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...I have a feeling this is going to be a really big month for us. There's a lot of things that are popping up that seem to be pointing to this month being a big month. What that means exactly? I'm not sure. There's a lot of speculation...Al-Kazemi is supposed to come here to meet with Pompeo and the president. I told you one of the biggest announcements that we're hoping to hear, and they do it out in the rose garden, is that Trump is encouraging the international community to restore the sovereignty of Iraq for them to be recognized and embraced buy the International community. And he announce the lifting of the restrictions on the currency and that allows it to start trading on the Forex. That's what we're watching for. That's what we're hoping for.

[Quick dinar history overview for newbies]

...they dropped the value of the dinar very very low. Right now for one dollar you can buy 1190 Iraqi dinar if you can find them. What people are doing is they're storing up on them waiting for the currency to be reinstated to its rate of $3.22. There's people out there that's been waiting 12, 15, 16 years...some people are frustrated so now they have no faith in them and you'll hear them talk crap from time to time and say this is a scam. That's fine everybody has their opinion...the whole purpose of the Iraqi dinar news...is me explaining to you why I think it's real and in what it is we're looking for that tells us...its rate is about to be reinstated... we've been patiently waiting for the rate to be reinstated and we have reason to believe that's gonna happen very very soon...


A lot of what has been occurring in the last few weeks has been addressed several times in the past by the World Bank and the IMF. So this is all good news that they are finally taking the steps necessary.


[via PDK]

I am still being told by bank contacts, that as frustrating as it is…they are still told that over the next 5 days now, to be prepared and on call to come in at any moment.

[So are we still waiting another 10 days...?]

No we are not…In Kuwait we know that they waited that long to announce it…Indonesia has also done it in the past. Those were historic examples. Many RV’s have happened throughout history…Germany, Japan and there are more who made tremendous changes in their currency value. I am not looking for 10 days. In the past you could keep the press quiet but in today’s world with the internet I do not think they can keep it quiet...so we are expecting a shotgun start.


"The Central Bank Announces Financial Assistance with 3-month salary insurance and talks about the date for the June wage payment"

...this level of news right now is walking you into September ...the rate change is married to a budget so if you follow the movement of the money you can piece this together...we need to see when that budget goes into effect because the budget and the rate change are married together... they're showing you they're tentatively walking you into September. I'm not giving you a date I'm just giving you an approximate generic information that they're bringing fourth - trying to help you decode this and put the puzzle pieces together...

MilitiaMan (KTFA)

...They have to raise the exchange rate of the dinar, not the dollar and this is where we are at...they've been telling us and telling us and telling us and we're just waiting and waiting and waiting but the fact remains is now they're at the precipice. They don't have money to pay the salaries. They said they were going to do it.

...the pressure is so hard on them to get this done it's probably unbelievable...that's why I've been focused to some degree on these next couple of days to see what they do. Typically they're gonna have to have an excuse when they don't pay these people...they need to raise the value of the exchange rate.

Adam Montana

The new PM Kazzamie is operating efficiently and effectively. We are going to hear some distractions and criticisms, but he is doing a great job in my opinion.

Bruce (The Big Call)

...This is a tax free exchange – you should not be taxed on any part of this exchange – where you will be taxed is on the “income” – called “passive income” which is earned from the “interest” that is paid on your account – you will create an income stream from your mother lode account that in my case will spill over into a spillover account...

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