Monday, June 22, 2020


MarkZ  Monday Update- Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim
MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions
MZ: Lots of chatter right now…..I can only imagine that all the boards are lighting up with these rumors……According to banking contacts we are done!!  They expect 4A to pay out tomorrow.
MZ: Even my paymaster has a schedule that starts tomorrow for 4a……
Member: I am hearing this week Mark
MZ: All of my banking contacts are coming unglued….we saw testing of the systems last week….we saw all kinds of rates hitting banks….bankers that I have not talked to in quite awhile told me it looks like we are getting close…..we are getting prepped for it….

Member: I am hearing this week Mark
MZ: All of my banking contacts are coming unglued….we saw testing of the systems last week….we saw all kinds of rates hitting banks….bankers that I have not talked to in quite awhile told me it looks like we are getting close…..we are getting prepped for it….
MZ: I still think we need more disclosure and stimulus….hope I am wrong. I really do think we are at the end of it though…
Member:  Please explain the logic of giving money to the common man, that has to happen before the RV? Why can't the just do it simultaneously. or right afterward?
MZ: I am actually very upbeat about where we are…..just don’t think we will see it Tuesday.
Member: Mark Maybe you feel like “the boy who cried wolf”   and bankers have been wrong to many times…..just remember that the boy was right once……when nobody believed him……
Q: If they exchange 4a- can they just ignore 4b? ?
MZ: No, do not worry about that. They will not limit our exchange – they need us to have those dollars. There is no liquidity in our markets.  If there is no liquidity then there is no velocity of money and nothing will be fixed.
Member:  the markets will start going back up the deep State no longer has control of buying and selling selling high-end buying low like they always did Trump beat them at their own game
Member:  Mark Chinese is pushing this now and Trump has no choice but to release it NOW.
Member:  I don't believe Disclosure will be a good idea with all the Rioting and foolishness going on. We need a MSM takeover, in order to get out the Truth
Member:  Think of the RV as cheese in a Rat trap. And the Cabal is the Rat. All part of Draining The Swamp!
Member:  The Demons are coming out in the daylight, they are no longer hiding in dark. The Demonic revolution is being televised.
Member:  Mark....Maria Bartiromo had an excellent interview with AG Barr. It appears that a lot of people will see prison time or the gallows.
MZ: Central banks are talking about “go direct” as they move toward a “Gold Standard” or parity amongst currencies. .
Member:  Another intel guy that starts with an F said Hong Kong started last night at 8pm! And that things were going going gone!
Member:  Mark the Iraq Expo starts today and ends on Wednesday
Member: There was a lot of positive info from Frank26 this weekend.
MZ: In Iraq they are talking about July 1st having a new and competitive currency so I think we are looking at sometime between here and there for the reset.
Q: Why is there so much fake intel?
MZ: We knew this was going to happen…..we have been told for years from DizzyBear to Mr. Mayhue…we knew that at the tail end that this is exactly what we were going to see. I’m not letting it shake me and I am excited about where we are at.
Member:  Mark Z what your not seeing is there are many arrest going on now. But they will not be in the news. They are being done by the military and doing military tribunals. So no news on them.
Member:  If we could just stop the Deep State from throwing logs in our river of progress, we would just roll on down the river.
Member:  Rolling, rolling, rolling on the river
Member:  It is already rolling out it's just a slow process. it's a huge process! But you can look at the signs and see it's happening!
Member:  Went to my bank this morning to buy Dong. I buy every week. They checked and said it was not available at this time. Its happening
Member:  Other blog sites are all saying the same things about "DONG" being NOT for Sale on order anymore. The banks will buy YOUR dong to have to RE SELL and that is all. GOOD SIGN iIMO !
Member:  I went into Chase Saturday and they are NOT selling VND. This is a sign!
Member:  Mark z...Nesara Gesara..has started i had a $5,000.00 hospital bill that disappeared!...
Member:  in the next few days everybody will see the truth UK has already said they can see the money in their bank but they cannot touch it that came straight from Intel
Member:  From what I am hearing the RV Train is about to enter the station.
Member:  Hopefully the train is not side tracked
Member:  SEE THE RV parked outside the Tulsa stadium Saturday!!!!
Member:  Trump's empty RV last week with pence across America to hit Mount Rushmore for July 4th the RV has started legitly in the United States everything has a phase were in the last phase
Member:  we will soon have a new election that's legal and legit and we're going back to the original constitutional law gold-back money…. the Fiat is no longer …they are all done ….everything they lost
Member:  mass arrest and execution Czar all over YouTube right now even the elite from Congress is being picked up we're going to see a new show coming on Fourth of July and after that count 120 days
Member:  NESARA 120 days to election, makes announcement on or about July 4th fits.
Member:  Did anyone caught Daivd wilcox 5 hours of intel yesterday
Member:  Wilcock must have said a LOT. Latest video is 4+ hours  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2mPoOgOWwqs
Member:  Robert David Steele, Explains everything... Watch: Robert David Steele vid, "100,000,000 Stolen"
Member: Keep the faith everyone
MZ: If you sell and bail- they won
Q: Best Guess? Will we be done by the 4th of July?
MZ: Yes I think so…..we may not all be done exchanging but I think the reset will be done by then.
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