Thursday, July 23, 2020


A. July 22 2020 6:43 pm EDT Fleming’s Military Intel Contact:

1.They were taking the (Senate) hearings seriously.

2. Audits on the reset were very real as the Cabal has tried to hack and steal funds daily.

3. The latest was that the audits passed as of around 4 pm today Wed. 22 July and things were moving forward.

4. It’s about to happen.

B. July 22 2020 7:03 am EDT Fleming’s Military Intel Report:

1.The release on Tues. 21 July was for a start in 24-48 hours forward.

2. They were pushing to roll it out now:"Final audits started on Mon. 20 July which included financial, staffing, security, etc. It looks like their pushing to roll it out. Let’s see!

3. Wealth Manager: “Back on High Alert! Let’s pray this is it. They only need to be right once."

4. Audits were done on Mon. 20 July and the Tues. 21 July release was given when the Quantum Financial System completely replaced SWIFT after the last holdouts – North Korea, Iran, Lebanon, and Venezuela – got on the QFS fully. This effectively caused the USN to come online globally to be ready for payouts and exchanges.

5. On Mon. 20 July there were 27 members of the US Treasury arrested and Paymaster fund accounts hacking was dealt with, which has permanently prevented the Deep State hackers from stopping this release.

6. On Tues. 21 July Redemption Center staff was called in from Salt Lake, to Reno, to Texas.

7. Keep praying this in as it looks like THIS IS IT and the Deep State politician & bureaucrat shills CANNOT HOLD IT BACK FOREVER!

C. July 22 2020 7:40 am EDT Fleming Statement:

For those people who believe that my Military Intel Contact gave us bad information, they are very wrong. It was reported that Judy Shelton was arrested after she was escorted out on the Monday meeting because she was throwing fits of anger, yelling, etc. She was barred from returning to the meeting. Judy Shelton and 26 other people from the Treasury were arrested. There are hundreds, thousands of people every year that get arrested and then let go without being charged and that is the case here. She may have been part of a Sting Operation to get the other 26 people. That Monday was also the day that the information concerning the release of the RV was to be the next day and the information concerning that was leaked to the Dark Web. So the information we got from our sources confirmed that she was arrested. It is not unusual for someone to get arrested and then let go without being charged.

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