Saturday, July 18, 2020


July 17 2020 8:45 pm EDT Fleming Military Intel Update:

According to the FBI since Mon.13 July, there have been 26 high officials in the US Treasury and 18 Federal Reserve people arrested besides Judy Shelton for interfering with release of the GCR. The Safe Link Websites didn't work because two lines of code were taken out and not encrypted. Now there were six layers of encryption.

Yesterday Thurs. 16 July Trump told Pence to get this going now. The websites had to come out for use of Tier 4b by 12 midnight Pacific Fri. 17 July (3 am EDT Sat. 18 July).

On Fri. 17 July the Chinese Ambassador was demoted and going back to Beijing.

On July 29 the Chinese Elders would leave the US for China. After July 29 you would not be able to redeem Zim. August 1st -14th they would be turning in all Zim. (It would be collected in two stages. August 1-7 was stage one and August 8-14 was stage two).

 Fri. 17 July 7:58 am Fleming Military Intel Update:

Mon. 13 July 20+ US Treasury leaders were arrested for obstructing the RV release. It was not confirmed that Judy Shelton was arrested, but Trump replaced her with VP Pence to oversee the release process.

On Thurs. 16 July a Federal Reserve leader was arrested for obstructing the Secure Website.

Over the past 48 hours Deep State obstructions including the 404-hack attacks that prevented Tier 4 a,b from starting on Thurs. 16 June, were corrected. The RV team meeting on Thurs. 16 July in DC contained a huge amount of heat, confusion and screaming. Trump left the meeting and shortly later removed the block at 4:40 pm EDT, after which the Federal Reserve obstructionist was arrested for causing the problems.

The rumored paymaster code & protocol updates that took two weeks would not delay a Tier 4b start. Tier 4b would start before the 25,000 sub-paymasters were fully updated over the next two weeks (he too doubts it will take that long to update them).

We in Tier 4b were still at an any moment, any day.

Trump knew that he had to get us redeemed before the Chinese Elders flew out of the US on Wed. 29 July.

Trump knew that he had to get the RV exchanges started or he would risk not being re-elected.

Rumors were not true that we had to wait till Sun. night 19 July for Tier 4b to be started when three countries (Iran, Lebanon, and Venezuela) get completely off SWIFT and onto the QFS.

Because only twelve days remained before Wed. 29 July, they could start us any time from Fri. 17 July to Tues. 21 July.

They don't want us to know when it will start because they don't want the Cabal to know. Stay ready as it was still at an any moment, any day between now and Tues. 21 July.

CMKX has been paid out with money in accounts waiting to be accessed when Tier 4b started.

Two medical doctors that Snake knew received their CMKX package deliveries and the debit / credit cards in the packages were not yet activated (expected when Tier 4b started).

It has been an answer to many prayers that the Deep State hack attacks, Treasury obstructionists and the Fed Res obstructionist were exposed and arrested over the past 48 hours.

It has been a freaking circus in DC over the past 24-48 hours, but there has been enough clean up to get us started any time from now to Tues. 21 July. He said to hang in there if you have any strength to hang at all, and let's get across this finish line together!

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