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11-25-19.......MINUS MINISTERS



MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions
Q: Is this the day before the big event?

MZ: That’s what I am still hearing…..it was a very quiet weekend as was expected……..It looks like the crosshairs are fixed on tomorrow ……many, many appointments are scheduled for Tuesday
MZ: Contacts in Iraq are also expecting a “Tuesday Event” …they are looking at a 10-11 AM release

MZ: Also contacts in Zurich and Europe were also told to watch for Tuesday…..I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing that everyone is being told the same thing…..guess we will know soon enough
MZ: If they keep to this schedule for appointments to be liquid tomorrow , I would expect 800 numbers to be out today or overnight at the latest
MZ: The 3 redemption centers that I have contacts in are staffed today…..they were not staffed over the weekend
Q: Will there be redemption centers at military bases?
MZ: I hear there will be……many investors are in the military……
Member: VP Pence was in Iraq this weekend.
MZ: and I hear that he got a lot done while he was over there. He gave the kurds permission to sell oil directly without having to go through Bagdad……this is big news

MZ: Okie is continuing to improve….Please keep him in your prayers so he can go home soon …hopefully by Thanksgiving .
Member:  the sun will come out “tomorrow”, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, is OUR Day. Tomorrow, Tomorrow I Love Ya Tomorrow its only a day away
Member: If it does’nt happen….. they probably put fake or misinformation deadline on purpose.....so not ONE person know the whole truth...safely and security I'm guessing..lol
MZ: Noone knows exactly when its going to go……we only speculate from what we hear from many, many worldwide sources…..They do want it to be a surprise.
MZ: This reset will not be fast…..I am looking for it to make 2020 a crazy year……we who own foreign currency will be in a good place…..but it may be rocky for many others.
MZ: Watch the world news and all the economists have been calling for the world’s economies to crash at anytime….These people make a living tracking the economy and financial system…..they all agree it is on its last legs.
Q: How long will it be from when we exchange to the public knowing?
MZ: My guess is the reset happens…we exchange, and 10 days or so later it is public and the world finds out…..I have heard they want us done before the reset news goes public.
Member: I expect to see a lot of arrests after Dec. 9 when the IG report comes out.
MZ: I am expecting December to be a full month of arrests and disclosure………
Q: Is it true Deutshe bank has already filed for bankruptcy?
MZ: I am told they absolutely have filed for bankruptcy……I have amazing sources worldwide….and they say they are in the restructuring  phase……
Member:  11 or 13 is the Restructuring Chapter
Member:  IRS is not dead until the FED is dead. This has not been done yet. Put aside Tax money - just in case.
Member:  IRS dead January per Trump EO
Member:  Flat Sales Tax & Abolished IRS = Automatic TRUMP 2020 Landslide!!
Member:  Standing in line at a deli, yesterday. Guy next to me was in town working on trailers in trailers parks across the southeastern United States. Said the group were Christians preparing for Marshall Law. Said a number of law enforcement officials were involved. Kind of weird, to me....but you never know
MZ: There are many preparing for martial law…..if you can ……keep extra groceries on hand.
Member:  Alert Alert Alert when checking your currency with black light be sure to take off clear cover on blacklight. I thought half mine was fake, took cover off to reveal they are all good.
MZ: There will be no stream on Thursday Thanksgiving….I want everyone to be thankful for what we are about to receive.
MZ: I will be doing a special stream on CMKX this week unless the reset is released……..
Mod:  Mark Z does not do circle intel. He has his history with his contacts. Not saying others are right or wrong he just didnt vet others intel. We protect Mark Z’s name.



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MZ: Video on PP’s and Farm claims: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAL0exvL45Y
Mod:  Dr Shabibi answering questions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ol8wve53-ME
MZ: Watch the Video “The end of the road” by Monkey films on Amazon Prime….End of the Road: https://tubitv.com/movies/451883/end_of_the_road
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Vietnam Update | Dong Exchange Rate & 1.7 Billion Deal


Frank26 (KTFA)

Trump sent Pence to Iraq today... You will find out soon who else he sent...I don’t believe there are coincidences... I believe timing is everything and there is a “time” scheduled” for them to do this.

Are there particular banks that will exchange dinar once the rate is changed?

…In our opinion the CBI has reached out internationally to private banks around the world to have an international relationship with them for the exchange process. IMO also the Central Bank of Iraq will have CBI banks in the United States of America where you can go in and exchange your currency and keep it as dinars. That would be fantastic if it is true. I think it is. Because that will help us in the process of ‘when to hold them and when to fold them…’

Francis Albert

If I was on a game show, and had to, "had to" give an answer, I would say .86 open on Forex. Well, I would not cash at that, as I believe it would move from there somewhat bullishly. (is that a word?)

Adam Montana

I made a mention this week about Iraq being in a good place - my optimism continues. Every week, I read thousands of posts...This last week, I read one that hit me right in the chest...

"... in hindsight, it makes perfect sense that we didn't have an RV before the people forcefully demanded change."

...I can't help but think how true it is. And how obvious! Iraq has made tons of progress. They were thrown into a dark hole when Saddam Hussein was removed. Their currency plummeted from a high value down to a lowly scrap...

Then the country began to rebuild,

...and eventually the world recognized their progress with the official lifting of Chapter 7 sanctions. More progress has been made, hurdles have been cleared, and Iraq is nowhere near what it was in 2003. All along the path of this rebuilding, we've been watching and waiting for a major change. Not that the change from 4000:1 to the current 1190:1 isn't a "major change"...but it's not the "major" change they are capable of. It's not "the" change we are waiting for. It's not the change that we know is coming. As we look back on the last decade plus, with the benefit of hindsight, it's easy to see how and why they haven't RV'd yet. It's quite simple, really:

Political players and parties have been able to manipulate the status quo, and profit from it. I would say it's fair to write down as fact that there are players in this situation that have worked specifically against the RV... because they were making money on the system as it was, and why would they change that?! Although tremendous ground has been covered in Iraq's journey back to prosperity, there have been people and groups that had a vested interest in seeing Iraq maintain the status quo (no RV), and keep the people impoverished. Hope is not lost, though. Far from it, in fact!

The players and groups that have an interest in keeping the exchange rate as it is are not a huge group. The "bad" part of the Government of Iraq isn't the majority...And it appears that change is happening now. Since early October, there have been serious protests in Iraq, and the pressure has resulted in Iraq moving towards some changes that (in hindsight) have been necessary this whole time. A few of the "bad guys" aren't going to be happy, and they will put up some resistance still, but they will fall to the side and Iraq's currency will not stay in the "XXXX:1" range. The question has always been "when", not "if". Over the recent years, Iraq has been at a tipping point. SO CLOSE, all the time! In hindsight, what was needed is obvious. And it's happening right now.

MilitiaMan (KTFA)

"Pence gave the green light to the Kurds on the sale of oil without involving Baghdad"

I don't believe this is an aside for not paying the 250,000 barrels a day to Baghdad. In fact it is above and beyond that amount that could be sold. This bodes very well for the Kurds and us as investors, as it will seal the agreement for the implementation of the 2019 Federal Budget Law that will usher in the 2020 Budget cycle to come (imo) that has the Kurdistan's Regional share of it inside.

Pence has ushered in what appears to be the foundation for the final agreement set for tomorrow in Baghdad. Keep in mind the salaries that will need to be paid. We know they NSCN's (lower denoms) will need a rate prior to using them. They are said to be populated throughout Iraq now, as told by Alak that funds have moved in armored trucks in the very recent past. The 28th is the last payday of the month. It makes more sense to to me to pay them in a new rate with nscn's, than again paying them with a program rate.

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Nov. 25, 2019

Judy Note: Over this past weekend there was no incoming intel, although it was felt that it was very likely that a lot was going on which couldn’t be revealed.

Last week it was reported that the reset was underway, nothing could stop it and an exact date had been set to release the 800#s.

Several Zurich and Hong Kong sources were told they would have liquidity by Tues. 26 Nov.

Likely the 800#s release would happen prior.

Bankers were promised that the RV would be here before Thanksgiving Thurs. 28 Nov.

It was reported that Currency Trading Platforms have been shut down internationally until after the GCR, the New York Stock Market was tittering back and forth in the red as it had for over a year and forty of the fifty US States could not cover their bills.

Restored Republic: On Fri. 22 Nov. President Trump was on Fox and Friends saying, “In the next few weeks we would see release of the IG FISA Report (on Mon. 9 Dec.), John Huber’s Report (A US Attorney General from Utah whose 240 investigators have filed over 144,000 sealed indictments against global and political elites in federal courts across the nation since Trump took office) and we would hear from the World Court, the names of those found guilty of committing Crimes Against Humanity, Treason and Sedition.”


Samson:  Samurai: Pence gave the green light to the Kurds on the sale of oil without involving Baghdad LINK

MilitiaMan:  I don't believe this is an aside for not paying the 250,000 barrels a day to Baghdad. In fact it is above and beyond that amount that could be sold. 

This bodes very well for the Kurds and us as investors, as it will seal the agreement for the implementation of the 2019 Federal Budget Law that will usher in the 2020 Budget cycle to come (imo) that has the Kurdistan's Regional share of it inside. 

Pence has ushered in what appears to be the foundation for the final agreement set for tomorrow in Baghdad. Keep in mind the salaries that will need to be paid. 

We know they NSCN's (lower denoms) will need a rate prior to using them. They are said to be populated throughout Iraq now, as told by Alak that funds have moved in armored trucks in the very recent past. 

The 28th is the last payday of the month. It makes more sense to to me to pay them in a new rate with nscn's, than again paying them with a program rate. 

The average citizen gets about $800.00 USD worth of income.. They live like many paycheck to paycheck. So by now they are running low on money preceding payday. 

Far cheaper for the RI while they have less money to convert. Paying again at 1190 and then RI is costly, thus, supporting prior to the last payday makes sense.. Literally too. 

Remember rate precedes new notes.

 That rate is imo in the 2019 Federal Budget for the 2020 Federal Budget.. They have held the 2019 budget very tight thus far this year, and for good reason all this time now. 

Well, with Pence arriving unannounced shows that he had more on his mind than Turkey Dinner. In fact, it is more likely to be about large money and contracts that will benefit many and in short order. 

The Kurds were not to meet in Baghdad until or by the middle of next week. Well tomorrow is not the middle of next week. The green light was given for BOTH SIDES in regard to financial rights and entitlements!!! 

The salaries are part of those rights and entitlements. The value is for this year in the 2019 Budget.. So we watch and see if they get paid in nscn's or not this week. IMO, they will and it appears they will know more tomorrow..

Btw, by paying them in NSCNs they reduce the note count. That my friends is increasing value, just like the CBI has always said they will. It is not a lop!! ~ NEVER WAS AND NEVER WILL BE!! ~ imo ~ MM

Frank26 quote:  "Since Daddy arrived last week, we are starting to get into the black (and out of the red).

We can do things for the budget now." "What if we give you everything you want in the 2020 budget, citizens?" "They'd rather it be done now." 

"The GOI says they're going to get it for them."  "The budget is for next year, but the value is for this year.""So as you can see, deleting the zeros or to remove (them imo See post #52 11/22/19) it, equals replacing the 3 zero notes with new ones, but that will happen after the rate change." 

From CBI advisor Post #19 Delta: "tends to indicate the number of units of one currency versus another currency, it changes... reflect the monetary equation for _____ the purchasing the power when you are reducing the note count... This is powerful...it is telling you what they are doing with their exchange rate." ~ Frank26 

Kurdistan signs positive talks with Baghdad and sends its delegation again

24th November, 2019

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) announced that a Kurdish delegation will head to Baghdad on Monday, a day after a similar visit to the Iraqi capital.

The presidency of the Kurdistan Regional Government, on Sunday, met with the government delegation that visited the capital Baghdad, on Saturday, and held dialogues with officials in the federal government. The meetings of Baghdad on the oil files and the share of the Kurdistan region of the federal budget for the year 2020.

After the meeting, Gutiar Adel, a spokesman for the regional government, held a press conference in which he stressed that the ongoing talks between Baghdad and Kurdistan have reached an important and advanced stage and are proceeding in a positive atmosphere.

He added that "the delegation explained the principles that resulted from the visit and become the basis of the final agreement on the issue of the draft budget year 2020 in a way that takes into account the common interest of both sides and guarantees the financial rights and entitlements of the Kurdistan region contained in the Constitution in return for the obligations of the region."

He explained, "The delegation stressed that the two sides reached a good understanding, and will visit the delegation on Monday again to Baghdad in order to discuss more on the topics of salaries and the share of the region in the budget and oil and a number of other issues and observations of the regional government to agree with officials in Baghdad."


Kurdistan government announces visit to Baghdad tomorrow to complete the talks

2019/11/24 18:13

The Kurdistan Regional Government, the visit of a high-level Kurdish delegation to the capital Baghdad to complete talks on the region's share in the 2020 budget.

This came during a meeting of the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government Masroor Barzani and in the presence of his deputy Qubad Talabani, on Sunday, with the delegation of the Kurdistan Regional Government, who visited Baghdad and held talks with the federal government in the oil and budget 2020.
 A government statement received a copy of the Euphrates News, 

The delegation of the regional government presented at the meeting, the latest developments regarding the talks with the federal government, pointing out that "talks between the two sides are making progress after it has passed important stages in a positive atmosphere and a common understanding." 

He added, "where the delegation highlighted the principles reached in his talks with the federal government, which represents a cornerstone of any final agreement to ensure the financial dues of the Kurdistan region in the draft federal budget for 2020 in return for the implementation of the obligations of the region for the mutual benefit of both sides." 

The Kurdish delegation pointed out that "the talks he is holding with the federal government are under the direct guidance and patronage of the head of the provincial government, while stressing a good understanding," declaring "return to Baghdad again on Monday to continue the talks."  LINK

Don961:  Coming soon .. 2020 budget from the government to parliament

 Sunday 24 November 2019
 Baghdad / Omar Abdul Latif

 The Committee on Finance in the House of Representatives likely the arrival of the state budget for 2020 to the House of Representatives this week or the next, and the Committee indicated that the next budget will differ significantly from previous budgets and will come in line with the demands of protesters and citizens. 

Committee member Sherwan Mirza told "morning": "The government is going to send the 2020 budget to the House of Representatives this week or next week to discuss," adding that "next year's budget will differ significantly from the budgets prepared in the past as it will come in line with the requirements of the current situation The demands of the demonstrators, "ruled out that" the budget next year will be similar to the past years as was happening in the past. " 

And Mirza, that "the House of Representatives and the Council of Ministers gave a lot of promises to the demonstrators to intensify projects during the next phase and provide jobs for the unemployed, which contributes to calm the street, it can not be the budget next year void of content, and the government can not say that the budget prepared from Accepted the previous government because of its one-year anniversary. " 

 Mirza hinted that "the Kurdish delegation that arrived in Baghdad yesterday will hold talks with the federal government on the region's share of the budget next year and the delivery of oil revenues," stressing "a great convergence of views between the parties." 

MP Majid al-Waeli, a member of the committee, told Al-Sabah that the cabinet has not set a date for sending the budget. Now a date to send to parliament. " 

 Qusay al-Shabaki, a member of the House of Representatives, agreed with his colleague Al-Waeli that the Council of Ministers delayed sending the 2020 budget to parliament. 

Al-Shabaki told Al-Sabah that the Council of Ministers should expedite sending a budget next year to the parliament for the purpose of discussing it, fixing the notes and then voting on them before the end of this year. 

Member of the Finance Committee Jamal Cougar, for his part, confirmed that the budget 2020 will be allocated most of its doors to meet the demands of the demonstrators. 

"The budget includes the distribution of land and the construction of low-cost houses for the poor and the needy," Kojer said in an interview with Al-Sabah.   LINK  

MilitiaMan:  The Kurds are to be in Baghdad tomorrow. This article appears to be soft on timing. Probably for good reason.. The demands of the citizens is for Purchase Power and the NSCNs are for just that. Just as post #180 refers to.. They clearly here though, tell us the 2020 budget has some thing to offer that is significantly different than past budgets. As in the rate from the 2019 Federal Budget Law that was Amended in the Financial Management Law of same year. imo ~ MM

Popeye7:  Thank you MM for your insights... I agree that there is lots lining up for something historical to take place in more ways than just one...