Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Beny Wilson "I'm Back Live Stream" Part 1


Just received this urgent email from my contact this morning. The message reflects actions for those levels above us but it also gives us information that our Tier 4 could indeed be scheduled for release this Friday.
We can only hope that it is just not another ploy to lure out the ones to be arrested. The intel from this source has always been honest & accurate before, but schedules can still change depending on unknown circumstances. Let's hope this time it follows through for us. Keep the faith.


Direct from XXXXXX:

We finally have a UST Schedule!!!
Release algorithms were not entered last night but will be processed tonight after forex close.

Tomorrow set as full release of programs. (Farmers, native Americans, CMKX, other adjudicated funds).

What we really care about, Internet tier 4 individuals to go this Friday!!!

General unaware public slated for 3/14.
Time to get this party started.

Best Regards,




MarkZ Wednesday Update- Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

MZ:  Some good news today…..Okie is in for his second treatment today thanks to everyone who helped so much…..

MZ: Still no change of rate in Iraq……

MZ: Bankers are still at the edge of their seats …….they are looking strung out with so much coffee, staying up and expectations.  Nobody is going to know the exact time on this….there may be only 5-6 people  who will know exactly when this is going to happen…and I am not one of those. 

MZ:  We are still watching markets and metals rising…everything is going our way and now we have the global pandemic which means the banking system will have to change before it implodes.  

Member:  The perception of doom from this virus is a perfect cover to roll out the RV. The RV in China affects.0042 of 1% of the population. Normal flu is much higher!

Member:  Talked to a close friend I worked with for twenty plus yrs on the docks.. next nine cargo ships from CMA Orient to West coast have been taken out of the loop.. no cargo...things are gonna get tight

MZ: On the private banking groups…..There was a bunch of well -intentioned people trying to help as many people as possible. It did not turn out the way it should. We are choosing not to deal with it at all. 

MZ: Private groups are out there and they are real.  We cannot add anyone to them. Lots of misunderstandings and its safer to not talk about private groups.  

Q: Is there a list of what we need to go to the bank?

MZ: Have all your currencies pulled together, and bring any paperwork you would need to open a normal bank account. I would also bring any receipts you can find. Its possible if you have a humanitarian project you may get a higher rate…so it wouldn’t hurt to have short statement of projects you want to do with your funds. 

MZ: Regarding CMKX- No deliveries yet……I am told the funds are all in place. We have not seen the reset yet and I have not seen proof that the funds are in place for adjudicated funds. 

Q: So is the rumor yesterday that the button has been pushed de-bunked?

MZ: Possibly  something was pushed moving us forward but the reality is the RV has not taken place and we don’t have any money. Until I see people with money in their accounts…..in my book, the button has not been pushed. 

MZ: I do think it’s a juggernaut at this point….it’s inevitable, it’s happening, it’s moving ….and I think the Corana virus is going to force things. 

Member:  the button is the seating of the government (Iraq)  is what I am told… not the RV.

Q: Have you heard if there is a limit on Zim bonds?  I heard its 5 max

MZ: I have not heard that…..I have heard that your rate goes down after 10 notes. 

Member:  I see this as positive news...Bank Note World has not only cut their Zim costs in half, but they also want to trade your Dinar and Dong for Zim notes! It makes sense for them to unload Zim that will be worthless after the exchange period and replace them with Dinar and Dong "currency" which will always have value! Maybe they know something?

Q: What still needs to be done to release 800 numbers

MZ: As I understand it….from banking contacts….what’s left to do is for them to have permission. I am told they are 100% prepared and that has to be frustrating for them . You are in place and constantly being ready and hyped up….It has to be irritating. It’s frustrating for us…can you imagine how frustrating it is for them?

Q: Will the 800 issued in each country restrict you from exchanging in another?

MZ: I hear that they want you to exchange in the country you are a citizen of. If you are out of your country at the time of exchange my guess is they handle the exchange in whatever exchange rate and currency your country uses?

Q: What does your contact say in Iraq?

MZ: They are looking for it to happen after the government gets its vote of confidence. This happens today I believe…..I would say to start watching Iraq closely starting tomorrow. I think Iraq moves forward after the “go “ is given for the GCR . I don’t think we are waiting for Iraq. I think Iraq is waiting for us. But they are the easiest to watch…so we watch them. 

Member: Bruce said we are in a 24 hour window starting last night

MZ: I definitely do believe we are close. 

Member:  I've always said this won't happen until the big arrests take place!

Member:  The 1st Arrest will Shock the World and be BIBLICAL is what Q said. Maybe the Pope?

Q: Any news on prosperity packages? 

MZ: Just the rumor over the weekend that the funds were put into place and the packages were updated and prepared for release. We were hearing they were releasing packages yesterday….but nobody I know (and I know a lot of CMKX’ers) got a delivery yet. Prosperity packages are to go out the same time as CMKX and the other settlements. 


Member:  President a trump speaks tonight @ 6PM


MZ:  https://christopherstory.org/

Gippers Reader Dave’s news Worked President Reagan https://t.me/joinchat/JrH1jhR6uiXQH6rs0cVN3w

DEE’S ECONOMICS & SAM OLIVER TELEGRAM ROOM: https://t.me/joinchat/JrH1jk23r6dq3MtYiipTfw

MZ: Mr Cottrel will not be joining us on Friday.   Next stream is 10AM est tomorrow unless something big happens…then I will be back sooner. 



JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ObvK4NR_LI&has_verified=1&bpctr=1579044401 

Mod:  THANK YOU, SNAKE, PLANNING QUESTIONNAIRE: https://www.mmbb.org/docs/FinancialPlanningQuestionnaire.pdf 

Your straw man (Strawman) is an artificial person http://freedom-school.com/aware/your-straw-man-is-an-artificial-person.html

MZ: Video on PP’s and Farm claims: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAL0exvL45Y 

Mod:  Dr Shabibi answering questions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ol8wve53-ME

MZ: Watch the Video “The end of the road” by Monkey films on Amazon Prime….End of the Road: https://tubitv.com/movies/451883/end_of_the_road

You can share links like these one's to those who don't believe: theoriginalmarkz: https://www.slideshare.net/ahmeddinargate/the-history-of-iraqi-dinar-exchange-rate 

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Note: Please listen to the replay for all the details….

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Frank26 (KTFA)

...I would like to believe that it's true that President Trump has given them the date to stop using the American dollar in the auction and I believe that they have committed to it. And the fact that it's from Donald Trump who I don't think that's going to delayed or moved or anything. You don't trump Trump..

[Question] In your opinion is there a timeline limit once this occurs to exchange?

...very good question. I think that they are talking about that. There might be a time limit. We don't know that just yet...but it wouldn't be such a dramatic thing - 30 days. No no I think it would be a number of years...

[Question] From what I understand the new Prime Minister will have 30 days to reinstate the currency.

No no no. the Central Bank of Iraq reinstates the currency. The prime minister announce it along with the governor. But the CBI's gonna do all the talking...

Vital Brad

...Part of me does feel like they will come out at a low rate...just throwing a number out there let's say 10 cents, something like that just to get back on the international market and get rid of some of the amount of the Iraqi dinar that's out there...get some people to turn in their dinar at a lower rate. I believe it can float up to a higher rate...Kuwait's currency right now I believe is around $3.40 and Iraq has much more oil reserves than Kuwait...there's no reason IMO they should be lower than Kuwait. So I think it'll get up there.


...they will never ever post that they are going to change the rate of their currency, BUT we have all been in this a long time and can follow what and how things are going in that country ...

... lets see what the cbi does when the cabinet is voted in...it looks like that will be very soon. The CBI is ready ...the work that is starting in the country is demanding it...not just the protesters but the contractors that are coming in are expecting it...not just the us but every country wanting to work in the country and the good thing is Iraq is being very picky about what country's it will do bis. with because they know they can...everybody wants a piece of this pie...but If I have to guess it would be with in the next 2 to 3 months...


...according to the Iraqi Constitution it says as clear as day that a budget must be put forward and by law they're supposed to wait 30 days. They have to keep reviewing it for 30 days. They give them 30 days minimum before they could pass the budget. If the budget's been submitted it's 30 days from then in which they vote on and go ahead to move the budget forward. Until now the budget has not been published...


[Guru Walkingstick told Frank they pushed the button.]

I am hearing the same thing. …waiting for confirmation in the media.

I did get to talk to [Guru] Okie twice this weekend…short calls because he gets out of breath…he is also excited about where we are at and the news he was getting over the weekend…


...Kap [Guru Kaperoni] posted the other day...16 trillion in whats in the ground...150 billion barrels... has been now just quadrupled...when that number 16 trillion was released...Trump in 2012 or there about tweeted...“US deficit 16 trillion and Iraq valued worth 16 trillion...INTERESTING!”...there is a plan here and it definitely is not Kaps market economy force...


Judy Note: What we think we know – or not – about Wed. 26 Feb:

We were in a 24 hour window for release of 800#s that should end around 11:45 am EST Wed. 26 Feb. according to Bruce.

Iraq would likely show their new Dinar rate Wed. 26 Feb.

President Trump has left from India for the White House and was expected to be back on Wed. 26 Feb.

A couple of sources told MarkZ that Reno had pushed the button and there was a better than excellent chance that we would have access to our funds by Wed. 26 Feb.

Issac in Zurich said that the Banks have finished up their paperwork and hoped to make it a go on Wed. 26 Feb.

KTFA Frank suggested that Iraq would go after the Iraqi Parliament vote on Wed. 26 Feb. and expected their new rate to be live soon after.

It was said that this would happen at the same time as the Mass Arrests started. US Army troops would arrive in Germany on Wed. 26 Feb. and under the command of President Trump, deploy to the Cabal financial centers of Brussels, Antwerp (Belgium) and London.

The Market had to crash for this event to happen in order to get rid of the fiat dollar. The last two days have seen the Market plunge the worst on record and expected to crash on Wed. 26 Feb.

On other phases of the GCR:

On Sat. 22 Feb. US Treasury Intel sources had been ordered to go silent. Over the weekend Prosperity Package deliveries were said to have begun. Emails on how to set appointments were to be released in blocks, with the first said gone out on Sun. 23 Feb, along with Non Disclosure Agreements (if someone received a package, they weren’t about to say a thing).

All banks had until last Sun. night 23 Feb. to be on the QFS system. If they weren’t on the QFS they were not to open on Mon. 24 Feb. You could now wire funds around the globe in a few seconds.

On the Restored Republic side on Sat. 22 Feb. in the middle of Stock Market chaos, President Trump left the country to visit the Cabal’s failing center of finance in Germany, and then flew on Sun. 23 Feb. to India, one of the five original founding nations of BRICS – the international organization behind the GCR. All the while the first of several US Army troops were preparing to arrive in Hagenow Germany on Wed. 26 Feb. Under the command of President Trump, they would deploy to the Cabal financial centers of Brussels, Antwerp (Belgium) and London.

Evidently preparations for this military maneuver had been going on for some time. In January brand new US Military Police vehicles showed up in Germany. It was expected that Mass Arrests would occur worldwide and in cooperation with local legal entities and the UN’s international police force, Interpol. https://volldraht.de/recht/83-aktivierung-mecklenburg/3122-defender-2020-us-vorhut-bezieht-stellung-in-der-der-hagenower-kaserne?fbclid=IwAR2tGMB6XQx9cEGZ1owrQ9zuYNCnJSm3fFTKz2cxZ1Hz3V-5sIBV2wfs6to

A week ago at midnight on Sun. 16 Feb. the fiat US Dollar of the Cabal’s Federal Reserve was officially declared bankrupt. The next day on Mon. 17 Feb. the Chinese Elders released funding for the reset. By Tues. 18 Feb. Dragon Bond exchanges were taking place at the IMF. That same Tues. 18 Feb. several banks including the world’s largest HSBC, announced they had switched over to what appeared to be the Quantum Financial System. Evidently by Wed. 19 Feb. the new USTN was gold-backed that paid off Bank derivatives the next day on Thurs. 20 Feb.

Predictions were that the Market would be extremely volatile this week. So far it has lived up to those expectations. By Mon. 24 Feb. and after being manipulated for over 100 years, the Market had begun seeking a true Fair Market Value, causing the Dow to open over 700 points in the red, fast fell all day and closed in the red at 1,031.61. The Monday crash wiped out all gains for the year and froze the Stock and Global Futures Markets. The recent shutdown of Chinese manufacturing had infected world economics as to where some international trade was almost nonexistent. On Tues. 25 Feb. stocks shrugged off an early bounce, only to plunge almost 900 points into the red by close. The Market had posted the worst two day point drop on record and could crash on Wed. 26 Feb.

The U.S. dollar index (USDX) was the value of a U.S. dollar relative to the value of a basket of currencies and it was fast reaching 100: https://www.investing.com/currencies/us-dollar-index-streaming-chart.

Through it all, the value of gold and silver continued to skyrocket.

Was something up? If you think so, grab some popcorn, relax and watch the drama, along with the reset – the President was expected to be back at the White House by Wed. 26 Feb.

Glen Beck on Trump, Democrats and the Ukraine Scandal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCSwqca8KXU

Recent Q Drops:

Federal Reserve is ending
You have come far, Anons (Patriots). You are ready. Prepare for the Storm.
To be blunt: Game Over.
We got what we needed. There is no step [5]. Thank you for playing. Q

A. Feb. 25 2020 7:52 pm EST The Signal for the Reset, DinarAngel: The Signal for the Reset" - DinarAngel Update 2-25-20 Dinar Recaps

1. Late yesterday evening Mon. 24 Feb, I talked to an important source of intel. He stated his knowledge of how close we actually were in seeing our long awaited event roll out.

2. He firmly believes that it is the Alliance, (Trump) that was in control of the rollout, along with the cooperation of China and Russia.

3. He explained that the White Dragon Family was one of the largest contributors for the necessary initial funding.

4. The huge packages of Dragon Notes were taken in and high denominations of ZIM notes were traded on platforms. Those transactions in turn, made it possible for Whale Packages to have paid out, thus beginning the payout of funds to the Paymasters with large groups.

5. We are actually still in the "flow" and not to stress as it is coming to us in turn, and soon.

6. He stated that, "When the arrests started that would be the signal that the reset has happened."

B. Feb. 25 2020 The Big Call, Bruce: Thebigcall.net: 712-770-4016 pin123456#

1. We were in a 24 hour window for release of 800#s that should end around 11:45 in the morning EST Wed. 26 Feb.

2. The Internet Group would start at the same time as the groups.

3. Emails have gone out, but they were not the emails that contained the 800#s.

4.The Market had to crash for this event to happen in order to get rid of the fiat dollar. The last two days have seen the Market come very close to crashing.

5. All banks had until last Sun. night to be on the QFS system. If they weren’t on the QFS they were not to open on Mon. 24 Feb. You could now wire funds around the globe in a few seconds.

6. At 8 am EST this morning Tues. 25 Feb. started disclosure

7. Iraq was waiting for the US to go before they show their new Dinar rate. Iraq would likely show that rate tomorrow Wed. 26 Feb.

8. Tomorrow Wed. 26 Feb. the Forex should show the new Dinar rate.

9. The Iranian Rial was now in the first basket.

10. A lot happened last week after the Gold Standard was put into play.

11. The US Dollar index was higher than it’s ever been because of the gold-backed US Dollar.

12. Zim holders would likely not get access to the full amount at the redemption and would be on a long term payout. Currency holders would have immediate access to their exchange monies.

13. President Trump left from India for the White House today and was expected to be back tomorrow Wed. 26 Feb.

14. Zim redemption deadline may be Sun. 1 March.

C. Feb. 25 2020 Morning/Afternoon Chat MarkZ: https://www.twitch.tv/theoriginalmarkz

1. I’m hearing they pushed the button in Reno and were finishing this week.

2. Issac: Banks have finished up their paperwork and hoped to go tomorrow Wed. 26 Feb.

3. They were trying to finish up today Tues. 25 Feb. and hoped to get funds and packages out the door.

4. Iraq expected their new rate to be live on Thurs. 27 Feb.

5. Dinar Street Rate $3.50 Contract $8.00 or $28.50; Dong $2; Rupiah $1.50 Zim anywhere from $11 to 37 million per 100 T note.

Currency Exchange and Bond Redemption:

Each country had their own 800# or website code for use of currency exchangers/ bond redeemers that would be sent out by email, or found on certain websites as below. Clicking on that web link on your computer or phone, would create your own unique signature to receive an exchange/ redemption appointment, along with exchange/ redemption information.

We were told that US Securities expert Mike Cottrell’s signature was on the Gold Treaty and he would push the liquidity button. Just an hour or so prior to liquidity release, Wells Fargo and HSBC Banks would be sending out over 400,000 emails to currency and bond holders, along with instructions on how to exchange and redeem. That information would also be available on websites as below.

Redemption Center Staff were told that upon liquidity release, they would be working 7 am to 11 pm for about 10-12 days. The Tier4b Internet Group (us) would have those 10-12 days to exchange at the higher Contract Rates, after which the General Public could exchange at regular banks, receiving the new but lower, International Rates of exchange.

At your exchange you would watch a 15 min. CD that would explain the exchange/redemption process before you began. If you held Zim expect to sign a 4 ½ page Non Disclosure Agreement. If you held both currencies and Zim expect that NDA to be 5 ½ pages. If you held currencies and no Zim, that NDA was expected to be around 1 ½ pages.

F. Judy Note on Zim Bonds: Zim Bond redemption deadline may be Sun. 1 March.

It was my understanding that if you had Zim Bonds and a specific humanitarian project, your Zim rate would be determined from costs of that project. It would be wise to type up a short 1-2 page outline of your project including your goals. Have an estimate of monies needed to accomplish those goals and the years you wished in your long term payout.

If you had no specific humanitarian project you would likely be offered the Zim international rate, plus opportunities to invest in international humanitarian projects – whereby you could earn interest on your monies.

Okie: “I understand that your rate may be contingent on the type of projects you will be doing. If you have a large project you may get a large rate. It is also my understanding that a limit of 33 million per 100 Trillion Note is being talked about. There is a rumor from a Chinese contact that they have a designated amount of Zim they would be allowed to take. Be sure to get in as quick as you can with your Zim so that you do not fall into the “dead letter” category and miss your opportunity. Do not wait for weeks to get in with your Zim.”

Either way you could receive all, or a percentage of Zim monies for your own use. You would determine the amount of years you wished for your long term payout (up to 25 years) while being paid interest on monies left at the bank during that payout (said to be 2% to 9%). You should have a figure in mind of your interim financial needs until your first quarterly payout was received (expected in 90 days).