Tuesday, July 14, 2020


Adam Montana

Speculated rates and theories:

Based on Kuwaiti Dinar: It’s been said that the rate must equal their neighboring Kuwaiti Dinar rate, which would put the Dinar at $3+. Many people speculate that the Iraqi’s are a prideful people, and it would be a slap in the face to have a revalued currency be less than Kuwaits.

Based on "dropping the 0′s": It’s mentioned many times in the news that the 0′s could be dropped, which would mean one of two things: 1. The 0′s are dropped from the bills, which essentially puts most investors at a break even return. Nothing gained, nothing lost. 2. The 0′s are dropped from the exchange rate, which is currently .00086 (Dinars are worth about 1170 IQD per 1USD, or an exchange of .00086). This means your dinars are worth .86 USD per Dinar – in other words, a 10,000 IQD note is exchanged for $8,600 minus spread and bank fees.

Based on “equal to the USD”: We see articles all the time that reference the US Dollar, stating that the CBI wants the IQD to be equal to the USD. An easy assumption is to simply RV at 1:1, making a 10,000IQD note worth $10,000.

Based on “they can’t RV low or investors will buy too much!”: Some people state they will not cash in for anything less than $1. They state that Iraq would be foolish to RV at a low rate, because then big money will come in and buy up a ton of Dinar before it can go higher. (This theory is wrong, FYI.)

I agree with a few of the speculations above. [reference posts 1 and 2 7-13-2020] But my opinion of the rate goes a little deeper… it includes a “business sense analysis” that everyone might consider. Iraq is a business – and the business is natural reserves. Iraq holds a majority of the worlds natural gas and also black gold, also known as “oil”. When...the HCL has been settled, they will begin operating their business using the same principals any other successful company uses – the goals being profit, sustainability, and success!

...The most important concept to understand today is this: The CBI makes money on every auction, and they will continue to do so forever. When the Dinar changes value, the CBI buys it at a lower rate, and then sells it at a higher rate. The CBI will ALWAYS choose the path that makes them the most money. I agree that a lower rate than Kuwait will be a blow to the ego’s of the Iraqis. I agree that it should be on par with the USD, or even higher. I agree that the rate WILL get there… eventually.

When the Iraqi Dinar is ReValued to a higher rate, it will become more desirable to do business in Iraq. Many people will be less hesitant to sign contracts and invest in Iraq. The current Iraqi Stock Exchange (ISX) should see some major movement… and the CBI (Central Bank of Iraq) is going to make tons of money on the exchanges! I believe that Iraq can sustain a very stable currency at a rate of $3 or higher, but I don’t think they will immediately jump to that rate even if they ultimately desire it to be so...


...the articles that I'm seeing are showing me that there's a lot of preparation getting done before Al-Kazemi's visit over here into the United States...we see the World Bank is there...they're most likely going to be the people that pull the trigger on a rate change...but we need to get the green light from...the United Nation once again recognizing the sovereignty of Iraqi people and the restrictions moved off their money. We will be eyeballing that. But first we have to get their sovereignty reinstated. That's what we're waiting for...

I would love to see Dr. Shabibi come back. It's been a rumor. He's really really super old and I think people that were giving him a lot of hell are no longer really there so it's a possibility. I'm definitely curious about what if he does come back. It'd be a huge positive step. I think this man knows what the heck he's doing and I would like to see him get back in control of the Iraqi bank...


...the last few months I've been putting a huge emphasis on saying Iraq has to have stability before the rate can change. They're telling you that. If you look at the amount of articles coming out between Erbil which is Kurdistan and Baghdad there's a lot...this is very serious...Iraq has to have stability, meaning they have to be able to work together before that rate can change, before they can go international...they just need a little more time. They're using the word "complete" which means ending or completion, towards a comprehensive agreement. So they're suggesting to us that they're close to having an agreement reached...

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