Sunday, July 12, 2020


Frank26 (KTFA)

We were the first to bring you IOO...where the CBI has made it clear that we have representation around the world. You could call them satellite banks but I don't like that. They're private banks of the CBI...they were first established in the United States...you may be able to go into one of those CBI banks that represent the CBI in the Untied States and exchange them there. You may not want to exchange them into your currency of choice. You may just want to deposit them as Iraqi Dinars. Why? Maybe you're not satisfied with the exchange rate that came out...maybe you're waiting for it to be at a higher rate internationally and you want to just store them in there. As soon as the value goes up these banks will go up and the reason why is because the CBI has to retrieve their 3 zeros. They've gotten about 70% of them back but the Fab 4 want this to continue...

"I present my currency at exchange, am I going to get current US dollars or the new U.S. currency?"

The new U.S. currency isn't out yet so I guess you're not going to them them, right. Second of all, you're not gonna get any currency unless you really specially ask for it. They might give you up to about $5,000 dollars in cash but the rest of it'll all be electronic. That's how this major exchange is going to happen. Mainly electronic. There isn't that amount of physical cash to satisfy everybody. It's all going to be electronic mainly...

Bruce (The Big Call)

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...in DC in 2012 and Dr Shabibi was asked question...what could the Iraqi Dinar support...What would the dinar be worth in US dollars after the revaluation - Dr Shabibi answered his question something to the effect – the Dinar will be able to support a rate of at least $16.00...I remember the question – and I remember Dr Shabibi answering that and I thought WOW – because when we first started we thought man – if this could get to $2 or $3 or back to what the Dinar was worth before it was questioned value which I think was $3.96 something – I thought man that’s going to be awesome - This was 15 years ago – when we looked into it all - almost 16 yrs now...So I was telling you this to let you know that maybe what Dr Shabibi spoke was prophetic...


...so far it's been a consistent stream of very good news...unlike, remember this time last year we were all pumped up and then all of a sudden towards August...everything just blew up in our faces. We are closely excitedly watching what's going on in Iraq...there are a couple things I'm looking to happen before our boy Al-Kazemi makes his way over yonder here to hang out with Trump. One of them is the agreement between the Kurdistan region and Baghdad...It feels like they're very very close. That's what I'm hoping for because it plays a big part in what I think is going to happen...It's really important...my vision is to see Trump come out and then introduce Al-Kazemi to the world while at the same time encouraging the international community to once again recognize the sovereignty of Iraq while removing the restrictions off their currency...let's put out some good mojo to make this happen...

Adam Montana

Shabs is a smart guy. He's said many times that the IQD could increase, but a $16 price tag is just silly. I'm still (mostly) on the ten cent train. I can see a flat dollar. I'll agree that even the RI rate of $3.26 is possible. But $16... I just can't see Shabs saying that.


"Al-Kazemi: The time to waste money has gone nowhere and today is launching a new phase"

"...we will proceed to restore the prestige of the state and the law, and it is an opportunity to start for the future."


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