Thursday, July 2, 2020


Judy Note: According to the US Treasury release of Secured Websites (and thus 800#s) could happen at any moment over the next six days, or by Mon. 6 July, while the Chinese Elders have made it clear that if the US did not release the Secured Websites by 9 am EDT Thurs. 2 July they would finish the Global Currency Reset without the US. If that happened, currency holders could exchange, though Zim holders were at risk of not being able to redeem.

On 30 June at 11 pm EDT the new currency rates were locked in and then everything went dead because of a US servers crash – that appeared to be an inside job. As of Wed. 1 July around 3 pm EDT the servers were still down.

If you wanted the Contract Rates on your currency exchange you must make your appointment within the first seven days after the Secured Websites came out. If Zim redeemed they would like your appointment within the next four days. We would have 30 days to exchange at the Contract Rates. It was believed the general public would begin exchanges at the new international rates around mid-July.

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