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MarkZ Monday Update- Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

TODAY'S DATE 12/23/2019 “This call is in MarkZ’s opinion only”

MZ: Even though no one has money in their pockets yet…..we hear a lot of logistics were covered over the weekend. A lot of progress was supposedly made. Cleaned out a lot of middle management and streamlined everything. 

MZ:  Many contacts/paymasters  I have are only waiting through today then heading home for the holidays…then heading back to Reno at the end of the week. 

MZ: But what they are hearing is there is a mad push to get this done and packages like Omega, and CMKX out the door today so that they can release the RV . Even if only a few people get to exchange before Christmas they will be able to claim it happened before. That is the rumor all over right now in many locations. 

MZ: It’s the 23rd now….and we are watching close. I am feeling pretty relaxed because I am absolutely certain we are at the end of all of this. I am absolutely confident that we are days or at the worst weeks away from it all being done. 

Q: Who will do the delivering? 

MZ: I hear they will use the postal service. Once they make their normal rounds…..they will go out again in the evening for our special packages with a U.S. Marshall with them. That is what I have been told.  

Member:  NO reset till arrests are made …imo.

Member:  Rumors are HRC will be the first one arrested, before she declares to run

Q: Any word on mass arrests?

MZ: No word yet.

Q: Why are we being lied to so much?

MZ: One- to keep us off our game….they do not want anyone to move millions of dollars the second before it happens. 

Two-the banks honestly do not know the exact time it will happen. All they can do is prepare for when it happens. There may be only half a dozen people in the world that may know the exact timing. The rest of us can only speculate while we watch things line up. 

Member: I am looking for a new Republic on 1-1-20

Member:  Donald Trump did say on a news conference the other day that there was thousands of private citizens out there ready to help with infrastructure.

Member:  If this a taxable event we will be better off waiting until the new year anyhow.

MZ: I am calling it early today so I can track down those rumors …if I get news I will come back tonight….if not I will see you at 10AM est Christmas Eve morning…..No stream on Christmas day though .


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MZ: Video on PP’s and Farm claims: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAL0exvL45Y 

Mod:  Dr Shabibi answering questions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ol8wve53-ME

MZ: Watch the Video “The end of the road” by Monkey films on Amazon Prime….End of the Road: https://tubitv.com/movies/451883/end_of_the_road

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Mountain Goat

...the plan is still basically as it has been all along and has not changed. What has changed now is the forced political support for it and that the US and the IMF now support the sign-off process. By the way we do not have to wait 6 months or even a year for the economy to progress or for the private sector to develop as some...keep telling you...

...this plan is not really as risky as [Guru] Kaperoni tells. Actually, the plan is based off of having the reinstatement and the new rate and will not risk the entire CBI reserves... also...take into account the pressures from the protesters or from the US and IMF. The IMF has also recently threatened them with Chapter VII again. This can not be taken lightly. This all matters very much.

RayRen98 (TNT)

Demonstrations have turned violent in Southern Iraq...protestors set fire to the headquarters of the Shiite party.

...New reports now indicate that the Prime Minister will be announced on Tuesday instead of Sunday. It is being stated that Allawi has 170 votes from the ministers making him likely to be the next Prime Minister. Reportedly, Saleh is naming Allawi as Prime Minister and that he will take office in January of the new year. Time Will Tell All!

MilitiaMan (KTFA)

...I know it is not over just yet, but, very good collecti12-22-2019 Newshound Guru Jeff ...Why is it being delayed?...

One: What is Trump's 2020 campaign theme? Strong economy. The Dow...is not too far away from 29,000 points...What if the U.S. financial markets were all at an all-time high and that's also when Iraq changed their rate? That would mean we would have very high US financial markets and then roughly billions of dollars just got injected into our economy and that would be approximately 7 to 8 months right before the US elections in November...there's a very strong possibility Trump could have delayed this to have it well positioned within 7 to 8 months of the US elections. That way he looks like an economic king and genius. That's one scenario because ironically it kind of is playing out in that direction right now.

The second: Iraq could have needed some time to get themselves positioned...get some of the Iranian influence out of there...they've been passing certain laws...nobody knows exactly but those are two very solid reasons why this may have been delayed...


...Why is it being delayed?...One: What is Trump's 2020 campaign theme? Strong economy. The Dow...is not too far away from 29,000 points...What if the U.S. financial markets were all at an all-time high and that's also when Iraq changed their rate? That would mean we would have very high US financial markets and then roughly billions of dollars just got injected into our economy and that would be approximately 7 to 8 months right before the US elections in November...there's a very strong possibility Trump could have delayed this to have it well positioned within 7 to 8 months of the US elections. That way he looks like an economic king and genius. That's one scenario because ironically it kind of is playing out in that direction right now. The second: Iraq could have needed some time to get themselves positioned...get some of the Iranian influence out of there...they've been passing certain laws...nobody knows exactly but those are two very solid reasons why this may have been delayed...

Adam Montana

"Al-Khaldi: 170 deputies presented “Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi” as a candidate for prime minister"

Allawi's name is coming up a LOT...I'm fine with him.

"the rest of the nominated names are Lieutenant General Abdul-Ghani Al-Saadi, Abdul-Wahab Al-Saadi, former Governor of the Central Bank, Sinan Al-Shabibi,and Judge Rahim Al-Akili, all of whom accepted their candidacy."

I know there are members that don't support Shabibi, but I disagree...he has so much relevant experience. He has been a part of this RV process, and deeply so, for a lonnnnnng time. And I think he's supported a raise in the value, but he didn't have express power to make it happen, or maybe it wasn't the right time... but he could be the one to just jam the bus in forward gear and run through the barricades. I support him as a choice as well.

...The people are going to get what they want, and soon, or there will be a repeat of the last two months. Iraq is in a solid place to RV.


...there is no float the CBI has Told us this and the IMF has no control over how Iraq rv it's money they can only advise and they are advising that Iraq revalue to a few cents above where is was when it was taken down.

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Dec. 23, 2019

Judy Note: Intel sources have gone silent. No new information on the reset was uncovered over the weekend and 800#s release time was unknown. Mass Arrests were expected to precede the release. According to MarkZ, while Iraqi contacts were expecting the reset early next week, rumors from Bankers and Paymasters indicated that the Alliance was pushing to have it out before Declass started, which could happen at any time.

Q recently indicated that Declass would begin with arrest of a prominent figure.

US Attorney General William Barr just called out Obama for a criminal act that could be considered treason. https://conservativerevival.com/latest-news/william-barr-called-out-barack-obama-for-a-criminal-act-that-added-up-to-treason/

Ukrainian Indictment Claimed $7.4 Billion Obama-Linked Laundering, Put Biden Group Take at $16.5 Million: https://stillnessinthestorm.com/2019/11/exposed-ukrainian-indictment-claims-7-4-billion-obama-linked-laundering-puts-biden-group-take-at-16-5-million/

While a year ago President Trump indicated legal entities worldwide were helping to “Clean the Swamp,” the Mainstream Media continued to resist doing any investigative reporting – especially for the most innocent of our society – sexually abused and tortured children.

“Children Sold into Sex Slavery by Government & Parents along US/Mexican Border”: http://beforeitsnews.com/celebrities/2018/06/millions-of-sex-trafficked-children-refused-help-by-fbi-cia-homeland-security-2475416.html

A. Dec. 21 2019 Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure Intel Alert (12-22-19): "Authority"
(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation of the world based on intelligence received from several sources which may or may not be accurate or truthful.)

1. Disclosure of secret space programs, extraterrestrials and technology was expected to occur in 2020.

2. Sources were speculating that the first indictment unseal could be for Hillary Clinton [HRC] (instead of Biden or Obama).

3. The arrest of HRC would trigger mass pop awakening and potential riots.

4. Once HRC was indicted, every individual under her would be implicated in crimes.

5. HRC's indictment was expected to be the beginning of mass arrests.

6. US Marine Reserves would be called in to aid law enforcement as per the updated Manpower Guidance Order.

7. Attorney General William Barr just called out Obama for a criminal act adding up to treason.

8. Vietnam was expected to defy China's dominance in the South China Sea by siding with Trump. This move by Vietnam may lead to a possible revaluation of the Vietnamese Dong.

9. The UK's Parliament overwhelmingly passed Boris Johnson's Brexit bill which meant that the UK was officially leaving the EU before Feb. 2020.

10. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced his retirement in advance. Rumors suggested that Trudeau was leaving early as he was aware of the imminent global transition. https://torontosun.com/opinion/columnists/furey-all-the-best-to-justin-trudeau-on-his-semi-retirement

11. President Trump was expected to address the situation with Zimbabwe very soon.

12. According to sources, President Trump has signed over release authority of the New Financial System to the Alliance. This meant that the transition to a New Financial System could no longer be stopped despite what happened to the President. The transition to the New Financial System was expected to be the Alliance's endgame.

B. Received from an anonymous but reliable source:

My two cents worth of guessing: When we will exchange is linked to control. The White Hats are not in control until Arrests are made of key cabal supporters. I do not expect exchanging to be a reality until Arrests are made, for that is when banking safely can be secure. That will be when we go back to the Gold Standard. To date no group has exchanged (no offense to gurus that continue to report groups are funded. They have been saying that since June). The Admiral was given control of funding some 180 groups by General Dunford. No funding has been transferred to any group yet. That gets my thinking back to when this can go down. Not until Arrests are made.

C. Dec. 21 2019 10:45 pm EST Q Anon, Praying Medic: PrayingMedic -- QAnon (December 21, 2019): Know your History

D. Dec. 21 2019 10:43 pm EST Destruction of NATO, Faal: Trump Sanctions Begins Slow Agonizing Destruction of NATO -- Sorcha Faal

E. Dec. 21 2019 2:30 pm EST Declass, peteaxehandle: "Declassification and the Rest of the Story" by peteaxehandle - 12.21.19

1. Here's the order by Judge Collyer to declassify the email that FBI attorney altered, by the 20th.

2. Here’s the publication to declassify: https://www.fisc.uscourts.gov/sites/default/files/Misc%2019%2002%20Order%20of%20Publication%20191220.pdf

3. This was not the declassification we were waiting for. I know Q has said DECLAS was next. The DECLAS we were waiting on was the whole FISA report that Horowitz put out on the 11th.

4. Many people on twitter are referencing the ++++ signs as meaning different levels of DECLAS of the said report that would indicate that there already exists one we are waiting on and have just not been privy to yet. Can't get no satisfaction.

5. Collyer was stepping down for health reasons [meaning she prefers living] and leftist Roberts was appointing a leftist judge to replace her. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2019/12/presiding-fisa-judge-rosemary-collyer-to-step-down-days-after-rare-public-rebuke-of-fbi-will-be-replaced-by-obama-appointed-judge/

F. Dec. 21 2019 3:07 pm EST Something Big is About to Drop from Wikileaks, Robert David Steele, X22 Report: X22 Report Spotlight: Something Big is about to Drop from Wikileaks

G. Dec. 22 2019 10:11 am EST Snowden, Impeachment, RV Intel, Nyla Nguyen: Nyla Nguyen: Snowden, POTUS Impeachment, RV Intel, Draining of Swamp

1. A Dec. 15 Q drop said a decision had been made on Snowden to return him to the US in 2020. He released sensitive information in NASA that hurt the White Hats in trying to take down the Deep State.

2. Mass Arrests needed to be made before the reset so funds wouldn’t be stolen.

3. In the last five days some Cabal have been forced to resign such as Trudeau and five top Pentagon officials. They would be replaced by the White Hats.

4. A Dec. 18, 19 mass outage with Capitol One was related to the Deutsche Bank going broke because they have over leveraged. The shole system was on the edge of collapse. Major banks such as Capitol One, Wells Fargo and Bank of America were connected because of their derivitives.

5. Obamacare was being dismantled because it forced people to buy insurance and punished you if you didn’t – which was unconstitutional.


The Question was asked: Do you know where I could find more information about what a contract rate is and how to negotiate with contract rates? Thanks!

I will give you the run down on that in the short version.   The US, China and Iraq have worked together to form kind of an alliance which deals with oil futures.  

This means that instead of Iraq having to foot the bill for all the money that will be exchanged, they will get the US and China to payout the money for the revalued currency as China seems to have most of the money in the world and the US just creates money out of thin air anyway.  

So how are all the people going to get paid when the big fat bill comes in for this high value payout for currency that used to be next to worthless?  Here is where the contract rates come into play...

China is willing to payout on exchanges done through their holding company...  So let's just say for simplicity sake that they would have to payout a total of 10 billion in revalued monetary funds to people bringing in the Iraqi Dinar.  This is done through funds already held by China. 

So you, the exchanger get the healthy sum of digital money in your bank account from exchanging your foreign currency...  China paid that to you in exchange for the foreign currency you gave to them. 

Now it is China's turn to make a profit on this transaction.  China now holds credits, let's call them units...  One unit for every single Dinar you exchanged to them.  These units will have a value at each intersection of the journey of the transaction until it reaches it's final destination. 

First the near worthless currency was acquired at an International money auction more than likely from a US currency dealer.  That dealer in turn sold it to a customer which was more than likely you and other similar people.  At that moment, the dealer made a profit by selling high and buying low. 

You now hold the currency in HOPES that it will be announced Internationally that it's value has increased and it is now tradable for a considerable higher rate than you paid. 

This is the moment you can make some decisions.  Do I run to the bank and exchange this currency for the International announced value? or do I secure an 800 phone number and attempt to make a contract rate deal?

So first understand what a contract rate deal is.   

Here it is in simple terms:

Iraq has lots of oil, China and the US would like lots of oil...  Here is the simple version of what will take place.  The US and China want to get as much foreign currency units as they can get because this deal has offered China and the US upwards of $50 in oil credits per unit for every Dinar presented for exchange credit. 

China does not care how much they spend per unit within reason but more so they care about how many oil credits they can collect.

If for every unit, China and the US can secure near $50 worth of oil, they win BIG!  If Iraq does not have to foot the bill for the exchange money and instead all they have to do is provide oil to cover the bill and this can be done over a period of 60 years as this is what is considered oil futures, they will win big also.

When attempting to secure a higher rate than that which will be announced Internationally, your intent will be to connect with those who are offering a higher rate than the International rate. 

This will be done through channels which are trained and informed as to the details in bringing you this higher rate.  800 numbers are said to be your connection to such extra ordinary situations.

 Some exchangers will be lucky enough to already know trained wealth managers able to accommodate such transactions.

The basic idea to contract rates is that there is a bit of a competition between China and the US as to how many units can be collected and used towards oil futures.  Over time we observed as China and the US offered more and more to exchangers to gain a loyal exchanger. 

At one point the contract rates were said to have gotten as high as near $40 per unit, still leaving the offering countries a $10 per unit profit.

WIth the advent of early exchangers and the political need to limit the amount an exchanger can receive, that contract rate has made dramatic drops in value.  It is hoped that there will still actually be a contract rate left by the time this becomes an International announcement...  So we continue to hope.

The downside of taking the contract rate offered through the private exchange is your loyalty and silence through a signed Non Disclosure Agreement. 

The penalties of breaking such an agreement and letting the proverbial "Cat Out Of The Bag" could result in criminal charges and an erasure of any funds received through this exchange event.  Only the secret keepers need apply.

800 numbers are still said to be made available for a contract rate negotiation upon the International announcement of the currency revaluations.  Those numbers will become public in a way determined by the designers of this coming event.

It has also been rumored that the Vietnam Dong may somehow be involved in a similar contract rate.

There is a possibility that he contract rate may have a very short shelf life after the announcement and even possible that by the time this actually does happen that the set pool for contract rates may be close to being exhausted, leaving only the International rates as the only choice for negotiations.

How to negotiate for contract rates if the opportunity does present itself.

Firstly... remember to look the part, act the part of a responsible money handler...  Be respectful.

Secondly...  Ask to see contract rates on bank screens and request the highest possible. 

Thirdly...  Be wise and offer a close knit partnership with your exchange officer in making the most of the funds for future gains. 

Last but not least.  Hold out at least 50% of your exchange proceeds as you still do not know how your government officials will seek to extract as much as possible through taxation. 

Remember, money is an agreed upon value which translates into mass public acceptance...  Money's value comes from human perception which at any one point can change...  

 Therefore don't forget the ways in which value can be converted into solid tangible assets which hopefully can stand the test of time better that perceptions can.