Monday, March 16, 2020

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MilitiaMan:  A few thoughts of mine on some on goings of late. I am not saying that I am not sympathetic to those that have died, become ill or may be vulnerable to become ill from any flu or COV-19 out there, as there are clear concerns for any one who may be compromised. 

The sad thing is there is loss of life and now for a very odd showing is a hysteria driven progression of the COV-19 whipping the world up into hysteria. $ Trillions and Trillions of market cap globally has been lost to date. 

I posted yesterday some stats I found from a news show that showed the H1N1 relationship to the present COV-19 stats. H1N1 was by far more deadly in death count than what we are seeing globally now, from what I gather. There was no world shut down back then! No supply chain disruptions! No shortage of TP, hand sanitizers, food, etc..!!! Nope there sure wasn't. 

Why this time around? Is it political, is it economically driven to deflate an over bought market(s), is it a cover to create an environment to hide things that need a safety net for what may be being done to address corruption at it's highest levels around the world? 

I don't know for sure, of course. However, the limiting of travel, limiting public comingling, may very well be part of the/a plan "" (if there is a plan) to keep things orderly and for a purpose under a possible guise to keep people close to home, therefore, easy to find or access if there is a concern or need to locate people of interest. 

Plenty of reasons that support there are folks of interest in respect to corruption.. Many things are at play be sure. We all will have the pleasure or not so pleasurable ability to watch it unfold. 

What also will be unfolding shortly is how the markets react next week or even later this afternoon. I have been watching the blood shed in the markets now for weeks. 

The DOW at one point lost 31% heading into this Friday open from a top of about 29,500 at the Dows historical high, down to 20,300 at one point.  

It subsequently rallied back to close  2,000 points to present 22,800+-  . Why I mention this is the market may not be done yet in it's fall to a bottom. 

What is interesting is the original scare of the CV rallied Gold and Silver whereas, the DOW started her free fall, yet Friday the President comes out and calls for the US to be under a National Emergency because of the COV-19 thus, having an opposite effect on the DOW, Gold and Silver. 

But, wait.. The scare rallied gold and silver and the Dow dropped.. Isn't a national emergency confirmation the scare is real? How is that to affect things? Well, the biggest players in the world are CBs and Sovereign Wealth Funds. It is not Jonny Joe street trader that moves markets.

 And after a blood bath of 30+-% shock? Even the bigger private players are not going to move the markets in a very meaningful way in and under the circumstance.  Not a chance, as I see it. 

So, if things play out like the week previous to this last Friday, back on Friday the 6th. A similar setting was played out. The 6th showed us a rally into the Friday close,  My view was it was not normal behavior. 

As most players cover there positions during turmoil over weekends. Unless it is the Big Boyz (CBs). They have the money to move the world markets. My take is since it is atypical for the small commercials to go long into a weekend, it was short selling to bid the pricing up. 

Proof of that came this last week as I described above. This last week saw the low of 20,400 at open this last Friday. It then rallied on the National Emergency by our President. 

The limited thinking may have allowed the Big Boyz to have another short selling spree to drive the market up. A false Front. To only drop the Dow to new lows one more time possibly this next week. I suspect a move down to 14,500 is not out of the question.. Scary, yes! End of the world no.  Buying opportunity of a life time for us? Possibly in our cards. 

One other possible scenario for the markets may be at play too. Trump knows markets and how they operate. He may have witnessed the 6th and read the tea leaves and allowed another set up to short into the markets by using the National Emergency bait. 

The buying may have actually been short selling at the asking price to push up the market and in a big way. 2000 point move up is one large chunk of change to do that!! Trump told us yesterday watch the markets as a bounce is coming. Well it may very well bounce after this next larger push down to the floor and it may create a signal all has been accomplished by flushing out the over bought markets to an oversold position, to set us up a safe and affordable buy in time frame!  

We shall see. Keep in mind if it doesn't do like I think it will, short sellers if I am right and they in fact shorted Friday's markets, they have to be worried and big time.. Longs can lose 100% investment. Shorts can lose infinite amounts of money.. 

So, either way, if it rallies there is going to be pain for shorts, if not and markets again roll over there is going to be pain short term for the longs. But, on the horizon is a bounce. Just as Trump has told us. 

How does this fit for the Dinar and us? 

Well, the dinar has been clearly been given the green light to move. The auctions are to stop, and the value of the IQD is to rise, NSCNs and coins are said to be in place where they will be needed, Alak Gov at the CBI  has been effectively announcing the need to raise the value of the IQD over the last few days, etc.. 

The COV-19  is deadly to some as it can be, it is nothing compared to past bugs in shear volume or statistical  numbers, therefore, the nature of the hysteria, may be used to hide and usher in the new beginnings and with that a RI with the IQD will help support that bounce Trump has so kindly given us hope for.. 

Lets all hang in there and pray we are truly witnessing a blessing well deserved by us all. We shall see.  imo ~ MM

Pattycakes77:  Wonderful analysis MM. Kim Clement did say that the dinar will happen at the worst time, also when the dow  hits  20,000. This is the perfect window. I am hopeful for this week. Praying for all.



MarkZ Monday Update- Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

MZ: Literally this morning the market opened and then closed……our economy was screwed up before the corona virus….they just were not admitting it. 

MZ: Bankers are convinced this is still happening soon……We are all watching the markets and watching the implosion of the fiat system. We have front row seats. It’s no longer a “conspiracy theory”   It’s really happening right now. 

MZ: A shutdown of the global economy will force the reset and that is what we are seeing right now. 

MZ: If RV happens in a day or two…..great….but, I think it would be best to wait and finish the reset properly…..which may be a week or so.   But that’s just me

MZ: My banking contacts still think we could have money as soon as tomorrow….but they thought that last week too…..

MZ: My paymaster chose to stay in place in Reno….I am told this has become a logistical nightmare as they try to keep people in place…..because of travel restrictions. 

MZ: People who are concerned they will not be able to go to exchange apts…..I hear they have a solution in place with the travel restrictions……I was told when you go to use your secure link there will be a document there which is your “travel permission” to go exchange…..so they have made if far safer for us imo……

Member:  They also had "redemption locations" to redeem silver certificates after 1929's crash can't remember the year though

MZ: Military contacts are saying it could happen anytime between now and April 1st….I tend to believe them a little more because what they are looking at….

Sam Oliver:  Market volatility is expected to be high. Everything is changing. All that is going on is market prices trying to find their balance. This is expected at the end game. It is part of what happens in a reset that leads to a revaluation. Sam Oliver

Member:  If there were any perfect cover up this virus would be it!! Show me the RV!!

Member:  Virus is real but blown out of proportion to frighten people more.

Member:  The Virus is all about the arrests and gold standard coming in

Member:  major arrests happening in italy so far 1800 public officials and preists in the vatican have been taken in


Member:  CEO of Salesforce’s stepped down. CEO of Harley Davidson stepped down. CEO of IBM stepped down. CEO of T Mobile stepping down. CEO of LinkedIn stepping down. CEO of Mastercard is stepping down.

Member:  The biggest one who stepped down Bill Gates

MZ:  Amazing to see just how many CEO’s have stepped down in just the last 2 weeks.

Member:  They know arrests are coming………they can run but they can’t hide…..   

Member:  I wonder if the fact that there is a 1 week curfew in Baghdad have any effect on when there is an RV?

Member:  Drake said the 30th we go back to the Gold Standard

Member:  Dow down 2745 gold down 76.66 relative direction

Member:  Deutsche Bank share € 4,62

MZ: This is what we have been waiting on. Just uglier than we expected.

Q: What is isaac hearing?

MZ: I bet he’s hearing Tues/Wed. like other contacs are…….

Member:  Isaac is fired up for Tuesday


Member: We saw $1.79!!!

Member:  If this roll out gets any slower it will be going backwards!

MZ: The Fed just dropping interest rates to zero…they pulled out both barrels to try to stimulate the economy……but this is proof positive the fiat Petro dollar system is dead……when they went to 0….money became free for corporations and businesses….they also injected a trillion and a half lat week and announced another 700 billion  for debt relief and try to firm up banks this week…they did something else that is really big….they  removed all reserve restrictions on our banks…..

MZ:  you could not write a better script for the implosion of the fractional banking system then what they have written.….we are watching the fiat banking system come unglued around our heads…kust don’t get scared….hopefully you all have made common-sense precautions. 

Member:  You can get emergency food online that lasts 10-15 years, just add hot water...

Member:  Dow Just Plunges as Emergency rate cuts fails to mollify investors due to Coronavirus on Washington post live right now Happening!!!;-O

MZ: The Fed is out of ammunition……the only thing it has left is to give our free money……I think the way it may go is they will give out every man, woman and child money …this would be a great cover for Nesara. 


MZ: Helicoptor money is when they  give free money away to everyone and it should start happening soon……this will be a godsend for many people. 

MZ: We have been the slave labor and the debt donkeys for the bankers…its time to let them have a turn . let them be a debt-donkey for a while. 

Member:  Arrest the RATS and take the load off the Donkey

Member:  CANCEL the DEBT get rid of the FED and institute the new QFS system...IMO...

Member:  “Anonymous” said: This means mass arrests and we know this is going to happen worldwide, so they needed a cover to restrict travel and get people prepared to have an interruption in supplies while a financial reset and the arrests occur. President Trump is trying to tell Americans to be prepared under the guise of a pandemic.

Member:  The KY Governor just ordered ALL RESTAURANTS AND BARS STATEWIDE to be drive thru and delivery only. No in store patronage….. A bar doesn’t have delivery or drive through. Many restaurants/servers-TOAST.

Member:  hearing 2 week lockdown is coming today

Member:  Everything is shut down so we don’t have any false flags

Member:  If you notice, the most CV cases are in Sanctuary Cities or Sanctuary States. Trump cut off their Federal funding so they need money real bad. Corruption wants to use the "National Emergency Declaration" to get a hold of that money for Corrupt reasons.

Member:  I always thought the RV would be a fantastic way to arrest them! they come to YOU and you give them their indictments and silver bracelets

Member:  nothing Can Stop What's Coming!! it's going to be biblical

Member:  TP is not just a gag gift anymore....

Member: I have 2 kinds of TP…Rolls and fiat Federal reserve notes!!!

Member:  Qanon predicted this March Madness... Also predicted Hot Spring/Summer. Coronavirus can NOT propagate in the HEAT….. Markets will REBOUND in Spring

MZ: Experts say the only way to stop a “global Pandemic” is social distancing…..people just have to stop going out……

Q: How long can they keep people home before they freak out?

MZ:  Many are already freaking out……but cannot be too long….

Member:  Tax day has been moved to July 15

MZ: We have already seen Tax day move from April 15th to July 15th so don’t worry if you havn’t filed yet…..and IMO don’t worry if you owe taxes….they are going to forgive it…..just my opinion……we will see how this plays out. 

MZ:  I hear we will also see the Whitehouse announce a a freeze on all foreclosures, student loans, ect this week,,,,……I will have Bob Locke again this week to answer all these questions…

MZ: If this things drags out for a month….the only way they can keep this shut down going is to start handing out free money……imo….take it…buy groceries….buy more currency….…and be content as we watch this thing play out. That’s all we can do is make the best decisions and stay calm while this all plays out. 

Member:  Customers are reportedly rushing to take out large sums of money in another example of how customer attitudes are changing. A Bank Of America branch in Manhattan NYC reportedly ran out of high denomination bills due to very large withdrawals that keep coming in.

Member:  Kuwait RV'd 3/21

Q: What if the internet goes down? How will we know when to exchange?

MZ: I do not expect the entire internet to go down…they may limit some things….but I think emails and stuff will be unaffected…..It’s the backbone of the country……I would not be surprised to see them limit social media though…..

Member: the biggest crime is that bars will be closed around the world on St. Patricks day !!!1

MZ: Yes there will be a stream tomorrow on St. Patddies day…..I am hopeful we will see Leprechauns and pots of gold on St. Patricks day…..at 10AM est. 

MZ: Be kind, take care of each other and help those in need right now……see you soon



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MZ: Video on PP’s and Farm claims: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAL0exvL45Y 

Mod:  Dr Shabibi answering questions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ol8wve53-ME

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