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I want to make something perfectly clear because people are conflating something I'm saying. When I say recognize the sovereignty, that's a major step towards them getting the reinstatement or revaluing of their currency. Their currency must be recognized internationally again and that won't happen until they get their sovereignty again and the restriction on their currencies are removed. Somebody's telling me 'There is no restrictions.' Yeah there is. There's big restriction on the currency. That's what we're anticipating. An announcement by Trump that he will recognize and encourage the world to recognize the sovereignty. It would be a huge step and then we want an announcement about the same time or shortly after that the restriction on Iraq's dinar have been removed and we can start seeing it trade once again on the Forex. That's what we want to see...I'm expecting these next two weeks to be really big...

Petra (KTFA)

...I've been consuming a lot of popcorn. It's because there's so much going on it's kind of like a movie...I'm really focusing on the CBI. I'm looking at what Parliament is doing...I'm looking at many areas of not only Iraq but globally what's happening macro economically with the price of oil with this pandemic that we're dealing with. The impact that's having on everywhere is really quite amazing. What's a particular interest to me this week has been the activities of all these outside sources that are getting engaged with Iraq...we're in a place right now that's very quite quite exciting IMO. It's exciting to watch. It truly is a play in progress. We're getting to that final end game...

...there is a lot happening behind the scenes that we can't comment on. I know there are things I know that I can't comment on that are occurring from a global perspective because of what I do. I want to encourage you that this train is coming in. It has too. There are too many things that are going on extraneously outside of just the Iraqi dinar that is making this happen. The fact that you are in this now is a gift from God. I would implore you to ask him for guidance and direction as to what you do with this money. Be discerning. There are a lot of wolves out there. I would hate you guys to study and listen and lose it because you didn't think through it...we're seeing the fine print begin tapped out because this contract is ready to be done...the progress being made is phenomenal. It's exciting. Yes there are hiccups...but they're getting there. They're getting it done...there isn't much left to do...we're at a point now where they have to make their move and it's going to be soon...

Frank26 (KTFA)

"The Central Bank Participates In the Bani Platform"

This is extremely important for you to pay close attention to. This is also dealing with the IBBC...they're sayin that the Central Bank is participating now in different platforms...If you look up that word platform when it comes to banking it stands for international communication between banks...why in the world would a program rate that is sanctioned on the United Nations Security Council need platforms with banks from Iraq to have a platform communication with banks outside of Iraq? It's a program rate for crying out loud. They're not Article VIII for crying out loud. They're not international but when you see these types of footsteps...follow these tracks follow the money you'll understand what's going on...This is the evidence of things not seen yet.

"He revealed the files of Al Kazemi's upcoming visit to Washington"

Why in the world is the Prime Minister of Iraq going to Washington DC? To play tiddlywinks? Just a friendly little chat and visit?

...the relationship between the United States and Iraq has become very strategic. A dialogue has been established. Why? Because they met the benchmarks.


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The first appointment that I know of where people could receive dollars is supposed to be today…so could it happen today? Possibly, but no one knows for sure. There is very positive things from Iraq with the expectation of a new rate Wednesday or Saturday. Chatter out of Zurich, Hong Kong and Dubai…also Miami and Richmond which have been suddenly tapped to help handle exchange stuff. They are all talking about appointments with liquidity and moving forward. Nobody knows the date…but everybody thinks it’s close...I am excited about the news that they are positioned for exchanges...

Leaders of Iraq Vietnam and Zimbabwe are here in America to talk to Trump. As I understand it Iraq arrived in DC yesterday with some high-level meetings starting today. Would it make sense for some announcements of a change in the Iraqi currency since they are here? They will not only be in DC but also in New York…which is home to the UN. I am looking for this to be an absolutely huge week of news and movement.

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