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...We're in a very very good spot...Our window just got bigger. The value of the dinar - they need to take care of the budget - just got bigger. They just told us that it will be within 3 months that they're going to completely redo this thing and have a plan to implement all this. We've learned a lot in the last month. Probably more than the entire time we've been watching. They're putting the value on the table. They are telling you they need $66 per barrel and they're telling you the oil prices are never going to get there for the next few years. They are telling you ...they are going to put this stuff together and implement it within 3 months...they need to be able to afford to be in international markets, protect their reserves and have value added to their currency. That's the only way...

...we are very good with the Iraqi dinar. We are in a good spot. The goal has moved a little bit but it's to our advantage. Meaning that the can hasn't been kicked on down the road just the numbers are different. But the numbers are in our favor. And that's what you need to go by. Don't go by wishful thinking hype...the reality is the numbers...that is the reality that you and I are in and you guys can't be in a better spot. It's probably gonna be a little bit better coming down the road - still waiting for some more information...everything is positive...


...I'm concerned about what's going on around the world a little bit...there's definitely something going on. I know the Iraqi dinar is part of it. I haven't figured it out yet but there's definitely something weird going on. There's a lot of stress testing going on, in banks around the world. Stress testing is whenever they try to do a slight shock to the stock exchange or something that would cause a semi panic of people running to the bank and they want to make sure that the bank's first of all are liquid enough so that if there was a mad rush to the bank that they would have enough money to give the people...we're definitely in a unique position right now. How all this ties together I'm not quite sure but it definitely looks like there's something big going on and Iraqi dinar believe it or not is a big part of it.


[I think most would be happy for a 1:1 rate.]

It won't be. It's supposed to be higher.


So I want to clear up the confusion of "Rates" between being 'In country' and 'International. If I'm in Canada right now, and I have $1.00 CDN, it will buy me what $1.00 CDN can buy. However, if I take that $1.00 CDN and cross the border, I have to "Exchange" it for whatever the rate is to purchase U.S. Dollars (around 74 cents). Same goes with U.S. Dollar to purchase Canadian Dollar (around 1.34 Canadian for each U.S. Dollar). When the 3 Zero's are deleted, a 25k note still stays a 25k note, but now you can exchange it for 25k in lower denoms (or if you deposit it into a bank. it still is 25k). Once you leave the country and you want to exchange it into U.S. dollar, you can get whatever the exchange rate is. So if it's $4.00 you get $100,000 for your 25k note. So there is no 'in country' rate, simply an exchange rate between Dinar and other international currencies.

MilitiaMan (KTFA)

"Trebil port achieved more than 24 billion dinars in revenue last June"

"What has been achieved from the increase in revenues as a result of the tightening of control and auditing procedures..."

Here we go... They are getting the lead out... I like it. They have to at some point to literally go live with the market economy! This is an example they can! This is the confidence they need. Borrowing money to pay salaries in the way they imply is silly and not good business practice imo...

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