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TNT Tony & Ray Call for January 17, 2020



...The auctions are still a problem and must continue for now to maintain stability of the exchange rate. The daily currency auctions cannot end until the CBI accepts IMF Article VIII and begins floating the dinar.


It only cost Iraq $15 to extract oil out of the ground. Fifteen bucks for a barrel of oil and they're turning around selling it...around $65 a barrel...their deficit is under control...so we're looking good...


[via PDK]

This morning they [Redemption Centers] are on call…not fully staffed today... Folks I talked with are now looking at early next week. I know we are close...and every time we have a 3 day weekend we all wonder “is this it?” My banking contacts still say we are here…right on top of it…but they have notoriously been wrong. Do I think they deliberately give me bad information? I think they have been given wrong information many times…

[I think they (banks) smell...the frustration of people wanting to give up.]

I agree…they smell how close this is...

Mountain Goat

There is some good news this week. ...when the banks turn in the larger 3 zero notes they get a “credit” from the CBI. This means the CBI owes them the sum of the balance of what they just turned in...So, this week the CBI started issuing 50k and 100k notes to the banks to satisfy these credits. Folks this is...really fantastic news for us. If you remember the 50k notes were already issued way back in 2003 but were quickly recalled since they did not serve their purpose at that time. Next remember we have been told many times that these larger 3 zero notes will “coincide” with the smaller category notes. So, these 50k and 100k notes fit right into what the CBI has been telling us all along. The best part of this story is they are NOW doing it. WOW! Are they getting ready for something?

However, the banks could not circulate these 50k and 100k notes and they are meant only for “inter-banking” transactions ONLY. In other words, they do not go out to the general public and are ONLY to be used within the banks. Why would they need such large denominations? They need them now because they are getting ready for the “international Monetary Exchange” between countries. If they are going to shut off currency auctions and use strictly Iraqi dinar, they will need these much larger denominations.

...This is part of the overall monetary reform plan...No, we didn’t get our reinstatement yet but we did get this VERY good news this week. Things are still moving ahead and will continue until the day they pull the trigger.

Bruce (The Big Call)

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...we’re going to take you all the way to the end of this line...through the finish line – we know the finish is close...we’ve got a 3 day weekend coming up...We are probably going to start Tuesday with [800] numbers late morning and start of exchanges a couple hours later – that’s the scenario we’re hearing right now...Iraq is supposed to finally RV their currency Saturday and put their new rate in the gazette – FINALLY...we heard this a couple days ago that Saturday was supposed to be the day - that Iraq will do a full revaluation...I think we are really set to start...We’re in good shape...

BGG (Dinar Updates)

"The Central Bank of Iraq file … an employee reveals the hidden"

“White House sources assured her that the US administration has started investigations with senior influential employees of the Central Bank of Iraq after it became clear that pro-Iranian banks are trying to break US economic sanctions by smuggling the dollar to Iran and its allies in the region.”

Once the US gets serious about putting pressure on Iran through the CBI (of Iraq), it could well mean good news for us… with any luck at all. The end of the CBI currency auctions, which is the main door through which Iran transports US dollars into their economy, means the beginning of economic and currency reform in Iraq. This scenario may turn out to be the “Golden Unicorn” for us.

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Jan. 18, 2020

Judy Note: Intel has been cut off and none was expected to come in during the long Martin Luther King weekend that ended Tues. 21 Jan. – the same date of the Trump trial beginnings in the Senate and International Monetary Fund meetings in Davos about the pending Market Crash – that could trigger the RV. The Chinese Elders and a very few Military were the only ones to know the exact timing of when 800#s would come out and RV accounts would be made liquid.

1. Over the holidays: Mass Arrests began, and would vastly increase as the reset happened.

2. On Mon. 6 Jan: The Global Currency Reset began on Mon. 6 Jan. “Source” confirmed that everything started (although accounts were not yet made liquid) on Mon. morning 6 Jan. “Source” was an attorney, federal agent, Director of North American Treasury redemption and representative of the 27 Royal Chinese families. He was the one who gave the Use Order of Funds and paid redemption to all: the American Indians, Royalty, purchase foundations platforms, beneficiaries, etc. Keep your phones charged up and close at hand.” (Bowleraddict on MarkZ Tues. 7 Jan)

Admin Bill Call 5 Jan: (712) 775-7029 Code 535533 https://fccdl.in/z6QPXTPYxU (about 1:30 mark) Terry: “I’ve been in this for 13 years and recently been in touch with the five trustees for the five largest trusts on the planet. These five trustees were in unison that this was going down as of Mon. 6 Jan.

A test run on CMKX Package delivery also began on Mon. 6 Jan.

3. Wed. 15 Jan: Signing of the US-China Trade Deal appeared to have legitimized NESARA and the Gold Standard. A host of employees at the Central Bank of Iraq were arrested for trying to confiscate RV funds.

4. Mon. Jan. 20: would see Tier4a liquidity as per rumor at the new US Treasury in Reno. Zap claimed his funds were in a Trust Account that he would have use of on Mon. 20 Jan.

5. Tues. 21 Jan:

As the Trump impeachment trial began, the IMF meets in Davos Switzerland with President Trump, where they were expected to make major announcements. Christine Legarde, manager of the International Monetary Fund, warned financial managers not to publicly disclose “what they were about to do” at Davos. Their fiat US dollar system was not holding up, with a Stock Market panic predicted by Feb.

Tues. 21 Jan. was also the date that the Internet Group was rumored to begin their exchange/ redemption appointments.

6. bowleraddict: Many were saying that the 800's were coming out this weekend. Another Source said not for another 7-10 days. Treat as Rumor.

7. Mike Cottrell: No one knew the timing of when the Chinese Elders would allow Cottrell to put the codes into the system to make RV accounts liquid.

8. There would be 10-12 days to exchange at the Contract Rates.

9. The General Public was expected to begin their exchanges sometime in Feb. 2020.

10. Military intel contact has confirmed that many of the GESARA (World Court) required arrests would take place as T4 & T3 liquidity was being released.

11. Sealed Indictments: As of 31 Dec. 2019, a total of 144,844 sealed indictments had been filed in Federal courts across the nation, most of which contained charges of pedophilia and Child Exploitation. Of those, 16,818 were now unsealed (meaning indictments had been served, arrests made), with 1,843 served/ arrested during the holidays. The Sealed Federal Indictments: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kVQwX9l9HJ5F76x05ic_YnU_Z5yiVS96LbzAOP66EzA/edit?

12. Indictments/ arrests holding charges of Treason were under authority of the World Court and essential to complete in order for the US to be GESARA compliant. Dem Panic Grows Over Mysterious Sealed Criminal Indictments -- Sorcha Faal

A. Jan. 17 2020 Morning Chat with MarkZ: https://www.twitch.tv/theoriginalmarkz

1. MarkZ’s gut was telling him we were close; they were positive for it happening next week on the banking side from Zurich to Hong Kong, though through the years the banks have intentionally been mislead, while Redemption Centers remained on call.

2. Mike Cottrell:

The US Corp. goes back to the 1930s where they have been controlling the country. For instance, through their corporations they control the cost of electricity in California and the cost of electric cars.

The Gold Certificate was in Mike Cottrell’s name because of his thesis that exposed the fiat financial system.

In 1990 we were told that there were eight DVDs made public that showed a multitude of Congress people in compromising positions. That was the core of the Epstein scandal. He was paid by monies that came through Mossad.

From June-Dec. 2006 the 4.5 trillion the White House was trying to pay back Leo Wanta was in Mike Cottrell’s name, while the payment was stopped by Bush Sr.

In 2007 Interpol (working under the World Court) told Cottrell that the codes he put into the system would release the gold bullion.

In 2010 the Trustees of the Chinese families told Cottrell that Leo Wanta would never be paid because he had been working with Bush Sr.

In 2013 the Gold Treaty was ratified.

The value of the RV codes was determined in 2016; that value has not changed and would be put in the system by Mr. Cottrell.

The Chinese Families’ Gold bullion would be placed into the system to back the Global Currency Reset.

No one knew the timing of when the Chinese Elders would allow Cottrell to put the codes into the system to make RV accounts liquid.

Trump took himself out of the timing for release when he turned everything over to the Military last Oct. 2019.

The protocols have not changed in the release of the Gold Treaty. World Court authority has been changed to the Military for the arrests – which changed how the Admiral changed his protocol to paying the Military first. The Chinese would be paid out of Reno (where US gold bullion was held for the GCR). That the President had to be out of the country for the reset was because other presidents were complicit with the Cabal and needed to be arrested in-country. That was not the case with Trump.

B. Jan. 16 2020 9:13 pm EST Economic Optics, X22 Report: X22 Report -- Episode 2072: Economic Optics, It’s all about to Boomerang https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Otk9XVh-6GQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Bi2x84qcgg Phase 1 of the China trade deal has been signed – allowing 250 billion dollars to come back to the US. The Senate has passed the USMCA trade deal 89-10 and it was headed to the President. The transitional economy was taking shape. The Central Bank has admitted that they were the cause of the problem, that the Fed was causing the bubbles. The Dems have pushed their propaganda and it was falling apart, including the Parnas story. People were not buying what Mainstream Media and Dems were selling. The Judge has granted Flynn 30 days and it would be decided on the 27th. The DF have been countered. AI has been developed to detect the DF videos.

C. Jan. 17 2020 4:58 am EST Fed Will Crash US Stock Market: Jerome Powell Secretly Knows the Fed will Crash the US Stock Market “Money printing is an unsustainable form of stimulus and can no longer be prescribed like it was in 2008. It has not only created a bigger wealth gap between financial elites and the rest of the world, it has inflated a Stock Market Bubble that has exceeded any other in history. Unfortunately for the Fed, there’s no way to eject itself from the monstrosity it created in 2008 when it first unleashed Quantum Easing. For many investors, the Fed’s actions in 2019 were evidence of systemic failure in the financial system. Asset values won’t be able to maintain their trajectory for much longer in the face of slowing economic growth and dismal corporate earnings. Powell knew this back in 2012.”

F. 800#s – GCR Web Link Release:

Each country had their own 800# or website code for use of currency exchangers/ bond redeemers that would be sent out by email or found on certain websites below. Clicking on that web link on your computer or phone, would create your own unique signature to receive an exchange/ redemption appointment, along with information on how to exchange and redeem.

Dinares Gurus: http://dinaresgurus.blogspot.com/
Dinar Chronicles: http://www.dinarchronicles.com/tetelestai.html
Dinar Recaps: https://www.dinarrecaps.com/our-blog
MarkZ: https://www.twitch.tv/theoriginalmarkz MarkZ Twitter: m.twitter.com/originalmarkz
Bruce: https://www.iqdcalls.com/The_Big_Call.html bigcalluniverse.com
TNT Tony: https://twitter.com/the_tnt_team

Judy Note: It was my understanding that if you had Zim Bonds and a humanitarian project, it would be wise to type up a short outline of that project including your goals. Have an estimate of monies needed to accomplish those goals, the years you wished in your long term payout and your interim financial needs until your first quarterly payout was received.


Bruce's Big Call Replay Link -- Intel begins at 47:27
Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – It is Thursday, January 16th and you’re listening to The Big Call Thanks everybody for tuning in yet again – We’re happy that you’re here – We’re happy that you found us whether you’re listening live or whether you’re listening on the replay

– Welcome to The Big Call We are in our 9th year now doing this call and no. I didn’t think we would go quite this far, that’s for sure but we’re going to take you all the way to the end of this line – all the way to the tape – all the way through the finish line – we know the finish is close and we will get into that on the intel portion

Thank you Sue for that teaching – there was a lot in it – this is going to be a year of increase for us – major increase – the year of blessing and it’s a year of Jubilee – because we are going to see that Jubilee as part of the NESARA / GESARA for us – we’ve got some indications of that already that I can talk about in the intel segment -

There are a lot of things I’m going to try to bring out in this intel segment – I am going to try to do it chronologically - meaning, since our last call this and that has happened blah blah blah - I’ll try to do it that way tonight -

What we had Tuesday was pointing us to kinda of an any minute now - Wednesday

– Thursday opportunity for this – We came to find out that we did have 3 things that needed to be done before we got started - and we came to realize … this was yesterday (Wed) we found that out -

We were looking for something to pop yesterday or maybe today - and we got a lot of good information that was pointing towards it BUT what has happened is there were 3 things that we needed to have happen -- Now, all 3 of them have happened – Now, today (Tuesday) and they are …….

The first thing was to get the China Trade Deal officially signed – which happened yesterday – (Wednesday) around 12:20 – 12:30 Eastern time – which was a little late in the physical signing of it but it occurred ceremonially - Of course the agreement had been agreed upon and signed off in principal earlier – but this would be the “official” signing of it – that was done – that was one thing and that was a Huge –

HUGE accomplishment – that was phase 1 of the China Trade Deal The second thing was the USMCA - the Mexican / Canadian Trade Deal AGREEMENT –

That was signed off officially - voted through the senate and officially went through today (Thursday) So we had a China Trade Deal official yesterday

– USMCA Trade Deal effective today – and what was the 3rd thing????? The 3rd thing was that Russia made the decision and it went into effect yesterday to decentralize their government and they are letting some people go and some are going to be arrested and some are going to just be let go or fired or released of their duty – and I think they are going to decentralize their government to the outlying areas and cities and towns throughout their massive country –

I think they have 13 different time zones in Russia – at least 11 maybe 13 – so it’s quite large and you are going to see more power at the local level - That’s going to happen here in the U S as well – as we move forward in 2020 – you’re going to see a little decentralization of our government to an extent moving towards the states - so that was the 3rd thing that we needed to have happen

Now, china we believe that with that move that Russia made we believe that they are actually moving away from communism and moving toward a more democratic form of government – with elections and so on Our belief is, sources that I talk to, our belief is that the same type of thing will happen for China when the 2nd phase of the China Trade Deal is signed off – whenever that is -- could be months and months away but I know the President is anxious to get started on phase 2 of the China Trade Deal -
My understanding is you may see China get away from their particular type of communist centralized government and more toward a decentralized democratic form of government – Let’s fall hope so If anything is to be in our prayers – that is a huge scenario that we would love to see happen and we should be praying along those lines Ok, let’s keep going – so that’s where we are in position for this to move forward for us – but the other thing is – you know we have the tier 3 SKR’s

- that’s who has the SKR’s - being made liquid – they had received some emails but there are a number of tier 3 individuals, that were trying to gain the system and double dip -
By that I mean they had access to assets, bonds, currencies that they were holding back thinking they would have a second opportunity to come back in and possibly redeem or get transacted at a higher rate – really trying to gain the system – that slowed us down from what I understand about 4 days –

So thanks a lot tier 3’s !! Now they are moving through from what my understanding is with emails that did go out – we had 2 rounds of emails that went out yesterday evening (Wednesday) one between 5-6 PM and one between 7-8 PM but was primarily tier 3’s Now, is there any liquidity?

There is some liquidity out there, yes – some of these tier 3’s have received 2%of liquidity – My understanding is that the tier 4A’s will be notified next –

they have not been that I can see yet – not that I can testify to but I believe they will be notified tonight / overnight and tomorrow to let them know that yes they have funds in their account – here are the coordinates - and then you know, they will be able to go in and access those funds – we think they will access to them possibly Saturday or even Sunday – and I know it doesn’t make sense on a Sunday but Saturday or Sunday –

So the information we had was close – it was sort of accurate but it wasn’t quite what we have right now in terms of the timing So now we’ve learned that when we have something new like this – we just have to put it in position and change the piece out of the puzzle and put the new piece in - and that’s where we are –

When it comes to us tier 4B or the so called internet group , our group will be notified – but I’ve got to tell you this – we’ve got a 3 day weekend coming up – remember the old 3 day weekend scenario - remember 2 things – 1– Monday is Martin Luther King Day - we should all celebrate that day – banks will be closed and so for that reason I really believe we are being steered to a Tuesday start and I know everybody’s looking up and rolling their eyes - and “here we go”

I know it - I feel the same way – I felt the same way – wait a minute – are we going to burn Thursday – Friday – Saturday & Sunday?

Not really, completely and I’ll tell you why We are probably going to start Tuesday with numbers late morning and start of exchanges a couple hours later – that’s the scenario we’re hearing right now – Now, what else is happening? Saturday, should be alright with us – but here’s why - Iraq is supposed to finally RV their currency Saturday and put their new rate in the gazette – FINALLY.

I know we’ve said that several times before – we’ve looked for it – we said Wednesday or Saturday - Wednesday or Saturday - we heard this a couple days ago that Saturday was supposed to be the day - that Iraq will do a full revaluation and I will tell you why -

We heard very specifically 37 hours from 3:15 this afternoon we would look for Iraq to RV their currency that would be about 4:15 in the morning our time Eastern on Saturday so I believe since with the time difference they will RV their currency – could be Friday night which is tomorrow night and it may make it into the gazette as we expect on Saturday which comes out on first morning prayer

- I’m calling it sometime between 5-6 am time frame Now, that’s great good for Iraq -- they need to do it – they need to be there and by the way we don’t go in to the rates on the call any more but I will say we do expect – we did tell you that the forex rates changed a couple days ago in the morning and they will probably update again – but the rates we get as tier 4B the internet group are privately negotiable rates on Dinar, Dong. Zim and maybe some of the others - but China wanted it that way

– they set it up that way - we would be the only group that can actually negotiate our rates ok – Now, that is supposed to allow us to have significantly higher rates than the so called front screen of the Dinar, Dong and so on so be aware of that -

I don’t know what they are yet because we have had ranges and ideas of where they are but we don’t know and won’t know but those should come up actually on Sunday evening before the Chinese markets open on their Monday morning - but remember our banks will be closed and our markets will probably be closed - China, the far east, Hong Kong all of that will be open as well as Zurich ,London, etc-

That’s really the layout of what’s happening there – now the other thing that is also happening around the same time in that 3:15 – 4:15 am Saturday is we have a trust that’s part of the united states Treasury let’s call it US Trust that will be funneling funds out to the various member tier 1 and tier 2 banks over the weekend so the money that is going to be coming from the trust in the Treasury is going out to these banks to be ready for our start which we predict right now will be Tuesday So, what else is going on?

Don’t forget the G8 meeting in Switzerland and President Trump will be going I believe it starts Tuesday – that’s another thing that is going to start on Tuesday – I believe the President will tweet from there with results – let’s look what could be announced out of that meeting - We could have a discussion about gold backed currencies – asset backed currencies – we could have a GCR announcement – we could have a NESARA / GESARA announcement – possible discussion about a tax jubilee - or debt jubilee - whatever it looks like could be announced – I’m looking for some major things on a global scale that would be announced out of Switzerland The President will I’m sure talk briefly about the China Trade Deal – the USMCA - who knows – he could go into a lot of different things but it’s a perfect stage to bring out the idea of a new gold back dollar which we call the USN / USTN – united states treasury note - we know it’s primarily gold backed – we have other assets to back it – By the way as a result of what happened today with the USMCA passed and announced when that occurs all of our banks become Basel 5 compliant that’s big

– I don’t know that would be something announced but it’s certainly big for u s – it means that all of the assets that we have as accounts in the bank are mirrored by the same amount of assets held by the bank and that takes us to Basel 5 – pretty good to get there - and that’s what we’re going to have – really effectively I’d say it’s now – whether that will come out from Switzerland obviously it will come out privately but it may not come out publicly -

but we will see So we’ve got a lot going on behind the scenes between now and the weekend and Monday is the holiday they are going to be doing things ready putting those / wiring those funds to the banks for our start Tuesday and their going to be using the weekend and Monday to do it

– I think we are really set to start Now in so doing that should give us another 4-5 days for you to get completely prepared Well, that’s pretty much the bulk of what I wanted to bring to you tonight - We’re in good shape – yes we did get pushed off a little further –

thanks to the tier 3 shenanigans but they got all of that handled – everything’s cool – everything we understand is handled that needed to be to get started

– now it’s just a matter of whatever I told you previously to get that integrated into our session so we can get started I want to thank everybody for listening again tonight on this could be our very last call – we’ll see – keep the faith –


Dinar Updates - Dinar News Blog 

BGG ~ Once the US gets serious about putting pressure on Iran through the CBI (of Iraq), it could well mean good news for us… with any luck at all.

The end of the CBI currency auctions, which is the main door through which Iran transports US dollars into their economy, means the beginning of economic and currency reform in Iraq. This scenario may turn out to be the “Golden Unicorn” for us.

The Central Bank of Iraq file … an employee reveals the hidden:

The Central Bank of Iraq file ... employee reveals the hidden Baghdad / National News Center – An employee at the Central Bank of Iraq revealed to the station that the named Hassan Nasser Jaafar al-Lami is Qasim Soleimani the financial in Iraq, and one of the main officials in financing Iran and Hezbollah in foreign currency, and that he entered Lebanon on the sixth of last December.

According to press sources, “On last December 2, an Arab satellite channel received a call from Baghdad from an Iraqi woman saying that she works in the Central Bank of Iraq and in possession of evidence condemning Iraqi figures who illegally withdrew dollars from the aforementioned bank before escaping abroad to finance groups linked to Iran Classified as a terrorist organization in the United States, including Hezbollah and even ISIS groups.

And after “multiple contacts with the woman and checking the documents and her identity, a team from the satellite channel met in one of the neighboring countries to preserve the confidentiality of the meeting and preserve us for her security.”

The lady indicated that “the corruption that occurred previously, present, and independently was caused by the governor of the Central Bank, Ali Al-Alaq, who has withdrawn powers,” noting that “there are two general managers who have full powers. ”

And she continued that “there are three heads of corruption in the central bank who consider Iran’s arms in Iraq to control the central bank, the first of which is Hamad Al-Musawi, the owner of Al Hoda Bank, Ali Ghulam, the owner of the Bank of the Middle East, and Hassan Nasser Jaafar al-Lami, the owner of the Bank of Iraq and across Iraq.”

The sources pointed out that “the Iraqi lady said that the Federal Bank in New York asked the Iraqi Central Bank to prevent Hassan Nasser and the owners of other banks from selling foreign work, specifically the dollar, because of charges against them such as money laundering and the smuggling of dollars for terrorist purposes.”

And she continued, “Hassan Nasser Jaafar Al-Lami has this Noor Bank of Iraq and across Iraq, this is a dangerous man and he has a strong ability to sell dollars and foreign work abroad, confirming that he is one of the ISIS financiers.”

She pointed out that “White House sources assured her that the US administration has started investigations with senior influential employees of the Central Bank of Iraq after it became clear that pro-Iranian banks are trying to break US economic sanctions by smuggling the dollar to Iran and its allies in the region.”

She added that “Al-Lami hid all the documents in the bank and forged them,” noting that she “got the real documents by helping employees inside the bank.”

She noted that Al-Lami “came to Lebanon during this month and met Hezbollah to negotiate how to fund them from Iraqi money.”

Nnciraq.com   https://nnciraq.com/21646/amp/