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MarkZ Monday 2 pm Update- Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim
MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions
MZ: News from Zurich said hearing it appears going from west to east now…..pinging in China and NZ…it may soon appear in US.. We should know about 8pm tonight 
Member:  Pinging ensures that the computers can talk to each other. That they recognizie each other's IP Address.
Member:  Comm guy here. Ping was from original submarines as they would send out a tone that would bounce back to detect other vessels underwater. In modern IP technology it was used to see if another IP anywhere is there. Hence the computer command ping IP address. To resolve from a host name ping *** will return a response.
MZ: Isaac (in Zurich) has not seen his funds go liquid yet
MZ: we are hearing this is all just logistics as China is about to take over from Treasury
MZ: According to my Paymaster we should be getting paid this week…..he doesn’t say much……but that is what he thinks
Member:  Am I the only one that saw on YouTube early this morning of a Chinese announced to theiir people that they were going to gold back currency
Member:  China tells citizens to prepare for return to GOLD STANDARD.
Member:  Govt shutdown coming Nov 21. Keep it shut down.
MZ: I will make this a short stream so I can get the petition done…..The petition from Mr. Cottrell has not been posted yet that allows anyone to sign it
MZ: I think we will go back to doing Monday morning calls at 10est time again…..I like it better and people seem to like it better . See you in the morning and hope t have more news then. If anything big happens I will come back tonight
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MZ: Video on PP’s and Farm claims: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAL0exvL45Y
Mod:  Dr Shabibi answering questions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ol8wve53-ME
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"This is the date of interrogation of Adel Abdul Mahdi in Parliament"

…the “government program” is everything that gets implemented. Better healthcare. Better lives. All the government services and resources they will provide the citizens after the rate change…they are waiting on the rate change…they were only able to offer the citizens very little because the government’s hands are tied and that’s because external powers control the timing of the rate change. And that’s called Donald Trump…The US is the only group that shed blood for Iraq. We pour trillions of dollars into Iraq. Trump actually put the tariffs on China and the sanctions on Iran. The US and the Trump administration are the ones calling the shots, controlling the timing on this. Not the IMF and Not the World Bank…

RVAlready (TNT)

[I'm sorry...ths just doesn't meet the smell test. Iraq says they are postponing the deletion of 3 zeros...and the banks want to work more USLESS hours...not too logical.]

I agree. Makes no sense in terms of the protest. Unless UST can make a lot of profit from the oil credits. It is one very strange situation.


I don't look for dates just actions on their part...so far I'm still looking. when you have half the politicians out there not wanting changes and half do, its called a stalemate...so we wait and see... For me this will take time and no one knows when, all we can do is read the news and pray that Iraq gets themself together long enough to get laws passed and Articles implemented.

MilitiaMan (KTFA)

"Liberation women clean the streets and decorate the sidewalks with flowers" When they clean up the mess they’ll be able to get back to business! I am seriously liking what this is showing us today. These women know what to expect from the CBI and with those bill boards in the square in an article today...I could see the descriptions and depictions of what is to come be out for all to see once the place is tidied up!! What a way to get things back to normal and ready for a new beginning with a new sovereign currency and even a new government for to mange the citizens demands going forward! Let’s see what the next “Couple” days brings. Imo - All good!


(Re-posted. No update from Judy yet.)

Dear Readers,

I would just like to remind everyone that Judy Byington said she would not be doing another Restored Republic via a GCR Update until the 800#'s are released or something important comes up.

Also, in regards to Operation Disclosure intel. There is currently not enough intel to report on at the moment. We are waiting for intel to come in and/or events to unfold as the transition progresses.

Take the silence as a good sign.

However, we can expect more information to come out in the next couple of days as 8kun is now online.

Thank you for understanding and thank you for choosing this site.

The Big Call Intell Only With Bruce November 3, 2019


MilitiaMan:  They are telling the world (see article below) that they have achieved monetary stability for foreign investors while suggesting they'll have a fixed exchange rate.
One that will be supported and with little fluctuation.
A stable environment in a narrow range of speculation, allows for an attractive environment for foreign investment!!
Just what imo has been expected by foreign investors for almost tens of years or more, therefore, a strong rate means out of the gate to be good one. imo.
They have stated the Glory Days is a potential goal of theirs..
 I don't doubt that the "longer we have had to wait, the more money we will make." (big smile)
Don961:  Exchange rate stability
Sunday 03 November 2019
 One of the most important tools that contributed to the stability of the exchange rate of the dinar against the US dollar in the parallel exchange market, is the adoption of a method of sale adopts the implementation of pre-sale in the auction sale of the dollar at the Central Bank of Iraq, where the procedures are met to meet the requests of banks participating in the auction a day ago within days Official working hours or before the weekend and other public holidays, to ensure the financing of foreign trade and cash sale in the following days, and then block the speculators in the parallel market.
This method has been adopted since May 30, 2017, the day when the exchange rate in the parallel market witnessed a decline close to the official selling price, and then this price continued to hold with a simple profit margin in the parallel market despite the relative fluctuations during some exceptional days. In which some speculators tried in vain to exploit the events and data witnessed in the country in order to reap profits. 
This approach has been very successful in achieving monetary stability
that establishes the stability of the exchange rate in the parallel market, paving the way for an attractive environment for foreign investment, and ensuring the attraction of foreign capital, which is usually looking for monetary stability in investment environments,
in order to develop economic feasibility studies that can be engaged in. The probability of financial calculations of the project away from the fluctuations of the exchange rate is not calculated due to the data that may be experienced in the investment environment.

Therefore, the stability of the exchange rate in the parallel market these days in which our country is witnessing peaceful demonstrations withdrew its repercussions on the movement of the market and the nature of prices here or there due to the behavior of opportunists and parasites in the market of goods and services, and is clearly a clear indication of the success of monetary policy in the face of data in such Circumstances. 
This sends positive messages to the foreign investor about the
safe monetary environment and the possibility of establishing feasibility studies for projects based on a fixed exchange rate that is only affected by a narrow range of speculation depending on the location of the data and the time of the event.
Hence, the arrangements made for preparing for an attractive environment for foreign investment, following the Kuwait Conference for the Reconstruction of Iraq held early last year, and the bilateral agreements concluded by the Iraqi governments with many countries and companies are still in their timing, and that the possible changes in the political scene will not be.
It has an impact on the investment environment, which is supposed to be attractive due to monetary and security stability and the development in the banking sector and the legal environment, after it remained a promising environment for sixteen years awaiting the influx of foreign capital.   LINK
DELTA: (Thumbs up) Don961:  Iranian goods pile up in stores after the boycott, and Saba al-Mahdawi's mother cries
 Sunday 03 November 2019
 Baghdad - Writings
With the success of the general strike targeting large areas in most of the provinces of Iraq on Sunday, November 3, 2019, Iraqis continued on another path aimed at disciplining the state that supports the killing and the use of excessive violence against the rebels.
Activists and politicians on social media and local and international media confirmed the success of the popular boycott of Iranian goods even though it started three days ago.
According to what was leaked, the commercial goods from Iran to the Iraqi markets filled the stores and jammed after traders decided not to buy them to participate in the demonstrators in their demands.
Meanwhile, the mother of the activist Saba al-Mahdawi, on Sunday, launched a distress cry to recover her daughter who was kidnapped by armed militia.
(video link)
According to activists on social networking sites, Saba is an Iraqi young woman who carries the concerns of the homeland and works as an activist and transports aid to the youth of Tahrir Square.
This prompted activists to launch a hashtag on the social networking site "Twitter" under the title "# Win_Spa"; in order to reach the young Iraqi girl quickly before being abused.   link  
MilitiaMan:  Tie this in with the CBI article today and the restrictions on those that have Sanctions against and or applied to those entities in regard to trading in the Dollar, etc..
This may have a direct impact on the neighbor, whereby, the recent demonstrations with a positive outcome will have a profound outcome associated with the end result. Read, the neighbor will feel the pinch, as it is one very large trading partner, that is being boycotted for what appears to be an extremely just cause! MURDER..
Once the Iraqi's get their due from their peaceful demonstrations, then the bleed over effect will be hard to contain for said neighbor, not to mention the world is watching and closely! Very closely! .. imo ~ MM
The Central Bank of Iraq, from all licensed banks and non-bank financial institutions not to deal with two banks and a remittance company to be covered by international sanctions.
The bank said in a statement received (independent) a copy of it on Sunday, that "given the names of financial institutions on the list of international sanctions, it was decided to prevent dealing with these institutions in the US dollar currency with the permissibility of dealing with other currencies and until further notice."
He added that "financial institutions that have been included in the list of international sanctions included the Islamic Bank of the tender" former country "and Noor Islamic Bank of Iraq and the Khalidi Exchange Company located in the province of Erbil," note that the latter is not authorized by the Central Bank of Iraq.
Experts have considered that "some private banks have turned into a place of extortion and depletion of hard currency in the auction of currency," surprised by the "lack of real policies for the work of these banks to achieve the maximum benefit of banking work in construction, investment and reconstruction, as is the case in most countries of the world."
"Economist and strategist, Ghanem al-Abed, confirmed that the Iranian product invaded Iraqi markets by 90%.
He added, "Most of Iraq's factories were stopped because of the Iranian product, which invaded the Iraqi domestic markets by 90%."
He explained that "the economic situation in Iran is the most prominent problems of the people, and if Iraq boycotted Iranian products, I do not rule out a revolution in Tehran."



To / ministries and entities not linked to the Ministry of all governorates and all provincial councils m / Warka Bank for Investment and Finance
 According to the decision of the Board of Directors of this bank No. (7171) for the year 2019, we would like to inform you that Warka Bank for Investment and Finance has resumed its activities and provided banking services such as issuing letters of guarantee and letters of credit for the purpose of working with the bank through these activities and accepting letters of guarantee issued by it.

DELTA:  Warka Bank for Investment and Finance
 The par value is    1.00IQD
Trading Currency Iraqi Dinar
Company Statistics
Current Total Shares    105,072,250
Sharecapital:  105,072,250.00

Scollie:  If you look on the left side of the photo just outside where the citizens are, it looks like to me their is a Truck with Large Electronic Billboard on it.   Would be nice to start showing some Visual Aids on there!!! 
Don961:  Video" .. Liberation women clean the streets and decorate the sidewalks with flowers

2019-11-03 Baghdad: Yes Iraq
Social media circulated on Sunday a video showing women in Tahrir Square cleaning the streets.
The roads leading to the square also saw voluntary activities such as decorating the sidewalks with flowers.
MilitiaMan:  When they clean up the mess they’ll be able to get back to business!! I am seriously liking what this is showing us today. These women know what to expect from the CBI and with those bill boards in the square in an article today that someone kindly pointed out, I could see the descriptions and depictions of what is to come be out for all to see once the place is tidied up!! What a way to get things back to normal and ready for a new beginning with a new sovereign currency and even a new government for to mange the citizens demands going forward!  Let’s see what the next “Couple” days brings. Imo - All good! - MM
Poprye7:  I agree MM, and the time to act is now... The momentum of these protests must be acted upon by the CBI while the people of Iraq are fervent in their desire for change... The more time is wasted, the more this could either fizzle out, or explode into such a disaster that it would take years to put it back together again... IMO a fine line...



Suggar:  This is the beginning of a new week and a new view of life as it gets better and BETTERAR !!!!!!
Suggar: ...we do not measure the greatness of our lives by the RV .......there is sooooo much MORE Greatness here for us..
Bobinfanti:  Another day and information providers are under a Gag order.It can oly be good!!
Islandgurl:  Good Morning: This is the Day my Father has made and I shall rejoice and be exceedingly glad in it. I have chosen to have a great day! The choice is also yours. JMHO: Silence is a sign that something good is taking place in "Secret Places."
Walkingintruth:  t's encouraging to remember that silence can be a good sign.
Alf:  Well it's a new week let's pray this is it
Kozmo: I hope the redemption centers are staffed
Suggar:  Justin Timberlake - CAN'T STOP THE FEELING!..........https://youtu.be/p5RobDomh5U