAP: Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests: https://www.snapnetwork.org/

M. “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities,” Judy Byington: From infancy to age six Jenny was repeatedly raped and tortured by members of a Satanic Coven – the trauma forcing her developing brain to split into multiple thinking patterns. Her sophisticated Nazi-inspired Mind Control programming was overseen by a CIA agent called Dr. Green who was said directed by the international monetary system’s Ninth Circle Child Sacrifice Cult. The Ninth Circle was believed composed of members of US Inc, European Royals including Queen Elizabeth, the Vatican including Pope Francis, private bankers such as the Rothchilds and Rockerfellers, plus Central Bankers – the very Cabal that the World Court, Interpol, BRICS Alliance, Trump and White Hats were attempting to take down with the Global Currency Reset. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F626Lsrdwg4