Thursday, June 25, 2020


1. The 12 Call Centers were tested from 2:15 pm PDT on Tues. 23 June and it went well.

2. Be ready for our Tier 4b start within the now-next 24 hours this week.

3. The ZIM was a bond and negotiated in an agreement between Zimbabwe and China. China controlled the Zim. Zimbabwe was the buyer of the bond and they could determine who they wanted to do business with. The USA had no say in the redemption of the ZIM at all.

4. If the USA did not follow thru by Thurs. night 25 June, then Zimbabwe as the Buyer of the bond, would determine whom they bought it from. The USA would have no say.

5. We were supposed to be gone Tues. 23 June, but it did not happen due to some arrests.

6. When we give information it is correct at the time we give it. This is a process and a moving target. It changes minute by minute. Nothing is in concrete until we redeem. If someone complained they could do better, they could start their own Intel or if not, go somewhere else.

7. There may be people who want you to turn your bonds & currencies to them. Don't do it, as it is not good. Some people have done that and lost everything. Be very careful (Bad people were out there).

8. It was still progressing. Judy Shelton and Trump were putting out the disputes. Judy Shelton wanted more time, but the Chinese said they already gave the time. So, if the Tier 4 releases didn’t get done the Chinese would release it on our Thurs. night 25 June, which was their Friday morning. The Chinese would redeem our ZIM, but the US Treasury would lose 2% for not keeping their word.

9. Rates would be high.

10. Trump needed to get this done if he wanted re-election. His reputation has been dropping in the polls (Call then dropped everyone).

B. Wed. 1:47 pm EDT 24 June 2020 Fleming Military Intel Contact:

1. The RV teams and Judy Shelton were pressing hard to get the RV/GCR release out the door and Tues. evening 23 June they released everything.

2. As of Wed. 24 June they were still working between the US and China on final GESARA sign-offs for full implementation.

3. The Yellow Dragon Bonds that were processed in past weeks were paying out from Tues. 23 June onward. That liquidity was executing the flood of liquidity to Tiers 1-4.

4. As of Wed. morning 24 June Tier 4a Paymasters were still waiting for the go and eleven different Prosperity Packages and Adjudicated Settlements deliveries were still positioned to start.

5. Authorization and Security Codes were to be released to start Tier 4 a,b tentatively sometime today and tomorrow Wed. – Thurs. 24, 25 June.

6. Zurich sources said that Tier 4b notifications were expected Wed. 24 June, so be watching today and tomorrow.

7. He agreed with MarkZ when he said, “There is chatter out of Hong Kong, Zurich and London, also a paymaster in Miami with some interesting comments about Yellow Dragon Bond funds moving. These were the bonds that would finance this thing. This is big. There are a number of reports that came from people that I have great trust in. They stated they are moving the Dragon Bonds [liquidity] finally. I believe we are exceptionally close now.”

8. All Historical Bonds were now paid – Dragons, Patchily, etc.

9. The US Treasury has replaced all Fed Reserve employees with new employees. There were new guards around Federal Reserve buildings. The Federal Reserve was no longer guarded by Federal Reserve police, but with Treasury replacement guards.

10. Redemption Centers paid 50 people in Tier 4a test exchanges yesterday Tues. 23 June. The exchange appointment system worked flawlessly as our guy's sources reported last night Tues. 23 June.

11. If we do not receive the 800# notifications today or tomorrow (Wed.-Thurs. 24, 25 June) and the Chinese actually release the RV/GCR on Fri. 26 June Hong Kong time (our Thurs. 25 June), we would still be able to exchange/redeem ZIM and currencies and the protocol should not change for Tier 4b.

12. It is time. Pray and buckle up.

C. Tues. Evening 23 June 2020 Fleming Military Intel Contact:

1. From 11:15 am EDT Tues. 23 June onward the appointment system of the twelve Call Centers was tested and it went largely well with some adjustments needed.

2. Be ready for the next 48 hours for our Tier 4b to start this week (or by Thurs. evening 25 June).

3. The Chinese agreed that if the RV teams could not get it started, then the Chinese would start the RV release unilaterally on Fri. 26 June.

4. Hong Kong became liquid on Tues, followed by Zurich.

5. We can redeem Zim and currencies at the Contract Rates through Mon. 6 July.

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