Sunday, July 12, 2020


Bruce [via WiserNow] …in DC in 2012 and Dr Shabibi was asked question…what could the Iraqi Dinar support…What would the dinar be worth in US dollars after the revaluation – Dr Shabibi answered his question something to the effect – the Dinar will be able to support a rate of at least $16.00…

I remember the question – and I remember Dr Shabibi answering that and I thought WOW – because when we first started we thought man – if this could get to $2 or $3 or back to what the Dinar was worth before it was questioned value which I think was $3.96 something – I thought man that’s going to be awesome – This was 15 years ago – when we looked into it all – almost 16 yrs now…So I was telling you this to let you know that maybe what Dr Shabibi spoke was prophetic…

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