Friday, July 24, 2020


Judy Note: Wed 22 July at midnight EDT they released the Global System Reset and were deciding when to release the Global Collateral Accounts.

On that Wed. 22 July Fleming was told we would be notified by Thurs. 23 July, while Bruce said it would be within the next four days. There was some talk about getting this out by Fri. afternoon 24 July, or it could be early next week. No one knew the exact date.

On Thurs. 23 July three super large tranches of funds were being paid out to the global collateral accounts to pay out groups, Tier 4b, bonds, etc. Money was moving in Reno (at the new US Treasury), Zurich, Hong Kong, Miami, London. The bonds were being paid out.

All Redemption Center staff and bankers remained on High Alert, having been told to plan on working over the weekend.

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