Friday, July 10, 2020


Frank26 (KTFA)

...we have gone through "what if". We have gone through "when". And now we are going though a time-frame and a rate in "white pagers"...it's not an opinion that they are going to change their exchange rate - it's a CBI statement...every day they wait to make the announcement of the new exchange rate it gets easier and easier to tell the monetary reform, to tell the citizens of the new currency of the new exchange rate, of the new Iraqi banking system to the citizens. You see it must not fail with the citizens. It can fail with you and it has with a few of you but it must not fail with the citizens. This is the key to the monetary reform success...

There's some of you that say, 'guru X, Y & Z says there's no taxes to be paid on this capital gains. none.' Like our government is going to allow that! Oh, the fantasy of it all...I think you have common sense. You know very well this is a capital gains...

"Frank, when it happens will you give me the "800#"? Guru XYZ says that he's gonna give us 800# - the only place where we can exchange our dinars."

Oh ye of little knowledge and you believe that? No, there's no such thing as an 800 number for you to call to exchange. What you want to do is you're going to find hopefully a large bank...the smaller banks are handicapped. You can go to a small bank but you're risking your currency to be divorced from you. That's not good...major banks that's where I would go. There are brokers they could probably help you as well too if you trust them...find a major reputable bank. Tell them you want to do business with them and get the perks. Everything that you can...if you feel they're ripping you off go somewhere else. You're in control. You've got the power for the first time in a long time. Don't lose it...

Petra (KTFA)

So where are we?

...Clearly there is a rush to get things done in order for the white paper to be engaged so a date and rate can be revealed. Remember, nothing in the entire white paper can be accomplished as to the future of the growth of the Iraqi state with out a change in rate. None! All the efforts of the committees, the ministries, agriculture, mining, defense, infrastructure, nothing can happen until this move is made.

...So, we have these polymer notes that have been in circulation for apparently some time. Why all the hubbub "now" when they have been around for a while? Could it be part of the education process? Could it be a preemptory move by the CBI to make citizens aware and understand the coming change? I think so. Everything they have been doing has been strategic but now the strategy is being played out as we await the execution of that strategy. Nothing is going to stop it or we will truly have a failed state and that is "not" going to happen with the wealth in that country.

...IMO, we are at the goal line waiting to cross for lack of a better metaphor.

...IMO, everything is at stake for this country known as Iraq. They need to change and get into the international world as MM [Guru MilitiaMan] has shared many times the need to access those secondary markets, loans, SDR, all those things he has hammered are spot on IMO. There is no turning back. What options are there....N O N E!! Did I emphasize that enough? ...Stay strong family...it's coming!!! All IMO...


There's a major major announcement that happened today...What is going on? A message from the EU that takes us one step closer to what I was talking about. I do believe when Al-Kazemi comes over here I'm hoping we're gonna see a push by Trump to recognize the sovereignty of Iraq...look at this message - Article: "The Anti-Money Laundering Office issues a statement on the European decision: Iraq will be removed from the list of high-risk countries soon"

This is great. This means you start removing restrictions off of Iraq and start recognizing them on the International scene. This is big news. I have a feeling they are waiting for this announcement. What announcement?

...I think we're waiting for the big dog himself to come out. Our president Trump to come out and make this announcement that hey we need the international community to once again recognize the sovereignty of Iraq. I believe that is coming as long as they continue to do what they're doing right now...this is super huge news.


[via PDK]

...so overnight there were no changes in value...in Iraq... Still in an “Intel Blackout” for most of my contacts. They have really clamped down on any news and any leaks…. I did reach out to a redemption center person and they are keeping them all on call there. At redemption centers they are all geared up and have taken precautions. They have masks and gloves. They are prepared and waiting on a “go” as well. Somebody pointed this out after finally getting in touch with their contacts at exchange centers - “Why would they have these if we were not going to exchange?” Our exchange is coming guys and it’s getting closer day by day.


...I just want to encourage you guys that we are really close.

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