Wednesday, July 15, 2020


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Under the present US tax system the exchange of currencies and redemption of Zim Bonds were tax free events, while interest income was taxable.

We had good confirmations that it would happen today Tues. 14 July for notifications, but had a 14 hour delay due to a particular banker and people trying to siphon funds. The situation was taken care of.

Some people have been called by banks to set appointments for tomorrow Wed. 15 July.

All of the funds to make exchanges and Zim redemption were in place.

It appeared that tomorrow morning Wed. 15 July was our likely time to be notified and to have appointments with a Shotgun Start.

The new rates were all very good and at the Redemption Centers Tier 4b would be offered a very good rate on Zim long term payouts.

We could exchange at Contract Rates until Fri. 31 July.

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