Saturday, July 4, 2020


RayRen98 (TNT)

From across the pond...All talk today is the plan to cover the salaries for next 3 months at reduced rates so Iraq can pay salaries. Then after 3 months, the new plans and reforms will assist. This indicates no rate change for 3 months going into the new fiscal year just like they talked about this morning and now is on Iraqi TV. (REMEMBER: Watch what they DO... not what they say)


[What are you sensing about the dong?]

...No one has info on the dong right now. ...Vietnam has basically gone dark...They don't want people to know what is happening. But it's so obvious to me.

...there's been nothing on the dong. It's been absolute radio silence for close to a month now...but I can feel that it's going as it's supposed to go and that it just very suddenly is going to happen with no warning...

[...that the finance committee in conjunction with the CBI has re-issued bonds to cover the 3months beyond July - Sept for the salaries. So the pressure is off and we may have to wait a bit longer to see the reinstatement.

...what do you...think about this statement?]

[Reference Guru Mnt Goat post 7-3-2020]

I absolutely disagree. No one in their right mind would give Iraq a loan of any kind and they had been rejected over and over for loans until the white papers came out. Now suddenly, even Mike Pompeo says they will lend them all the money they need? The people loaning them money have an assurance they will get their money back. With oil prices being so low, the only thing that makes sense is an RV. That's my opinion...


If the value of their currency is too high regionally...no body is going to want to do business with Iraq because the value of labor is too high. This is how Iraq is going to look at it. They are going to look at that. And they are also going to compare it with them doing business outside of Iraq and they might be able to pull it off. That's how they're looking at it. That's why they haven't made the decision yet. That's why they're taking their time. You guys are in panic mode because you're waiting for your big payday. You don't realize how important of a decision this is for Iraq...

...They've got to be able to balance...how do they be competitive in the region and also take advantage of the International markets? Because if they go too high - regionally they're going to get cut off. If they go too low they're not going to be able to pay for the local budget.

Mountain Goat

...There is now NO sign from the CBI they are doing any actions for a near future RV for the rest of this year. Sorry! For some time it was looking as though we might have a pretty good chance but that chance was killed this week. Now that the finance committee in conjunction with the CBI has re-issued bonds to cover the 3months beyond July - Sept for the salaries. So the pressure is off and we may have to wait a bit longer to see the reinstatement. Maybe January 2021 is coming back into view? Just saying….

...I know for a FACT that it is not the CBI so much that is holding back the currency reform portion of the reforms but the “powers to be” (PTB) who may feel Iraq is not yet ready and the Iranian influence and corruption is still not under the desired control. Iraq still also needs to make good on its promises to diversify and get off of oil as it’s sole source of revenue. There have been mandates handed down to Iraq to implement before they can or will get back their currency...


[via PDK]

...Banking contacts still believe we will see it before the end of the day on july 6th. We shall see...no change of rate in Iraq…yet. I do believe we are awfully close and I do not believe we are waiting until November.


...they can not go international without them increasing the value...not for the sake of it all but because Iraq is in a unique situation and they have to. One of the stipulations put on them long time ago in order for you to go international you must...lift the 3 zeros from your exchange rate the same way they added the three zeros. Now they have to take those three zeros off in order for them to be accepted internationally...

MilitiaMan (KTFA)

"Specialists warn of the repercussions of the devaluation of the dinar"

They are beating this into peoples heads... They are not going to devalue the currency... End of story. They are going to go to a market economy. That requires Article 8 compliance...imo. Article 8 compliance is to raise the value of the IQD. imo.

Bruce (The Big Call)

[via WiserNow]

We don’t exactly have our notifications happening over the weekend – now we’re looking at this thing changing and we have a moving target – now we’re looking closer at the possibility of being notified ...Monday...Monday afternoon...or possibly Tuesday...the more likely start would be on Tuesday... I know...Iraq is ready...there was a question as to whether Iraq would make payroll yesterday – my understanding is that they did everything they needed to do on the 1st...I know that we are positioned now we believe to go forward...this should be releasing for us very soon...

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