Monday, April 6, 2020



Progress appears to be made on formalizing the new government and prime minister. A vote seems likely next week.


"Central Bank: The dollar's appreciation will end this week"

...they're basically saying during the current week they're gonna try to implement some steps to reduce the high exchange rate or high value of the U.S. dollar. They're telling you roughly somewhere during next week or even within a week that they're trying to... devalue the dollar within the country of Iraq... [Thursday's Article said] they're basically saying around the next official holiday Iraq will increase their exchange rate...this article is telling you the same thing. That within about a week they're gonna curb the value of the dollar and reduce it. You've got two articles telling you the same thing from two different angles...that's amazing information.

IMO I think that they're now entering into week 4 for the RI rate change process...and I've told you that I felt through faith that I sensed that the rate would change approximately Easter Sunday April 12th. Notice how the week we're entering into Iraq magically has the cabinet lineup for votes. The timing...it's so perfect it's not coincidence...they made it unfold just like a soap opera. So magically perfect...they're telling you they're gonna finish the formation of the government this week. Then they'll change the rate next weekend. Then right after the rate changes parliament will be ready to start the approval process of the budget sometime around the second half of April. That's not coincidence. That's all strategically planned.


...the more I read these articles the more apparent it looks like they're heading possibly to civil war. There's a lot of threats going on. We know that Trump has a new approach to Iraq that is they want them to put their big-boy pants on and want them to kick the training wheels off and they wanted to start doing away with these Iran backed militia groups. As a matter of fact Trump has put together a task force to go in there and start removing them...as far as the dinar is concerned it's going to happen sooner or later. I know a lot of us want it to happen very soon and that's still a high probability...I anticipate Iraq to really really grow into who we think they should be and that is one of the wealthiest nations in the world...

Walkingstick (KTFA)

[via Guru Frank26]

...we told you they would continue the education of the monetary reform to the citizens... And the CBI now today explains the reasons of the change in their currency exchange rate...these meetings are still going on. The two criteria are the auctions to stop and change how they use the American dollar and their currency exchange rate against the American dollar. These are the topics of discussion going on right now...this meeting started earlier today [Saturday]... They're talking about the IQD. The powerhouses are talking about the monetary reform in a series of chronological events. They're having a powwow so they can tell the citizens...this whole thing is ongoing. It's hot...this thing is moving fast for a reason.

We told you the CBI would explain the reasons for the currency exchange rate change and the changing of the auctions with the American dollar. That is exactly what they're doing...we thought two days to see this instead we see the urgency to accomplish these two important crucial steps in the monetary reform in the unstoppable lava flow...things are happening at the speed of light. These meetings are now dealing with these two powerful subjects that we only have dreamed about that they would talk about let alone talk to the citizens about. And they're happening fast..

Frank26 (KTFA)

Article 1:
"Central Bank: The dollar appreciation will end this week"

Article 2:
"Central Bank Information: The rise in the dollar exchange rate will end this week"

...I don't know whether to cry or to cry. Really?! If it ends then you gotta raise the value of your currency. And it tells you that's what they're doing...it's so powerful.

"We're to use 75% in dollars and 25% in dinars."

...they were using 100% of the dollar and now its only 75% of it. Guess what it'll be next week...IMO the new small category notes and the coins is in the pipeline...it might be upon us very quickly...


...There is economic calamity and it is world wide . That being said, IMF released a statement saying it will be worse than 12 years ago. Buckle crew, looks like a global reset could be reality and that is the only dinar savior. Never bought into the reset but it’s sure looking that it’s on the table and very likely... we are going to find out shortly because it’s really very soon or NEVER.

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