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…with Iraq they’re gonna have two currencies coexisting together. So you’ll have a 25k note and a 25 note coexisting together. They’re not gonna have the same value…Let’s say the rate is $3.00…the 25k note would be worth $75,000 and the 25 note would be worth $25…the two currencies will coexist together with independent separate values…


...as long as the auctions exist, the CBI cannot substantially reduce the note count.


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Currency news: More and more news that they are looking for Tuesday Liquidity… other sources are looking for it to happen sooner…

…Its possible it will happen sooner…maybe they say its Tuesday and will pop it sooner...noone really knows for sure.

Very quiet overnight…In Zurich – they are still expeing liquidity by Tuesday...so things are happening…at least overseas. From a contact in Iraq- I was told to start watching the CBI starting on Sunday...i am excited for next week...

[What has changed between now and 10 years ago when we though this would go?]

So much has changed that I hardly know where to start…The Central banks of Iraq, China, Japan, Russia have become some of the largest holders of Gold bullion...We have the new OFS banking system and the computer power to handle the GCR now. Remember that Iraq, Zimbabwe, Hungary, Japan and others have already announced they have an asset/gold backed digital currency ….We are at a totally different spot then we were 10 years ago...


Parliament reconvenes tomorrow. Be still my heart.

Mountain Goat

I have discounted any bank stories a very long time ago. All I know is each bank I visited, when in the US last, all told me that they would not touch the Iraqi dinar...due to ongoing OFAC sanctions. ...The banks DO NOT have a choice to exchange or not. The law under OFAC sanctions specifically prohibits any FDIC regulated banks from dealing with the Iraqi dinar currency, thus legally exchanging it.

If any banks decide to sell or buy the dinar this is not “trading” the dinar...it is simply working under a “currency broker” license just like all the internet online brokers. So, let’s stop all this nonsense about the banks selling or buying the dinar under this capacity to justify telling everyone that the Iraqi dinar is now already “international”. It is not international until 1)it gets “reinstated” and 2) OFAC sanctions are lifted. These are two conditions we wait for as investors and we do not go to the bank until these two conditions are satisfied.

...There is no other way around it!

Bruce (The Big Call)

From 3 AM to 9 AM we went on a higher security alert...Now, I feel good about the security level...all the rates are solid on the front screens...I believe that our President wants this released... and I think he wants it to go now...it could be [Friday] and it sure could be on Saturday


...complete the 2020 budget. Then change the rate. Then implement the demonstrators demands. That’s how it has to happen. That’s what they’re telling you factually within the news. They have to do those steps…That’s where we’re at…we look amazing but the factual news from a truth poll perspective tells us that a little bit more time is needed…



DELTA » November 22nd, 2019





Iraq to remove three zeros from the dinar

Published August 4th, 2011 - 06:24 GMT

Iraqi dinar

The Iraqi Central Bank announced the completion of a plan to remove three zeros from the dinar, replacing current banknotes with new ones.

The Bank will re-print 30 trillion dinars According to Mazhar Mohammad Saleh, an expert in the Iraqi Central Bank, in a speech with the ALHAYAT of London, “our problem lies in the timing of the currency exchange, as we need to select a suitable time for implementing the project without obstacles.”

The Central Bank planned to remove three zeros from the Iraqi dinar, after suffering from inflation and the decline of the currency during the nineties, due to economic sanctions. The value of the dinar decreased internationally to its current value of approximately 1120 dinars per dollar.

In 2003, the Central Bank adopted a new mechanism to maintain the dinar’s exchange rate. It created a foreign exchange auction to sell dollars that Iraq obtained from the sale of oil in the global markets and then transferred to the bank to sell in local currency, which helped raise the value of the dinar over the last few years to more than 2000 points.

Saleh estimated the government will exchange more than 30 trillion Iraqi dinars, or more than $26 billion dollars. The most important change after deleting the zeros, is to reduce the number of banknotes in circulation, simplifying the payment system in Iraq.

Some economists have warned that the process of exchanging the Iraqi currency will be rife with corruption due to the inaccurate structuring of Iraqi banks. Previous attempts to exchange the currency resulted in major corruption, costly to the Iraqi economy. However, Saleh responds that the process of changing the currency in 2004, occurred under the exceptional circumstance of an occupation, was managed by a civil American governor, and was still successful.

The Central Bank sells, through a daily auction, between $150 million dollars and $190 million dollars daily to clients of private banks and the financial companies.

JJimmyJJ » November 22nd, 2019

I've been waiting to hear something like this from an official source since about a month after I first invested in the Dinar. When the exterminator shows up, the rats scatter.!!!!!

Samson » November 22nd, 2019

A deputy intends to investigate the auction of the currency and confirms the possession of the names of those involved

08:55 - 21/11/2019

A member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee high Nassif, on Thursday, the committee's move to open an investigation auction currency, indicating that there are a lot of personalities involved in this area will be referred to the judicial authorities.

Nassif said in a statement to the information, that "the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, especially after the completion of a law from where you get this, it is heading towards opening the currency auction in the Central Bank."

She added that "the Chairman of the Committee will form a team of members of the House of Representatives in order to open an investigation auction currency, in addition to the Office of Financial Supervision expressed cooperation with the Commission on Integrity and confirmed that there are files ready on the auction of currency."

She pointed out that “next Saturday will be the formation of the said team to investigate the auction of the currency, and refer those involved to the judiciary, where there are indications of some people who did not have property before 2003, while you find owners of banks and large property, and therefore the law from where you will apply this on them".

She stressed that "the Commission on Parliamentary Integrity owns the names of banks and personalities involved in the corruption of currency auction, where there are many of them took advantage of the period after 2014 to increase its funds." LINK

Briscom » November 22nd, 2019

Can't you all tell me if the auctions have 'still' stopped, as of today (Friday)? Thanks

Toyvp » November 22nd, 2019


Briscom » November 22nd, 2019

Thank you so much for that confirmation. That's what I thought too. It also means we are in a sweet place that we have never been in before. Amen.

Samson » November 22nd, 2019

Figures .. Al-Ugaili exposes massive corruption and the reason for preventing the opening of large files

2019/11/21 21:24

Former head of Integrity, Rahim al-Ugaili, revealed the size of the huge files of corruption, and the reason for preventing the opening of large files. "There is a positive development in dealing with the issue of corruption," he said. "The circumstances of the protests and the popular uprising in Iraq may have led the investigative and judicial bodies to carry out their duties more seriously".

He pointed out that "people may be worried about two things. First, we hope that these measures will not be a reaction to the popular protests, after which they have disappeared. The second thing is that the new measures that we have seen are no doubt good for their safety."

Corruption issues known to the Iraqi people. Al-Okaili added: He pointed out that "there is concern that these prosecutions will be limited to some small issues; but as long as the judiciary and the life of integrity find popular support we will find open to these issues, but I think that the political blocs and parties intervening in the judicial and investigative are prevented the opening of large files," but "will not There will be no anti-corruption unless you open the big files and prosecute the corruption. "

"One senior politician once said that opening big corruption files would topple the political system and political heads that are symbols at the present time. We certainly do not accuse everyone; but most political leaders are involved in corruption and it will be a great challenge to the judiciary and a life of integrity to deal with those," he said. Dangerous files involving senior political leaders. "

As for the Anti-Corruption Council, the former head of the Integrity Commission explained, "This council is not an investigative institution or a judicial institution, but it is a coordinating institution that has no role in investigating or dealing with the files of corruption by bringing the accused or arresting them. "As a subordinate to the highest executive in Iraq, he can bring the information, evidence and documents to the investigative and judicial bodies." He added, "Regulators are subject to the control of other parties, so I do not think there is concern about this issue and I think that the issue of corruption or misbehavior within the integrity of the integrity is not serious within the limits that we call."

On the indicators of corruption and the amount of money lost Okaili confirmed, "according to estimates and media reports pointed to nearly billion wasted between the years 2006-2014, and there are indicators pointing to more than (6) thousand projects worth billion Iraqi dinars The percentage of completion in spite of the expiration of the implementation period between only and thousand projects until 2012, of which only projects have been implemented despite the disbursement of all the funds of those projects.

"Obviously in the land features, you don't find in Iraq spent or income to the budget actually about billion dollars," he asked.

"Where did the money go, we did not find any impact only in the Kurdistan region somewhat, but the rest of Iraq does not find It has an impact, although I once heard from former Central Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi saying that it is possible to spread the land of Iraq gold, but I say no doubt that it went into the pockets of corrupt." LINK

Sistani offers what "paves the way to overcome the great crisis experienced by the country"

22nd November, 2019

The Supreme Religious authority Ali al-Sistani, on Friday, that the enactment of an election law and its commission pave the way to overcome the crisis in the country.

This came during a statement by the representative of the representative Abdul Mahdi Karbalai, "The religious authority has clarified its position on the peaceful protests demanding reform in last Friday sermon through several points, including stressing its peacefulness and free from violence and sabotage, and stress on the sanctity of Iraqi blood, and the need for the response of forces Political demands of the rightful protesters."

He added, "The authority, stressing the above, stresses the need to expedite the completion of the electoral law and the law of its commission as described in that speech, because they pave the way for overcoming the great crisis that the country is going through." LINK

Deputy: the first line of senior officials will begin bringing them to the judiciary early next month

18:31 - 21/11/2019

The MP for the Alliance of Sairon Riad Mohammed, on Thursday, that the judiciary will issue a new list early next month includes a large number of first-line leaders in the current government and previous governments.

Mohammed said in a statement to the information, that "the recruitment lists issued by the Supreme Judiciary against officials is the third phase and there are two stages will start early next month," pointing out that "the new lists to be issued by the judiciary will include the leaders of the first line in the current and previous governments and will reach Prime Minister, Minister, Deputy and Undersecretary. ”

He added that "these lists will generate significant political problems within the corridors of the House of Representatives and between political parties," noting that "the judiciary will pursue all leaders and politicians involved in corruption and theft of public money without considering his position in the political process."

The legal expert Ali al-Tamimi, earlier, that the cases of financial corruption against a large number of government officials do not fall by the statute of limitations. LINK

Japan expresses concern over the large number of protest victims and urges the government to reform

2019/11/22 10:46

Japan expressed concern about the large number of victims during the demonstrations in Iraq.

"Japan is concerned about the high number of casualties during large-scale demonstrations in the capital Baghdad as well as in the central and southern parts of the country," Foreign Ministry spokesman Masato Utaka said in a statement. "Japan calls on all parties to exercise utmost restraint to minimize further casualties and will continue to monitor the situation closely," he said.

"Japan expects that Iraq, as a cornerstone of peace and stability in the Middle East, will bypass the current situation in a peaceful manner," Otaka said.

"To this end, Japan strongly hopes that the Government of Iraq will respond to the aspirations of the Iraqi people as expressed by the current demonstrations, and make reforms quickly in a way that is highly trusted and will bring stability and development to the country," he said. LINK

11-22-19...........THE CBI IS TALKING

Special Restored Republic via a GCR as of Nov. 23 2019

Judy Note: Please don’t be concerned if you don’t see a Restored Republic via a GCR Report in the next day or so. For the most part my sources have gone silent. No news was good news.

Global Currency Reset: Last week it was reported that the reset was underway, nothing could stop it and an exact date had been set to release the 800#s. Iraqi contacts claimed their Dinar would RV on Sun. 24 Nov. Several Zurich and Hong Kong sources were told they would have liquidity by Tues. 26 Nov. The 800#s release would likely happen prior. Bankers were promised that the RV would be here before Thanksgiving Thurs. 28 Nov. It was reported that Currency Trading Platforms have been shut down internationally until after the GCR.

Restored Republic: On Fri. 22 Nov. President Trump was on Fox and Friends saying, “In the next few weeks we would see release of the IG FISA Report (on Mon. 9 Dec.), John Huber’s Report (A US Attorney General from Utah whose 240 investigators have filed over 144,000 sealed indictments against global and political elites in federal courts across the nation since Trump took office) and we would hear from the World Court, the names of those found guilty of committing Crimes Against Humanity, Treason and Sedition.”

TNT Tony & Ray Call for November 22, 2019


Jeff  ...complete the 2020 budget.  Then change the rate.  Then implement the demonstrators demands.  That’s how it has to happen.  That’s what they’re telling you factually within the news.  They have to do those steps…That’s where we’re at…we look amazing but the factual news from a truth poll perspective tells us that a little bit more time is needed…

Jeff   …the citizens are not going to tolerate this much longer.  There is a huge revelation in this…the government is showing you through the action with the demonstrators how their hands are just tied.  There’s absolutely nothing that the government can do right now to satisfy the demonstrators.  They’re showing you  as clear as day.  They have to change the rate fairly soon…fairly soon could mean over the next few months…they have to change the rate in a reasonable amount of time…I love the news it could not be any better…



PaulW: VP Pense makes unannounced visit to Iraq
Diamondd: It appears the VP Pence is in Baghdad today ... hmmmmm
Alf:  Well let's see so Pence is in Iraq let's see what transpires now.

Mr.Bigg:  So since VP Pence is in Iraq does that give us an even better chance for this to happen this weekend???
Tishwash: US Vice President arrives in Iraq
 Mike Pence, US Vice President Donald Trump, arrived in Iraq on Saturday to visit US soldiers, security sources said.
 World - America
The US media confirmed that Pence will inspect his country's forces at the "base of Assad's eye" in the western province of Anbar.
This is Pence's first visit to Iraq, and the first by a US official at this level since President Donald Trump's visit to al-Qaeda itself in late December 2018 for only hours, sparking controversy for not meeting any Iraqi official.   link
OkRocks: SkynewsArabia, I added to tish's Pence post... excerpt = The visit coincides with the US Vice President, as a number of political forces meet to discuss important matters, including the fate of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi. An informed source told "Sky News Arabia" that the meeting will also discuss the proposal of early elections, and the assertions of religious authority.
OKRocks: There are always important reasons for VP to be anywhere... they aint talking LOL