Saturday, July 11, 2020



Redemption Centers were still on call and ready with CDC required masks and gloves and 50 other CDC Covid-19 measures in place to start exchanges any time through this weekend.

He confirmed Snake's London and HK bankers info that Tier 4b start would be between now and before or by next Wed. 15 July.

Decisions were made by POTUS, the Department of Defense and RV teams to allow exchanges to happen in Canada (and the rest of the world) over the past week because:

(1) The RV rates would be higher for Tier 4b when started in this country.

(2) To discourage USA-Canada cross-border security risks to currency holders that would try to cross to exchange.

(3) For DoD security teams to finish resolving pandemic shutdown interference to starting Tier 4b redemptions from the nine Deep State Democrat governors in CA, NY, MI, VA and five other Democrat Deep State controlled states. Security teams were resolving this now for currency holders to start exchanging safely and freely.

Banking and Redemption Center sources were saying, "Even though we have seen delay after delay I pray you are noticing we are in fact moving forward, all the Exchange Centers that my banker is responsible for in five states will be fully staffed thru this next weekend of Sat-Sun 11, 12 July.

He said “IF AND IT'S A BIG IF they make us wait till next Mon-Tue 7/13-14, please hang in there, get another block of ice and rest if you can. Remember Mr. Fleming and our guy and other Intel providers are not the decision makers, but are just reporting what their current info.”

Our guy said he was just as exhausted and frustrated as we all were in Tiers 3-4a,b.

A source reported, "Just learned that someone just got back from Canada and she exchanged her Dinar and could not transfer it out of Canada. She got over $6. The banker told [her] that they are exchanging everywhere else in the world but the US."

American citizens are not being allowed to exchange in Canada.

The UST & the banks are signaling a hard finish date of Sat. 1 Aug. to this incessant pushing off of the start week after week.

There were no more extended allowance funds for the paymasters' rent costs for the month of August – the allowance that the Paymasters have received every month till now for them to be ready for the start by their assigned banks. The lease agreements will not be renewed for August 2020. This was the best news ever that this would be over in this month of July.

This clearly shows the schedule of Judy Shelton, UST, & the banks firmly indicated that all Paymasters will have done their jobs and will have gone home before Sat. 1 Aug.

He said that we have less than three weeks left and this week-to-week madness would finally be ending. Thank God! He said prayers were going up for all to endure to the end of this gauntlet.

The Paris Treaty legal link that required the US to lay down arms was not a hurdle.

He declined to comment on TDA accounts and the next wave of stimulus payments coming out to American citizens at the same time that exchanges were starting.

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