Thursday, July 9, 2020


Pimpy  There's a major major announcement that happened today...What is going onA message from the EU that takes us one step closer to what I was talking about.  I do believe when Al-Kazemi comes over here I'm hoping we're gonna see a push by Trump to recognize the sovereignty of Iraq...look at this message - Article: 

"The Anti-Money Laundering Office issues a statement on the European decision:  Iraq will be removed from the list of high-risk countries soon". 

This is great.  This means you start removing restrictions off of Iraq and start recognizing them on the International scene.  This is big news. 

I have a feeling they are waiting for this announcement.  What announcement

...I think we're waiting for the big dog himself to come out.  Our president Trump to come out and make this announcement that hey we need the international community to once again recognize the sovereignty of Iraq.  I believe that is coming as long as they continue to do what they're doing right now...this is super huge news.

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