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Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation of the world based on intelligence received from several sources which may or may not be accurate or truthful.

Kentucky National Guard soldiers will be deploying to GITMO as an influx of new prisoners are soon to be expected due to DECLAS.

The US-China Trade War is expected to end sometime this month.

The following is a list of currencies expected to soon revalue.

- Chinese Yuan (CNY)
- Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)
- Iraqi Dinar (IQD)
- Jordanian Dinar (JOD)
- Philippine Peso (PHP)
- South Korean Won (KRW)

Once the PHP revalues, the Philippines will have the 2nd leading economy in Asia with China being the 1st.

Meanwhile, the blame will continue on the Federal Reserve until it is eventually abolished.

The New Financial System will soon be implemented via a Global Gold Treaty which requires all countries to adopt the gold standard.

Iraq will be the first country to adopt the gold standard.

The US Dollar is expected to plummet soon after Iraq adopts the gold standard.

President Trump will bring back the gold standard to save the US Dollar.

The Global Gold Treaty will be announced after the US returns to the gold standard.


Monday Night:

 madness   hope everyone is having a good labor day

Zig   "Baxter"    "So Guru Jeff says there's no funding in this from Iraq. It's a simple basic currency swap. Anyone care to comment ? I will comment... he doesnt know what the heck he is talking about"......I will send this to Jeff and hopefully he will come in and address it or send me a reply to post...

madness   the way it was explained to me, is the treasury dept. will take our dinar and in put it in there reserves and in turn use that currency to buy iraq oil at a discount price, think he told me it had something to due with the war as pay back for the money we spent getting saddam out of the there

madness   slow in here right now

xyz   madness maybe cause there has been false prophets preaching about LOP

madness   looks like as of late everyone on board this thing is in a 50/50 split

madness   yeah well trying to look at it logically there value is 1190 that is due to us putting sanctions on them, now they want to go international, well if they went international with a low program rate like that they would be the laughing stock of the currency world

madness   heck I know think the imf would allow that to happen, it may not come out at 4 dollar like the gurus are saying but it sure as hell is not going to come out globally with a value of toilet paper, that just does not make sense either

madness   I think about 6 or more months ago, iraq was audited, that audit I think was to get an idea of their value, so I think they already have a value in mind when there currency goes international

Kaperoni   Parliament has a value. It's at 1 to $1 and it's a LOP. lol Reducing 42 trillion to 42 billion.

Kaperoni   There can never be a substancial RV or RI with over 42 trillion dinar in circulation. Impossible for Iraq to support such an amount.

xyz   Kaperoni and float can?

Kaperoni   Everyone on this board should be hoping that come the first of the year, the laws are passed and international investors are lined up to bring money into Iraq to rebuild and support a market economy.

Kaperoni   yes xyz

Kaperoni   If that happens, the CBI can get off the peg and float the dinar to counter the pressure created on the financial system from this large influx of capital. As a result they can begin to reduce the money supply and allow the dinar to appreciate in value.

Kaperoni   That is the only hope

xyz   Kaperoni what's the difference if the floating take an year to 1000%, which you call gradual vs 1000% in a month?

Kaperoni   otherwise its a LOP and no gain...maybe some appreciation but not like we want.

xyz   Kaperoni I understand numbers better than keywords like float, lop, rv

xyz   Kaperoni please explain

Kaperoni   xyz, technically there is no difference but the pace and rate is set by the CBI. I don't know if they could reduce the money supply that fast.

Kaperoni   I think 6 months is realistic at a min.
xyz   Kaperoni according to you, float will be gain in value as a factor of longer period

Kaperoni   huh?

xyz    Kaperoni but you appear to agree that 6 months is enough to accomplish 1 to 1 through floating in 6 months

xyz   Kaperoni please work with me here

directly related to the amount of capital and pressure created by that through the CBI's Capital Account.

Kaperoni   Nothing the CBI does is random so to speculate on a time frame is silly. The rate and pace is directly related to the investment and pressure it creates.

xyz   Kaperoni assuming you are correct, cbi should be able to reduce 42trillions to 42 billions as long as it takes at least 6 months

xyz   Sorry on mobile device

Kaperoni   Many have talked about the billions waiting to come into Iraq. Some even say Iraq will be the next Wild West as far as investment. Time will tell.

xyz   Kaperoni sorry but sounds like you are preaching and not helping me understand

Kaperoni   What don't you understand?

Kaperoni   Think of Iraq's banking system as a slow running facet of water

Kaperoni   as more money comes into Iraq the water begins to run faster and faster...

xyz   Kaperoni never mind ... I understand you hypothesis but you have never explain the time factor.

Kaperoni   when it starts to back up, the CBI takes action to relieve the pressure.

Wilder   A lop would require a new currency?

Zig   Kap, after the float would start the money supply would have to gradually be reduced as the rate increased, correct??

Kaperoni   Wilder, yes and parliament has stated such.

Kaperoni   yes Zig

xyz   Kaperoni finance committee recently said reused coins. Am I dreaming?

Wilder   And we would have to trade in plus a fee

Kaperoni   Wilder, at some point yes, but the CBI stated years ago they would let both exist up to 10 years.

Kaperoni   xyz coins are only useful of they either reduce the currency and raise the value or LOP and introduce them as part of the new notes/coins

Zig   Kap. so there is a chance of a Lop??

Kaperoni   If Iraq did some overnight event, it would not be good for us.

xyz   A float in seconds vs at least 6 months (to make Kaperoni feel better) is a float. Shorter period is what I call rv

Wilder   If if your theory is correct. We will take a beating on initial investment tii whenever matures?

Kaperoni   Zig anything is possible..but I do not think the CBI would do such a thing, especially under the guidance of the IMF as trustee.

Zig    Kap, Jeff (Dinar Investor) recently joined the chat room.....would you be willing to have a discussion with him here?

Kaperoni   Zig, I will talk to anyone who knows what they are talking about.

Zig   So that means no??....lol
Kaperoni   Wilder what does matures mean to you?

xyz   6 months float is still an rv

Wilder   Increase in value

Kaperoni   Zig, I will talk to anyone who knows what they are talking about.

Zig   So that means no??....lol

Kaperoni   Well Wilder as an Investor, 1x or 2x my return is garbage.

Kaperoni   Zig yes, no I do not believe a LOP is coming.

Wilder   I agree

Zig   Kaperoni : I meant No as far as Jeff goes....

Kaperoni   I said it on Twitter today as well, why would Iraq be working so hard to create a market economy and get private investment if they did not plan to follow the IMF directive to float the dinar?

xyz   Kaperoni z will buy you coffee if it float for an to attain 1 to 1

Kaperoni   Zig I never turn down talking to anyone. how long it lasts is yet to be seen

Kaperoni   xyz I dont drink coffee

xyz   Kaperoni ok moonshine

Zig   1:1 could take forever.....

Kaperoni   Zig it all depends on investment

xyz   Zig exactly and Michael theory is ...

Kaperoni   if they come to the party it could go up fast. If not, then it won't

Kaperoni   one thing is sure...Iraq expects 70 billion from private investors in 2020

Kaperoni   We know that because they are building that expense into the budget

Kaperoni   And if they spend it and don't get it, it could be a mess. Wiping out most if not all the CBI reserves

Zig   That would be good.....showing that much interest in Iraq's future......

Kaperoni   It's interesting situation for sure. Pressure is on them

Wilder   At what possible rate would you think for a start?

Wilder   On a float

Kaperoni   I saw today two articles...one said 140 laws to pass before end of year.

Wilder   Guess

Kaperoni   and another said Oil and Gas law is one of them

Kaperoni   Wilder I have always stated the CBI rate is the rate it is. And if they get off the peg and float will be at whatever that rate is at that time.

Kaperoni   So it could start at at 1190 and go up
Zig   No small bump up prior to the start of a float?

Kaperoni   Anything is possible Zig, but you have to keep in mind the rate and pace and decided by the CBI. And they would be foolish to not profit from it all the way up

Kaperoni   Remember, the CBI makes commissions off the sale of currency. Every transaction has a 6 dinar spread

Kaperoni   I believe that is why we have not seen the CBI do anything as of yet. The conditions for the float are not in place...meaning the laws and investment

Zig   I will just say that most people out there disagree with Kaperoni.....right, Kap??

Wilder   We could pull our dinars together and go over and open uo a barbeque pork restaraunt

Kaperoni   Come early next year, if the laws are passed and the budget is passed we will see something.

Kaperoni   Zig most people have a pie in the sky mentality and want some overnight event. In doing so. overlook the facts and realistic expectations.

Kaperoni   People tell me all the time...We don't trust the IMF. Or what proof do we have the IMF is in charge. etc.

Kaperoni   Well my question is..when has the IMF been wrong with Iraq? When has Iraq not done what they IMF asked?

Zig   Ultimately isn't it the CBI that makes the decisions??

Kaperoni   If you cannot prove that they are wrong, then you must accept the directive.

Kaperoni   Zig, yes and no

Kaperoni   Yes the CBI has to do it. But no because Iraq has to follow the Stand By Agreements they signed in exchange for loans over the years with the UN, IMF and WB

Zig   I see....thanks

Kaperoni   Those directives are binding.

Kaperoni   Even when Shabibi was kicked out..the World Bank came out and stated..just because you got rid of Shabibi does not mean agreements will not go forward.

Zig   Kaperoni mostly hangs out at https://dinaralert.webs.com/

Kaperoni   This is a great article that is in the Research Library at DinarAlert...


Kaperoni   From the World Bank after Shabibi was run out...

Zig   Kaperoni's Tweets and recorded calls https://www.iqdcalls.com/kaperoni.html

Kaperoni   There has been a major change in CBI management with the appointment of a new Governor. On October 14, 2012 an Iraqi judiciary issued an arrest warrant against the Governor of CBI, Dr. Sinan Al-Shabibi. Consequently, the Iraqi government appointed Dr. Abdul-Baset Turki, the Head of BSA, as an Acting Governor of CBI, after the court ruling ordered then removal of Dr. Shabibi from his post. The World Bank has received an official letter dated October 21, 2012, notifying management of such a change, since the CBI is the implementing entity of this project.

Kaperoni   Dr. Shabibi, who is currently out of the country, and more than a dozen other officials at the institution are being investigated for misleading monetary policies, as well as alleged improprieties involving capital requirements for local banks and foreign-currency auctions overseen by the central bank.

It is worth noting that the replacement of the Governor of CBI by the Head of BSA, could affect project implementation, and possible delays with the change in management. Following this decision, the team has met the Iraqi authorities, to ensure irreversibility of the reform program, and smooth implementation of the project.

Kaperoni   Good stuff there
Kaperoni   Following this decision, the team  has met the Iraqi authorities, to ensure irreversibility of the reform program, and smooth implementation of the project.

Kaperoni   Maliki thought he could get away with that crap.

Kaperoni   lol

Kaperoni   He slowed it down, but cannot stop it

Kaperoni   Zig, that is why I said Yes and No. These agreements are binding

Kaperoni   And the IMF became the Trustee of the CBI in Dec 2015 per agreement signed. Therefore, I see the IMF directives going forward.

Zig   Many people will just say that most of what you put out are just your opinions....just another Guru.....

Kaperoni   And if you look at the success of the CBI since Dec 2015 their has been several successes including reducing the spread to within 2%, maintaining a stable exchange rate for over a year, and significant progress on money laundering

Kaperoni   Zig, was that my opinion? I have never been about speculation or opinion. I research this investment 24/7 for the last 10+ years

Zig   You can't blame people for thinking that as they get hit with all kinds of opinions from many people out there.....

Kaperoni   Newbies maybe. But people that know me know I research.

Wilder   Zig it doesn't matter. Who's right when it happens? Your going to run with it and not look back. Thats my plan .

Zig       Wilder : LOL.....True.....

Kaperoni   I got into this not to convince anyone. Just to prove the idiot gurus were liars lol

Zig   I don't care how it gains value as long as something happens!!

Kaperoni   Well hopefully it will start in the next 3-6 months

Zig   That would be awesome....

Kaperoni   70 trillion USD is a lot of potential pressure for the CBI.

Wilder Yep. O s heart attack couple years ago. Im bot getting aby younger

Kaperoni   oops

Zig   You mean billions

Kaperoni   error

Kaperoni   yes

Kaperoni   70 Billion USD

Kaperoni  delete that

Kaperoni   lol

Kaperoni   I will never hear the end of that typo

Zig   The mod will delete it....
Kaperoni   Correction - 70 billion USD is a lot of potential pressure for the CBI.

Kaperoni   when you get old, you slip up once in a while

Kaperoni   well I need to eat dinner.

Wilder   Thanjs Kaperoni

Zig   Kaperoni : ;good-pm

Kaperoni   You all have a good night. Pizza on me tonight! ;pizza;

Wilder   Credit card?

Zig   Thanks, Kap.....now watch for the criticisms......LOL.....

Wilder   A nickel bump I'll be cashed out and gone

Zig   Me too....well a bit more maybe......lol

Wilder   Depending on how the taxes go might have to hold out

Kaperoni   Oh, I just wanted to clarify something...the link to the WB status update was just an example of the binding nature of the agreements. This may or may not have anything to do with directives related to the market economy and CBI monetary policy.

Kaperoni   But those could be under other agreements.

Kaperoni   Ok night.

Wilder   Nte

Wilder   @617659we0|Kaperoni if you can find the article about a new currency in conjunction with the the current bills. When u have time

Kaperoni   Wilder....

Kaperoni   LINK 

Kaperoni   Ok night.

Portmagaland   Just watched rethinkingthedollar's chat earlier. Argitina is putting a capital transfer limit of 10k a month out of country. Argitininians who have mo ey are transferring it here. 

Looks like the entire world is about to eat some major @#$%. I respect Myladies, Kap, and Skelfa's take as they seem the most practical historically speaking. 

However, I choose to see the glass half full and will therefore, defy their logic and say that Trump and the other Global leaders are going to do debt forgiveness, which we have seen indicators with Chase in Canada, the 100% disabled vets getting their student loan forgiven and I believe theres more coming down the pipeline based multiple sources like Robert David Steele, who is on record saying that Trump is going to hydrate from the bottom up. 

The debt simply cant be paid back. Then the next move or simultaneously a GCR will kick in. The alternative is scary and all this global misery and debt is the responsibility of a select few that think we are all useless eaters. and it's about time We the People take back what's ours and that's our personal sovereignty. Slaves no  more!

madness   well be interesting to see what the iraq gov. they are back to work sept. 3 tomorrow




It's funny how the gurus keep saying over and over that there will be no float, but yet Iraq is doing everything to prepare for a float by building a market economy and encouraging private investment. If we are ever going to get any financial gain from the dinar it's going to come from a float, meaning the currency appreciates gradually over time thus allowing the Central Bank of Iraq to collect the currency in circulation.


Article quote:
"The Teller can now trade demo and educational through the application to participate in the stock exchange, and send the name of the exchange company and mobile phone and the name of the person authorized to deal in the stock exchange on e-mail or communicate via WhatsApp to get the link to the program."


Frank26 (KTFA)

In my opinion all that is required to make the announcement of their monetary reform change, [is] to make the announcement that they are article VIII. That they have lifted the 3 zeros from their exchange rate. All of this is ready to go...the economic reform has been sitting and waiting for the financial reform to be official...you get those two in and every company will pour into Iraq to rebuild it...


...I'm not sure about that where it will start. I still remember that article that talked about testing their rate at $1.13 to 122. why would they do that if they were going to start at 1190...but even if it did, I don't think it would take that long before we would see where we could be very happy, they have been working on bring investors into Iraq so when they do go to Art 8 that will be the lauch for the currency to start to move and I think it will move quickly. I know a lot of you don't like Kaps [Guru Kaperoni] theory but he might have a good point, Time will tell. the other thing is they are talking about bringing out the coins, doing that at 1190 would mean the cost of the coins would be more then their value.


[via PDK]

A lot of rumors about liquidity tomorrow...I am very upbeat about where we are today. I am hearing from my Iraq contacts is that there is supposed to be a new a new rate there...not released to the world yet... contacts had gone very quiet...could be they are busy with work or sometimes Iraq squashes communications. One of my best contacts in Iraq is a contractor helping to rebuild the infrastructure...at this point they tell me over 90% have their new cards…they will have a gold backed electronic currency.

[When do you think the 800 numbers will come out?]

Based on what we are hearing- My guess is that we will see them by noon tomorrow.



Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Sept. 3, 2019

Judy Note:

1. Appointments for Private Exchanges of Currency and Zim Bond Redemption at special Contract Rates were expected to begin sometime on Tues. Sept. 3 and go through Wed. Sept. 11. 

2. Tier 4a would start Tues. Sept. 3 and finish by Thurs. Sept. 5. 

3. MarkZ’s guess on the 800#s release was before noon Tues. Sept. 3. 

4. Special exceptions would be made for those in tornado areas. You would not have to exchange in the zip code where you lived. 

5. It was assumed that the general public could begin exchanging on Wed. Sept. 11. 

6. Eagleone2015: President Trump was using the GCR for his political gain. The mid Sept. to mid Oct. time frame would open new doors to this GCR. There were a lot of distractions and misinformation out there and a lot that I could not tell you. 

7. According to nflemingjr the Zim rates for those without humanitarian projects were 11 million to 35 million per 100 trillion. 

8. If you had a humanitarian project, the rate would be on a 1:1 (and on a sliding scale after 500 trillion). 

A. Sept. 2 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ: https://www.twitch.tv/theoriginalmarkz 

1. Rumor was liquidity would be Tues. Sept. 3. 

2. Tier 4a would start Tues. Sept. 3 and finish by Thurs. Sept. 5. 

3. Packages pay out rumored to be between 3pm to 5pm Tues. Sept. 3. 

4. Deliveries were expected early Tues. Sept. 3. 

5. Paymaster distributions were expected early in the day Tues. Sept. 3. 

6. Iraqi contacts said there was a new rate right now, but that has not been confirmed. 

7. Zim contact in Zurich not expecting until Friday, but that was because he was late to join the Zim exchange. Other Zim redeemers should go before then. 

8. nflemingjr: The Zim rates were 11 million to 35 million per 100 trillion (if you don’t have a humanitarian project). 

9. nflemingjr: Everywhere else in the world the Zim is dollar for dollar. Only in America do you have to have a project to get dollar for dollar. 

10. Eagleone2025: As I said in April, there would be three windows. Sept-Oct is the third window. As I said, “See you in Sept.” We are here. Not many wanted to hear that, but that is the truth. All White House and Military government contracts said it would be Sept.-Oct. Mid Sept. is a closer time frame. 

11. Eagleone2015: President Trump is using the GCR for his political gain. The mid Sept. to mid Oct. time frame would open new doors to this GCR. There were a lot of distractions and misinformation out there. There was other intel I could not release at this time. Just look for mid Sept to mid Oct. This was what I am being told. 

12. When you call the 800 number give them the zip code of where you would like to exchange. Especially if you are displaced because of the hurricane you do not necessarily have to exchange in the area where you live. 

13. MarkZ’s guess on the 800#s release was before noon Tues. Sept. 3. 

14. There would be a stream after noon Tues. Sept. 3 5pm EDT unless significant news came in, then MarkZ would tweet it out. 

B. Sept. 2 2019 4:37 am EDT Intel Alert: RV/Intelligence Alert: "Adopt" -- September 2, 2019 (Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation of the world based on intelligence received from several sources which may or may not be accurate or truthful.)

1. Kentucky National Guard soldiers would be deploying to GITMO as an influx of new prisoners were soon to be expected due to DECLAS.

2. The US-China Trade War was expected to end sometime this month.

3. The following was a list of currencies expected to soon revalue.
- Chinese Yuan (CNY)
- Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)
- Iraqi Dinar (IQD)
- Jordanian Dinar (JOD)
- Philippine Peso (PHP)
- South Korean Won (KRW)

4. Once the PHP revalued, the Philippines would have the 2nd leading economy in Asia, with China being the 1st.

5. The blame would continue on the Federal Reserve until it was abolished.

6. Soon the New Financial System would be implemented via a Global Gold Treaty which required all countries to adopt the Gold Standard.

7. Iraq would be the first country to adopt the Gold Standard.

8. The US Dollar was expected to plummet after Iraq adopted the Gold Standard.

9. President Trump would bring back the Gold Standard to save the US Dollar.

10. The Global Gold Treaty would be announced after the US returned to the Gold Standard. 

C. Sept. 2 2019 Former Japanese PMs at GITMO, Fulford Report: Benjamin Fulford Report (Excerpt): "Former Prime Ministers in GITMO" -- September 2, 2019 

Benjamin Fulford

1. Former Japanese Prime Ministers Junichiro Koizumi and Yasuhiro Nakasone were taken last week by U.S. military police to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, Japanese police and underworld sources both say. 

2. The arrests are part of a major crackdown on people related to the Bush family, a Japanese right-wing source said.

3. Koizumi is a murderer (he likes to strangle geishas) who handed over control of Japanese corporations to Zionists. Nakasone overruled Japan’s health and welfare ministry to allow carcinogenic and hormone-disrupting chemicals to be put into common Japanese foodstuffs and other products. 

4. World events are heading for some sort of major showdown this month as the U.S. corporate government’s Sept. 30 international payments deadline looms with funding yet to be secured, multiple sources agree.

5. Corporate news stories about the U.S. trying to cash ancient Imperial Chinese government bonds also point to some desperate moves by the U.S. corporate government to secure financing.


6. The highly visible U.S./China trade war going on was in reality, aimed at paying off U.S. debt.

7. The only thing that is going to happen to the American people if their corporate overlords go bankrupt is that they will be freed from debt slavery.

D. Rumored Events:

Thurs. Aug. 29 2019: The report on former FBI Director James Comey was released – the beginning of Declass.

Fri. Aug. 30 2019: POTUS cancelled a trip overseas and was now at Camp David. Military chatter said POTUS would pull the trigger on the reset from Camp David.

Sept. 2019: Market participants were betting on a huge, seismic shock to the financial system during the month of Sept, after which the IMF would announce a Global Gold Treaty calling on all countries to use the Gold Standard. The Military would on High Alert with expected major political and economic changes, disclosures on and arrests of major figures, plus mass arrests, trials and tribunals worldwide through Dec. 2019.

Tues. Sept. 3 2019: Liquidity of funding for exchanges would be available.

Wed. Sept. 11 2019: The new Back Wall for Zim redemption and completion of Private Currency Exchanges was Wed. Sept. 11, while the general public could begin exchanging on that same date. All larger notes of revamping currencies were due off the street. Wed. Sept. 11 was also a possible deadline to announce the Restored Republic.

Sat. Sept. 30 2019: End of the fiscal year. For some time US Taxpayer monies had been sent to the US Treasury in Reno, though Sept. 30 officially ended the IRS. U.S. corporate government’s Sept. 30 international payments deadline loomed, with funding yet to be secured.

Tues. Oct. 1 2019: General Dunford would step down after the Army Generals had secured the Republic. Restoration of the Republic was expected to be completed before General Dunford stepped down. Zim Bond payouts would begin on Oct. 1.

Jan. 1 2020: A National Retail Sales Tax Code would become effective. On July 3 President Trump signed an Executive Order, content unknown, covering tax laws until Jan. 1 2020. Jan. 1 2020 was also the date for a reset of a Second Basket of foreign currencies.

E. Judy Note: GESARA Compliant International Tax System

Please consider the below as my opinion only. I could very well be wrong. We won’t really know specifics of the new tax law until it was officially announced and implemented.

A return of world currencies to the Gold Standard and a new international tax system were extensively discussed behind closed doors at the G-7 Summit and Federal Reserve meetings. In order to be GESARA compliant and participate in the Global Currency Reset, countries agreed to pass their own new tax laws.

For US citizens this involved utilization of a new National Retail Sales Tax passed by Congress last winter that would be effective Jan. 1 2020. The new Tax Code required a 14% to 17% tax (it’s debatable) on new non-essential items bought, with no tax on used items, food, medicine or salaries. On July 3 2019 President Trump signed an Executive Order, content unknown, covering tax laws until that Jan. 1 2020.

The new Tax Code essentially eliminated the privately owned Federal Reserve and IRS as we know them. For some time US taxpayer dollars have been turned into the new US Treasury in Reno – which was far different from the old system where US taxpayer monies were used by the Queens Bank of London, Vatican and Central Banks across the globe before returning to the US where The People were charged interest to use their own monies to pay government workers – running up the National Debt.

F. WARNING on 800#s: When you call an 800# DO NOT give out the serial numbers of your currency or bonds, nor how much you had. The only thing the person or computer on the other end of the line would need to know was the zip code where you wanted to redeem/exchange and what you had (Zim, Dinar, Dong, etc.) so you could be directed to a Redemption Center in the proper area.

G. Release of 800#s: So we could have a firm grip on our appointment strategy prior to going in, important information on how to exchange and redeem for participants worldwide would be made available on certain websites authorized to publish the 800#s.

If you obtained your appointment through an 800# to exchange at a certified Redemption Center you would automatically receive the Contract Rates (with the exception of Zim holders, whose bonds were worth so much that Contract Rates were saved for others).

The 800# appointments for special Contract Rates would only be available for a short period of time. After that you would need to exchange at a regular bank at a rate appearing on the Forex at the time.

Private Exchanges for Contract Rates and Zim redemption would only be available through Redemption Centers until Wed. Sept. 11. After that the gold backed Zim Bond would still be as valuable, though you would need to make arrangements to redeem it.

Make sure any 800# you received through phone, email or otherwise was also present on these approved websites:

Dinar Gurus: https://dinaresgurus.blogspot.com/
Dinar Chronicles: http://www.dinarchronicles.com/tetelestai.html
Dinar Recaps: https://www.dinarrecaps.com/our-blog
MarkZ Calls: https://www.twitch.tv/theoriginalmarkz
MarkZ website: theoriginalmarkz.com
MarkZ Twitter: m.twitter.com/originalmarkz
Bruce: bigcalluniverse.com https://www.iqdcalls.com/The_Big_Call.html
TNT Tony: https://twitter.com/the_tnt_team


Popeye7:  Terrific CC this last evening Frank, and Tink... Loved your play on words as it concerned the companies that were waiting to get inside of Iraq...
Something to the effect that these foreign companies have their faces against the window pane, looking from the outside in such pain, as they waited to be invited into Iraq...
The time is now, and as you, and your teams have declared to us months ago, is truly transpiring before our very eyes... Amazing!...
Thanks again to Walkingstick, Delta, FF's, and the teams for such diligent work
Monday Night KTFA CC 9-2-19
PLAYBACK : 605.313.5163    PIN: 156996#
Samson:  Mesopotamia launches supplementary advances to state employees through MasterCard
3rd September, 2019  8:16
Rafidain Bank, on Tuesday, launched additional supplementary advances to employees of government departments ranging between {5, 10, 15, 20, 25} million dinars and according to the salary of the employee through the MasterCard International Card and national salaries exclusively with the bank.
The bank's media office said in a statement received by the Euphrates News that it has been paid twice as much to the employees of the state departments for more than 11,500 employees who have already been given personal advances and submitted on the second additional and was paid to them by MasterCard. 

The statement pointed out that "the payment of this advance was through the imprint of the customer and then informed the employee by sending a text message notifying him of the advance payment, after he completed all legal procedures to grant them and disbursed through electronic payment tools to which the financial balance has been filled."    LINK
Samson: Today .. Baghdad hosts a meeting of the Conference of Asian Parliaments with the participation of 16 countries
3rd September, 2019 9:15
The meetings of the Standing Committee of the Budget of the Asian Parliaments Assembly will begin on Tuesday in Baghdad with the participation of 16 countries in order to set the budgets of the Assembly for the next two years. The information department of the House of Representatives in a brief statement that "on Tuesday will see the start of the Standing Committee of the budget and planning of the Association of Asian Parliaments meeting. 

For his part, member of the Committee on Foreign Parliamentary Relations, Amer Al - Fayez, in a press statement that "Asian Parliaments conference to be held in Iraq is a meeting of the planning Committee of the Standing budget of the Association of Asian parliaments to develop two budgets Mqubltin, as it will be held for a one - day sessions in the morning and evening."  He added that "the presence of - Participating parliaments from 16 Asian countries are a sign of the new diplomatic victory for Iraq and a message to the world on its stability as well as its readiness to receive delegations in various fields, including diplomacy and sports.
"Russia, India, Korea, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Cyprus, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Palestine are the main countries participating in the conference," he said.  He pointed out that "the work is currently on the success of this conference, which is an international meeting of an international assembly and Iraq will gain the trust of the world," noting that "the country is ahead of other international meetings, including the meeting of Arab parliaments to be held in October." 

For his part, said member of the House of Representatives Ali Muhannis al-Ghanemi in a press statement, that "In addition, a member of the House of Representatives, Saaran miraculous in a press statement that "Iraq provided all the atmosphere to receive its guests from the countries participating in this Assembly," pointing out that "Iraq hosting this conference reflects the civilizational facade of the country as well as encouraging investment."   LINK