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MilitiaMan (KTFA)

"Private sector and building the national economy"

"The call to encourage the private sector is one of the first policies required to be adopted to contribute to building the national economy, because of the need for local capital and not to rely entirely on oil imports,"

They clearly are telling us they are going to a market economy... They have to enforce the need for the local economy to support the endeavor of changing the value of the IQD. Nothing new, but, now that it will be fresh it is reinforcement of the plan...They need the investors to be on board and that comes with sound banking...imo!


...an article came out by an economist... making a suggestion...about the dinar rate and the deletion of zeros...

"A deputy presents a roadmap to solve the financial crisis in Iraq"

...He is making a roadmap to where they think they need to be in order to get them where they need to be as a country...we know for every 1 USD you get 1190 Iraqi dinars...

" Exchange rate - begin to gradually reduce the Iraq dinar price to reach 1500 dinars against the dollar until the end of the year 2020..."

So if they increase the amount of dinars we get for every 1 dollar, that's obviously bad for us. That means they're lowering the value of the dinar. The smaller this number gets, the better it is for us. So they're saying they wanna increase the rate to 1500 dinars against the dollar until the end of the year 2020 and then review the economical situation...this is a suggestion. It isn't written in stone...they are talking about a rate possibly (again this is just a suggestion) by next July of 56 cents.

Why are people complaining about this? You've invested very little into a currency and they're willing to give you 50 cents for every one dinar?

...this is a suggestion. They're saying this is a roadmap and they're explaining why they want to do this...You will probably never get another type of return like that on any investment ever again. People say, "Does that make you mad?" No. I would be happy with that...I would still be very well-to-do. Sure who doesn't want more. Who didn't want the $3.22 rate. I would love that. I would have been happy with the $1.13 rate or the $1.34 rate...Let me ask you guys a question...if you knew for sure you were gonna get back 56 cents for every Iraqi dinar and you knew you weren't gonna get it until next July - Are you pissed off? Are you mad? Are you unhappy with that type of return on your money? I mean seriously, are you? Because people are complaining about it...

Having said that, I don't want people going, "Pimpy said this is what it's gonna be." No. I'm not saying that. This article is brought to my attention...don't stress over this. This is just a suggestion. We've seen articles like this all over...there's a part of me that thinks that might be fine that they start off there but don't be surprised if it starts going up after that. Maybe not right away. Maybe they'll keep you guys fooled for about a month. 4 months. 6 months. Just to see how many of you guys start bringing in all your dinars. Then you start to see a movement on the IQD and it starts going up. This is just a roadmap. No I'm not saying that's what's it's going to be. What I'm saying is according to this article that's about where they figure this out. Lower the value and then remove the 3 zeros off the rate and then move it into somewhere around 56 cents for every 1 dinar...


[via PDK]

No movement or exchanging overnight…On the banking side they believe that yesterday was a very close call. And we will see things start today. We are very close to seeing the end of it…We can see it unfolding right in front of our eyes.

Bruce (The Big Call)

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...exchange of the foreign currency...will create for you in a tax free event that creates money in the form of the exchange so that is NOT taxable...

RayRen98 (TNT)


Mountain Goat

So here we are mid-July already and still no RV. However, I am seeing there are prospects and potential that maybe early to mid-August a window is opening up. There is a real possibly to see some real news of the “project do delete the zeros” again in the news media and it will come out shortly.

...Rumors are floating around that they are now discussing this revaluation process and want to start it. Parliament wants about 1 dinar to .50 cents and so they argue. Remember parliament does not make financial policy and so the CBI will determine and will make recommendations (and have the final say). I do not think it will come out with anything that low and it will be around 1.00 (plus or minus .20 cents). Yes, they will have to sell the new rate to parliament and may even ask for a vote. But this is all now surfaced and underway.

...They are now deciding what to do and when to do it. This is all fantastic news! WOW!

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