Sunday, January 26, 2020



Saturday UPDATE for January 25, 2020
Saturday reports:

The CBI staff members allegedly caught stealing money from the auctions and supporting Iranian factions.
Iraqi TV is broadcasting the scandal and that other countries are now concerned about Iran stealing resources from Iraq. Citizens are angry with the CBI.

Saleh is returning from Rome and will meet with blocs to announce the new Prime Minister.

Protestors are in the streets chanting that Sadr has betrayed them by his supporting of Iran.
Iraqi TV broadcasts that the new PM will announced on Sunday.
Parliament announces a short recess in order to get the budget passed, citing that the Prime Minister situation is resolved.

Iraqi TV alleging that past PM Mahdi is a key figure in the killings of the protestors.

7 more protestors were recently killed bringing the total reported deaths to 600 since October 2019.
4 private banks run by militia-controlled interests continue to use the dollar auctions to secure money for Iran.
The Qi card payment system was compromised with fake government employees receiving millions of dollars each month. #wearethepeople

Jambie67:  So, it has now been made public that some CBI staff have been stealing money from the auctions and the auctions are securing money for Iran? If there was ever a valid reason to cease the auctions, this is it! The people are all aware, now. #stoptheauctions   Perhaps revealing that the auctions are a cancer to Iraq was the reason they weren't stopped before. Now is the time!

Red:  if the Iranians are benifiting from the auctions by stealing the money, WHO is the loser in thes funds ?

Elmerf123456:  Who can say for sure, But it appears to be business as usual in Iraq. Time for a true wake up call and real change. Hang on..the pot holes aren't shallow apparently. I may be wrong but it appears to me this is is a big part as to why Abadi was not re-elected. He seemed to be a good man to me and was for the people. I'm not sure anything of corruptness pointed to him but yet the regime who is corrupt did not want him in their way. JMHO!


[Question? Didnt [Guru] Delta say the had to ri/rv delete the zeros etc in Jan? ...Something about the CBI legally needing to do it Jan and thats why it was delayed?]  ...YES AND THAT CAME FROM CBI FROM 2012...   Article quotes:  "AUG 20, 2012 - Central Bank Deputy Director Mohammad Saleh appearance drew the interest of the Exchange must be with the new fiscal year, "the Iraqi Government's accounts cannot be registered in the same year, two forms of financial values";  "Delete the zeros MUST be at the beginning of a fiscal year".    IMO...THEY HAVE A GRACE PERIOD OF 30 DAYS...



Judy Note: It’s been a loooong wait, but the Perfect Storm would start thundering next week: 

At the International Monetary Fund (IMF) meetings in Davos Switzerland, global monetary policy guidelines were developed on digital and gold-backed currency. In a few days by Fri. 31 Jan. the world’s main reserve currency, the fiat US Dollar of US Inc, would be bankrupt, thus paving the way for a Feb. Stock Market Crash, unless a Global Currency Reset came about. 

 According to Military Intel, as Tier 3 & Tier 4 liquidity was released, many World Court ordered/ GESARA-required arrests would take place. 

Those political elites charged with Treason had to be charged/arrested in order for the US to be GESARA compliant and participate in the Global Currency Reset. Dem Panic Grows Over Mysterious Sealed Criminal Indictments -- Sorcha Faal 

Next week promised revelations on names of high level political elites rumored to be the Clintons, Bushes, Obama, Pelosi, Biden, Mueller, Comey, Rosenstein, McCabe, Brennan, Ohr, Strzok, Clapper and many others. All were to be, or already were, under indictment for serious crimes and even treasonous acts, including using their public office for personal monetary gain, performing criminal acts relating to Uranium One, the Clinton Foundation and Fusion GPS, plus trying to subvert the will of The People by conspiring with foreign officials to take down a duly elected US President. 

 Since 2016 US Attorney for Utah John Huber has been over a Grand Jury investigation looking into evidence of wrongdoing by Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation and those in the upper echelons of Washington, D.C. bureaus and law enforcement agencies. 

 As of 31 Dec. 2019, 144,844 sealed indictments had been filed by Huber’s team of 740 investigators in federal courts across the nation, most of which contained charges of pedophilia and Child Exploitation. It was said that 80% of the Democratic Congress (plus some Republicans) had been charged, some with major offenses such as Treason. https://beforeitsnews.com/politics/2020/01/whos-who-in-those-144000-sealed-indictments-about-to-be-served-3160490.html 

 In Jan. 2019 secret trials and tribunals began and presently were ongoing at GITMO and in federal courts. Of 144,844 indictments filed, 16,818 were now unsealed (meaning indictments had been served, arrests made), with 1,843 served during these past holidays. With so many cases pending it was assumed that it would take at least two years or more to complete litigation. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kVQwX9l9HJ5F76x05ic_YnU_Z5yiVS96LbzAOP66EzA/edit 

 It’s amazing what the Mainstream Media failed to report, and how long it has taken for exposure of the criminal political elites to take place. This was an article about the indictments published in alternative news way back in Feb. 2019: https://beforeitsnews.com/politics/2019/02/obama-clinton-comey-clapper-brennan-lynch-mccabe-believed-charged-with-treason-3064376.html 


 A. Thurs. 23 Jan. Q post: “Starting Fri. 24 Jan. we will begin cracking through the Swamp media’s cover-up of TOP level Democrats selling their public office, resulting in multi-millions, in Ukraine and the conspired attempt with foreign officials to “destroy” the Trump candidacy.”


 B. On Fri. 24 Jan. in a Fox News interview Rudy Giuliani discussed his investigation of a Mass Media cover up of Democrat crimes that centered on former VP Joe Biden. Giuliani claimed that his presentations before the Senate next week would name a multitude of top level elites who were destined for criminal investigation. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/giuliani-i-cant-sit-by-and-watch-my-country-be-sold-out-by-joe-biden/vi-BBZi4Lw?ocid=spartandhp 


 C. Feb. 9 2019 US Attorney Huber to Indict Clintons, Rosenstein, Comey, McCabe, Brennan and others of Uranium One and Fusion GPS: http://federalistpress.com/u-s-attorney-huber-moving-to-indict-clintons-and-others.php 

 U.S. Attorney for the state of Utah John Huber was appointed to investigate accusations of abuse of power and corruption at the highest levels of the State Department, FBI and Justice Department. Robert Meuller had been appointed to do such, but his work with dozens of Democratic Party operatives resulted in no evidence of collusion from the Trump camp, but a great deal of evidence of collusion between Hillary Clinton’s team and Russian operatives. 

 U.S. Attorney Huber was tasked with investigating all those that Meuller seemed reluctant to investigate—including Meuller himself. Huber was also selected because it was assumed that a Grand Jury selected from among the citizens of Utah would be willing to provide an unbiased response to evidence of wrongdoing by Hillary Clinton and those in the upper echelons of Washington, D.C. bureaus and law enforcement agencies. 

 Although Huber’s work has remained shrouded in mystery, without leaks, we have obtained information from an inside source that Huber has been presenting evidence of felonious activities to the Grand Jury in Utah against several high level government actors, and will soon be bringing indictments against Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, FBI Director James Comey, Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, CIA Director John Brennan, Associate Deputy Director Bruce Ohr, FBI Agent Peter Strzok, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, Christopher Steele, and several other principals of Uranium One, The Clinton Foundation and Fusion GPS. 

D. As of 30 Nov. 2019 Who’s Who in the Unsealed Federal Criminal Indictments: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kVQwX9l9HJ5F76x05ic Charges on the indictments were said to include violation of the Espionage Act of 1912, High Treason, Election Fraud, Homicide, Pornography, Money Laundering, Bribery, Perjury, crimes of Uranium One, 9/11, Cover Up of 9/11, March 11 2011 Fukushima Nuclear and Tsunami mass murders, Benghazi Massacre, Hijacking of Malaysian Air 370, Mass Murder in Haiti and elsewhere, Gun and Drug running, Human Trafficking, Child Exploitation, Kidnapping, Harvesting victim’s organs for monetary gain; Election Fraud, Blackmail for votes on political issues through recording of pedophilia parties where children were raped, tortured and murdered, Misappropriation and Confiscation of US taxpayer monies through use of the illegal and privately owned Federal Reserve, IRS, US Corporation, City of London and Holy See, plus not implementing the Freedom from Debt GESARA Law signed into law by the US Supreme Court and President Bill Clinton. 


 E. International Child Sex Trafficking:

 Clinton’s Alleged Child Rapes and Murders Exposed in FISA Report?: https://beforeitsnews.com/politics/2019/12/clintons-alleged-child-rapes-and-murders-exposed-in-fisa-report-3154082.html 

 Crimes against children at residential school: The truth about St. Anne's - The Fifth Estate https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ep7AW2K4Xww 


 F. Currency Exchange and Bond Redemption Information:

 Each country had their own 800# or website code for use of currency exchangers/ bond redeemers that would be sent out by email, or found on certain websites as below. Clicking on that web link on your computer or phone, would create your own unique signature to receive an exchange/ redemption appointment, along with exchange/ redemption information.

 Dinar Chronicles: http://www.dinarchronicles.com/tetelestai.html
 Dinar Recaps: https://www.dinarrecaps.com/our-blog
 MarkZ: https://www.twitch.tv/theoriginalmarkz
 MarkZ Twitter: m.twitter.com/originalmarkz
 Bruce: https://www.iqdcalls.com/The_Big_Call.html bigcalluniverse.com
 TNT Tony: https://twitter.com/the_tnt_team

 We were told that just an hour or so prior to liquidity release Wells Fargo and HSBC Banks would be sending out over 400,000 emails to currency and bond holders, along with instructions on how to exchange and redeem. That information would also be available on websites as above.

 Redemption Center Staff were told that upon liquidity release, they would be working 7 am to 11 pm for about 10-12 days. The Tier4b Internet Group (us) would have those 10-12 days to exchange at the higher Contract Rates, after which (predicted in mid-Feb.) the General Public could exchange at regular banks, receiving the new, but lower, International Rates of exchange. 

 At your exchange you could watch a 15 min. CD that would explain the exchange/redemption process before you began. If you held Zim expect to sign a 4 ½ page Non Disclosure Agreement. If you held both currencies and Zim expect that NDA to be 5 ½ pages. If you held currencies and no Zim, that NDA was expected to be around 1 ½ pages.

 G. Judy Note on Zim Bonds: It was my understanding that if you had Zim Bonds and a humanitarian project, your Zim rate would be determined from the costs of your project. It would be wise to type up a short outline of that project including your goals. Have an estimate of monies needed to accomplish those goals, the years you wished in your long term payout and your interim financial needs until your first quarterly payout was received.

 If you did not have a specific humanitarian project you would be given a certain set rate on your Zim and opportunities to invest redemption monies in international humanitarian projects. Either way you could determine the amount of years you wished for your long term payout and be paid interest on your monies left at the bank during that payout.