Wednesday, October 2, 2019

TNT Tony & Ray Call for October 2, 2019


Nature Girl:
Just a little bank tidbit. It uplifted me as I hope it does for some of you. My personal banker told me he and the wealth manager had just been discussing the exchange and didn’t have codes yet but if I wanted to call in later this week, if they had them he would make sure I got to come in right away.

To me it was another verification of reality.

nature girl thanks for sharing that. sounds like they have reason to expect



MarkZ Wednesday Update- Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

MZ: Mr. C has not gone yet. 

MZ: No updates from Zurich yet today…They are still expecting today…Isaac expected liquidity yesterday ….have not heard from him yet today. 

MZ: From Reno….heard there was a problem with paperwork and the 4a group…until common law could start as of midnight Oct. 1st…..Now that has been cleared up from what I understand

MZ: Did hear the rumor that Package deliveries should start today. 

MZ: I feel we are so close and the waiting in these last days is very hard.

MZ: Hong Kong has been shut down. No news from there 

MZ: We are told I may be under a NDA by midday tomorrow. I was told the NDA for people who are in the public like myself, Frank ect……may be stronger than the normal people’s NDA.  So If I have to shut up….that is why. They may force me to be 100% quiet. 


Q:  @nflemingjr how could they put you and Mark under an NDA if you haven't done your exchange yet?

Q:  Mark can you give out 800# if you are on NDA?

MZ: I was told I probably will be able to post that Screen with the nest and the cash and golden egg in it with the 800 numbers…….but won’t know for sure until I read the NDA. 

Member:  If everyone is on an NDA...what's that tell you?? You gotta think for yourselves and know your turn is coming lol...

Q: How long will the NDA be for?

MZ: I hear it will be 90 days……

Member:  There is no specific duration for an NDA. It is a contract meaning an agreement between 2 parties and can be for any time period except "forever".

Q: Are 800 Numbers possible today?

MZ: Wanted to avoid that Q…lol….we hear anytime from now until Thursday for 800 numbers…..but manage your expectations…

Member:  Brent Johnson has a great call last night and he was extremely positive that we are minute to minute. . Pray!!!!

Member:  There are protests in Iraq... people are losing their lives because this hasn't gone through

Member:  Iraq banks now introducing digital real-time international banking to citizens via cell phone...training citizens on advanced modernization for a currency with the value of Toilet Paper? 

Member:  All ATM's are shut down in Hong Kong

Q:  what are your thoughts on the VISA exchange rates right now with the ask=0.8403 / bid=0.0008?

MZ: That is a huge gap……we are researching that right now. 

Member:  General Dunford stepping down signals the republic is restored.

MZ: Yes I saw that and there was a big meeting with “Common Law” folks this week.

Member:  Central Bank? US Constitution defines money as Gold & Silver New Chairman of the Joint Chief's: ARMY General Mark Milley will secure the New Republic under constitutional law of the land... WWG1WGA

MasterTrust:  Every aspect of the MASTERS TRUST is lawful. It is guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, Supreme Court and other court decisions. TheMastersTrust@AlbertAviles.com. www.TheMastersTrust.org

Member:  Dow down about -330 already closed around -339 last night

Member:  DOW -452 and falling

Member:  Dow in free fall 470 and falling

MZ: Trump was tweeting that the Fed is keeping our currency artificially high…..as we move to basel 3 or 4 all currency needs to be on parity….The Fed is pumping digatially fake currency to banks to keep the system alive until the reset goes. 

Member:  The old 20 years gold agreement with the central banks if finish.......A reset is on the way, Lock at the price of the Silver and the gold to the dollar, on the US Debt clook.

Member:  Gold backed IraqiDinar (IQD) = POTUS Trump's Secret Weapon to destroy the Fed'$ petrodollar system & initiate the Gold backed QFS

Q: Do we need to hire a bodyguard for security going to our exchange apt?

MZ: I am not a bit worried about that…..I hear there will be a lot of security and I feel safe going on my own

Member:  security will be from the parking lot thru the entire process. they may even escort to wealth manager.



MZ: I do not know that answer…..you should be able to do this…..but I would ask when you call to make your appointment just to be safe. 

Bob Locke RV Prep Q&A 10-01-19.mp3  https://spaces.hightail.com/space/TgCG07Y431/fi-492a1303-ee7a-426d-b043-2df226e21ea0/Bob 

Mod:  FOR THOSE THAT WANT TO SEE THE KUWAIT RV:    https://www.nytimes.com/1991/03/25/world/after-the-war-no-electricity-but-kuwait-reopens-its-banks.html


Your straw man (Strawman) is an artificial person http://freedom-school.com/aware/your-straw-man-is-an-artificial-person.html

MZ: Video on PP’s and Farm claims: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAL0exvL45Y 

Mod:  Dr Shabibi answering questions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ol8wve53-ME

You can share links like these one's to those who don't believe: theoriginalmarkz: https://www.slideshare.net/ahmeddinargate/the-history-of-iraqi-dinar-exchange-rate 

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October 1, 2019
The Iraqi Dinar is live on Nasdaq and Forex and other Currency counters ….
It is now trading across the world…….under Article 8….even if it’s at a program rate now….it’s not going to stay there……..



AJTexas:  This past Monday, I went to Chase Bank, located in South Houston, to conduct some business. Before leaving, I stopped by the Private Client Service Manager's office to see if she had any news regarding the currency revaluation exchange process.

This is the same bank where I bought my Viet Nam and Indonesian currencies over the past six years. I asked her had she received any information lately about when they will start the Iraqi exchange process.
She stated that they were trained and ready to go as soon as they give them the ok. I told her I had quite a bit of currency to exchange. She then told me she knew how much I had!

 I was surprised when she said to me that she knew I had purchased a lot from her bank! I then told her I had four different currencies, IQD, IND, ZWE, and VND. She asked me where are you keeping all that currency you hold? I told her in a safe deposit box .
She advised me to make sure I shopped around for the best rates once the exchange starts and to ensure that I negotiate based on how much I hold. She had my business card for six years now, she stated that she will give me a call as soon as she got the ok. That's my bank story!

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Oct. 2, 2019

Judy Note: It was my belief that we were presently in a RED ALERT for 800#s release, although most intel people were under NDAs and unable to confirm.

The Iraqi Dinar went international (on Nasdaq and Forex at a program rate) at 10am Baghdad time on Mon. Sept. 30. Zim Swaps were occurring, Prosperity Packages were being delivered and those who have exchanged with SKRs were being told their accounts would be liquid on Tues. Oct. 1, although that has yet to be confirmed.

Tues. Oct. 1 was the beginning of the Global Monetary System’s fiscal year, while at the end of that fiscal year Mon. Sept. 30, the Cabal missed it’s deadline to pay back quadrillions of debt owed to the Chinese Elders for their gold. That gold has backed the US and Global Monetary Systems since their inception by the Cabal in 1871.

The Cabal’s privately owned Federal Reserve and IRS faced bankruptcy in a week by Tues. Oct. 8 when they would no longer be allowed to print the trillions of fiat US dollars (as they have done for weeks) to keep the Stock Market alive. That Stock Market, which has been in or near the red since Oct. 1 2018 when it lost all gains for the year, has been in free fall since exactly 10:00 am EDT the morning of Oct. 1.

Could that upcoming Stock Market crash have been planned, just as the Global Currency Reset Tiers 2 and 3 investors had planned to and did buy out the Cabal’s quadrillions in debt last Tues. Sept. 17?

It was obvious that a Global Currency Reset was in the works, backed by that Chinese Elder’s gold and that of Zimbabwe.

This week’s Predicted Events for a Global Currency Reset and Restored Republic:

The IMF would announce a Global Gold Treaty, calling on all countries to use the Gold Standard.

The Stock Market would crash and the US Dollar Index would drop over 100 points, resulting in the US Dollar eventually loosing 50% of it’s value. To save the US Dollar and economy President Trump would declare a State of Emergency and announce through an Executive Order, a US Dollar return to the Gold Standard.

The 800#s would be released for setting of appointments.

President Trump would sign an Executive Order that would restore the US Republic to our original Constitution.

To prepare for the Nation functioning under Martial Law with Mass Arrests, Gen. Mark A. Milley became America's 20th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on Mon. Sept. 30. Milley, who has been specially trained in Martial Law, took over for Marine Gen. Joseph F. Dunford who was retiring (although Dunford was said to be actively over military operations at GITMO where a secret Military Tribunal on 9/11 has been ongoing since late Jan. 2019).

A. Oct. 1 2019 The Big Call, Bruce: Thebigcall.net: 712-770-4016 pin123456#

1. Today Oct. 1 was the first day of our fiscal year.

2. There were things that President Trump was doing privately that was taking us into NESARA/GESARA, or a debt jubilee.

3. Banks were being contacted electronically and transitioning tier to tier.

4. It was confirmed that notification would come hand in hand with certain emails that would have information about toll free numbers.

5. There is no such thing as a back wall.

6. This would manifest shortly.

7. The new Quantum Financial System was operating flawlessly.

8. Leger to leger transfers of monies have been going through the banks in 45 seconds.

9. Perks will be given by the banks where you decide to keep your monies and through competition by the banks, have increased to at least 105 offerings.

10. The rates came back on the screens this afternoon Oct. 1. Higher rates were expected by tomorrow morning Wed. Oct. 2.

11. The Iraqi Dinar went international 10am Baghdad time on Mon. Sept. 30.

B. Oct. 1 2019 Iraqi Dinar International on Mon. Sept. 30, Frank 26 International Call: https://youtu.be/mbI6L9po2m0?t=3 https://dinarrecaps.com/our-blog

On Mon. Sept. 30 the Iraqi Dinar went live on Nasdaq, Forex and other currency counters. It was trading across the world under Article 8 at a program rate, and going up in value.

C. Oct. 1 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ: https://www.twitch.tv/theoriginalmarkz

1. MarkZ was hearing from Reno that we should hear on things today, Tues. Oct. 1.

2. Zim Swaps were occurring in Hong Kong.

3. Positive things were coming out of Zurich on Zim Swaps and possible currency exchanges. They were expecting liquidity today Tues. Oct. 1.

4. There was a very hopeful week ahead of us.

5. Member: (in Iraq) the lower denoms and coins are revealed / given to the citizens that we would see a rate change and they would have purchasing power?? It's my understanding this has been accomplished and we are to be in a "red alert."

6. Isaac Niego Mon, Sep 30, 2:10 PM (19 hours ago): Hello Mark, finally the bank said tomorrow (Tues. Oct. 1) I will be able to move the money.

7. Member: This week in China is called Golden Week, with seven days of celebration!

8. Member: Field said last Sat. Sept. 28 at 8 pm EDT started the Zim redemption and that yesterday Mon. Sept. 30 we were in Day Three. (We would have until Fri. Oct. 4 to make our Zim appointments.)

9. Bob Lock: We are incredibly close.

Call the 800# immediately and set your appointment (which could be 30 days out).

You are a target so be very closed-lipped about your exchange/redemption.

Don’t bring anyone to the appointment who doesn’t understand what is going on – you don’t want them wasting your valuable appointment time asking questions.

Anyone attending your appointment will have to sign an NDA.

Your NDA will say you can’t tell anyone about your appointment but your spouse, lawyer and CPA, who would be required to sign NDAs themselves.

If you violate the NDA and release any information about your exchange they will freeze your accounts.

The NDA will be in effect for 90 days.

Get to your appointment early enough to collect yourself to go in with a clear head.

They are not going to tolerate anyone demanding things and will ask them to leave.

Take a pad, paper, black and blue pens.

Bring Drivers License, 2nd picture ID, recent utility bill, Birth Certificate, SS card, etc.

Have your currencies separated in envelops.

Each of your currencies will get a separate account.

You will have a Front Screen Rate, Back Screen Rate and Contract Rate.

You do not have to have an elaborate Business Plan for Zim redemption, but should be flushed out enough so it can be understood.

Know how much monies you need to do your Humanitarian Plan.

Your explanation of your Humanitarian Plan and how well you have thought it out will make a difference in what rate you get on your Zim.

You don’t need a Humanitarian Project to redeem your Zim. Having a project would give you a higher rate on the Zim redemption and higher interest rate on monies left at the bank during your long term payout.

Your Humanitarian Project could be to support the national and international projects that will be explained during your appointment.

When setting up accounts, think about how they can be transferred in case of your death.

Know how much you need leaving your exchange. Don’t take over $9,500 in cash.

Know how much you need for immediate payment of debt.

You can designate accounts as Non Trained Accounts.

You need to retain control over your monies – don’t designate anyone else.

Open up an Escrow Account and put into it your estimated taxes until the tax law is changed.

They will have financial education courses on how to deal, handle and invest a large amount of monies.

You can ask for a Clean and Clear Letter saying you are a client of a bank and the funds you have are Clean and Clear, with a phone number the creditor can call to verify funds.

You can exchange in any zip code you wish.

If you are giving your kids monies, for their sake and for your own, you should consider putting them under NDAs.

Don’t make yourself a target by immediately buying something flashy. Large transactions will make you a target. Kidnapping happens. Be very careful about what you say and do.

We don’t know the tax consequences, so be prepared to pay until the tax law changes.

After the 800#s were released it was advised to exchange/redeem where you are. Do not travel with your currencies, especially internationally. There was too much danger of losing your currencies.

D. Oct. 1 2019 2:49 am EDT, Judy, Badass Honey Badger, Marc: "Judy; Badass Honey Badger" by Marc - 9.30.19 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4r7wHMg5Yjg

Marc: Well as the "Q" storm intensifies as seen today with the "ANGRY PRESIDENT FIGHTS BACK" about the lying "SHITT" oh I meant "SHIFF" reported on the MSM, TRUMP is now calling for ARRESTS for "treason" , it's about f-ing time. And our dear "JUDY" had many "RUMORS" like all the good stuff today that were supposed to happen, but to no avail it was denied! And to Judy's credit the "animal" that she is, she will keep posting until the day she dies! This tribute is for "JUDY" who "NEVER QUITS" JUST LIKE THE HONEY BADGER! THANKS JUDY FOR ALL YOUR SELFLESS SERVICE!

Judy Note: Thanks for the compliment, Marc. What I, and everyone else, are going through right now with the frustrations of trying to discern truth from the lies, has been nothing when compared to what the Cabal did when I dared to publish “Twenty Two Faces” – and pales in comparison to what Satanic Ritual Abuse survivors endure each day of their lives. I learned my “Badgerism” from them, including that “Exposing Truth Always Wins in the End.” May God be with you all, for as Q said, “Where We Go One, We Go All” (WWG1WGA).

E. Sept. 30 2019 8:15 pm EDT Fed Exposed, Panic Sets in for the Deep State, X22 Report: X22 Report -- Episode 1983: Fed Exposed, Panic Sets in for Deep State


The [CB] has destroyed the economy of the US and the world, their economy is now being ripped apart and it is held together by manipulation. This is being done for one purpose and one only, so Trump can continue the work of dismantling the [CB] in his second term. The Fed is exposed and so are the rest of the [CB] system around the world.


AOC has to testify in front of a Judge explaining why she bans people on Twitter. The [DS] is panicking, they do not want RG talking about JB, HB, BO and HRC, JB wrote a letter to the networks telling them not to have RG on air. Trump is waiting for the right time to strike the [DS], he is waiting for it all to blow up in their faces, we are almost there. Once everything is all said and done they will never try this again. The patriots are not working out of weakness they are working from a position of strength, remember this is the art of war. More government employees decide either not to run or have resigned. The countdown has begun, patriots have the next move.

F. Sept. 30 2019 7:52 pm EDT Fabricated Impeachment Coup: Time to Start Taking Names for the Fabricated Impeachment Coup Natural News: Start noting the names, if you haven’t already, of all the fake news media hacks who pretend to be journalists, all the “crisis actor” Democrat lawmakers who are feigning outrage over a non-event “whistleblower” scandal that was completely fabricated by the CIA, all the Deep State traitors who have once again proven they are not merely illegally spying on the U.S. President, but actively waging a “CIA coup” against America. As Ron Paul now warns: “It may appear that the Democratic Party, furious over Hillary Clinton’s 2016 loss, is the driving force behind this ongoing attempt to remove Donald Trump from office, but at every turn we see the fingerprints of the CIA and its allies in the US Deep State.”

G. International Child Sex Trafficking:

Sept. 29 2019 New York Times: “The Internet Is Overrun With Images of Child Sexual Abuse. What Went Wrong?”

H. Predicted Global Currency Reset Events

At some point in early Oct. 2019 the Global Currency Reset would occur, the Republic would be Restored, the Dollar Index was expected to drop to over 100 points, resulting in the US Dollar eventually loosing 50% of it’s value, President Trump would then declare a State of Emergency and announce a US Dollar return to the Gold Standard, currencies of 209 nations of the BRICS Alliance would automatically follow suit and the 800#s would be released.

Mon. Sept. 30 at 10am Baghdad time the Iraqi Dinar went international (on Nasdaq and Forex at a program rate).

Fri. Oct. 4: We would have until Fri. Oct. 4 to make our Zim appointments.

Tues. Oct. 8 2019: Glenn Beck said on his Tues. Sept. 24 show that the Fed. had been printing trillions of US dollars to keep the banks alive and by Oct. 8 would no longer be allowed to print those US dollars.

Thurs. Oct. 31 2019: Brexit deadline in the UK.

Nov. 15 2019: When the reset happened we would have 45 days to exchange/redeem, or until around Nov. 15.

Jan. 1 2020: A National Retail Sales Tax Code would become effective, replacing the bankrupt Federal Reserve and IRS tax system. A 17% tax was expected to be levied on new items only, with no tax on earnings, food or medicine. On July 3 2019 President Trump had signed an Executive Order, content unknown, covering tax laws until Jan. 1 2020.

March 2020: Arrests of anti-constitution/NWO/Cabal/against President Trump would be occurring between now and March 2020, while also in March 2020 the Second Basket of currencies would revalue.

Sat. March 28 2020 (180 days after reset) activation of GESARA/ NESARA.

I. Brief History of Events Behind the Global Currency Reset:

In 1871, and perhaps dating back to 1861, the Chinese loaned gold to private families and bankers in order to establish the US Monetary System that led to the World Monetary System. As of now that loan, plus interest on the loan, had yet to be repaid.

Since the 1930's and onward because of the Cabal’s reckless spending, the Fed has been printing fiat US currency and US gold has been considered counterfeit.

In 1944-45 Interpol was formed by the World Court as a global policing agency. Interpol was tasked with bringing in criminals who had performed Crimes against Humanity such as the Bushes who were involved in drug-gun running and human trafficking.

The Basel Agreement was done to repay the Chinese funds loaned (that have yet to be repaid).

By 2004 Bankers were continuing to lie to the Chinese – and getting away with it – about paying back their loan on the gold.

In 2008 a so-called “Mortgage Crisis” occurred where US Taxpayers bailed out major banks from a pending bankruptcy because even the interest owed couldn’t be paid on the Chinese Elder’s Gold Loan. The monies from the bailout were not used to pay back interest due and the fiat US dollar was causing major crises in international trading, so the BRICS Alliance (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) formed to do a Global Currency Reset with 209 currencies of the world made asset/gold-backed.

In 2013 a new Gold Treaty was signed (by BRICS nations) in order for a Global Currency Reset to take place and thus repay the loaned gold to the Chinese. The Gold Treaty of 2013 resulted from a decade of lies since they set up the US monetary system from the Fed and private bankers such as the Rothchilds and Rockerfellers.

Thurs. Aug. 29 2019: Since inception of the US and World Monetary Systems in 1861 bankers of the privately owned Federal Reserve and IRS had been using US Taxpayer dollars for their own purposes and not in the best interest of the People. It had been long realized that for the US to return to the Gold Standard, the nation also had to return to the original Constitution. To do that the fraud had to be exposed. On Thurs. Aug. 29 2019 a report on former FBI Director James Comey was released – the beginning of Declass.

Fri. Aug. 30 2019: From Camp David Trump issued an Executive Order that established a National Quantum Initiative Advisory Committee – US implementation of the Quantum Financial System.

Wed. evening Sept. 4 2019: the RV became a go, again, after multiple boxes of counterfeit Zim Bonds used for international trading (not the bonds we held) were discovered in Asia, Europe and the Americas. As a result, hundreds of perpetrators were arrested from Sun. Sept. 1 through Fri. Sept. 6.

Wed. Sept. 11 2019: Evidently President Trump signed an Executive Order that took effect at 12:01 midnight, which replaced other EOs past US Presidents have signed regarding the reset.

Thurs. Sept. 12 2019: All holds had been taken off RV funds held by the Paymasters.

Sun. Sept. 15 2019: The FISA report was released with expected Disclosures and Mass Arrests to follow to the end of the year.

Tues. Sept. 17 2019: Evidently Tier 2 and 3 were made liquid at 6 pm EDT on Tues. Tier 2 and 3 investors then proceeded to clear up a problem caused by the Cabal’s Central Banking with their 1.2 Quadrillion in derivatives debt due on Sept. 30. Without those in Tier 2 and 3 clearing that derivatives debt, plus taking care of the National Debt, the Bond, Commodity and Stock Markets would have collapsed and caused an unprecedented worldwide Depression.

On that same Tues. Sept. 17 the Repo Rate – the overnight rate Central Banks pay to borrow money from each other – roared from 2% to 10%. This meant that there was no liquidity in the banking system without the Global Currency Reset.

Also on that same Tues. Sept. 17 President Trump ordered immediate declassification.

Additionally on that same Tues. Sept. 17 Benjamin Netanyahu lost the election in Israel, the Banking Cabal lost their power and Ed Buck, the notorious pedophile drug dealing money bundler for those who opposed the RV, was arrested in LA on an airtight case – a continuation of the Mass Arrests that began with the arrest of Pedophile Kingpin Jeffrey Epstein.

On Fri. Sept. 20 2019 an 11-count indictment (one count of conspiracy to violate the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), seven counts of violating the FCPA, two counts of wire fraud and one count of international promotion money laundering) was handed down by the Justice Department in a Russian Bribery Case referred to as Uranium One – an act of Treason against the US, punishable by death with charges involving Mark Lambert, the Clintons, Obama, Mueller, Comey, McCabe, Rosenstein, Holder and Lynch.

“Before the Obama administration approved a controversial deal in 2010 giving Moscow control of a large swath of American uranium, the FBI had gathered substantial evidence that Russian nuclear industry officials were engaged in bribery, kickbacks, extortion and money laundering designed to grow Vladimir Putin’s atomic energy business inside the United States, according to government documents and interviews.”

Thurs. Sept. 26: The Central Bank Gold Agreement (CBGA) expired, after which there was a global release of GCR funds and beginning of Prosperity Package deliveries.

Sun. Sept 29: US Inc.’s Quadrillions in debt payment was due the Chinese Elders the next day on Mon. Sept. 30. The Fed’s reaction to make that debt payment deadline has been to print trillions of fiat US Dollars to keep the Markets afloat – which was likely to result in the Dollar Index surpassing 100 points and eventually loosing 50% of it’s value.

Mon. Sept. 30: Gen. Mark A. Milley became America's 20th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Milley, who has been specially trained in Martial Law, took over for Marine Gen. Joseph F. Dunford, who was retiring after years of exceptional service to our country.

Mon. Sept. 30 at 10am Baghdad time the Iraqi Dinar went international (on Nasdaq and Forex at a program rate).

Oct. 2019: At some point during Oct. the IMF would announce a Global Gold Treaty, calling on all countries to use the Gold Standard. The Military was on High Alert with expected major political and economic changes, disclosures on and arrests of major figures. Mass Arrests, trials and tribunals worldwide were expected from Oct. through Dec. 2019.

J. WARNING on 800#s: When you call an 800# DO NOT give out the serial numbers of your currency or bonds, nor how much you had. The only thing the person or computer on the other end of the line would need to know was the zip code where you wanted to redeem/exchange and what you had (Zim, Dinar, Dong, etc.) so you could be directed to a Redemption Center in the proper area.

K. Release of 800#s: Important information on how to exchange and redeem for participants worldwide would be on certain websites authorized to publish the 800#s so you could have a firm grip on appointment strategy prior to going in.

If you obtained your appointment through a 800# to exchange at a certified Redemption Center you would automatically receive the Contract Rates (with the exception of Zim holders, whose bonds were worth so much that Contract Rates were saved for others).

The 800# appointments for Zim redemption and special Contract Rates would only be available for a short period of time – said to be around Nov. 15. After that you would need to exchange at a regular bank at a rate appearing on the Forex at the time, plus make special arrangements to redeem your Zim.

Make sure any 800# you received through phone, email or otherwise was also present on these approved Twitter Accounts and Websites:

Dinar Chronicles: http://www.dinarchronicles.com/tetelestai.html
Dinar Recaps: https://www.dinarrecaps.com/our-blog
MarkZ Calls: https://www.twitch.tv/theoriginalmarkz
MarkZ website: theoriginalmarkz.com
MarkZ Twitter: m.twitter.com/originalmarkz
Bruce: bigcalluniverse.com https://www.iqdcalls.com/The_Big_Call.html
TNT Tony: https://twitter.com/the_tnt_team

L. Research Resources:

Q Posts: https://qntmpkts.keybase.pub/
President Trump’s Tweets: https://twitter.com/realdonaldtrump?langen
President Trump’s Email: whitehouse.gov@gmail.com
George’s (JF Kennedy Jr.?) Tweets: https://twitter.com/thecollectiveq?lang=en
George’s (JF Kennedy Jr.?) Email: George@The CollectiveQ
Q Posts: https://qntmpkts.keybase.pub/