Thursday, July 16, 2020


As of Tues. 14 July Yellow Dragon Bond funds began disbursing at the higher levels above Tier 4b.

Central Banks have processed 1.2 million transactions overseas.

The RV teams directing the release were working to get to 25% of Level 2 Tues. night 14 July including the Intermediates, Adjudicated Settlements, Fines Interest and penalties etc.

Level Three disbursements, including all of us in Tier 4b, were still on track for as early as Wed. 15 July onward this week.

A security breach on Mon. 13 July included shutting down another Deep State criminal plan to steal from our Tier 4a,b accounts when disbursements started at exchange / redemption appointments. It took through Tues. 14 July to fix that. The criminals involved were arrested and replaced.

On the China-Trump friction: there has been much heat as suggested by Trump's comments in his Tues. 14 July Hong Kong speech on the US sanctioning Communist Chinese politicians for trying to quash Hong Kong autonomy. All was being worked out. Chairman Xi was pressing for the release in the US while braving internal (Communist Chinese Deep State) political opposition for doing so.

Prayers were requested until we cross the finish line. Look lively and stay ready for your project outline presentation as our start was still this week.

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