Wednesday, February 19, 2020


Monday Night KTFA CC 2-17-2020 with Frank26

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DELTA: WOW ………...GREAT FIND SAMSON ……….CBI GETTING BANKS READY.... Samson: The central bank determines the percentage of fees charged to banks 18th February, 2020 The Central Bank of Iraq, on Tuesday, directed banks and financial institutions to commit to meeting the commissions prescribed by its transactions The bank said in a statement received by "Eye of Iraq News", that "all banks and financial institutions have an obligation to fulfill the commissions previously determined by their transactions, which are as follows 1- Purchase commission through points of sale: free of charge 2- Cash withdrawal commission through points of sale (0.006 of the amount) a minimum (2,000 Iraqi dinars), or 6,000 dinars per 1 million Iraqi dinars, and if the amount of 333,000 dinars is withdrawn or less, then the lowest commission applies and amounts to (2,000 Iraqi dinars) 3- Cash withdrawal commission through the ATM: (0.004 of the withdrawn amount) The lowest commission (1,000 Iraqi dinars), i.e. 4,000 Iraqi dinars per 1 million dinars, and in the event of withdrawing an amount of 250,000 Iraqi dinars or less applied The lowest commission is (1,000 Iraqi dinars) LINK Samson: The central bank organizes a lecture in Mosul on financial inclusion 18th February, 2020 The Central Bank of Iraq / the Mosul branch organized a meeting with government and private banks in Nineveh Governorate and the Association of Private Banks as well as electronic payment companies on February 10, 2020. The meeting included a lecture to promote the concept of financial inclusion, ATM and POS deployment mechanisms , updates to localization statistical indicators, RTGS and ACH system stats. The Central Bank of Iraq information Office 2/18/2020 https://cbi.iq/news/view/1428

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