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MilitiaMan » December 8th, 2019

This is a friendly reminder to all who still think that there is any question, as to they are going to raise the value of their currency.

Central Bank and Parliaments words not mine. The clearly mention coins and small category notes in support of them doing so.

So if one understands the implications of coins and small category notes, one can feel comfortable those suggesting other wise are not studied and are effectively and potentially harmful to ones future bottom dollar.. imo.. Be careful, especially now.. imo.. ~ MM

REPOST: DELTA: URGENT FROM IRAQI TV: Parliamentary Finance Committee intends to raise the price of the dinar against the dollar and give it strength between currencies Other

Samson » December 8th, 2019

Parliamentary Finance Committee intends to raise the price of the dinar against the dollar and give it strength among other currencies

19th August, 2019

A member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee Abdul Hadi Saadawi said in a statement on Monday, August 19, 2019, that the Finance Committee will work to raise the price of the dinar against the dollar and give it strength among other currencies in the Arab world, or at least maintain the current exchange rate to have monetary power within Local market.

The Finance Committee in the House of Representatives revealed that there is a tendency to reintroduce the coin, which has been used for decades in the country, while members of the Committee proposed to pre-empt the coin minting process by “deleting zeros” from the current currencies to be valuable to the small cash categories.

Committee member Hanin al-Qadu told Al-Sabah semi-official newspaper on Monday, 19 August 2019, that during meetings and discussions with central bank officials, we stressed the need to reintroduce coins that have been used in Iraq during the past decades, rather than Paper that is damaged and printed in large quantities again.

He added, that the use of metal categories and their descent for trading gives a notional value of the currency, noting that a number of neighboring countries exchange rates are very high against the dollar and yet we find that it has a coin in order to preserve the currency and not need to request more banknotes, especially those with small categories. He expressed surprise at the policy of the Central Bank, which does not favor the introduction of coins for circulation in the Iraqi market.

For his part, a member of Parliamentary Finance Majid al-Waeli readiness of the Committee to prepare any legislation required by the Central Bank, which could benefit the economy and the Iraqi market, including the circulation of coins.

Al-Waeli told Al-Sabah that the committee respects the independence of the central bank and its monetary policy, stressing that the bank has technical autonomy by decision regardless of administrative affairs.

While member of the Committee Jamal Cougar, that all countries in the Middle East and the world have a coin, indicating that this type of currency gives strength to its economy.

Cougar told Al-Sabah that he hoped that the concerned parties could strengthen the currency so that the small groups could have purchasing power in case of using coins. Committee member Ahmed al-Saffar said that the cost of the coin is more than paper, and that it is harder to carry on the citizen.

Al-Saffar told Al-Sabah that inflation in the economy prevents the minting of coins and makes them circulate among citizens, suggesting that there be a step to delete the zeros preceding the coinage process to be a value for small groups against.

It is noteworthy that on 19/12/2018 Hoshyar Abdullah, a member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee MP from the change bloc that the Ministry of Finance did not make any adjustments to oil prices and the sale of oil prices and the dinar against the dollar in the draft budget for the year 2019.

Abdullah wrote on his official page on the social networking site Elvis, that an official letter arrived from the Federal Ministry of Finance to the Council of Ministers, where he kept the price of a barrel of oil at $ 56 and kept the proportion of crude oil daily export by 3.88 million barrels, and the region must export 250,000 barrels of these The rate, pointing out that the Ministry of Finance also kept the price of one dollar against 1182 dinars as it was in the previous draft ..

Abdullah said that the new draft of the general budget does not differentiate from its predecessor and there are no amendments and that Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds did not approve the previous draft and the new amendments do not solve the problems of any of those parties and parties.

Majid Shankali, a member of the Parliamentary Economy and Investment Committee, said earlier that the Central Bank’s recent procedures for selling the dollar in the public auction contributed to raising the value of the dollar against the dinar. Trying to harm the national currency for their own benefit.

Shankali added that the central bank is required to take supportive measures for the Iraqi dinar and to fight those who tamper with the security of the national economy, because the country’s interest is above all else.

Shankali demanded, the government to accelerate the development of the banking and industrial sector, especially what we note these days there is a significant rise in the price of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar, as he put it, calling for investment law legislation to help bring international companies to Iraq to develop infrastructure, while attributed the parliamentary finance earlier The decline in the exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar to the decline of financial revenues belonging to the state from oil sales, indicating that oil was sold at more than $ 100 a barrel and today its price has reached below $ 50 and this means that the revenues decreased by 50%, which affected the exchange rate National.

The Parliamentary Economy Committee said earlier that it discussed with the Central Bank Governor Ali Alaq the main reasons for the decline in the exchange rate of the dinar and effective solutions to the return of stability, noting that the central bank will take new measures to maintain the hard currency and the return of the stability of the exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar, stressing that the sale price The dollar in accordance with Article 50 of the budget reflected negatively on the Iraqi citizen pushed the Finance Committee to demand pumping dollars in the market. LINK

Don961 » December 8th, 2019

James Jeffrey arrives in the Kurdistan Region and meets with senior officials

12 hours ago | 780 views


The special envoy of the President of the United States of America has arrived at the international coalition against ISIS and the Syrian crisis file James Jeffrey for the Kurdistan Region.

Jeffrey started his visit to the Kurdistan Region, with a meeting with the President Barzani, and then he met with the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region Masrour Barzani, in a meeting that is still ongoing.

Jeffrey is scheduled to go to the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, to meet with senior officials of the Iraqi government.

Jeffrey’s visit to the region, aiming to cut off the road to the return of ISIS, comes after the increase of his armed movements in the region. LINK

Legal expert: The government is dissolved after the end of the 30 days set for conducting business and the President of the Republic takes office

8th December, 2019

Today, Sunday, legal expert Ali Al-Tamimi said that the expiry of the 30-day period specified for the caretaker government without nominating an alternative person would lead to the legal dissolution of the Abdul-Mahdi government.

Al-Tamimi said in a post on his Facebook page, followed by "Al-Ghad Press" that "the president of the republic has 15 days to appoint a new and another candidate, and he can be independent if the period has passed and he did not succeed, and after the end of the 30 days set for conducting business, the government of Abdul Mahdi and those with him will end."

He explained, "Then we will turn to Article 81 of the Constitution, where the President of the Republic undertakes the task of conducting business and his obligation.

The text above is P2 assigned to a new candidate. Within 15 days from the date of the vacancy, and if it does not succeed, the constitution does not address it, but I see that since the text came absolutely and the absolute applies to its launch Unless something comes to restrain, I see that if this vacuum occurs, the President of the Republic will continue until a new Prime Minister is found." LINK

Jay » December 8th, 2019

Well then there is this article. Which is probably the route the Big 4 is going to use. Ok Parliament. You won't vote on the election law(s)...???!!!!

We will just """ WAIT """ you out. 30 days and all your positions are dissolved. Then the COMPLETE caretaker goi takes over.

What's that you say??? a CT GOI (care taker) can not make NEW laws???!?!?!... Why you are absolutely correct. But a CT goi can MOST DEFINITELY vote and pass laws that were already formed before you idiots (iranian parliament) left.

Trump is brilliant. When he met with the President of Iraq this was probably one of the plans of attack they talked about on how oust Iran and planning Irans counter moves. CHESS. BRILLIANT.

all IMO only

Samson » December 8th, 2019

This document ... next Tuesday is an official holiday

12/8/2019 18:18

Al-Furat News obtained a document of Cabinet Resolution No. 11 of 2018, which states that “the liberation day of Iraq from the terrorist gangs of ISIS and the 10th of December is a national holiday and an official holiday every year.” LINK

Despite fears of escalating violence, thousands of protesters flock to Tahrir Square

8th December, 2019

Thousands of Iraqi demonstrators continued today, Sunday, to protest in protest arenas, despite the killing of 24 people in Baghdad by gunmen, which raises fears of escalating violence in the country.

The demonstrators flocked to the demonstration yards since the early hours of Sunday morning in both the capital, Baghdad, and the protest squares in several southern governorates, where they chanted slogans in refusal of the government to silence the massacre of Sink and al-Khilani.

The demonstrators started since morning to cut off some streets between Al Wathba Square and Al-Khilani Square in Baghdad to announce a general strike, while middle school students gathered in Najaf in the Revolution Square, to announce their continuing strike action.

On Saturday night, the United States condemned the attack on Iraqi demonstrators in central Baghdad, which killed 24 people. Gunmen had fired live bullets at the demonstrators in Al-Khilani Square and Al-Senak Bridge in Baghdad on Friday. For more than two months, Iraqis have been calling for a change in the ruling class for 16 years, accusing it of corruption, nepotism, and subordination to Iran. LINK

Arrest warrants included ... a source revealing the results of the investigation into the killing of the demonstrators

8th December, 2019

Today, Sunday, a well-informed source revealed the results of the investigation into the killing of the demonstrators in Al-Diwaniyah Governorate.

The source said to Shafak News that "the investigative committee concerned with the issue of killing protesters and the events that accompanied it in Diwaniya issued arrest warrants in accordance with Article 406 / penalties against both Lt. Col. Ahmed Kamel Hammadi and Major Alaa Abboud Jabbar."

The source added that "the arrest warrants came against the background of charges attributed to them regarding the killing of peaceful demonstrators." LINK

In 6 governorates, demonstrators flocked to the sit-in squares and closed departments and universities

8th December, 2019

Informed sources said, today, Sunday, that protesters flocked to the sit-in squares, as well as the closure of several departments and universities in a number of southern provinces in Iraq.

The sources said to Shafaq News that "the Najaf governorate witnessed the continued flow of demonstrators to the Sadr Square, with the closure of the Education, Municipal, Water, Sewage, and Governorate Buildings, as well as the closure of the Bridge of the Twentieth Revolution by the security services in the direction going to the old city of Najaf."

The sources added, "In Diwaniya, the demonstrators continued to arrive at the clock square, coinciding with the disruption of official working hours in the governorate departments, by a decision of the governor to mourn the lives of the victims of al-Sink and al-Khalani."

She added that "Dhi Qar governorate witnessed the continued flow of demonstrators to Al-Haboubi Square, in conjunction with the disruption of official working hours in the provinces, amid security stability witnessed by the province."

She pointed out that "Al-Muthanna governorate witnessed the disruption of official working hours in the governorate departments by order of the governor, except for service departments and hospitals, with demonstrators present in the celebration square, and the demonstrators were present in the Education Square in Maysan governorate amid security stability witnessed by the province."

The sources added, "The demonstrators were present in the area of Falkat Al-Tarbiya in Karbala Governorate, while protesters blocked the road to the employees of Al-Khairat Power Station in Karbala and prevented the entry and exit of employees, in addition to closing the doors of Karbala University and preventing entry to it." LINK

Parliamentary Finance: We will receive the 2020 budget from the government soon, and it will approve the beginning of next year

11:53 - 08/12/2019

The Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed, Sunday, that the caretaker government will send a draft budget law next year soon and it will be completed as soon as possible for the purpose of presenting it to Parliament for a vote, likely to pass it at the beginning of next year.

Member of the Committee, Representative Raad Hussein, said in a statement to "Information", that "the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives has received notifications from the government that it will send the draft budget bill 2020 to Parliament soon."

Hussein added, "The committee has completed its full readiness to discuss the budget chapters and it will work to complete it within a very short time for the purpose of presenting it to vote", suggesting that "its approval will take place early next year."

It is noteworthy that the government voted on the draft budget law before transferring it to a caretaker government, and thus will be obligated to send it to Parliament in accordance with the Financial Management Law No. 6 of 2019. LINK

Briscom » December 8th, 2019

Articles Friday and Saturday stating the budget will be pass this week. Now this one saying budget passed (early) next year. What is wrong with these Iraqi parlementary politicians??? Do they not think Iraqi citizens are watching/listening to this flip-flop nonsense?? Unbelievable!

HoosierGirl » December 8th, 2019

Greedy, evil, controlling, manipulating "officials" DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE PEOPLE! It's the same in Iraq as it is in the United States. It is about saving their own @$$. THAT is their first rule and nothing else. The evil that prevails all over this world is incomprehensible at time.

Samson » December 8th, 2019

Work determines the date for the disbursement of accumulated salaries for full-time appointees

08:33 - 08/12/2019

The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs has set, on Sunday, the 15th of this December a date for disbursing the accumulated salaries of full-time appointees for the past three years.

The Minister of Labor, Basem Abd Al-Zaman, said in a statement that the official Al-Sabah newspaper reported to him and learned about it / the information: that his ministry has set the 15th of the current month of December as the date for the disbursement of accumulated salaries to beneficiaries with disabilities for the past three years: 2016, 2017 and 2018 in Baghdad and the provinces of the country and through the (Master Card) card.”

Abdel-Zaman added that his ministry is “working to advance this segment and provide the best services to it in order to improve their social and living reality, which will make them active actors in society.” He called on the beneficiaries to “review the exchange outlets in order to receive their dues starting from the middle of this month.”

Abdul-Zaman pointed to "continuous coordination with the relevant authorities in order to obtain the sums for the disbursement of their dues, especially after intensifying efforts to serve the handicapped and those with needs in order to meet their needs." People with disabilities in society, especially since the authority is supported by a special budget and programs that will improve the reality of this segment if it is organized in a correct way. LINK


Red: With Iran in control of the Iraq government the RV could never have happened before. Now when Iraq gains full control of auctions and governments seats then we could hope for a RV jmvho

Harambe: MidEasMon: Iraq’s Kurdish region hands oil to Baghdad for first time

Yada: there is much progress that has transpired. Even the article harambe just posted is another indicator. The Kurds wouldn’t just start giving oil if some progress in agreements are manifesting and the banks are not just sitting aside expecting knowing the rate change will effect the interest they are to receive and pay. Expecting the release any moment. Eb

Eccle519: Iraq is exposed and needs a little space getting things right this time with resignations, US help and protesters demanding. I'm not holding my breath for this year but things are looking very good as never before

Yada: Eccl yes expect this year because the banks would not receive any revenue. Yes, it’s ready

Isa52bc: Harambe- WOW! I’m lovin’ the info you posted about the oil!!!!!! Thank you!

Yada: Isa52. Watch the Iraqi banks preparing for the rates to change effecting their interest rates.

Mangelo: I bet things are happening!!!

Yada: Big time mangelo. I don’t usually mention other site’s info but a few select ones are expecting what we are in the rate release. And not next year,,now.

CharlieOK: Great points made by yada and great article by harambe…. Been waiting to see if Baghdad would get inspired a little once the "who's got the oil" issues got sorted out.

Breitling Returns with Full Iraq Dinar Report Part 2

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Dec. 8 2019

Judy Note: There has been no new information to report, except for more insight as to workings of International Child Sex Trafficking Rings as shown in #C. We should see some action by Mon. 9 Dec. with release of the long overdue FISA Report, to be followed before Christmas by the Huber Report (concerning the over 144,000 indictments against mainly political elites filed in Federal Courts across the nation), plus exposure of those charged by the World Court with Treason, Sedition and Crimes Against Humanity.

For the most part Intel has gone silent. When the RV was released the Quantum Computer should automatically send out emails to Currency and Zim Bond buyers containing the 800#s, along with information on how to exchange and redeem – that also would be placed on certain approved websites and Twitter accounts as below:

Dinres Gurus: https://dinaresgurus.blogspot.com/

Dinar Chronicles: http://www.dinarchronicles.com/tetelestai.html

Dinar Recaps: https://www.dinarrecaps.com/our-blog

MarkZ: https://www.twitch.tv/theoriginalmarkz MarkZ Twitter: m.twitter.com/originalmarkz

Bruce: https://www.iqdcalls.com/The_Big_Call.html bigcalluniverse.com

TNT Tony: https://twitter.com/the_tnt_team

FISA Report release: Mon. 9 Dec.

Congressional Hearings: Wed. 11 Dec.

On Fri. 22 Nov. President Trump was on Fox and Friends saying, “In the next few weeks we would see release of the IG FISA Report, John Huber’s Report and from the World Court, the names of those found guilty of committing Crimes Against Humanity, Treason and Sedition.”

WARNING – DON’T BE SCAMMED: There have been complaints about certain group leaders promising to give sovereign rates and/or saying you could be part of a humanitarian project if you would place your redemption monies into an Irrevocable Trust, give them the identification numbers of your currency and/or bonds, allow them to exchange for you and/or advise you not to call the 800#s but instead, put your personal and currency information on a certain website.

Beny "Why, Why Now is Here"


Notes sent to us by “Anonymous” 

Thank you Frank!!!!


Frank26:  12-7-19 ........SHUT DOWN....SHUT UP......CBI WEBSITE


Greetings family – Welcome to another one of Frank26’s UB2B’s

Frank26: Go back into your notes…When did I say I favor …imo….for the Central Bank of Iraq to make their move……to add value to their currency???  

What day of the week do I favor???  

Arlene: Sunday into a Monday

F26: Yeah I like that……It can be any day….but in my opinion…..I pay attention to a Saturday into a Sunday. But I would look more into a Sunday to a Monday .

IMO a Sat into a Sun is more internally. The things they are doing inside their country. 

For example, what happened today with the CBI……and their website. 

IMO A Sunday into a Monday is more externally…..On Sundays Banks across the world are normally closed.  But, on Monday the rest of the world internationally catches up with the Iraqi banks. 

That is why I look at that time frame but it could be anyday. 

I asked myself this question today: Frank why did the CBI website shut down early this morning? This was in  a Saturday into a Sunday time frame, and it attracted my attention. 

What are the 2 things I told you my teams were looking for? 1: Iran throwing a tantrum and 2: the CBI to talk. 

I believe the CBI talked through their website today. I’d like to point out some things on their shutdown this morning. 

It occurred at 9:30 AM est today …which was 5:30 PM Baghdad time ….the CBI website was simply shut down.

I’m not going to blow this up or exaggerate what happened with the CBI today. Their website is for the purpose of communicating, teaching ,telling and describing. .  

What is the CBI doing right now? A monetary reform and a reinstatement of their currency. 

So, the thing that I found interesting is 1): when it occurred…a Saturday into a Sunday. 

2): They were shut down for a loooong time….6 and ½-almost 7 hours.  Have you ever seen it shut down that long before?   They shut down communication with the international community and outside world. ..I think the longest we have seen it shut down previously was under 3 hours.

Did you know that 70% of the 3 zero notes have been collected in Iraq?  That’s a lot of work if they aren’t going to raise the value of their currency …imo 

What do I say about patterns?  If they break a pattern- it means something and it draws my attention. 

IMO The CBI is doing maintenence on their website. . and we have seen different numbers show up on currency counter sites… This has happened about 4 times in the last 2 years of our studies over the last 14 years 

IMO they did something in those 7 hours….relating to their monetary reform.

It wasn’t a glitch. So, whatever they are doing must be for a purpose. What we saw today was not a mistake….in fact it was so loud it screamed. 

I asked my teams: “What kind of work are they doing?”  Find out

IMO …what we are looking for is any differences on the CBI website. Scan every page…are there any new pages?  Are there any new numbers? Any new words, any new pictures? 

Delta is looking at it very closely. We are looking for anything new after VP Pence arrived in Iraq. 

What did Pence do? IMO…….He gave orders and because of the rider activated in the budget by Pence IMO. …which is causing a domino effect with other things. 

On the CBI website its going to say the rate is 1190…but then its going to have a comma, with 3 zeros. Understand that the comma is actually a dot.  In Arabic the comma is a dot. 

So to me a 7 hour shutdown means there is work being done ,,,and my teams are tearing it apart right now in English and Arabic. 

Q: Frank could this be the first Nothing, Nothing, Nothing and then Suddenly?  (From Kim Clement prophecy) 

F26:  My opinion on Nothing, Nothing, Nothing and then Suddenly is : The CBI along with the banks have to do recalculations, and testing of the exchange rate. And they tested it with many different multiple exchange rates. IMO everytime they did this they came very close to reinstating their currency. 

One time is when the former US President decided to pull our troops out and let Isis and the Taliban destroy all the work we had dqne since 2003 

The second time is just last year around this same time . ….I guess “Daddy” (Trump) didn’t think they were stable enough and they shut it down. . And it was because of Maliki. 

Now this last year they have been removing terrorism from the streets of Iraq. Securing the borders…cleaning up corruption. 

Those are 3 nothings and I think we are about to see a “Suddenly” 

Please watch the replay for the entire Q&A


Zenopec:  Fiat Panic? … I believe Iraqi Dinar will be the starting gun that begins the race for All fiat currencies to be converted into the GOLD backed QFS, or nations on them will fail... ISAIAH 60:12