Friday, June 19, 2020


Judy Note: The good news: They caught 3,000 more bad guys in a Sting Operation. The bad news: Looks like we wait until Tues. 23 June to start appointments.

Evidently some 3,302 emails with 800#s to set appointments went out Wed. and Thurs. 17, 18 – that were targeted for the bad guys in a sting operation. The bad guys were taken care of, while 4% of those (around 126) were ok and able to set appointments for Tues. 23 June.

At 11 am EDT Thurs. 18 June Judy Shelton had a meeting with the Chinese and 40 members of the RV teams. Orders for RV liquidity release went out at 12 noon EDT, more orders at 12:30 pm EDT, and more at 1 pm EDT to "start things at a certain time" with payouts, PP deliveries and Tier 4b notifications.

According to Fleming, the 800#s release was imminent and the rumor that the 800#s wouldn’t come out until Tues. 23 June, or Thurs. 25 June was done to throw off the bad guys (although that could have been said as part of the above sting operation).

According to Bruce on Fri. 18 June at 8:45 am to 12:15 pm EDT the Banks were having a conference call which should reveal date of the 800#s release for either Mon. 22 June or Tues. 23 June.

Some payouts began in the intermediate groups on Thurs., Fri. 18, 19 June.

Fri. 19 June was Junteenth 19 June – which celebrated liberation of the black slaves. Tomorrow it would also be a debt jubilee for all of us as NESARA and GESARA would begin.

On Monday afternoon 15 June the DDOS (distributed denial of service) take down of telecom networks across the USA was actually the military White Hats and NSA taking down all Deep State communications to arrest them and so they could not communicate with each other to implement another false flag terror event. On that same Mon 15 June Chinese Elder-mandated arrests began of prominent members of the Deep State.

They hoped to get Zim redeemers in within the first four days. It was assumed that a redemption/ exchange deadline for appointments to obtain the Contract Rates would be extended to the end of June.

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