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DCDriver:  Looks like the cbi website is down  

GGC:  looking good, what do you think DELTA?  
DJSpandc:  If I remember correctly, frank26 and walking stick said if cbi site down for 3hr or more expect something big!!. Heres hoping



Pearle:  Intel Guru Delta ...Bank in Iraq...they had a statement that was very interesting, "The U.S. dollar rates may change." That was very strange...November 29 they started putting that small memo there...this is the first time I've seen something like that...this is huge...

Kaseyko1:  Pearle, I wonder if this comment by the Bank of Iraq is indicative of us going back to the gold standard/asset backed currency, "Intel Guru Delta ...Bank in Iraq...they had a statement that was very interesting, "The U.S. dollar rates may change." That was very strange...November 29 they started putting that small memo there...this is the first time I've seen something like that...this is huge.."

The Big Call Intell Only With Bruce December 5, 2019


IRAQ DINAR IS SHORT-TERM DISAPPOINTMENT, LONG-TERM BET (please note date of article. This is from 2012. In Jan 2013 the CBI had plans to reinstate the dinar. I have added my commentary throughout the article. It is very interesting to read what they were saying about the value of the dinar in 2012 and since it is now 2019 and we can clearly see something “very fishy” is still going on with the dinar and it is being grossly suppressed and stiffened from it’s true nominal value.

 I encourage everyone to take some time to read this carefully to get an honest perspective of just where the dinar is [or should be] today before you decide to buy the dinar and invest.)

October 3, 2012
By Aseel Kami
BAGHDAD, Oct 3 (Reuters) – Many Iraqis have lost faith in their dinar currency but to some foreign speculators, it promises big profits. The contrast underlines the uncertainties of investing in Iraq as the country recovers from years of war and economic sanctions.

The logic of the dinar bulls is simple. Iraq’s oil exports rose to 2.6 million barrels per day in September, their highest level in three decades; the country aims to hit 6 MILLION BPD BY 2017, WHICH WOULD PUT IT CLOSE TO SAUDI ARABIA’S CURRENT LEVEL.

Even if unstable politics, militant violence and bureaucratic inefficiency prevent that target from being hit, Iraq still seems to be on the threshold of an OIL BOOM THAT WILL TRANSFORM ITS FINANCES.
Inflows of new oil revenue could give the country big external surpluses and push state finances deep into the black by late this decade – THE CLASSIC RECIPE FOR A STRONG CURRENCY.
“As far as our investors are concerned, when they buy Iraqi dinars they do know it is a long-term investment. You know it takes time for a country to rebuild itself,” said Hassnain Ali Agha, president of Dinar Trade, a U.S. dealer of exotic currencies.
Because the DINAR IS NOT FREELY TRADED BY BANKS OUTSIDE IRAQ, online dealers of banknotes such as Dinar Trade are the only way that most foreigners can invest in the currency. The Las Vegas-based company says it sells as much as hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of dinars daily, shipping dinar notes to thousands of customers in the United States and elsewhere.
Agha said that because of optimism about Iraq’s oil wealth, there had been solid demand for dinars since his company was founded in 2004, a year after the U.S. invasion which triggered years of political violence and economic turmoil.

Back in Baghdad, however, Iraqis themselves are not convinced. Many take what opportunities they have to change their dinars into hard currency, and conduct all but small day-to-day transactions in U.S. dollars.

“We have no trust in the Iraqi dinar – we feel afraid to save it. We trust the dollar more. The dollar does not go up and down, it is fixed,” said housewife and mother-of-two Eman Saadeldine.

The dinar has endured wild swings over the past three decades. In the 1980S, ONE DINAR BOUGHT AROUND $3, but economic sanctions imposed on Iraq around the time of the 1991 Gulf War sent the currency into decline and stoked inflation, which the government fueled by printing money. By late 1995, $1 bought as much as 3,000 dinars. After the 2003 invasion, the central bank intervened in the currency market to strengthen the dinar, using its supplies of dollars to manage the exchange rate.

But over the last several years, even as Iraq’s oil production has expanded, there has been none of the appreciation for which speculators have been hoping. The central bank now sells dollars in daily auctions at a fixed price of 1,166 dinars, A LEVEL BARELY CHANGED SINCE 2009.

In fact, the dinar has recently faced downward pressure as a result of the international economic sanctions imposed on neighboring Iran and Syria. Iraqi traders rushed to buy dollars to sell on illicitly to residents and businesses in those countries, which are hungry for hard currency.

The dinar fell as low as 1,280 in the open market this year before Iraqi authorities reacted by allowing two state-run banks and some private lenders to sell dollars, helping push the exchange rate back to around 1,200 currently.

Another factor counting against the dinar is the fact that the largest banknote is only 25,000 dinars. This often makes the currency unattractive to use in an economy where the banking system is primitive and deals are often done in cash.
Saadeldine recalls paying in cash for a new house in 2009.
“If our money had been in dinars, it would have been impossible for us to carry it. It was in dollars and we carried it in a small suitcase,” she said.


(Mnt Goat – what he is saying is that the prices would simply nock off 3 zeros too, thus the real price 25,000 dinars is then 25 dinars. Both would have the same value 25 US dollars. So if this happens then what is our dinar worth outside the country? Still worth the same amount as now UNLESS they also “reinstate’ the dinar. This is the key. It was the key back in 2012 and still is the key to making any big money off our investment. )

“It would increase trust in the dinar even THOUGH ITS VALUE WOULD NOT CHANGE,” said Baghdad-based economist Majid al-Souri. “Indirectly, when trust increases there will be appreciation.”
(Mnt Goat – misses the point here. The VALUE of the dinar is suppressed as the 1166 back in 2012 and now 1190 in 2019 does not reflect its TRUE VALUE. This is the problem here. If oil exports increased to 2.6 million barrels by September 2012 and then we know it more than doubles now by 2017 and the rate of the dinar was over $3.00 before the first sanctions in 1991, they why in hell is the rate still 1/8 of a penny? The why has the CBI repeatedly been telling us they will “raise the value of the dinar to its prior glory in the coming days”? Do you see something VERY fishy going on here? This article does not add up.)
Earlier this year, however, the cabinet decided to suspend the technically complex redenomination plan until further notice, saying the economic climate was not suitable.

(Mnt Goat – this last paragraph is a total contradiction. Do they even know what the hell they are talking about? In a previous statement they say a redenomination would not change the value and prices would adjust to the same when deleting the zeros. Now in this paragraph they are telling us they need an economic climate that is suitable. Why would they need a more suitable economic climate if the value and prices are not really effected? You see the lies. They are not being honest with us.)

The biggest obstacle to dinar appreciation is the fact that for now at least, Iraqi authorities appear content with the exchange rate in its current range.

In a memorandum to the International Monetary Fund on economic and financial policies for 2011, written in March that year, the Iraqi government said it saw benefits in keeping the dinar stable.

(Mnt Goat – this ties directly to the corruption with the currency auctions. This is what they are really referring to. They want to continue the auctions because billions can be made in the buying and selling of the US dollars. Remember they are NOT selling and buying dinars, the auctions is all about taking the US dollars out of the CBI reserves and trading them for dinars. The US dollars are then supposed to be used solely for trading for imports to bring in needed foods and goods to Iraq. 

Apparently these auctions and grown we beyond their original intent and like a baby sucking on its mother’s tit is hard to get off it. But it has to happen if you are going to have any REAL GROWTH in this country. They can’t keep this up much longer. )

“We believe that the policy of maintaining a stable exchange rate continues to be appropriate, as it provides a solid anchor for the public’s expectations in an otherwise uncertain environment and in an economy with a still very low level of financial intermediation,” it said.

In the long term, however, Iraq’s finances and economy may improve so dramatically that AUTHORITIES FEEL COMFORTABLE ALLOWING THE DINAR TO APPRECIATE UNDER THE PRESSURE OF FLOWS OF OIL MONEY into the country.

(Mtn Goat – Article is 7 years ago from 2012 it is now 2019 and this has already occurred only the Iranian corruption is still holding it back. Iraq has now doubled the oil production from the time this article was written. No one is going to tell me this is not the time to all the dinar to greatly appreciate.)

The IMF expects this year’s estimated budget surplus of just 0.2 percent of gross domestic product to balloon to 12.1 percent in 2017. The country’s balance of trade in goods and services, in deficit as recently as 2010, is projected over the next five years to shift to a large surplus of 11.3 percent of GDP.
Deputy central bank governor Mudher Kasim told Reuters that HE EXPECTED REDENOMINATION OF THE DINAR TO GO AHEAD IN 2014 or later, by which time the amount of Iraqi currency in circulation would have increased significantly, making financial dealings in cash even harder.
IN THE LONG TERM, THE CENTRAL BANK AIMS TO MAKE 1 DINAR EQUAL TO $1 with a combination of redenomination and appreciation, ALTHOUGH THAT WILL TAKE OVER THREE YEARS BECAUSE OF INSTABILITY in the Middle East, Kasim said: “If not for the regional circumstances, we would proceed faster with that plan.”

(Mnt Goat – okay its way over 3 years already. In fact it is more than double that more like 7 years already to this prediction. So where in hell is the RV?)

Some analysts think the appreciation could go further. Kamal al-Basri, research director at the Iraqi Institute for Economic Reforms, an independent research body in Baghdad, said he expected the dinar to stay stable for the next three years, but that afterwards it might strengthen beyond parity against the dollar, including the effect of redenomination.

For that to happen, Iraqi politics will have to stabilize, skill and education levels rise and the economy diversify so that it is not so heavily dependent on oil exports, he said.
Speaking at the Baghdad currency exchange shop that he owns, Ahmed Abdul-Ridha said the dinar’s stability in the past three years was good, but it did not indicate the long-term trend.
“We wish the dinar’s value would go back to what it was like before, when it used to equal $3 in the 1970s and even in the 1980s,” he said.

“I expect that day will come. Why not? What we are going through is an abnormal condition…We are an oil country.”
Our Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles

(Mnt Goat – I want everyone to know that I am not advising you to invest or not to invest in the Iraqi dinar. I am only presenting an article with my opinion based on what they are telling us from Iraq. It’s 2019 and the dinar is still NOT freely traded by banks outside IRAQ. It has been over 3 years already [more like 7 years] and still no RV. Is it time for this to happen. I ask you this question. So relax. I feel these demonstrations may be the key to forcing this change finally to happen. It is not a matter of having the value to support $1.00 or even $3.00. It is instead a matter of ending the corruption and getting the political will to just do it.


So, this question to ask is really - Is the Iraqi dinar legitimate currency of just exotic collectors item?  We know from this article from 2012 that the dinar is in FACT a real currency and  is being used inside Iraq as their currency right now. But in 2004, upon its  inception, it was not meant to be a permanent currency. If you read the article above carefully you will see that there were many reasons for issuing it. Are these reasons now still legitimate reasons.

 NO! These reasons are no longer valid and these large 3 zero notes have outlived their usefulness. In fact they are long due to be replaced with normal denominations. The currency auctions breed corruption and is one of the many sources of massive corruption of all this oil  money and wealth of Iraq. 

Many sceptics still say that there is going to be a lop and so I invite you, if you are one of these sceptics, to read my write ups on FB as to why this could not possibly be a lop and why this is the basis for us making millions if not billions off this as a long-term investment. But you have to have “guts” and not be a wimp. 

Don’t buy into this investment if you are wimp and can’t stand the pain of the constant stream of good news then bad news from the Central Bank of Iraq. Since my initial investment in the dinar in 2006 I have learned so much. I would not still be here if I did not have total faith that someday this currency will revalue by having the OFAC sanctions lifted. 

Below are links to help answer most of the common questions about this investment: 




I want all you newbies to my FB site to realize that I have a NOTES and a VIDEO section also and I am not just about my twice weekly newsletters. Please go out to the rest of my FB site and explore, look around and educate yourself. 






...I assure you, nothing good is coming as a result of the Iraqi protests. These protests in Iraq are nothing more than citizen frustration over a lack of progress the past 10 years. It's going to take more than protests to fix the problems in Iraq.The political class in Iraq is embedded in corruption. They will not give up without a fight. Disclosure of assets, income and prosecution of the crooked must happen to fix this mess.


...my teams are on high alert...because of the speed of this thing. Because the speed in which this is happening.

MilitiaMan (KTFA)

"Diyala clans stage demonstrations in support of the peaceful center of Baquba"

The calm on the streets has a great feel today. The recent actions of the suspension of loans is powerful. All loans and many contracts have to deal with payments. Think about it. Every car loan, house loan, private loan, commercial and even industrial loans have to be adjusted accordingly when a rate is expected to change...So, when they say all banks are involved that means they are ready now. Banks are closed in Baghdad long time ago now. They have said they were having a Parliament session tonight in regard to the budget... So, I feel good that this one killer window! imo.


[via PDK]

I talked to 2 Iraqi contacts and they are expecting and very hopeful to see the new rates in tomorrows gazette. On the flip side of that, which may or may not be related…supposedly we are positioning 14,000 troops throughout Iraq and the middle east…because of Iran. Could this be a cover? The reason to have troops there for the roll out of the RV? I certainly hope so. We are all ready to have this done...

[We were once told to have separate appointments for each currency …is that still true or does it matter anymore?]

I heard it doesn't matter anymore...I hear they want you to do it all at once

Mountain Goat

...You may not hear anything about this in the news but they are about to payout on HCL money to the people. This will be a consistent stream of money to the people. This is mandated by the new Iraqi constitution. This is going to be interesting. The rate to be paid out to the people must be around 1:1 close to par with the US dollar. So will they change the rate also and complete the project to delete the zeros?

Bruce (The Big Call)

[via WiserNow]

...27 event triggers are all but complete...There’s one that we believe is left and that we believe is the release of the toll free numbers...we are the internet group...we’re the only ones who have “privately” negotiable rates...meaning we have some flexibility on the rates...and that is why our group tier 4B will be the last to go because they have new rates...that have populated on the screens tonight for us that are very, very strong to start whenever it is that we are to start...So…we have new rates that have shown up on the screens that are solid that are there – We have a new procedure that is in place for us with this finger printing – We have expectations to get this party started here pretty soon...

Michael Cottrell

...this thing is about to drop. Yes, we are very close given the information and activities that have happened since I sent that package to President Trump.

[Do you still see this as a GCR and everything going at the same time?]

Yes I do...It’s common sense the way this is going to happen...without it all happening at once and it would be a mess.


...Bank in Iraq...they had a statement that was very interesting, "The U.S. dollar rates may change." That was very strange...November 29 they started putting that small memo there...this is the first time I've seen something like that...this is huge...

Restored Republic via a GCR: Special Report as of Dec. 7, 2019

Judy Note: Intel has gone silent. It was my understanding that when the RV was released the Quantum Computer would automatically send out emails to Currency and Zim Bond buyers containing the 800#s, along with specific information on how to exchange currencies and redeem the bonds – that also would be placed on certain approved websites and Twitter accounts:

Dinares Gurus :https://dinaresgurus.blogspot.com/

Dinar Chronicles: http://www.dinarchronicles.com/tetelestai.html

Dinar Recaps: https://www.dinarrecaps.com/our-blog

MarkZ: https://www.twitch.tv/theoriginalmarkz MarkZ Twitter: m.twitter.com/originalmarkz

Bruce: https://www.iqdcalls.com/The_Big_Call.html bigcalluniverse.com

TNT Tony: https://twitter.com/the_tnt_team

FISA Report release: Mon. 9 Dec.

Congressional Hearings: Wed. 11 Dec.

On Fri. 22 Nov. President Trump was on Fox and Friends saying, “In the next few weeks we would see release of the IG FISA Report, John Huber’s Report and from the World Court, the names of those found guilty of committing Crimes Against Humanity, Treason and Sedition.”

WARNING – DON’T BE SCAMMED: There have been complaints about certain group leaders promising to give sovereign rates and/or saying you could be part of a humanitarian project if you would place your redemption monies into an Irrevocable Trust, give them the identification numbers of your currency and/or bonds, allow them to exchange for you and/or advise you not to call the 800#s but instead, put your personal and currency information on a certain website.

This was a way to give away control of your own redemption monies and a signal that you may be dealing with a Scam Artist. In the recent past some so-called group leaders have been arrested for doing such. If you feel you have been taken in by such a person be sure to do your own exchange and turn over the person’s identity to those helping you at your exchange.

By calling the 800#s and obtaining your own appointment at a licensed Redemption Center you could obtain the sovereign rates just by asking for them, redeem bonds without having a humanitarian project, keep control of your own monies by placing it in a Skeleton Trust provided at the exchange and later, working with your own money management team, the information of which would be provided at your exchange.

A. A Must Watch – A Traitor’s Justice Episode 10 Conclusion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gz7uerZ9nNM&feature=youtu.be

B. Dec. 1 2019 U.S Army Tweet: The Calm Before the Storm – The Calm is Over #ReadytoFight: https://twitter.com/USArmy/status/1201366645765218305

C. International Child Trafficking:

70,000 Member Pedophile Ring: https://humansarefree.com/2016/11/exclusive-largest-pedophile-ring-in-history-70000-members.html?sfns=mo

Obama, Clinton, Podesta, Soros, Epstein Connected to Pedophilia: https://humansarefree.com/2016/11/bombshell-obama-clinton-podesta-soros-epstein-alefantis-all-connected-to-pedophilia-claims-by-podesta-emails.html The Podesta-Clinton connections to pedophilia and Satanism with some of the most influential people in the US, including Barack Obama, George SorosJohn Podesta, Tony Podesta, Hillary Clintonconvicted billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and James Alefantis who is “one of DC’s 50 most powerful people”. George Soros donated $20k to ‘Comet Ping Pong’ pizza restaurant, owned by James Alefantis where Obama goes frequently and even held a fundraiser.

Mother Teresa Charity Investigated for Child Trafficking, Newsweek: https://www.newsweek.com/mother-teresas-charity-being-investigated-child-trafficking-1027780

Okie Oilman ~ The Man, The Myth, The Legend, 7 DEC

by Dr. Dinar

Be it 10 minutes or ten years, if you've been involved in the RV/GCR at any level whatsoever, then chances are pretty good that you've heard mention of "Okie" somewhere along your journey.

Or more appropriately, Okie Oilman.

Seemingly larger than life, with a reputation that far precedes him.

Without a doubt a Dinarland legend in our own time.

For those that weren't around back in the day, when it came to the RV of the IQD, Okie Oilman was the original voice of authority.

Sure, there were others around but to this day I doubt any of them still command the presence that Okie does.

After all, there's only one Okie Oilman.

Always has been. Always will be.

.a trigger pic.png
While many attempted to duplicate him along the trail, his style truly is one-of-a-kind.

Pretenders need not apply.

Simply seeing the words GOOD MORNING AMERICA - SHIPS AT SEA and ALL OUR WORLD WIDE FRIENDS at the beginning of a Dinarland post meant that Okie was in the house and likely ready to drop some awesome intel.

Sure, many people thought Okie was crazy, what with his $3.41 rate guesstimate an' all.

Yet at the same time, many others were more than convinced of his qualifications to speak on all things RV related.

Hearing rumors of his supposedly being in a particular photo in front of a well known "House" with a few other well known folks definitely helped add to his credibility.

And at the same time, his larger-than-life mystique.

Best of all, no one could prove one way or another as no one knew for certain who he was, nor what he looked like.

They only knew his voice. That unmistakable voice.

In reality, that likely helped more than it hurt his reputation.

Back then, the RV was all there was.

It was more than enough to keep Dinarland awash in rumors 24/7.

There was no talk of anything such as the Vietnamese Dong nor the Zim, let alone an impending GCR.

It was all Iraq. All dinar. All. The. Time.

And Dinarians were in need of something to believe in.

Something to prove to themselves that this too good to be true roller coaster was indeed a worthwhile venture.

Something to keep them moving forward, letting them know that they weren't insane like their Brother-In-Law's Gardner's Hairdresser said they were.

That the RV of the IQD wasn't a scam and that indeed those fortunate few that chose to get involved were in a special Club.

Also keep in mind that he was more than a bit controversial.

When one of the most well known of the Guru's at the time, with his Series 7 Certificate framed and nailed to his bathroom wall, was continually spouting rumors of the how's & why's of the Iraqi dinar revaluing at an astounding rate of $0.10, and that we should be grateful at that, in rode Okie Oilman, high on his horse, shouting out his $3.41 rate.

Like a modern day Paul Revere, fresh from the Sandbox.

Never wavering from that rate.

One can only imagine the controversy that caused.

How could someone declare such a thing, let alone with such conviction.

Was he insane, or so supremely confident in his sources that he chose to stand tall in the face of nearly constant controversy.

And by controversy I mean he was bad mouthed and bashed by numerous doubting Dinarians far and wide, refusing to believe in his logic, his so called sources, nor the feasibility of such an insanely high rate.

But like a finely crafted, Zirconian encrusted Timex watch, he took a lickin' and kept on tickin', never once backing down from his beliefs.

Best of all, look who's laughin' now.

Looks like he was nearly spot on.

At least according to the latest rumors floating around Dinarland.

Give or take a bit here 'n there for inflation, more barrels produced per day, etc..

And speaking of horses, he was beyond proud that he held more than enough dinar to "stuff his horse Trigger".

Which could only mean one thing.

He truly believed in the RV of the IQD and was all in, no matter how long it took to see the end result.

And if Okie Oilman was all in, then dangit, so was I.

Not only that, he was also committed to his sources.

Sources that were rumored to be of the highest level.

And it was that confidence that convinced many of us that we weren't crazy.

That this entire RV thing wasn't a scam and that we were on the right track.

Armed with a voice stronger than a Morgan Freeman/Sam Elliot combo plate, just as when EF Hutton spoke, when Okie spoke, people listened.

As time went on and the GCR began to get a foothold, he began participating in fewer conference calls.

Yet his posting still continued on, easily recognizable by his numerous Okieism's.

Quick one-liners, a few creative words here 'n there and you knew you were reading an Okie Oilman post.

Clever quips such as "Closer that a tick on a dog." or "Closer than a Band-Aid on your skin."

Small attention-grabbers like those let you know that Okie was still in the game and if you were smart, you would be as well.

As the years have continued to roll by, bringing the VND, the ZIM and most of all the GCR to the forefront of this seemingly never ending roller coaster ride, despite fewer appearances, Okie continues to command attention.

Numerous Guru's having left the stage along the way, bowing out in the knowing that despite their best intentions, they weren't as well connected as they once thought.

Nor as they'd hoped.

Sure, to date nearly everyone has been wrong about this entire RV/GCR thing.

Including Okie. Yet he has never shown any signs of throwin' in the towel.

Which honestly, is a testament to his mental strength and fortitude.

Over the years this entire thing has morphed more times than we've heard "sooner than later" or "It's done... we're just waiting for the release!"

And honestly, that's a heckuva lot of times.

Yet, in all this time Okie has continued to stick to his $3.41 and never wavered.

More than can be said of many other folks throughout the years.

And who knows, Okie might end up being right.

As crazy as it sounded at the time, it doesn't even come close to all the Contract Rate insanity that has continued to permeate Dinarland throughout the past 5 or 6 years.

Wouldn't that be awesome vindication after all that Okie Oilman has endured.

Sure, I certainly want the highest available rate but at the same time I'd truly enjoy seeing Okie being vindicated.

Let's see how all that plays out.

Hopefully soon.

I'm really looking forward to this thing reaching its conclusion.

To bringing this thing in for a landing.

To finally be able to fold up our foldout tables and adjust our seat backs to an upright position.

Like Okie always says, "If you're not excited... then your wood's still wet."

With all the stuff floating around in Dinarland these days, maybe it's finally time to get excited.

We've been circling the airport now for far too long.

Enough with the refueling.

It's time to drop the landing gear and bring 'er in for a landing once and for all.

And I don't know about you but I'm more than ready to graduate.

I'm looking forward to Okie's graduation speech, receiving my RV/GCR Diploma, and getting on to improving the lives of those around me.

Thank you, Okie Oilman, for all you've done throughout the years to help not only me and my family, but numerous other Dinarians all across Dinarland survive this far too long drawn out trail ride.

'Nuff said.

Hang in there folks, it's almost over.

Dr. Dinar


Bruce’s Big Call Replay LINK    intel begins at 57:00

Transcribed By WiserNow Emailed To Recaps Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – it is Thursday December 5th and you’re listening to The Big Call - thank you for tuning in once again Let’s push on into our intel segment and get started on that – here we are just two days out from our last call on Tuesday night – Sometimes we get a lot and sometimes we don’t get too much in just 2 days but in this case what we can say is those 27 event triggers are all but complete There’s one that we believe is left and that we believe is the release of the toll free numbers Now, there has been some chatter out there online about 800 numbers or NO 800 numbers –

I’m telling you I am getting direct from redemption centers – from banks – from people who are high, high up, saying “yes” I will get a toll free number to give you guys -- and so will 2 other people in the community that I am aware of that will get these to put out So I am going to say “yes” we are going to get them and “yes” they’re still valid and let’s just watch this whole thing unfold in that regard – Also, that one last thing that is the last event trigger is to complete; I believe is when the release of the toll frees are made – Now we had heard a couple of times today when we thought they might be coming out – we know that the tier 3 SKR’s were in the process of being paid out today and tonight and they may actually still be in the process of completing those

But we know there are no more receipts to be pulled after the tier 3’s are complete and these also include the tier 4A groups that we use to call tier 4A that have been lumped into the tier 3 – Why did they lump those in – what makes those tier 3 now – They were tier 3 because this is what we would call “pre-negotiated” rates – They had pre negotiated their group rates as part of the groups out west and that’s what made them part of tier 3 Those of us in tier 4B as we called it are the only group that have and we are a loosely defined group – we are the internet group -- we’re the only ones who have “privately” negotiable rates --

meaning we have some flexibility on the rates that we get for not only our currencies but also our Zim – alright, just so you know – and that is why our group tier 4B will be the last to go because they have new rates –that have populated on the screens tonight for us that are very, very strong to start whenever it is that we are to start We had thought that if we did not go today or by the time of the Big Call that we are looking at something possibly early in the morning so… that is yet to been obviously – and if we do get this thing in the morning and its early – it will go through Friday –Saturday- Sunday – it will just go right on through with no stoppage for the weekend, ok –

This is provided we get what we think we’re going to get sometime tomorrow (Friday) It could be early morning – So, I have to be prepared for that myself –

There is one additional thing I found out today that is going to be important for us to know and that is an additional level of security – or for us to go through when it comes to our exchanges and redemption of our Zim – and that is “all” Zim holders will be finger printed and those will be checked against the data base to make sure that none of us are a part of any terrorist organizations or anything that would be negative regarding indictments and so on and so forth –ok, So don’t be surprised if you are a Zim holder that you get finger printed

Now, if you are carrying a suitcase full of Dinar or Dong you may find the same thing – you could be finger printed as well - because the quantity that you are carrying is so great – so give that some thought- Realize that they are going to do this for our own security and to make sure that the money goes to people that are interested in helping humanity at large – like we are on The Big Call So…… we have new rates that have shown up on the screens that are solid that are there – We have a new procedure that is in place for us with this finger printing –

We have expectations to get this party started here pretty soon – and I’m looking forward to it just like everybody else – This is our blessed hope -- that Great Expectation -- that we are all expecting in the way of this blessing -

It could not come at a better time, obviously many people are hanging their hopes on this whereas we are supposed to stay with our Plan A and if we don’t have a job – then get a job -- and it’s still the way we are to look at this until this blessing comes through Now the other thing that we did learn is –

we did tell you that the Wells Fargo servers have over 400,000 emails in them to be released with the toll free number – that is all set – and I don’t know when those are going to go out exactly –

We heard they were going out already but you’ve got to realize that there are numbers going out to the group numbers that are the groups out west, the admirals group, all of that – those guys will get numbers different from the number we are talking about because they will be exchanging any loose currency through that group dynamic they have set up already – or they have the ability to do that - ok that’s when they will be contacted directly by email with that information Those of us in group or tier 4B will be getting the toll free number for our redemption centers of which there are about 7400-7500 throughout the continental united states – and we will be getting numbers for that I believe will also apply for Canada and Mexico and it could all be the same number which is kina wild It should be a two part process entering that number in an automated system and then getting if you’re a Zim holder getting switched over to a live person at the redemption center – that is the one you are expected to go to – So in other words if you either get a new phone number in the process to call or get a transfer over to that based on zip code that you give them –

ok you should be transferred over to a redemption center or staff person so you can set your appointment directly with that person whom you should meet for your appointment – that’s how they have it set up I feel like we have a good shot at early morning tomorrow (Friday) and then we’ll take it from there – I don’t think there’s a whole more I can think of that is relevant to us right now – You need to be ready – you need to be prepared –

This may be the last time – of course I know I’ve said that – I know -- but we keep getting a few false starts for different reasons but we believe the president was to sign off on the last minute grievance that needed to be done that was a little time before The Big Call tonight then it was supposed to pave the way for us to get started hopefully tomorrow morning Thank you everybody for listening and we will see you when we see you