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The Big Call Intell Only With Bruce July 24, 2019



DinarDiva1:  Question? Do we need to see the new CBI Governor votes in before the RI?



 Invitations were sent out for the Christmas in July party...lol


Hengist:  Sir - have you changed your mind on this then?  


Iobey777 The Trade Banks of Iraq hooked up with SA, Dubai, etc....and there was a huge Seminar in town talking about the Dinar....something they could only do if they were ART 8!


R8r:  Satellite banks went live on 7/6



Wednesday Night “Dessert Call” 7-24-19

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Lambchop:   Excellent Dessert!!!!  Thank you Frank, Tink, Delta and all Team members!  Let's see what next 24-48 hrs. brings

Iobey777:  FRANK, I loved when you said," I may not have to leave, but I am preparing to .." Praying you don't have to leave!!! Delta said, "Let's see what they do the next 24-48 hours"...

Frometad:  What was the answer to Delta's question? 

Iobey777:  "ON JULY 6TH SOMETHING TERMINATED BETWEEN THE IMF AND IRAQ " The IMF terminated the SBA (Stand By Agreement) with the CBI. This agreement gave "guidance" to the CBI .."THEY STEPPED TO THE SIDE"...Please listen to the recorded CC for more information!!!
Iobey777:   Delta ..I brought this over..thought it might be a clue! Also, the Seminar was BIG news on the 6th! Is this close?

SAMSON said (Post #34)

Central Bank's safe investment policies have boosted confidence in the Iraqi economy

6th July, 2019 by Samir Nusairi

A source at the central bank said foreign reserves amounted to $ 72 billion, and would rise to $ 86 billion when the Ministry of Finance takes advantage of the rise in oil prices and the payment of $ 14 billion to the central bank, which represent the sad transfers that the central bank during the period of financial crisis suffered Including Iraq, which constituted direct support to the State Treasury and the national economy in the near future when the country was unable to pay the salaries of state employees at the time of the Minister of Finance at the time

Which has had a significant impact in achieving economic steadfastness and thus financial victory in complex circumstances

That the observer and specialist is well aware that access to this rate of foreign reserves is the Central Bank to follow the safe investment policies, which strengthened the international credit position and restore confidence in the Iraqi economy and international banking relations

Underscoring the safety and success of the Bank's strategy for the years (2016 - 2020 ) achieved .ho achievements in financing activity and activate the initiative to finance small and medium enterprises and raise the ceiling on loans to one billion dinars for each project within the objectives of the initiative in activating the economic cycle and support the implementation of the objectives of the government curriculum in the fourth axis ( Strengthening the economy) to achieve the goal of development banks as the goal of development

In addition to this, the Bank is working on direct Islamic financing for public and private banks.  In addition, the expansion of the implementation of community initiatives from the Tamkeen Fund is an effective national experience in integrating the banking sector with society and achieving the goal of social, economic and humanitarian banks. Babylonian monuments on the World Heritage List

The clear evidence that can never be covered is the continuation and maintenance of the exchange rate stability over two years and maintaining the inflation rate of less than 2%. Thus, the Central Bank has been able to achieve its objectives in its Law No. 56 of 2004, On the stability of the exchange rate. And is now vigorously and effectively pursuing the objectives of strengthening the economy and banks for development     LINK


German Ambassador: Siemens will sign next week the first phase with Iraq

Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi announced on Tuesday (April 30, 2019) the signing of four agreements with Siemens, a German company, worth 14 billion dollars.  LINK

  What does this have in common? 14 Billion things that will stabilize the exchange rate... lol !~ MM 

TNT Tony & Ray Call for July 24, 2019


Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today.

Okay so this stupid roll coaster stuff of TNT Tony, the jackass, has to stop. Did you happen to follow his latest bunch of BS. Yes, RV any day / every day once again. He told everyone the RV was held up due to the US Treasury making decisions about the ZIM. Really? So just how low can you go on your intel and how stupid can anyone get?

I called my contact at the US Treasury and they assure me that these trillion notes ZIM are NOT going to be accepted by any bank. ZIM currency is not going to be accepted unless you have the smaller category notes issued on 2016 and afterwards. These are now the legal tender Zimbabwe notes. They also told me to be aware of the scams going on about these older trillion denomination notes.

As many of you know I do monitor just about all the dinar intel calls. I can pretty much tell you which ones are legitimate and those that are just FAKE news. TNT Tony is definitely FAKE news. So, who isn’t fake?

This past week I listened to a Kaperoni conference call and I have to say this guy is really good. This does not mean I agree with everything he says either. In fact, I enjoyed his call. I enjoyed it not because it got me all hyped up for an RV tomorrow or over the weekend but because he explains the FACTS and then analyzes the meaning of what is going on. I would recommend everyone to take some time and listen to the latest call from July 12, 2019. Here is the replay number (712) 770-5602 password 296983#.

What don’t I agree with Kaperoni?

I do not agree with his analysis as to how the CBI plans to roll out the new rate. It is my understanding that Kap believes that the program rate (de facto peg rate) is just going to convert to FOREX and let the market drive the rate up from 1/8 penny. Not so! Remember this is his OPINION not FACTUAL!

From everything I know and have been told as FACTUAL this is not going to be the case. The de-facto peg will go away. The currency auctions as we know them today will end. The dinar will then be pegged to an IMF SDR basket of currencies and be rated based on the values of these five currencies along with the assets of Iraq. This process is already underway today and has been ongoing since 2012. So this is FACT not OPINION!

Then this new rate ($3.00 - $4.00+) will be reinstated on FOREX for trading. We are already seeing the new rate coming up on bank screens under HOLD subject to becoming LIVE. The rate has fluctuated anywhere from $3.20 upwards to$4.25). So again this process is already underway and so how can Kap deny it? Why does he still stick to this idea of 1/8 of a penny?

What will the actual rate be then when it goes live?

The rate will be the rate at the time they trigger the reinstatement. It is as simple as that. They will simply run the algorithms again and the system will determine the new rate. This rate will be brought forward to FOREX and the rates at the bank will come LIVE. So the rate will be whatever the system happens to generate at that time. Get it? There is no magic to it.

This re-rating process has occurred already since 2012 over and over again when the new system was initiated. Remember these crazy rates told to us of $45.00+ from these Okie days of 2012 and 2013? These were nothing more than testing the new system. It should be obvious to everyone that there were still errors/bugs in the algorithms back then that needed fixing. Also an other problems was how to represent the Contractor rates separate from the market rates. This too is now all fixed.

The rates fluctuate now NOT because there is “backroom” trading going on, as some idiot gurus are telling you. I can assure you no such thing is going on!. How can it? The investment platforms can not even pick the dinar yet. Do you know why? BECAUSE THE DINAR IS not YET ON FOREX and all these electronic trading platforms go to FOREX for currency rates. Get it?

The rates change because they re-run the application from time to time, just as they will do when it all goes live someday. So right now, it is still in a “BETA Test” mode. They are still flushing out bugs but it is now very stable.

When will the new system go live?

AllI can tell you is the programmers working on the system tell me the planned rollout is for sometime in 2019 early 2020. This early 2020 timeframe coincides with the January-March timeline I have been telling everyone is the most opportune time to roll out the reinstatement. But in reality, who the hell knows? No one does and so we should ignore all these FAKE news gurus and just listen to the CBI and what they tell us is going on.

Remember too the banks are at the lowest part and downstream in this reinstatement process and so why in hell would anyone want to rely on their news alone to inform us?

Why not go to the upstream source such as the GOI financial committee or the CBI instead? Don’t you think they will know much more since they are the ones involved in doing it?

Just asking……lol..lol..lol….

More news….


Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi said he would respect the parliament's decision in the event of a move to oust the government and bring a new one, pointing out that he was not afraid of overthrowing the government at all.

"I am not holding on to power, I will work to hand over the secretariat and thank the parliament if it insists on removing me from office," Abdul-Mahdi said in an interview.

Full article below in today’s newsletter.

More news….

NASDAQ and the Iraq Stock Exchange (BSE) have signed a new agreement to expand technology cooperation for the next five years, beginning in October 2019. NASDAQ continues to license and support the maintenance of systems and upgrades of trading technology and deposit securities for the next five years.

"The use of NASDAQ technology IS A POSITIVE SIGN FOR LOCAL AND INTERNATIONAL INVESTORS AND REGULATORS, and Iraq will strengthen its efforts to become an important financial center for securities trading," said Taha Ahmed Abdul Salam, executive director of the stock market.

(Mnt Goat – What does this mean for getting the dinar on FOREX? Stay tuned full article included in today’s newsletter below)

More news….


-Japan signs 31 loan agreements worth $ 7.7 billion to implement projects in Iraq.

-Malaysian company wins contract to build roads in southern Iraq worth $ 73 million

-Iraq to sign deal with US energy company Honeywell for Artawi gas processing.

-30 Jordanian companies participate in the conference of digital transformation to increase the adoption of electronic payment systems.

-TEHRAN, – The Iraqi industry minister says that his ministry is ready to give 190 investment projects to Iranian economic agents and investors.

-Rafidain Bank announced investment projects financed by the bank in Baghdad and the provinces in order to support the national economy;

(Mnt Goat – Much more not listed here today too. So, we can see that they have begun the reconstruction effort and it is moving along at a fast pace now. They just told us they plan to have a GDP growth rate of 5.1 by 2020. WOW! This rate of growth is unheard of in any developed country in the west. So. you actually think they are going to accomplish this kind of growth with a currency worth 1/8 of a penny? Think again! )

Formal Articles are below. Due to FACEBOOK limitations they do not print my RED colored fonts or italics, so my comments are in brackets ( ) throughout the articles. I will preface my comments with “Mnt Goat” so you know I am jumping in with observations. Also, I separated the articles with asterisks. 
Articles Begin


Stressed the head of the studies department in the House of wisdom, Dr. Falah Hassan seconds to more views of the economy and see that the central bank is a government institution exercise its functions within the legislative framework of the state, and their specificity in the accomplishment of the decisions of the independent monetary policy and stabilize the price, which must be consistent with the economic policy of the state.

Financial advisor
Explained seconds the role of the central B “is issued currency managed by a State Bank and its and its financial adviser hosts where the state reserves to the needs of its savings and its monetary and Financial, which is the shelter of the criteria for lending, and the observer for the implementation of credit and maintain a healthy financial position for banks as Bank of banks”.

Monetary policy
Said seconds that “monetary policy works through the framework of the institutional and legislative representative of the law of the Iraqi central bank No. 56 of 2003, along with targets basic consists in the stabilization of price and financial system level”. And “ Article 3 of the law basic goals of the central bank, which states to be the main objective of the bank's pursuit of maintaining domestic price stability, maintain a stable financial system is competitive and based on market,” adding, “ accordingly THE CENTRAL BANK SHALL ALSO PROMOTE SUSTAINABLE GROWTH, EMPLOYMENT AND PROSPERITY IN THE COUNTRY” .

The independence of the central
He drew that “monetary policy in Iraq trading of three elements, two of which FALL UNDER THE DIRECT CONTROL OF THE CENTRAL BANK, NAMELY CURRENCY AUCTION, AND THE INTEREST RATE ON THE DINAR PRODUCED BY THE CENTRAL BANK'S OPERATIONS, which are represented using reference interest rate ( the rate the central bank), adding, ”the second factor IS THE SIZE OF THE FOREIGN CURRENCY INFLOWS FROM THE EXPORTS OF IRAQI OIL IS SUBJECT TO PRICE OF CRUDE ON WORLD MARKETS, which in turn sends the features of public spending” .

Success is relative
From his part, said the academic economic Dr Qusay al-Jabri's” through the calendar view of monetary policy in the country for more than ten years, taking into account the conditions and their impacts, we can say that there is relative success achieved in relation to goal basically is to maintain the price of the local level”.

However, “but the process of promoting sustainable growth, employment and prosperity remained targets outside the scope of the capabilities due to the lack of response of the real economy for the best of the consistency of relativity, before to be central is responsive to economic activity

And Al-Jaber that “ the lack of economic policy in the traditional sense of economic policy, which are monetary policy one of the tools by other such as financial policy and planning trade policy and employment policy, Agricultural Policy, industry and investment and the private sector”.

(Mnt Goat – The FACT is that parliament is NOT going to let the CBI run itself and function totally independent with all the corruption going on within it. This is a simple FACT and you are an idiot if you think they are going to allow this corruption to go on much longer. They already passed the “Financial Management Law” and within it makes them able to monitor and tell the CBI what to do. One aspect is first to get rid of the proxy positions within. This is now happening. Then they need to work on ending these currency auctions in a matter of however they do it. )



The Iraqi Center for Legal Development (ICLD) on Monday revealed 17 corruption suspicions that have plagued Iraq's central bank over the past years.

The Center said in its report to the Supreme Council for the fight against corruption and received a copy of it that "the previous investigations did not take place in an integrated manner, causing the door to keep corruption open to impact negatively on the Iraqi economy," noting that "previous investigations focused on the validity of invoices issued by banks and companies in terms of formality only. "

The center pointed to "THE NEED TO ENSURE THE OFFICIAL AUTHORITIES ON THE FACT OF THE IMPORT OF GOODS AND GOODS IN AMOUNTS EQUAL TO THE AMOUNTS OF REMITTANCES and if it proves that will prove a complex crime of fraud and fraud and SMUGGLING OF FUNDS and damage to the Iraqi economy."

The report pointed to "THE LACK OF VERIFICATION OF INTERNATIONAL BANKS THAT HAVE BEEN DIVERTED AMOUNTS OF REMITTANCES ALLEGED TO THEM, and inquire about the fact of receipt of the relevant parties or to convert them again in favor of other accounts, whether in the same bank or other banks, and here will prove the crime of smuggling currency in a certainty.

He pointed out that "THE MANAGEMENT OF THE CENTRAL BANK HAS DOUBLED THE NUMBER OF BANKS IN IRAQ TO ALMOST THREE TIMES WITHOUT A FEASIBILITY STUDY TO EXCEED THE NUMBER OF IRAQI BANKS THE NUMBER OF BANKS OF THE COUNTRIES OF BRITAIN AND THE UNITED ARAB EMIRATES AND JORDAN AND LEBANON COMBINED, which opened the door of corruption and waste a new purchase and sale of licenses establishment, to verify the licenses of banking companies granted in the past three years, and to verify the banks of political parties or supported by them, which will reveal political corruption, concluding with the request also verify the overstatement of the building of the central bank to be built.

(Mnt Goat – OK< OK so we know the problem as you have told us this many times already. What the hell are you going to do about it and when the hell are you going to STOP IT? So ending this issue of corruption is not as simple as some gurus tell you. Oh – they say, just RV, and the auctions go away and the corruption ends. Folks it is not that simple then to get the reinstatement (thus eventually a significant rate change we want) when there are billions being stolen. The longer it goes on the longer it will take to stop it. Remember that Dr Shabibi told us in a news media interview after the fact that the CBI had an “unprecedented opportunity” in 2013 to reinstate the dinar and end all this corruption but the corrupt politicians stopped it and reprevented it. This has been the case ever since.

So in come Mutada Sadr who has had enough of this corruption and wants to end it. He then runs an anti-corruption campaign for elections in 2018 and wins. He makes the PM sign agreements to complete a list of the needed reforms. I showed you this list last year in my newsletter from the GOI. These reforms are all about ending the corruption and getting the currency project to delete the zeros done. So far it has been over a year and so what has happened so far? Not much! )



The Central Bank denied on Friday that any smuggling operation of Iraqi currency groups, while stressing that this attack today, coincided with the announcement of the bank on the growth of reserves and control of the exchange rate.

The bank said in a statement received by the "Covenant News" a copy of it, "Some social means of communication transmitted a video clip showing some categories of the Iraqi currency, in boxes written by the name of the Central Bank of Iraq, which triggered a boycott of smuggling operations of the Iraqi currency, Any smuggling operation. "

He added that "the funds offered do not belong to the Central Bank, and differ from the funds in the Iraqi currency, in terms of form, color, material and pilgrimage," noting that "the Central Bank began to follow up with the security authorities, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and embassies of the countries mentioned in the video, There are previous cases in which the investigation has been proven by the security services, which is totally incorrect. "

The bank warned of "the confusion that is taking place with the aim of undermining the country and its successful institutions, including the central bank, the more one of these institutions achieved success locally and internationally, has been subjected to such slander."
He added that "this attack comes today, coinciding with the announcement of the bank on the growth of reserves and control of the exchange rate, in order to reduce this success."

The bank called on the media to "be careful in dealing with the news, because the inaccurate news has negative effects on the stability of the banking and financial system in Iraq


MP Abbas Aliwi, on Thursday, that the House of Representatives will introduce the candidates of the Office of Financial Supervision and the Central Bank to vote through the session next Saturday.

Aliawi said in a press statement, "THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES WILL PRESENT THE CANDIDATES OF THE OFFICE OF FINANCIAL SUPERVISION AND THE CENTRAL BANK TO VOTE THROUGH SATURDAY'S SESSION," pointing out that "the curricula vitae of the candidates arrived at the House of Representatives several weeks ago"

He added that "the names of candidates for those positions will have the approval of the House of Representatives in full and there are no reservations on them," noting that "the other sessions of the House of Representatives will be the presentation of ambassadors and candidates for independent bodies to vote".

(Mnt Goat- we are told all the proxy positions will need to be replaced with candidates for permanent positions prior to any reinstatement. I believe this to be true.)



The Iraqi market for Iraqi securities, Thursday, the signing of a new agreement with the US stock exchange on the technology of trading and deposit securities.

" NASDAQ and the Iraq Stock Exchange (ISX) have signed a new agreement to expand their technology relationships for the next five years starting from October 2019," the market said in a statement received by Alsumaria News . "NASDAQ Will continue to license, support and maintain ISX systems and upgrade the next five years trading and deposit technology (CSD) technology. "


For his part, Managing Director , showed the Nasdaq region of the Middle East , Michelle Carlson , "through the next development and use of the latest Nasdaq technological techniques, ISX WILL JOIN THE STOCK MARKET COMMUNITY IN THE AREA OF THE MIDDLE EAST IN THE DEPLOYMENT OF MULTI - TRADING HIGH - QUALITY TECHNOLOGY ASSETS IN LINE WITH INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS, we look forward to support ISX while continuing to develop and innovate. "

(Mnt Goat – As a result of this article I need to ask one simple question – If they were not going to relist (reinstate) the Iraqi dinar on FOREX then why in hell would they be getting all this Nasdaq technology synced up? Trading the ISX on Nasdaq can not happen without the reinstatement of the dinar on FOREX first. Get it? This is a FACT not my opinion. The placeholder for the IQD is already established on FOREX and we are waiting for the rate to pop in. )



Revealed a source in the Finance Committee parliamentary, on the date of receipt of the draft budget for the year 2020, while noting that the budget will bring a boom in the Iraqi economy.

The source said that "the Finance Committee agreed with the Ministry of Finance to receive the draft budget 2020 in September," noting that "there will be a qualitative boom in the Iraqi economy through drastic changes in public expenditure and investment funds and services."

He added that "the 2020 budget will be reinforced by the final accounts and will include tables on internal and external indebtedness, taxes, customs and border crossings and returns of state property."

He pointed out that "THE DRAFT BUDGET 2020 IS NOW WORKING ON A SPECIALIZED TEAM, under the supervision of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, will include two prices of oil fixed and moving."

(Mnt Goat – Maybe they will actually get Iraq rebuilt now after the 2003 and ISIS wars? Remember they could have rebuilt Iraq 3 times over already with all the stolen money. They say about 1 trillion dollars, not dinar, has been stolen just during the eight Maliki years in office alone. So go figure the rest. We know billions are stolen each year from the currency auctions even now)



BAGHDAD, Iraq — In Iraq's cash-driven economy, the Communications Ministry and head of the Central of Bank are getting input on a mechanism that would allow banks and shops to further facilitate the use of debit and credit cards.

"The opportunities available for the Iraqi banks are suitable to embark on electronic system and establish a strong infrastructure by making use of technology which is helpful for banking and money related affairs," Iraqi Central Bank Governor Ali al-Allaq told Rudaw on Friday.

Banks are increasingly utilizing ATM cards to distribute salaries to employees in major cities, but most are still paid in hard cash via the Iraqi dinar or US dollar — especially outside major cities.

According to data from the Baghdad Banks Group, only eight shops use bank card scanners for the sale of their goods in Baghdad. In the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, some hotels, airports, and shops catering to foreigners accept debit or credit cards.

A shop owner in Baghdad explained that customers are not familiar with paying with plastic cards via card scanners. However, Saad Abdulla detailed that as the owner of Nakhla Supermarket he would prefer to accept bank cards.

"The electronic system is better and we prefer it. Because maybe sometimes you receive counterfeit banknotes and you do not know it [at the time]," he explained.

Iraq offers banknotes in the 250, 500, 1,000, 5,000, 10,000, 25,000 and 50,000 dinar denominations. However the bills are easily torn and worn, making the detection of counterfeiting more difficult.

Many storefront exchange shops utilize digital bill counters — some with scanners — to try to thwart counterfeiters with varying degrees of success. Additionally, vendors are often hesitant to accept US currency printed prior to 2006.

"OR SOMETIMES WHEN WE RECEIVE CASH, WE DO NOT HAVE CHANGE TO PAY BACK. The most important thing to me is change which I do not have usually," added Abdulla.

Others who spoke to Rudaw believe Baghdad will need to play a bigger role to institute such sweeping changes.

The world's largest business software company SAP held a conference in the Iraqi capital with the attendance of Minister of Communication Naim Thajeel al-Rubaie and other government officials on July 4.

A statement from the Iraqi ministry detailed that a "digital transformation" was discussed with the Iraqi Council Ministers, as well as representatives from the German Embassy.

SAP is headquartered in Weinheim, Germany. Neither it nor the embassy had an immediate comment on the project.

"A VISA CARD IS WAY BETTER. I hope everything becomes electronic as is the case in the west. I hope it will happen here as well," customer Muhanad Abdulsatar told Rudaw about the possible initiative.

Iraq has not held a census in more than 30 years. Its population is estimated around 40 million and rapidly increasingly.

THE QICARD WAS ESTABLISHED IN IRAQ IN 2007 and is represented by the country's largest bank, Rafidain. According to its website, 12 banks including Rafidain and Rasheed have issued 7.4 million cards at 450 centers across the country.

(Mnt Goat – The CBI needs to get electronic banking and POS in all the provinces up and working. Remember electricity is needed to make these devices work. So they will also need electricity 24/7 in all the provinces. German Siemens and American GE are working on it.)


Subject to the head of the block flags option of the prosecution, Mohammed Al-Khalidi, Saturday, end the differences between Baghdad and Erbil to pass the law of oil and gas, stating that the law will determine the quantity delivered from Erbil to Baghdad, and the money granted.

Khalidi said in a statement to"news" that "ending the dispute between Baghdad and Erbil ON THE SALE OF OIL AND THE MONEY OBTAINED FROM THE CENTRAL GOVERNMENT NEED A LAW OF OIL AND GAS".

"The law will ensure calm between the parties which would determine the quantity exported from meet learn and financial return and how to deal with the central government in this file".

He explained that the "escalation in the crisis between the parties will lead to damage of the Kurdish people and the staff of the regional in the case of cutting their salaries by Baghdad."

(Mnt Goat – Why do these HCL articles always come out when there is talk of a RV by all these gurus? Just asking….. Folks this is how these deep state people in Iraq are getting away with steeling billions out of the currency auctions. There is no formal law protecting the oil revenues. Get it? They need this law desperately and they need it now. Don’t you think they need this prior to the RV ? Sure there are some parts of this HCL agreed to but not a formal all encompassing law, as in this article. )


July 22, 2019

(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi announced that he would deny the will of the House of Representatives if he wants to remove him from office.

Abdul Mahdi said during a meeting with a number of satellite channels that “the will of the House of Representatives to dismiss the Prime Minister will respect the Prime Minister this decision and deliver the Secretariat,” stressing “there is no attachment to power and do not believe that the political forces do not have maturity and jealousy in the interest of the country so go to such Adventures “.

He pointed to attempts to topple his government , “stressing that” no fear of our attempts to overthrow the government because we did not go to the others , but the political forces that went to us. ”

He noted that” the government today more solid and harmonious and became has something to defend it. ”

He said Abdul – Mahdi “The ministerial curriculum turned into a government program and issued for the first six months of the government a good report puts the government in front of its responsibilities,” noting that “the government is working according to the correct rules of action, and political forces to take into account these rules.”

(Mnt Goat – this is the same bullshit the deep state is trying also in the USA with president Trump. They do not want progress of any kind. They want socialism and terror to continue in Iraq like in Saddam Hussein days. They want to bring this to the USA too.)


Articles End

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, No Opinions ,,,,,
Just the FACTS!

Disclaimer: All information in this newsletter is not intended for investment decisions / purposes. Mnt Goat is not a financial analyst, planner, banker, attorney or associated in any role with giving out professional investment advice.

In ending I want everyone to know your constant prayers in the fight against evil (ISIS) in Iraq have worked. God has guided these young men and women on the battle field. The major war with ISIS has been over since Dec 2017. Let us all know that there is a new battle now to fight. A battle to save our homelands from the corrupt politicians and secret societies who are bent on taking what they want from our current wealth and from future generations without our permission. We must keep praying for the end to the rapid corruption and enslavement of people in Iraq and in the United States. We must pray for our leaders when they are being guided by the Holy Spirit. We must stand by them and let them know we are still there to support them, even after the election is over. I have composed a prayer maybe we can all pray today in our own way and until the reinstatement of the Iraq dinar occurs.


“For all leaders of all nations, that they may be anointed by the Holy Spirit to do God’s will to bring about abundance and prosperity to all.

To fight this waging war on corruption, our freedoms, our liberties, socialist plans and injustice.

That the FREE WORLD may be a shining example for the rest of the entire planet.

In the name of Jesus Christ our King and Savior, Amen”

Auf Wiedersehen 
Much love to ya all, 
Mnt Goat


Mountain Goat

[reference Mnt Goat post 7-23-2019]

This re-rating process has occurred already since 2012 over and over again when the new system was initiated. It should be obvious to everyone that there were still errors/bugs in the algorithms back then that needed fixing. Also another problems was how to represent the Contractor rates separate from the market rates. This too is now all fixed. The rates change because they re-run the application from time to time, just as they will do when it all goes live someday. So right now, it is still in a “BETA Test” mode. They are still flushing out bugs but it is now very stable.


...I think it's funny nobody ever knew what Article VIII was until me and [Guru] Enorrste started talking about this seven or eight years ago...What Article VIII is an international standard that the IMF has created...All the central banks around the world try to achieve that level and the way it's worded...'they should constantly be striving to move to Article VIII'. You don't want to sit in Article XIV...

The rate has not moved...its pegged to the dollar. Monitoring any kind of Forex or other service is a waste of time because it's just reflecting the dollar strengthening or weakening...the only official site for the dinar is CBI. IQ. The Official Rate of the Iraqi dinar is 1190 and as I stated it is pegged. The Market Rate or Street Rate is the rate that the dinar is sold in Iraq which is currently around 1205 within the IMF 2% compliance...

Bruce (The Big Call)

What is interesting about Iraq is that the rate would be flashing which means it is not tradable...Then all of a sudden it would not be flashing and we would have fluctuation of the rate...It would come up for 2, 4, or 6 hours and then it would come back to flashing... I am sure they were fluctuating and being traded upward, and they want them to be traded towards the higher end where the Dinar supposed to start.

...We know that the Dinar because it is gold back, it has a good value, and it will have a good value...

This is only my theory. I believe that some of this flashing of the Dinar is absolutely manipulated. It is not Iraq is not ready. They have been ready. We haven’t been ready for them to go live. The US and in some cases some of the countries aren’t really ready. Now, I think everything is about ready now. My theory is that the Dinar flashing will stop, and the rate will be live and fluctuating when everything else is ready for this to go.

...So, the point is even though the rates are still flashing on the Iraqi Dinar, that could change in an instant. Redemption Center Staff...were on 24 hour call this afternoon [Tuesday]. So, that tells me that they know it is imminent. They know it can go at any moment...


[via PDK]

Folks in Zurich are expecting appointments at 4 pm today. My guys in Asia did not get to exchange yet…I spoke to contacts in Hong Kong, Sinapore and China...they are also waiting. My guys at the redemption center are just sitting there twiddling their thumbs…I still believe the hold up is our US treasury…I could be wrong but that is what I believe. I have very good sources in Iraq and in the military and they both say it could happen at any time between now and Mid-August. They are very confident. They must have some intel they have seen that they cannot share with me just yet. Many intel people say this is the week…by Friday…by the 26th.

Adam Montana

Iraq is currently operating on a budget fit for a pauper, even through by rights Iraq should be one of the wealthiest nations in the world. Iraq has, in the past, operated on budgets and status befitting their actual situation - that situation being one of the wealthiest nations in the world... The People who hold physical Dinar simply benefit by the increase in value, just like we will. A new printed currency comes out within weeks or even days of the rate change, and we're all aware that the new notes are ready to be printed, if not already printed and being held for distribution.

Iraq is currently in the final stages of preparation to return to their previous status in the world. They are not a country that has been in poverty for centuries...they are barely over a decade into their current situation. They have had a short setback in their financial situation, but at their core they are a rich country and this is not a huge mental shift for them to return to prosperity. The budget, in my opinion, is notsomething that will hold them back. A few strokes of the pen and some clicks of a mouse and the Budget is adjusted...


ATTENTION: stay firm to the plan and the banks elected for this exchange and you will be getting the best treatment and best exchange.

Stray to other banks and you will be getting inferior sucker rates and treatment.

This is my last warning to all Dinarians. Be good stewards and just don't go stampeding to the first bank out there.

The 800 number will be shared with all immediately after it is made available from the source.
Na'mastes Bluwolf

God bless you all y que viva Puerto Rico !


MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

MZ: July 25th….would be a great day for an exchange- don’t ya think?

MZ:  Lets read Leo wantas Tweet: I think it’s pretty exciting

Lee Wanta : STOP ….hey what’s that sound, everybody look what’s going down.? No more Bank Derivitives, A Gold backed dollar,the Non-Federal Reserve System retired, the Reagan Wanta Mitterrand protocols fulfilled, a real student loan forgiveness program , high speed rail. No National Debt.

MZ: Could this mean it’s already occured or it’s underway????? We may actually be at the end of our journey

MZ: I have not gotten news from Asia yet today but waiting for it .

MZ: I got very excited calls from paymasters saying today is liquidity day.  Today is the day they release their funds…We hear a number of them are liquid for that.

MZ:Hear from Treasury contacts that there was multiple traunches into the QFS system yesterday ..It is being prepared for us……priming the pump

Member:  Member:  a traunch is an installment or a release of part of a larger sum

Member:  it is spelled "tranche" - French word

MZ: Zurich is expecting liquidity today……we will be watching them very closely.

MZ: With all the chatter today well may be 800 number day…

MZ: It very well could be a daytime event today

MZ: May cut this stream short to get more info…maybe this quiet week was needed

MZ: I may be having another stream tonight


Member:  ​I have heard that we should be in the banks tomorrow!

Q: Could the 4b group go today?

MZ: Its possible …….there really is a lot going on…buts its to early in the day to say it could with confidence

MZ: I really think this weekend is in play ..We have been on edge a long time…..but today…I think is a day we should be alert and on edge


MZ: Heard that Epstein has gotten beat up in his cell…and he was alone…..they are saying  suicide attempt?


Member:  Does a person who fights hard for bail, then appeals the original decision (attempt to overturn), attempt suicide prior to the ruling of the appeal? Logical thinking. Q

Member:  Why would such a high profile person such as Epstein, who has SO much dirt on so many high profile politicians etc be placed in any cell with someone else, much less a convicted murderer...the guilty are getting sloppy..failed hit!

MZ: Im surprised the man is still alive and breathing

Member:  If someone wanted Epstein gone and they got to him...he would be gone unless it got interrupted

Member:  Things to understand about the Epstein situation currently. 1. He was not being held in general populace. 2. He was supposed to be monitered at all times. 3. His trial resumes July 31st. 4. This is a convenient way to delay. 5. Preliminary reports suggest injuries are not severe. Per Eyethespy

Member:  alot of black helicopters seen in DC stuff is going down guys it's coming to fruition just be patient a little longer lol

MZ: i heard the rumor is part of the security and crack down at Area 51 is that all the gold at Ft. Knox had been moved to Area 51…..interesting  but definently a rumor….

Member:  58 train cars worth of gold doesn't move unless there's an underground tunnel from KY to NM

Member:  maybe aliens at 51 are alcemists cloning gold. lol
Member: Judy B was told to do quiet…. She completely went quiet she is put out zero..

Member:  ​Judy going quiet?...that might be positive

MZ: I hear a lot of Intel Providers were asked to be quiet this week…I have been under pressure to be quiet…..If its for security reason …..If anything happens and I have to go quiet I will be sure to tweet out and let you all know

MZ: I hear 119 countries are ready to go…and the decision was made that’s enough…….I am very excited about what is happening today

Q: What does Mr. C feel about the tweet from Leo?

MZ: Mr. C. agrees with 99 percent of it and is feeling pretty spunky today..He thinks Leo means its underway now…..not that it already happened

Q: Any news from your redemption center people?

MZ: I have not had time to talk to them today

Member:  I don't think I've ever heard you so excited which means freedom for humanity is coming

Member:  I heard from of my contact the new 20 UST is about to be revealed

Member:  The writings of the RV is in main stream news! Read emerging currencies they are saying to buy! Central banks buying gold! Investing in blockchain technology and JP Morgan saying ditch the dollar!

Leo Wanta Tweet:

Member:  Just announced by AG BARR that they are returning Capital Punishment!

Member:  Breaking: The U.S. federal government is to resume carrying out the death penalty after 20 years, U.S. Attorney General William Barr says
Member:   attorney general Barr reinstates executions… deep State on the Run  Link

Mod:  KUWAIT RV:   https://www.nytimes.com/1991/03/25/world/after-the-war-no-electricity-but-kuwait-reopens-its-banks.html

Member:   " Who is Lee Wanta? Please tell us ?" http://eagleonetowanta.com .. Watch the 10 minute trailer ..

also, I prepared this video series .. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ME1at_WOCrk&list=PL1yWdjkeR-5KSR11kvFZwmZBYf4wYf0Kh ..


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MZ: To the friends of DebTHG- If you can get it touch with her to contact me to set up a prayer call….I think that would be a great thing and she would be the perfect person to lead this call   theoriginalmarkz@gmail.com

MZ: If I have a stream tonight I will tweet and let you know

Mod:  Thursday night UPDATE TIME NOT SET YET

Member:  Live the Life of Your Dreams: Be brave enough to live the life of your dreams according to your vision and purpose instead of the expectations and opinions of others.” “Believe in Your Heart

Note: Be sure to listen to the replay for all the details. Exciting call today and Chat moves quickly and Mark speaks very fast

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