Friday, July 17, 2020


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1. On Tues. 14 July 23 arrests took place within the US Treasury and the Federal Reserve.

2. The new Blockchain technology for transition to the QFS system was not working right. That was to have been repaired by 4 am this morning. We think that has now been taken care of.

3. Today Thurs. 16 July on the Iraqi Stock Exchange the Dinar was being traded and will be again tomorrow Fri. 17 July. Then it will be held until Sat. when Iraq would have it’s new rate. The new Dinar rate should be on the Forex by Sun. night 19 July.

4. Iran, Lebanon and Venezuela were still on the SWIFT system. They will be on the QFS system by Sun. night 19 July.

5. It could go anywhere from 2:30 am Fri. 17 July to Tues. 21 July.

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