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I spoke with my Iraqi contact who works within the Iraqi government…I asked him…could Iraq be transitioning to a different fiscal period from April through March?  …He could not give me an answer either way…the next question I asked him was, their ‘when do you think Iraq might be completing 2020 budget’ and he said they’re gonna probably get to it a little bit later this year.  They’re just busy. They have a lot going on. He said they probably won’t be completing the 2020 budget until the month of May…that raised a red flag with me. Here’s what that might mean…there’s a good chance that the Iraqi Government might not even start the voting process on the budget until after the rate changes which means they might not even start the budget until the month of April.



Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – It is Tuesday Jan 14th  and  you are tuned in and listening to The Big Call – From wherever you are listening all over the globe we welcome you and thank you for coming in – I hope the lines are clearing up for people to get in the call  – We did have an issue where a lot of people were getting busy signals – if you did and you are listening by replay now – there was nothing we could do to help  that - that’s just what happens – so maybe everybody that’s coming in listening live is able to get in and we’ll do this call the best we can – and hopefully everybody will catch it live or on Memorex

It’s a couple minutes before the top of the hour – lets go right to the intel -  I am sounding like this could be a wrap up call because it could be --  we never really know until the moment the blessing arrives but it feels like it could be our last call --  we’ll see –

Now, I know many of you are going ohhhhhhhh and some of you are rolling your eyes like ohhh???  Ha Ha Ha Ha (Bruce laughing)  - You know it’s cool because we do get information every day sometimes it’s good sometimes it’s not so good – The information we got through the weekend was very positive we have fairly early on that we were looking at Tuesday Wednesday – I’m just going to tell  you  where we are right now and why –

 It seems like most importantly the Chinese Trade Deal with the United States which is Phase 1 of that is to be formerly signed off tomorrow (Wednesday 15th) now it’s more, I believe we already had it completed but it will be ceremoniously signed off tomorrow

This morning on Barney & Company on Fox Business – Stewart Barney said it will be during his 11 o’clock hour ok I heard it would be sometime tomorrow morning -  ok – then later in the show he said it’s actually going to be at 11:30 – That is eastern Standard Time  and I thought ok  11:30 – good  - and I thought well how long does it take for that signing to take place and I was given an estimate of 7-8 minutes - ok --  that’s good –

So I’m going to be looking really close for a live coverage on FOX or Fox Business – I bet it will be on both at around 11:30  - Now, we’ll see if it’s on time or not on time but I think the President is going to do this signing tomorrow – now you ask, what difference does all of this make??

Because, even on an interview tonight before The Big Call that was recorded but it was with  Lou Dobbs and Steven Mnuchin – our Treasury Secretary - Mnuchin said that there was a chapter in  the China Trade Agreement – One chapter that dealt with currencies -  and foreign uh and currencies  -

In other words currencies so as to stem a manipulation – a currency manipulation which China has been doing for a long time – and this is a chapter I thought – well, we know there are some things in that agreement that deal with our currencies  - okay -  I thought it was interesting that he brought that up in the interview

So, what I’m saying is; When President Trump puts his presidential signature and seal to this agreement tomorrow that in effect is locking in everything for us to move forward into our redemption period

Now, what I’ve been told from several sources is, shortly after the signature takes place, the signing ceremony takes place  - I believe will be in the Oval Office in the White House tomorrow morning we could very well get notified – I’m going to say shortly thereafter –

It doesn’t necessarily mean within minutes – it could be – but it could take a little time for that to get activated but we do believe that we are on track for this to go for us tier 4B starting tomorrow – Let’s just leave it open

Now, I have been told that if we do get notified with emails and it’s emails that are already loaded – toll free number to me -  is already loaded – ready for dispersal -  and the emails coming from the Wells Fargo servers will have the toll free number in them -  as well as the number that comes to me will come by phone – and then we will put it out like I said on Big Call Universe.com  and we will also be doing our own mailing from that site with the number

Now, that is supposed to happen at the same time – and without calling it ….. that is as close as I can predict  the possibility of the timing of this going for tier 4B – Us, the internet group - Tier 5 which is the public at large (Joe Public)  may not start till February sometime –

We’ve got 10-12 days to do our exchanges at the redemption centers – From whatever date we start – which could very well tomorrow (Wednesday) So we could take this thing close to the end of the month with our exchanges and redemption of our Zim -- and then they will reset screen rates and so on for the public after the redemption centers are closed –

The public will not use an 800 number that is put out online - they will simply get in touch with a tier 1 or tier 2 bank when they find out about this and they will go in with or without an appointment

Now,  we look for tomorrow to quite possibly be the start of a lot of things – We could get a NESARA announcement – A GESARA announcement – We could get some reference to restoring to the Restored Republic – At some point they are going to have to tell us about the new Gold backed currency – it may not be tomorrow – it could be tomorrow – at some point they’re going to let us know at least a day ahead of when we can get the new USN or USTN Treasury notes  at the banks - being in the tellers drawers at the banks – ready to disperse  to the public

I don’t know when that’s going to be – it may not be until the public starts – so it may not be until February – it doesn’t matter – the money that we get – even at the redemption centers in USD – I told you before it will be in 2,000 – 3,000 – 4,000 – 5,000 and 6,000  bundles – so you make some version of that –

A combination of bills and you’ll get up to $14,000 in cash – if you wish – you don’t have to take it – you can take a nickel - because you are going to have Debit & Credit cards  at the time of the redemption  that can and will be loaded with a pretty nice amount of cash – at least up to 200,000 – 300,000 400,000  500,000 – that will get some of your spending out of the way -

So, you be the judge if you feel comfortable - and I surely wouldn’t take cash and go right to the store after you come from the redemption center - this is something that you would maybe want to keep a little on your person but not that kind of money you want to keep in a safe place –

I told you the last time about the titanium card that you would have – the bio metric reader you would use when you went into your private bank situation and your password you would have to have and obviously you would write that down somewhere – keep that and the titanium card in a very safe place – NOT in a safe deposit box at the bank though – you want to keep it in a really safe place at home – or at the office – whichever is safer

Now, when it comes to what else is happening,  we know that the tier 4A’s have been in process for – over the weekend let’s say -  Saturday – Sunday and today and yesterday --  They are still not complete as far as I can tell  - They are getting a percentage – a 2% of their actual totals – then 2 days later they’re supposed to get – 48 hrs later they are supposed to get 20% of their total – That’s group 4A – that’s Admiral’s groups and Inner Core all of that – Core 30  and the 120 groups and others are supposed to be getting access –

It’s very hush hush - they are all under NDA’s -  and they want to stay that way – but I believe they will be made, most of them if not all; will be made liquid overnight tonight with access to funds tomorrow (Wednesday)

Now that’s from a paymaster – we’ll see if it’s true – we’ll see if that’s what happens – I think it makes sense if tier 4A gets access to funds while we’re going in for our redemption appointments – if that’s how it comes together – if that’s how it works out

Beyond that guys there’s not a whole lot else except rates are finalizing – and we already had the forex updated at 3 AM this morning  - and we’re looking for the Dong & Dinar rates to come in with where they’re going to be  between 3 and 6 in the morning tomorrow – Eastern Standard Time – So that should occur and everything should be set before the China Trade Deal is signed approximately  11:30 tomorrow Eastern Standard Time –That is the kick-off  for everything that we have been waiting for

So let’s all pray through the night tonight that this is “IT” and we get that result – We have the RV / GCR in our spirit – all we’re looking for now is the manifestation  of it which we believe could very well be tomorrow

Now, with that being said; I want to thank everybody for listening to us on The Big Call for now we are in our 9th year – thank you for that  thank you for making a difference -

 Bruce’s Big Call Replay LINK   intel begins at 52:20 min mark

WiserNow Note:  I know how to spell – if I am unsure I look it up –  I don’t claim to be perfect or a genius  and with transcribing from an audio all I have to go on is a voice – I had never heard of that particular trust and I listened and re-listened to that portion at least a dozen times - I could not get “Rod” sound but “Re” sound - so I typed out what I heard and put the ??? to note my uncertainty –  

It is very sad that some folks only know how to or “choose”  to criticize and complain instead of   contributing  something positive themselves or seeing the good in what others do – especially at no cost to them - Someone else, anyone else is welcome to take over the job –  

I am not perfect and can even overlook typo’s  - I do my best but maybe this person can do better -- I challenge anyone to the task - it is not hard or difficult to do but very time consuming and tedious 

I have not thought of getting in touch with Bruce for an edit of my work - and the timing to do so may not work with his schedule or mine;  so again – I am doing the best I can –  and without pay from Bruce or his site – It was my decision to make this contribution to the Dinar Community

The line in question (shown below) starts at 1:13:15 on the recording and you can listen if you want – the thing is, if you know already what he is going to say you are likely to hear & understand what he says and hear it differently than if you had no idea – as it was with me – If you listen closely you will notice that he kinda clears his throat and says the word repeating the first part - anyway I am sorry for getting it wrong –

Bruce Notes Thurs..person transcribing did know how to spell Rodriguez Trust as in below (regrettus trust ????)???  Thurs: Jan 9th Bruce from Big Call notes ..

The next part is we have major funds moving into place from both the (regrettus trust ????)??? and the Saint Germain trust – these could be used for some NESARA funding as you guys know or should know we are looking at some major debt jubilee coming up for us here not only in the united states but around the world – that would be under GESARA –  

Revealing Iraqi Dinar Study to Delete Zeros



MarkZ Wednesday Update- Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

MZ:  Big expectant day today…..China Trade deal signing today……All eyes and sources are fixed on this afternoon for things to break loose. . My sources say the public signing is necessary for the reset release. 

MZ: The ministry groups who were rumored to go yesterday did not go yet…….. no package deliveries yet…

MZ: At redemption Centers – they are fully staffed again today….. going on week number 2 for full staffing  …..they are very expectant this week .

MZ: I really feel we are in a fantastic spot today.   I really hope we have a second stream today with that golden egg. 

Member:  Intel regarding Reno its "dark", nothing in or out...

Member:  Watch for things to move for us AFTER China trade deal signing.

Member:  Big Call is saying 11:30 AM

Member:  Bruce said RV is today after Trump signs trade deal with China at 11:30 today.

Member:  This information/disinformation is necessary to keep the cabal running in circles…..

MZ: If Bruce or anyone was given information that was inaccurate…….we all get fed bad info ….just think all of us are trying to read between the lines to find out intel…well the bad guys also try to read between the lines….so yes I think we are sometimes given bad info to keep the cabal guessing. 

Member:  The most notorious China off the currency manipulator list?  Q3393 Gold to destroy the Fed? Think China Deal includes level trade playing field via the digital Gold Quantum Financial System? QFS

Member:  China is the intn'l trade behemoth. Once China is on Gold QFS, Along with Iraq & Vietnam & soon UK...All other nations will have to follow suit or become crushed financially/economically

MZ: Iran is leading the news today………may have been 2 missiles that hit the Ukraine plane within 30 seconds of each other…so it wasn’t an accident.     and many reporters and government people resigning and leaving……

Q:  Is anyone asking WHO was on the Jet Iran shot down???

Member:  I bet the people on that flight were head honchos

Member:  Don't misunderstand, Iran is not Deep State; they are just the puppets being used by the Deep State that plays on their egos meaning they want superpower status, especially over all the Middle East.

Member:  Iran citizen loves Trump more than our leftist liberals do. The media wont tell us this

Member:  Have you all ever heard the saying "Success & prosperity is the greatest form of revenge!" REVENGE agaist the deep state cabal.

Member:  Mark I went through the exchange process two years ago and I had an appointment they put my currency out on the table at Chase Bank that I did not accept the rate.. this is real they told come back

MZ: A really good Greg Hunter video this morning…….all about the Repo market…….. the Fed is plugging in obscene amounts of money…the best Greg Hunter video I have ever seen. 

Fed Repo Market Warning of Dire Financial Risks Greg Hunter    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GsyvGtaAvUY&feature=youtu.be 

MZ: Be sure to watch this video…it shows how deep the deep state is ….JFK to 911


MZ: I really do believe we are this close to the reset…….Hope I have to come back tonight with big news…….

Sam Oliver Dee’s economics https://t.me/joinchat/JrH1jk23r6dq3Mt...



Mod:  THANK YOU, SNAKE, PLANNING QUESTIONNAIRE: https://www.mmbb.org/docs/FinancialPlanningQuestionnaire.pdf 

Your straw man (Strawman) is an artificial person http://freedom-school.com/aware/your-straw-man-is-an-artificial-person.html

MZ: Video on PP’s and Farm claims: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAL0exvL45Y 

Mod:  Dr Shabibi answering questions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ol8wve53-ME

MZ: Watch the Video “The end of the road” by Monkey films on Amazon Prime….End of the Road: https://tubitv.com/movies/451883/end_of_the_road

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The much talked about 35 billion of Iraq's money held in the USA and the subject of a recent tweet by President Trump is likely the Development Fund for Iraq (DFI) in Federal Bank’s New York branch. These are dollars from the sale of Iraqi oil, IMO.

Frank26 (KTFA)

...the CBI has no problems with the protesting. The CBI has no problems with the Iranian influence because the CBI is well protected. The CBI has supercomputers. The CBI has the new small category notes. The CBI has the new rate...all of this is IMO. So what does the CBI have to worry about? Nothing. So they go about their business and what they are doing is revealing their business. The latest thing they did was told the banks of Iraq...we are going to retrieve what you collected from the streets. The three zeros [notes]. 

...the Central Bank of Iraq is opening up 4 accounts with federal banks in the US...in order to expedite the deals done with China. Lord God Almighty how big must these accounts be? Those are 4 big giant platforms being used...these accounts were made for one thing. China deal...Iraq is about to explode big time...


...everything is looking really good. Iraq just keeps showing us with more additional news frequently that they've got to get that rate changed. Everything looks good for us. We're on the right track. A little more time needed of course. You guys know that the number one thing that I personally feel we're waiting on from facts is just the 2020 budget. They'll probably only need about two months to get the budget done and approved...they're hiding it from us. They don't want us to see it because it's a very important key piece to the puzzle. IMO it's the last piece of the puzzle right now. Let's see what happens...

"Al-Suri: closing the US Federal Account for Iraq means the country's total collapse"

...this article confirms that the oil revenue account is in the Federal Reserve Bank in New York...the US government has control over Iraq's wealth. There it is right there. Boom...this confirms Iraq's oil money is in the hands of the US government and we control it because of all the corruption they've had over the years... 


Almost every source I have is looking at big things happening right after the China Trade deal is signed tomorrow…I am trying to manage my expectations…but sources are sure excited...In Iraq, we are told that they are expecting to have a new published rate by Saturday morning.

[Hearing any news on rates lately?]

I am hearing the contract rate on the dinar could be as high as $8…street rate in the high $3’s or low $4’s possibly…I hear that contract rate could be as high as $2+ on the Dong with a .47 street rate which could float up to $2+… Tomorrow looks like will be a big day

Mountain Goat

Article quote:
"Iraqi politician and former Nineveh governor, Atheel al-Nujaifi, indicated on Sunday that SAVING IRAQ FROM ECONOMIC SANCTIONS is the people's first demand."

...Iraq really does not want to go down this road of sanctions again. They have experienced this before and it is not good. Of course the pro-Iranian politicians don’t give a shit and would allow this to occur. This would be feeding right into what they want for Iraq. They do not want Iraq to prosper. They want to continue the currency auctions indefinitely and this is why it is so hard to stop them. Once this Iranian power hold is gone we will see the reinstatement occur very quickly. It is now happening.

Francis Albert

I believe that the way this is structured, and only an opinion...Your Dinar, actual paper, will be presented to a bank who deals in International currencies, and they will exchange Dollars, (digital), to your account. Banks create these dollars on a computer. This is where the bulk of the "money" will come from. All currencies are debt instruments, all of them. And being a debt instrument, banks, and of course the FED that they own, monetize debt instruments...creating digital dollars on a computer and exchanging for the note in question: i.e. mortgage, care loan, credit card, and currencies. These actual notes then, IMO, will end up at US Treasury, via the FED, who takes a cut, of course..and then UST will eventually exchange the Dinar to Iraq until the end of time for oil. And this, IMO, is the process Bush43 was talking about when he says, "iraq will pay for the war..."



...the CBI has no problems with the protesting.  The CBI has no problems with the Iranian influence because the CBI is well protected.  The CBI has supercomputers.  The CBI has the new small category notes.  The CBI has the new rate...all of this is IMO.  So what does the CBI have to worry about?  Nothing.  So they go about their business and what they are doing is revealing their business. The latest thing they did was told the banks of Iraq...we are going to retrieve what you collected from the streets.  The three zeros [notes]

...the Central Bank of Iraq is opening up 4 accounts with federal banks in the US...in order to expedite the deals done with China.  Lord God Almighty how big must these accounts be?  Those are 4 big giant platforms being used...these accounts were made for one thing.  China deal...Iraq is about to explode big time...

1-14-2020. STOP USD ......STOP AUCTIONS


Frank26:  1-14-2020. STOP USD ......STOP AUCTIONS

This video is in Franks opinion only
From Eddie (Firefly77)  Sunday 2:19 in the afternoon , They are telling us on TV that The International Management law that was passed is a tool to be used when the rate is changed….relating to International Standards.

F26: Wow. Let that sink in……the International Management law that was passed yesterday (amended) It was passed a while ago and the caretaker Govt. can only amend it….but they are telling the Iraqi citizens on TV that this law is a tool that will be used when the rate is changed!!!  WHEN THE RATE IS CHANGED!!!!  Relating to international standards!! 
F26: In order for it to meet international standards it must be under article 8…….seriosly that is awesome.  

F26:  From FF77:  4:07 pm..Mr. Frank we see on our TV the secretary of the supreme council in iran is going to resign ….they are resigning over not shutting down all flights when the missiles were being shot.

F26: I said yesterday that within 48 hours you would see some resignations coming from Iran . this is the actions of desperate human beings….When they resign they have no more immunity through their government,. I told you yesterday they were going to find a scapegoat..
Please listen to the replay for the full report…