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Bruce’s Big Call Replay LINK  Intel Begins:  1:02:14

Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – it’s Thursday July 9th and you’re listening to The Big Call – Thanks for tuning in everybody - all over the globe Ok let’s talk a little bit about where we are today – I kinda thought we had a shot on it going on the 8th which was yesterday – today is the 9th and what we have is valuable in the sense that getting good solid information – now – I’ll give you this first – this is something on the one hand I’m happy about and on the other hand I’m a little disappointed about – This is what it is - we had confirmation that exchanges were being done and I mentioned this I believe on Tuesday’s call – I got more and more confirmation- there were exchanges and as far as I can tell they are continuing – in Canada – as well as a number of other countries around the globe – and it may very well be that we are the last country to come into the exchange and redemption process – There is a little bit of a reason for that – so let’s talk about it – we know for example what the rates were that people exchanged for in Canada – and I know of exchanges that took place since last Friday – that would have been the 3rd of July – we had word that they started the 2nd through the night (ninth?) Remember we had the 2nd through the 9th at the time that Canada was going to have their financial system shut down – or blacked out – ok – Well we thought so they could connect to the QFS just like we are – right – no – they we already connected to the QFS – but that gave them an opportunity to do exchanges before we started – ok – and that’s what happened - there’s 2 reasons for that- One – the border we have with Canada is closed to anyone who is not a dual citizen of US & Canada – or that has a house in the US or has a business in the US – other than that – you are not coming in – What’s interesting is – Canada got a head start on us and maybe other countries around the globe – we talked about the Far East having started exchanges as early as the 1st of July – What it amounts to is it’s not that we’re not getting it done – this is a plan where we have the position of going last – And you ask = why is that? Some of it is based on security concerns – and the other is that the rates that are neighbors to the north are picking up on that the dinar and dong are not going to be the same values that we are going to get – down here in the lower 48 – also include Alaska and Hawaii – Because of our involvement with Iraq – Viet Nam – and so on – we have a different set of numbers – ok – and that is one reason - Because when we get started the rates will show differently – When we get ready to go – which I will give you some information on that – in just a minute – In my opinion – when those rates come in – they will be different and they should be higher – I will tell you that much – Now I know all of that does not alaye (explain) your fears about when we get to start – we know that the situation with Iraq is going to be manifest with Iraq sending a delegation of 5-6 people to the US to meet with President trump and to make an announcement - coming in either on Sunday or Monday and they’re going to either announce that they are a sovereign nation along with President Trump and I don’t know who else will be there but it might very well be the person that speaks - could be our old friend Sinan Al Shabibi - Remember when he spoke at the International Chamber of Commerce Meeting- in the United States – in DC in 2012 and Dr Shabibi was asked question by Bluestar – of which that video was – not sure if it is still out there but he asked what could the Iraqi Dinar support – What would the dinar be worth in US dollars after the revaluation - Dr Shabibi answered his question something to the effect – the Dinar will be able to support a rate of at least $16.00 – I remember that video – I remember the question – and I remember Dr Shabibi answering that and I thought WOW – because when we first started we thought man – if this could get to $2 or $3 or back to what the Dinar was worth before it was questioned value which I think was $3.96 something – I thought man that’s going to be awesome - This was 15 years ago – when we looked into it all - almost 16 yrs now – So I was telling you this to let you know that maybe what Dr Shabibi spoke was prophetic Now – beyond that – let’s go to what we’re talking about – so we’re looking for him to speak along with our President should be a pretty cool thing - either Monday or Tuesday morning – and I believe that we will be able after that announcement is made – whether it’s made on Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning that should be the go ahead for the notifications to go out – regarding tier 4B – the internet group – So – we have an idea of the “when” - we have an idea that this does occur before the 15th of July - we just know there’s some things that are due to happen on or about the 15th – now we believe we will start before then - we believe they want us started and want Zim exchanges to start well before – at least a day or two before – the 15th so I am going to hope that is the plan – that is what should happen – Now – beyond that – there was a meeting in Washington last night – the President was on it – Steven Mnuchin was on it – I believe Mr Lighthizer was on it – I’m not sure – but the meeting was extensive – a little over 2 hours – with all the bank principals of tier 1 & tier 2 banks - probably over 800 people – The information that was put out is positive for us – so they who were on this call were actually put in a position to be up to speed - sometimes we know more than the bankers know – this is one of those situations - and so they let them know that this was real – that this is going and there were mentions about several more things having to do with next week - so we’ll see I am very very excited about where we are right now – even though we thought it would be this week for us - it maybe still be this week for our fellow tier 4A people in the groups that are based out west – because I think it’s very possible that they get started here anytime – could be today – tonight – tomorrow – we’re last but last for a good reason – if we can just accept that – realize that it’s coming to us – that will make us feel better I think – The other thing I want to mention is the idea of the interest rate that you would be able to request if you are doing projects that could go at least 1 generation – defining a generation of 80 years or more – now you say you don’t know if you will be around that long – I don’t know either but I know the technology is there – it’s been suppressed – that would allow us to do that – go 80 years – and 150 yrs – the technology is there – it’s just not out to us yet – it works – it’s been there – we know about it – and it should be coming out in the next year or two – it really should – it should be coming out so it’s available to us – now I’m not going to dwell on that or go into it but I’m just going to say don’t write yourself off as not being around – able to be there 80 -100 – 200 years into the future – This is why you need to take care of yourself – NOW – before that technology is available – you’ve got to take it till you make it – you’ve got to get as strong as you can with your immune system and muscular and everything else by walking – exercising – eating well and all of that so that you can live long term – I said you could negotiate that – this is the deal – let’s say you have a project you know you can take a structured pay out of at least 80-100 years – regardless of whether you are here or not – somebody is going to take over your project – you’ll set that up and give that information as your trust will allow – When you set that up you would be able to ask for an interest rate that paid as high as 9.5% APR on your structured payout – if you are a Zim holder – If you are not a Zim holder – this deal does not apply to you – but if you are and you have the structured payout – I am taking mine to at least 100 yrs maybe longer – and I am going to ask for that interest rate – Now remember the currency side of your exchange is different than the Zim redemption – even though you do them both at the same appointment – you should have full access to your exchanged currency funds from day one and your Zim you are going to negotiate that based on your world class presentation about your project/s that you do - and remember that presentation is only 5-8 minutes long – it is very compact – so when you do that – that will allow you to negotiate your rate and be able to have funds in your mother lode account or master account – that account is what you can earn interest on – The banks would want you to keep your money in that exchange bank that you use for a long long period of time and are willing to compensate you in terms of a nice interest rate of 9.5% for a long period of time and they want you to leave your money with them in their bank – Now your money may not be in the bank per say - but in the treasury and this bank account that you have is actually mirroring the treasury account and that’s the only place because of the gold that backs up our USTN currency or USN – on the Forex –charts – that US treasury is the only place that could essentially keep and insure our safety of our currency – and remember its digital – once we turn it in we don’t see it again- our funds in USN are reported and those are converted digitally – And when we have them on the screens – and we get access to them – we are going to have debit and credit cards – at the time of our exchange to gain access to our funds – and also later on a follow up visit – you’ll get a titanium account access card that allows you to use that and your biometric fingerprint to access your motherlode account YOU ALONE can see the screens and gain access to that account and anyone else that you give access to is up to you – It is designed for you privately to see – So ----- where are we???? We are very very close – we know the rest of the world has started and we are taking up the rear – and finishing up with our best information from very high sources – we are looking at the announcement with President Trump and Alak “maybe” Dr Shabibi – I’m just hoping it is Shabibi that comes – but whatever it is we’re looking for release of toll free #’s and the emails after that announcement is made – we should see that – that should be televised – So with that – I’m going to say do not quit your day job – stay with your plan A until plan B which is B for Blessing comes through – nothing has changed as far as we are concerned – we just keep doing it and continue to do it but I hope this is our last call – we shall see – Thank you everybody for listening – Have a wonderful weekend.

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