Monday, June 29, 2020


 I read this earlier;

The Zim 2008-2009 printed Trillions Series aren’t fiat money, they’re “Promissory Notes”. Each & every note says “Promise to pay the bearer on demand”. Therefore it is illegal in every country per UCC law not to honor.

 All the Trillions Series must be removed from circulation only after a legally mandated set in stone publicly advertised redemption of “Zimbabwe Trillions Series” note redemption period paid only by legal tender of the country you are redeeming in, all of which has yet to take place by law. It is 100% illegal to lop any zeroes off any financial instrument with this promissory note language, which ALL NOTES on the Trillions Series have. PERIOD.

 IMF created the Trillions Series for Zimbabwe in the first place in 2008 printing stopped early in 2009. IMF has ascertained in writing that Zimbabwe has the highest wealth of all 209 nations in the new worldwide financial system which is SOLELY based on in ground assets up to 22 miles deep. Zim as calculated by IMF prior to the signing of the GCR by all 209 nations in December 2016. 

The redeeming staff at your RV appt will negotiate with you on your rate, they have to buy UCC Law since it’s a promissory note. After Zimbabwe has conducted worldwide PUBLIC notification and held a worldwide redemption period for the PUBLIC only then can the Trillions Series be declared VOID by law. 

Period end of discussion. Anything else is illegal and the note holder may bring suit. IMF ascertained Zimbabwe’s wealth in the new Quantum Financial System to be 125,000x greater then the United States. So there’s no way Zimbabwe will be allow to get away scot free not honoring some of their Trillions Series in a public redemption period of at least 30 days by UCC law.

 Don’t argue with your redeemer be very nice but inform them by handing them this on a sheet of paper when stating the amount of money you are requesting.

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