Friday, July 17, 2020


 Fleming Military Intel Contact Thurs. 16 July 3:54 pm EDT: https://fccdl.in/eGK0hRJ50g

On Mon. 13 July Judy Shelton was fired, arrested and now was out on a bracelet. So were 25 others in the US Treasury. They had been trying to keep Tier 4b from going.

Pence has taken Judy Shelton’s job, trying to see how they can carry on for the next two weeks to currency exchange/ bond redemption end on Fri. 31 July.

At 6 am EDT Thurs. 16 July the Safe Links were supposed to be out. It didn’t happen. The Safelink Website had been hacked. There were 404 errors. The main index page was gone.

Yesterday and today Wed, Thurs. 15, 16 July they were working to resolve the website problem.

Today Thurs. 16 July in an all-day meeting with Trump, there was a lot of yelling and screaming. Trump left the meeting not a happy camper and did his Press Conference, then returned and asked how the problem was resolved. One Fed was arrested...the guy causing the problem.

The Department of Defense confirmed that all problems had been resolved as of 4:40 pm EDT Thurs. 16 July and Trump removed the block.

The Chinese Ambassador had given them until today to do the release, but was worried because he did not have permission to do that. He would be called back to China if it didn’t go today Thurs. 16 July and would lose his head.

On the Wed. 29 July the Chinese would go back to China and then on 30 July they would be in Zimbabwe. They were taking all Zim they had collected at that point, 1st to 7th stage one, 8th to 14th stage two. After that Zim would not be traded or redeemable.

C. July 16 2020 Fleming Military Intel Update as of Wed. night 15 July:

Paymasters and those involved in the roll out went on high alert Wed. afternoon 15 July 1:30 pm EDT.

More arrests were underway related to the black-out from QAnon this week.

The processing of upper levels was going well on Wed. 15 July.

As of Wed. 15 July evening leaks or security issues were not impeding our release and we were still in an any-time window for release.

Globally paymasters were ensuring all their payout protocols were correct.

Pray that no interference from Deep State obstructions or any other directions gets in the way.

A noted paymaster of many years said funds would be released at 5pm Reno time this evening, though the release actually happened three hours later at (11:15 EDT Wed. 15 July).

Barring any more interference, if audits and reviews go well overnight, we could see the 800# notifications Thurs. 16 July.

They did not want us to know exactly when this would go, so stay ready as we are so close.

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