Tuesday, June 16, 2020


Mon. 15 June Fleming’s Paymaster Source in Zurich:

I was advised this morning Mon. 15 June that codes will be released within the next 48 hrs.

The Tier 4a to Tier 4b transition could happen any time over the next 48-to-60 hours.

All but a small group (few hundred) of Tier 4a have been SKR'd and as soon as the Attorney in Fact for the large number of Whales is notified, all funds are available, all SKR'd Tier 4a will be made liquid and the non-processed Tier 4a will be invited to specific centers to do their deals. As soon as a few have gone through smoothly, testing the Appointment System, Tier 4b will be invited to join.

Higher level boxes of bonds have been processed and higher level exchanges have been happening today Mon 15 June in Reno.

The nationwide DDOS (distributed denial of service) attacks knocking out USA telecom networks this afternoon Mon. 15 June was part of a behind-the-scenes arrest sweep of higher level Deep State operatives promised to the Elders last Thurs. 11 June.

These arrests were taking place elsewhere in the world.

The arrest of Angela Merkel was verified (under house arrest reportedly).

That shows the higher level of Deep State arrests domestically and globally happening now as the final RV roll out is happening right now.

B. (Reader | peteaxehandle) Update on Indictments, Arrests, and Executionshttps://qmap.pub/cases https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3xo60ngNJk

Of the 176,436 total sealed indictments, 20,711 have been unsealed, meaning arrests. This does not have a body count for every indictment. There could be many arrested for one indictment.

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