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TNT Tony & Ray Call for September 6, 2019


Frank    ...the introduction of the description and pictures of the new small category notes and the coins, which in reality are called visual aids (there will be videos too)...IMO...will be be out before the end of this month of September...

Part II:  ...the satellite private banks information that they would be opening in the next two weeks: We got this information from our teams that were at the meetings with the CBI and approximated two weeks.  

That would still leave us 1 week left in the month of September...the description [of small notes & coins] is coming out IMO in two weeks.  

After that if they raise the value they can put the small category notes and coins in the hands of the citizens and they can open the 'satellite' banks...the three things need to come together...1, 2, 3... 



NanaCarol:  I just heard on Fox News that George Bush is about to lay a wreath at the 911 Memorial.  Maybe it will finally be his way of saying, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.  

Radience:  What mission  ?

NanaCarol:  In essence, this particular Marshall Plan….imo

HoosierGirl:   I wonder how many of "We the People" really know the truth.  I wonder if it's more widely known than they could believe.  Maybe someday we will get the full truth. I hope.

Samson:  Trump asks Fed to cut rates to "zero or less"

11th September, 2019

US President Donald Trump believes that the Fed should cut interest rates at or below zero

Trump said in a tweet on social networking site "Twitter", on Wednesday, that after the Fed cut interest rates, the United States should start the process of refinancing debt

Trump stressed the need to reduce borrowing costs, "while the repayment period is prolonged

.a trump tweet1.jpg
The president stressed that the United States has great currency, power and budget, and that Washington should always pay the lowest interest rate

Trump says there is no inflation and that it is only receding to the "naivety of Jerome Powell, the Fed does not allow us to do what other countries are already doing

"The opportunity comes once in a lifetime, and we are losing it because of stupid people," he said

.a trump tweet 2.jpg
The Fed cut interest rates last month for the first time since the global financial crisis, currently ranging from 2 percent to 2.25 percent

The US central bank is scheduled to hold a monetary policy meeting this month, amid expectations of a rate cut   LINK


Samson:   Newspaper: Beijing intends to buy American products for a business deal

10th September, 2019

A press report said it is expected that China agrees to buy more US agricultural products in the hope of reaching a better trade agreement with the United States

China is preparing for a new round of trade talks with the United States next month

Chinese officials are discussing the text of the deal, which will be reviewed when Chinese Vice Premier Liu He meets with US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin in Washington next month, the South China Morning Post quoted an unnamed confiscation as saying on Tuesday

The text is based on a draft negotiated between the two sides in April as part of the discussions, with China offering to buy US products in exchange for delaying a round of US tariffs and easing the ban, Huawei said

China could also provide more market access, better intellectual property protection and reduce industrial overcapacity, but would be more reluctant to make concessions on subsidies, industrial policy and reform of state-owned enterprises, the sources said

At a gathering of business representatives in the United States, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said China wants a mutually acceptable solution to the trade dispute, noting that Beijing welcomes investment from US companies   LINK
Samson:   Survey: US companies cancel investment in China at an accelerated pace

11th September, 2019

Said a recent survey that some American companies in China are speeding up the transfer process Asttmarthm outside Beijing, with continued increased tariffs in damaging their business

More than a quarter of respondents, or 26.5 percent, said they last year redirected their planned investment, which was mainly directed at China, to other regions, according to the survey by the US Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai on Wednesday

This represents an increase of 6.9 percent compared to the results of the survey conducted last year, according to the report of the American Chamber of Commerce. 

The survey showed that the highest degree of change in the direction of investments was seen in companies working in the fields of technology, hardware, software and industrial services

The survey, which included 333 members of the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, was conducted from June 27 to July 25

The survey period coincides with US President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping's agreement to resume trade talks and before the recent escalation of tariffs

According to the survey, US companies in China also said that restrictions on access to the domestic market made it difficult for them to do their jobs

Responding to a question about the best possible scenarios in the ongoing trade negotiations, more than 40 percent of respondents said greater access to the local market would be the most important outcome to help their business succeed     LINK



Samson:  In a new scandal, Biden promised Putin Iraqi oil revenues in return for support for America's war

11th September, 2019
 US Vice President Joseph Biden tried to bribe Russian President Vladimir Putin with Iraqi oil revenues seized at the start of the war in exchange for Russia's support for the 2003 invasion of Iraq, a report said on Wednesday .

Biden asked for a meeting with Putin and proposed a deal where all proceeds from Iraq's seized oil would initially go to cash-strapped Russia in return for Russian support for the invasion. Biden saw it as an offer that Putin would not be able to He rejected it, and he was disappointed that the Bush administration did not think about it. ”

According to a copy of the events at the Kennedy Library of Congress, Biden said he approached Putin and asked him the question: What if President Bush would actually agree that the first revenues coming from Iraqi oil would pay about $ 12 billion in hard currency, which The Russians need it directly? ”

"Putin's response at first was to reject the offer, but they ended up going into the details. Biden said Putin responded by saying, 'That's not how I build my policy, but let's talk about it'," he said. ”.

"Biden called the White House to convey his conversation with Putin, but he was disappointed that he did not reach the president of any of those details," the website said, adding that he believed Putin could have joined the invasion of Iraq if Bush had made the deal. "The proceeds that will cover the external debt have been repaid, and we agree that the Russians will be first, because they were starving."

Biden accused the Bush administration of rejecting his plan to buy Putin's support for oil money because of Bush's unwillingness to share resources, noting that "the reason why the president did not know about his plan is" because we thought this would go so far that we are going to war over oil, but That was a profit for American oil companies.”     LINK



MarkZ Wednesday 9-11 Update- Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

MZ: Today we pay tribute and remember 9-11. May we never forget the lives lost, the freedoms taken from us and the people who need to be held responsible for this tragedy. 

Member:  Let Us Pray for all of the Loss of Life and all of the Victims of the attack on 9/11 

MZ: We should have had the Global currency reset years ago…..

MZ: Mr. C has not gone yet…

MZ: I am still hearing very good things today. Reno has gone very quiet….People are being put under NDA’s We are told. 

MZ: I spoke with my paymaster this morning …he is packing his bags and he still expects to go home tomorrow, 

MZ: The European contacts still expect the release of the hold on their funds today…One of them is so positive they booked a flight home tomorrow
MZ: They are still expecting packages to be delivered starting this afternoon now…..hearing rumors that some farm claims have been paid…….treat it as rumor but we are trying to verify

MZ: Today is still looking very positive….Will it be a numbers day?  I am staying home today watching everything closely…….Just be prepared in case……

Q: Any news from redemption centers. 

MZ: The ones I am connected with have a skeleton staff…..the rest are on call right now. 

Member:  May be time to dust off my 2 week notice

MZ: Don’t turn it in just yet…wait till there is money in your account. 


Member: New EO SIGNED LAST NITE https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/statement-president-donald-j-trump-regarding-modernizing-expanding-sanctions-combat-terrorism/


Member: @nflemingjr No public acknowlegement, anyway...


Member: : Isn't this the statement/ executive order signed by Trump on September 10, 2019. ? https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/statement-president-donald-j-trump-regarding-modernizing-expanding-sanctions-combat-terrorism/


MZ: I havn’t see anything on that EO yet
Member:  https://www.federalregister.gov/presidential-documents/executive-orders   

Member:  Robert David Steele on 9/11 ... interesting for sure!! https://i0.wp.com/phibetaiota.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/911-Cover-New-201808.jpg?ssl=1

Member:   Steele says P Trump knows it was Bush/Cheney, but doesn’t feel the country is ready to receive truth yet

Member:  This explains how the EVIL GOT CONTROL. https://youtu.be/Q1ibCAYCNT8

Member:  Over 4000 Engineers say it is impossible to jet fuel to burn hot enough to melt steel but nano thermite and igniters do a fine job. Lol

MZ: If our government was in any way involved……I cannot imagine the lack of humanity living in those people hearts……hope the world will learn the truth and soon. 


MZ: We lost 80 EMTS, 60 police officers, 43 firefighters, 2,097 civilians . Also in 2012 we lost at Benghazi Ambassador Stevens and 3 others on 9-11 as well …….  There is no excuse for the games our governments and world leaders play with us…..no excuse 

At minute 13:31 Mark and members did a prayer for all the victims of 9-11

Member:  This is a biggie........ Michael Flynn Exonerated By Bombshell DoJ Memo Exposed During Hearing Michael Flynn’s counsel revealed Tuesday in court the existence of a DOJ memo from 1/30/17 exonerating Flynn of any collusion with Russia. Refill your popcorn if you’re low! ZeroHedge.com

Member:  Mark------This was HUGE yesterday-- Treasury Targets Wide Range of Terrorists and Their Supporters Using Enhanced Counterterrorism Sanctions Authorities https://home.treasury.gov/news/press-releases/sm772?fbclid=IwAR178cpLEvKKcRVI_buc0rX6eEPREP9RuMCm1gQ_h88npD_0ASnUMKJtSSg


 DeeGrose:  https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/blain-what-really-really-worries-me-markets-are-losing-faith-central-banks

 DeeGrose:  https://www.kitco.com/news/2019-09-11/Gold-silver-prices-near-steady-ECB-meeting-awaited.html

DeeGrose:  https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2019/09/05/2019-19367/establishing-the-national-quantum-initiative-advisory-committee

DeeGrose:  https://www.bis.org/review/r190911b.htm

DeeGrose:  https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/risk-flash-crash-risin

DeeGrose:  https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/global-debt-bubble-enters-its-blow-stage 

 MZ: Remember the best thing you can do for security is DON’T TELL ANYONE!!!!

Your straw man (Strawman) is an artificial person http://freedom-school.com/aware/your-straw-man-is-an-artificial-person.html

MZ: Video on PP’s and Farm claims: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAL0exvL45Y 

Mod:  Dr Shabibi answering questions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ol8wve53-ME

You can share links like these one's to those who don't believe: theoriginalmarkz: https://www.slideshare.net/ahmeddinargate/the-history-of-iraqi-dinar-exchange-rate 

IF THE INTERNET GOES DOWN MARKZ NEW NUMBER Emergency number (712) 770-5028 Code:648989 Playback number (712) 770-5066

MarkZ theoriginalmarkz@gmail.com Website https://www.theoriginalmarkz.com

Mark Coffee and Chat NEW MONDAY TIME Mon 2:00 PM EDT TUES -FRI 10:00 AM EST Thurs 8:00 PM EDT Chats live or recorded https://www.twitch.tv/theoriginalmarkz ONLY SPECIAL NEWS tweeted out https://twitter.com/originalmarkz

MZ: I will see you all tomorrow morning at 10AM est unless we get steller news tonight.  If so I will tweet and do a stream tonight. Hope we have to do a stream tonight. 

Note: Please listen to the replay for all the details….a very moving tribute to 9-11 and lots of news…..chat moves quickly and MarkZ speaks very fast

Twitch:   https://www.twitch.tv/videos/479952969##

A Conversation with Iraqi Ambassador Fareed Yasseen, 11 SEPT

As the two-year anniversary of the ISIS in Iraq nears, the Atlantic Council's Iraq Initiative invites you to a conversation with Iraqi Ambassador Fareed Yasseen. The discussion topics will include opportunities and challenges for US-Iraq relations, Iraq's achievements in the post-ISIS era, Iraq and the United States.



Mnt Goat says - some banks are already showing a new rate as calculated by the new system of very close to $4.00, 11 SEPT

  We are now hearing yet more international organizations getting involved with Iraq. Even the oil minister has stated Iraq is ripe for international investors. Really? Now even China...is stepping up and announces its willingness to invest in Iraq. This could lead to an economic revolution within Iraq. 

How can they survive and transfer funds to and from Iraq with this currency auction still in place? 

Do they want to mess with these 3 zeros? 

Don’t they want a normalized and simplified currency denominations to work with? 
The answers are Yes and Yes and they have already told Iraq this is the case. This is why the finance committee is pushing the CBI to complete the project to delete the zeros.

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Sept. 11 2019

Judy Note: On Wed. Sept. 11 President Trump was scheduled to make a series of announcements – some of which regarded the reset.

MarkZ’s European contacts were expecting the RV release and liquidity late Tues. night Sept. 10 – early morning Wed. Sept. 11.

Evidently President signed an Executive Order at 12:01 am today Sept. 10 that would take effect at 12:01 after midnight Wed. Sept. 11. The EO replaced other EOs that he has signed that regarded our exchanges and redemptions.

Bruce reported that tomorrow Wed. Sept. 11 (9/11) was now referred to as Pay Day.

Bruce said that groups out West should have access to their funds later tonight or overnight tonight, with spend-ability tomorrow Wed. Sept. 11.

Bruce felt that we could get our notifications to set our appointments and have liquidity to our funds possibly tomorrow Wed. Sept. 11.

Mark felt that Package deliveries (Prosperity Packages, Indian Nation payouts, etc.) were expected to begin early morning Wed. Sept. 11.

Package deliveries were a precursor to the 800 number release – within hours.

Some believed that liquidity would be here at the latest, along with the Restored Republic, by the 18th anniversary of 9/11 on Wed. Sept. 11.

MarkZ’s Iraqi contacts believed that the new Dinar rates would start rolling out Tues. Sept. 10 and continue for a couple of weeks.

An HSBC source thought that 800#s release and live SKRs could be released as early as Tues. evening Sept. 10 – the same Tues. Sept. 10 that Iraq was believed to begin rollout of their new Dinar rates.

Last Fri. Sept. 6 most intel sources went silent, or would only confirm that nations signing the Gold Treaty had agreed to all go at once, plus the reset would occur for sure during this month of Sept.

The US Dollar would crash upon the Dollar Index surpassing 100 points, instigating President Trump to declare a State of Emergency and signing an Executive Order that would return US currency to the Gold Standard.

The world currencies would revalue in four different baskets. The first would go in Sept. 2019, the second basket would be in March 2020.

A. Sept. 10 2019 The Big Call, Bruce: Thebigcall.net: 712-770-4016 pin123456#

1. Hurricane Dorian caused connectivity problems and a delay in the reset.

2. Yesterday Mon. Sept. 9 they were able to put full server connectivity in place to the Central Call Center.

3. If you get your appointment during the first week of the reset, you would have two weeks to actually do your redemption/exchanges.

4. President signed an Executive Order at 12:01 am today Sept. 10 that would take effect at 12:01 after midnight Wed. Sept. 11. The EO replaced other EOs that he has signed that were in regard to our exchanges and redemptions.

5. Tomorrow Wed. Sept. 11 (9/11) was now referred to as Pay Day.

6. All that points toward the beginning of groups out West having access to their funds later tonight or overnight tonight, with spend-ability tomorrow Wed. Sept. 11.

7. We could get our notifications to set our appointments and have liquidity to our funds possibly tomorrow Wed. Sept. 11.

8. If you have a Zim structured payout make sure you know how much you need for the first 90 days.

9. We should have announcement by President Trump tomorrow Wed. Sept. 11.

B. Sept. 10 2019 Coffee with MarkZ: https://www.twitch.tv/theoriginalmarkz 1. Mark was very confident that we would see it this week. 2. The second basket of revaluing currencies won’t be out until March 2020. 3. Europe was expecting release of funds for the RV late Tues. Sept. 10 – early morning Wed. Sept. 11, with full access to monies on Wed. Sept. 11. 4. Package deliveries (Prosperity Packages, Indian Nation payouts, etc.) were expected to begin early morning tomorrow Wed. Sept. 11. 5. Package deliveries were a precursor to the 800 number release – within hours it was said. 6. Iraqi Contacts believed new Dinar rates would start rolling out Tues. Sept. 10 and continue for a couple of weeks. 7. Member: Frank26 believed Iraq would announce their international rate on Wed. Sept. 11. 8. Mark received encouraging news from Europe that all the funds on hold would be released over night Tues. Sept. 10 to Wed. Sept. 11. Exchanges have already occurred, the holds would be removed and they would be able to spend the monies. 9. Member: I talked to my buddy who just come back from Iraq. He told me that when he landed in Texas for debriefing, he was told not to talk about anything over there from what he was there for, what he did, and to the exchange rate when he left !!!!!! Things that make u go hmmmmmmm 10. Walkingstick was one of Franks contacts in Iraq. He was very well connected in banking over there. He was defiantly one to listen to. Nflemingjr: Walkingstick was a person who owns several banks that were connected to the CBI in Iraq. 11. Mark’s Paymaster expected to complete his duties Tues. Sept. 10 and go home from Reno late Wed. Sept. 11. 12. Dinar street rates were thought to be anywhere from $3.91 to $4.91. 13. theoriginalmarkz: NESARA https://youtu.be/RpAccwLo9Ig NESARA- GESARA Law Link https://1drv.ms/w/s!AotFcnnMxuz9hie4yQmkKdYPpoYo BANNER4 300x250.png 14. The world currencies would revalue in four different baskets. The first basket was in Sept. 2019, while the second basket would be in March 2020. 15. Zim appointments would need to be made by Sept. 15 and Zim redemption and/or currency exchanges for Contract Rates during the month of Sept. 16. saltyswabbie: Mad Dog said on Field yesterday that there would be a great Humanitarian announcement by Trump sometime between 10-15 Sept. ******************** C. Sept. 10 2019 2:16 am EDT Intel Alert: RV/Intelligence Alert: "Indirect" -- September 10, 2019 (Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation of the world based on intelligence received from several sources which may or may not be accurate or truthful.) 1. Russia and India's plans to drop the Petrodollar was an indirect move to target China's economy. All the triggers were being set. 2. China was using US Treasury reserves to prop up the CNY/RMB from plummeting. The US Dollar was expected to crash after the Dollar Index surpassed 100 points, thus also forcing the Chinese Yuan to crash. 3. President Trump would declare a State of Emergency and return the Gold Standard via Executive Order. 4. The Chinese government would lose support of their people as their economy collapsed. Anti-communist protests would erupt across China and the Chinese government would be forced to undergo reforms. 5. The People's Republic of China would transition to the Republic of China. This transition would be supported by the rest of the world. China would also adopt the Gold Standard once the reforms were completed. 6. Revolution was expected to occur in Venezuela as Maduro refused an offer for asylum in the US. 7. The situation in the UK with Brexit was heating up and possible false flag attacks may occur. 8. The implementation of the New Financial System via a Global Gold Treaty was progressing despite these geopolitical events. 9. According to sources, Iraqi representatives expected the Iraqi Dinar to revalue by the end of this month
D. Sept. 10 2019 12:55 pm EDT Zim Bonds – pay to the bearer: "Zim Bonds (Pay to the Bearer)" by Texas Treeman - 9.10.19 Re: "Pay to the Bearer" by MenoReno - 9.10.19

 Dear MenoReno,

 I've been in this project over 14 years. This is my first time to step up and make a comment. MenoReno, you are misunderstanding about what a Bond is. 

 1. A Bond is issued under the amount it is printed for. 

 2. The Chinese Elders and the country of Zimbabwe put these Bonds together years ago for future times to bring them back into service so as to go toward helping the world with humanity projects.

 3. The Zim Bonds are being redeemed, not cashed out. There is a big difference in words in the banking world. 

 4. They will be redeemed in dignity Gold certified under the GFS, thru the new USTN (not fiat currency). Again you are misleading in your words. Again that has two difference meanings. 

 5. Only the country’s Congress can change the value of the print on the bond (paid to the bearer, not a Bank and not a person in Reno). 

 6. They are printed in Germany under Bond paper prints, not fiat currency paper – another misunderstanding of words.

 7. The Zim Bonds are under the new Gold Back Treaty (Gold Standard), making them payable to the bearer in dignity Gold Backed.


 E. Sept. 10 2019 1:47 am EDT War College Study, Fulford: Benjamin Fulford Report (Excerpt): "War College Study" -- September 9, 2019 

 1. The international military and legal campaign against the Khazarian mafia is “95-100% likely to succeed,” according to probability models tested by the U.S. War College, say MI6 and Pentagon sources. 

 2. This week’s anniversary of 9/11 was followed by a Friday the 13th and was a good time to push hard for their inevitable final defeat, the sources say.

 3. This was “a Ponzi scheme called the Global Network of Corporate Control (GNCC), which is in an interlocking or bowtie corporate structure,” the sources say. 

 4. One key date that was coming up was the Sept. 17th Israeli election, where top Satanic leader Benjamin Netanyahu and his fellow gangsters were using every dirty trick in the book to stay in power. The Jews must now either confront and defeat their Satanist rulers or else face a combined Turkish/Iranian/U.S./Russian/Arabian coalition that will force them to remove their criminal leaders.

 5. Another key date is the Oct. 31st Brexit deadline in the UK. Here, judging from the bizarre antics of politicians, the Khazarians have called in every bribery and blackmail chip they have. 

 6. The Parliamentarians “lead the country into a state of chaos and panic when the decision is already made. In or out does not matter two hoots—in the end the EU will no longer exist,” MI6 sources promise. 

 7. Staying in the EU would mean a loss of sovereignty and “is in effect High Treason and nothing else,” they say. “The Monarchy and senior generals of the British Army are all aligned to Sovereignty” and not the compromised politicians, they add. 

 8. Public opinion in the UK is also against the politicians, despite the propaganda campaign by the press, who are agents of the mega-conglomerate controlled by the 700 bankers, they note. 
 F. Rumored Events:

 Thurs. Aug. 29 2019: A report on former FBI Director James Comey was released – the beginning of Declass.

 Fri. Aug. 30 2019: From Camp David Trump issued an Executive Order that established a National Quantum Initiative Advisory Committee.

 Sept. 2019: Market participants were betting on a huge, seismic shock to the financial system during the month of Sept, after which the IMF would announce a Global Gold Treaty calling on all countries to use the Gold Standard. The Military would on High Alert with expected major political and economic changes, disclosures on and arrests of major figures, plus mass arrests, trials and tribunals worldwide through Dec. 2019.

 Wed. evening Sept. 4 2019: the RV became a go, again, after multiple boxes of counterfeit Zim Bonds used for international trading (not the bonds we held) were discovered in Asia, Europe and the Americas. As a result, hundreds of perpetrators were arrested from Sun. Sept. 1 through Fri. Sept. 6.

 Mon. Sept. 9 2019 we could expect liquidity where we would all go at once.

 Wed. Sept. 11 2019 to Sun. Sept. 15 was the Back Wall to set appointments for Zim redemption, while we would have until the end of Sept. to complete our appointments for Private Currency Exchanges. All larger notes of revamping currencies were due off the street on that day. Wed. Sept. 11 – the 18th anniversary of 9/11 – was also a possible deadline for announcement of the Restored Republic.

 Sun. Sept. 15 2019: Anticipated that the FISA report would be released “probably by mid-September.” 

 Tues. Sept. 17 2019: Israeli Election. The Jews must either confront and defeat their Satanist rulers, or else face a combined Turkish/Iranian/U.S./Russian/Arabian coalition that would force them to remove their criminal leaders.

 Sat. Sept. 30 2019: End of the fiscal year. For some time US Taxpayer monies had been sent to the new US Treasury in Reno, though 30 Sept. officially ended the IRS. A U.S. corporate government’s international payments deadline also loomed on 30 Sept. With a fiat Federal Reserve dollar and funding yet to be secured, bankruptcy was a likely event for the Federal Reserve on Sept. 30.

 Tues. Oct. 1 2019: General Dunford was expected to step down after the Army Generals had secured the Republic. Zim Bond payouts would begin on Oct. 1. 

 Thurs. Oct. 31 2019: Brexit deadline in the UK.

 Jan. 1 2020: A National Retail Sales Tax Code would become effective, replacing the bankrupt Federal Reserve and IRS tax system. A 17% tax was expected to be levied on new items only, with no tax on earnings, food or medicine. On July 3 2019 President Trump had signed an Executive Order, content unknown, covering tax laws until Jan. 1 2020. 

 March 2020: Second Basket of currencies would revalue. 


 G. WARNING on 800#s: When you call an 800# DO NOT give out the serial numbers of your currency or bonds, nor how much you had. The only thing the person or computer on the other end of the line would need to know was the zip code where you wanted to redeem/exchange and what you had (Zim, Dinar, Dong, etc.) so you could be directed to a Redemption Center in the proper area.


 H. Release of 800#s: Important information on how to exchange and redeem for participants worldwide would be on certain websites authorized to publish the 800#s so they could have a firm grip on appointment strategy prior to going in.

 If you obtained your appointment through an 800# to exchange at a certified Redemption Center you would automatically receive the Contract Rates (with the exception of Zim holders, whose bonds were worth so much that Contract Rates were saved for others).

 The 800# appointments for special Contract Rates would only be available for a short period of time – said to be the end of Sept. 2019. After that you would need to exchange at a regular bank at a rate appearing on the Forex at the time.

 Private Exchanges for Contract Rates and Zim Redemption Center appointments would only be available until Wed. Sept. 11. After that the gold backed Zim Bond would still be as valuable, though you would need to make arrangements to redeem it.

 Make sure any 800# you received through phone, email or otherwise was also present on these approved websites:

 Dinar Chronicles: http://www.dinarchronicles.com/tetelestai.html
 Dinar Recaps: https://www.dinarrecaps.com/our-blog
 MarkZ Calls: https://www.twitch.tv/theoriginalmarkz
 MarkZ website: theoriginalmarkz.com
 MarkZ Twitter: m.twitter.com/originalmarkz
 Bruce: bigcalluniverse.com https://www.iqdcalls.com/The_Big_Call.html
 TNT Tony: https://twitter.com/the_tnt_team