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Part 1: MarkZ (7/19/19)

Part 2: MarkZ Q & A, Eagleone (7/18/19)


...they will change the exchange regime to a float and move to article VIII at the same time.  I can't imagine why they wouldn't do it at the same time...they're banging their drums that they are ready.  There's got to be some critical point, a certain amount of money they want to see come into the country.  They are going to have to make that switch because otherwise they're going to create too much inflationary pressure.


BLACK = Information is limited or unavailable (NDA's ?)


ORANGE = Processing near an end (THE NEXT STEP IS WITHIN REACH) 







TNT SHOWTIME CC (Bullet Pts by AZhombre)

July 19, 2019


· Tony’s Mon updates: Locations fully staffed, banks have people on stand-by, or sitting, told “ask for the contract rate”, Dong 47 cents, contract rate $2.27 & IQD $28.50, larger banks offer rates depending how long you leave it in their bank with no limitations on amount, some banks on standby, and exchanges occurred over the weekend. 

· Tony’s Wed updates: Great friend Jitendra Parmar was so important to us just died! He did things to preserve our TNT history! He recorded every call, downloaded our entire site, calls, 10 yrs. worth of conversations on the site, letters digitized, preserved our future for our museum, up until Monday’s call. Please do me a favor and take the time to send his wife Vanita and two sons a thank you and let them know how much we appreciate Jitendra. Please send flowers, cards, or something and let them know how much we love them: Mr. & Mrs. Jitendra & Vanita Parmar, 7606 Kavooras Drive, Sacramento, CA 95831. Tony/told today from 3 different banks, it’s in motion, can see it all the way down to the branch level. “Everybody should be liquid by Friday” and should be completed, don’t know the start date/time. Nobody knows the day, but everybody is supposed to see it by Friday. The guy who got the 40 to 50m was told he’d have the final balance by Friday. We’ll have 10% after exchange and balance within 24 hours of all our funds. Tony/ members “googled” him (JM), looking up his house on line. Yes, his house is in foreclosure, struggling through life. Just got his 2 sons in school. Hoping this is done by Friday so we can help them out. Flowers, cards, etc., pls send something. 

· Tony’s Fri updates: We are here, it is Friday. This is the news of the day: 1st, JN funeral services tomorrow. Those who already sent things to Vanita, glad we can show our appreciation. Info is simple. Banks had mtgs yesterday, 6 told it was a go. Update mtg at 3 and 4 am, it’s a go. Everybody on standby, high alert, must report in immediately. They did do transactions yesterday as normal, continue to do some. Tier 4 should start later today or sometime tomorrow. Plan as of now. Scheduled to go T, W, and Th, ready to go but told to stop. Scheduled for later today or tomorrow morning. Then they are going to do the “internet group”. As of yesterday, they are saying the Zim is going. Been hold-up since Mon. Decided Zim is going is info I got this morning. We’ll know the rates, possibly the dates, either today or tomorrow when the markets close. Was supposed to go on or after 7pm last night. Didn’t go. That is the news. All of it. Wait and see what happens, we are on the clock. 

Q&A: https://tntshowtime.activeboard.com/t65720749/questions-for-ray-cc-071919/ 

· Annieo: Is there a way you will be able to check the 800# to be sure it’s not from a scammer? Apparently, folks have been scammed of their currency. Ans: R/I haven’t found that. T/There is some “idiot” who has a fake TNT site. Contact Twitter! Got texts, info this morning about some so-called guru telling you not to say how much you have, just what you have. How can you even tell them don’t tell them how much you have. They have to know to send you to the right location. You’re going to give them the serial numbers. Legitimate sites will give out legitimate numbers. See if they are putting out the same number. I’d be Leary of the site that has the only different numbers. TNT will have the correct number. 

· Samwise: Is it feasible to have more than a few million US$ and have the Bank of Exchange open CDARS accounts, or is there a better way? Ans: R/ask the bank when you exchange. You decide if that’s the way you want to go to have your money protects. 

· Tight wad: If there’s no tax on this as rumored, then the gifting letters wouldn’t mean anything, right? Ans: R/gifting letters never meant anything on taxing. 

· Hamdulpia: Will there be a contract rate available for Canadiens at CDN banks? Ans: R/yes. T/yes there will be. 

· F111F: At the end of Monday’s call you gave us info about Housing Vets. I’m an IT person and tried to google it but too many selections to choose from. I’m retired AF and like to help Vets. Can you elaborate about this Gov’t program in more detail? Ans: T/Somebody send me the # if you know it. Have 2 people in Sacramento that actually do it. House veterans and homeless people. 

· Samadhi: Friend emailed me today saying delete all emails that have dinar in them and also leave sites like TNT. Why? Does this make us marked and watched? Ans: T/you’re not. But if your friend emailed you, why didn’t you ask him why it’s dangerous. I could guess. Somebody is going to try and search? I’d use a new computer I never used before. R/If you say you’re not going to get on our site in the future, I still have your info. You’ve already did the “damage”. Do the things you need to do to have more privacy. T/Ask you friend why? We’re not a threat. After we do the events, we’re going to go live our lives. Don’t think TNT people who have millions of dollars won’t bother you. Protect yourself at all times. 

· Dangersmith: After RV, can I go to the nearest foreign exchange bank and exchange say 1k IQD at International rate to fly to where I’m going to exchange all of my currencies and do that without affecting me getting the contract rate? Ans: R, I’d assume so, if doing it outside of your district. If you need “mad money”, then try to exchange it to cover your expenses getting back. 

· 9 Ball: Were told Zim has been resolved. Can you tell us if the resolution was in our favor and any details you may have? Ans: T/Zim going live, rates didn’t change. 

· Countrygirl2002: Heard any more counterfeit notes being an issue with the recent exchanges taken place? Ans: T/nope! 

· Greggiemax: Have friends from Jamaica that are in USA on work visas. They have accnts at WF bank and they have several million Dong. Will they be able to utilize the 800 #’s for exchange appts being they are not US citizens but do have a local residence in the USA while working here. Ans: T/call the 800#’s, explain it to them and take their directions. R/answer what’s being asked. Keep your mouth closed! 

· Mortski: How does a Roth Ira work with the other 2 tools? Thinking of setting up a trust at the limit amount and then putting everything else but the Roth IRA into the foundation. Any recommendations? Ans: R/could answer if you were live on the call. Roth IRA is an individual activity and individual receives. You could donate it to charity. All distributions of Roth will be tax free. 

· JiminKC: …T/banks say it’s concluded and going. 

· Diane: Currency Cap on Dong? R/$50m was the last thing we heard. A source said $10m on Dong. Haven’t received any new info. 

Live Callers:

· 281/Houston, TX Bus Lady! C/if you get info after 7, will you come back on, wait the next day? R/going to a concert! T/they could have created their own and let everyone know. I’m going to tweet it out to 140k people. Start dialing, whatever you want to do. Once they put it out, our contacts will give us all the info they have been withholding. 2 hrs. after the #’s come out the first appts will take place. Somewhere within that time we’ll be in contact. Start at 7pm and go to 1am in the morning for the first time. Then close earlier. C/Is there a process in place if we weren’t treated fairly? T/they haven’t given me any #’s if there’s a problem. We can call the regular 800#. On our forums on our calls we can see if it’s consistent with one bank to another. Tell you what the action is but don’t want to bring it up now. C/something that both sides need to think about. T/should be a two-way street. Some of their employees are going to be upset! We’ll use their regular complaint line first, then put it on our site if more taking place. 

· 850/Houston, TX. C/Did they give you reason it didn’t happen? T/yes, conclusion with the Zim. Scheduled for today or tomorrow. C/Bank decided? T/UST decision. Banks had mtg to brief their people last night and this morning. 

· 916/C/asked if tony would buy more. T/If you had $1k and didn’t know what to do with it? Go buy some Dong? They can’t stop selling it 2 hours before the rate change. 

· 404/Atlanta, GA. T/if someone’s appt is 2 wks away, it’s 2 wks away. C/concentrated time frame? T/doing away with the exchange centers after 90% of internet people have exchanged. C/”after 7 pm”. Hopefully this is our last Fri call. T/was supposed to go after 7 last night, doesn’t mean tonight. Possibly tonight, buy by tomorrow! 

· 931/Clarksville, TN. C/why deposit into a non-interest-bearing account? T/you want our opinion? C/advantage? T/interest bearing account you should be doing also. Advantage/disadvantage of people knowing your wealth? You lose your best friends (jealous, etc.), new friends come into your life. People will be looking for your friends, family, to take advantage of. Kidnapping loved ones, etc., once you have this type of money. Rich people deal with every day. 

· 610/Gman in PA. Please donate! It looks like that “pink slip” is coming to me. R/going to send it email and not “snail mail”. Please contribute check or money order. Pls include your phone # when you donate (see links above to donate). 

· 423/Chattanooga, TN. C/Do you mean the whales went in last wk and hadn’t decided about the Zim yet? T/they did. Giving them 35 cents, it stopped, then resumed. Guess they are going to pay it to them. The guy who was supposed to get the $47m gave him a “proof of funds” letter so he could buy some property. Banks said don’t worry about it you will have your money. C/still an SKR? T/yes, not money yet. Will flip the switch and all will be paid. C/who have they been training? Some know, some don’t know? T/they’re all trained and know. Should not be any resentment from any exchangers. They couldn’t purchase any, if they really wanted to purchase some they could have quit and bought some. They told relatives, friends this is “real”. Anybody would have done that. They’ll get us through then do what they need to do. Will put info in the forum if necessary. We can get their attention. C/why didn’t they flip the switch when they were prepared to do it? T/They still had to bring people back in for the 10m, getting ready to do it. C/finished with the whales? T/that’s what they told me. Done enough we should be ready to start tonight or tomorrow! Got from a group of exchanges “get ready”. 

· 407/Orlando, FL. Q on Zim, money goes thru where? T/US Treasury. If you’re talking about getting $2 for humanitarian project, I don’t have a clue what’s going to happen in Zimbabwe. C/if I don’t get the contract rate, the $ will be in my bank? T/2 different contracts; money in Zim is higher rate than the 35 cents you get here. Caller from Zimbabwe. T/you don’t want the humanitarian project rate of $2. 

· 760/Oceanside, CA. C/would you consider joining an existing humanitarian project or start your own? T/if never done it, go with professionals. Allows you to get bigger rate, give them your percentage, they have resources, etc. Plan approved faster than your new plan of 90 days. I’d do that. C/could we make a mass donation as a group for the Sacramento family? T/Cremation for tomorrow morning at 11am. Hindu faith. She, mother, mother-in-law, there. Now a 22 yr. old kid is responsible for his mother and younger brother. If you want to send a $100, please do. Hopefully the RV will happen tomorrow. 

· 208/Boise City, ID. C/ is it really going? T/yes! 

· 972/Danny in Dallas, TX. C/ Reduction from $20m to $10m cap? T/one bank. Our committee guy says $20m. I’m going to try and get contract rate on $100m. C/can you tell us what bank that is after we go through. 

· Tony/Vanita Parmar, Jitendra Parmar. 7606 Kavooras Drive, Sacramento, CA 95381. 

· 503/Portland, OR. Peggy. Had planned on going to exchange with friend who has a concussion damage brain injury. Now has power of attorney. T/I want her to go in there because I wouldn’t want to be responsible for somebody’s future. If you do have power of attorney, they will let you. C/wanted to be there to make sure everybody is on the same page. Have her make the appt and let them know she has someone with power of attorney. T/may have to explain while you’re there. C/focused on short-term needs now not long-term goals. T/pay your bills, but use your money’s money is best. Nothing like peace of mind! 

· Tony/hopefully we’re here. We delayed the call, so we could get updated information. I know they had a meeting yesterday and so far, they are still on track. Something could possibly happen at close of markets today. We should be in the banks tomorrow. Many feel that way. Enjoy the rest of the day, it may be the last day you have to relax. I’m going to enjoy mine! Delayed the call. So far still on track. Felt something could happen at the close of market. Most of the people feel it will happen. Ray/we’ll be getting back in touch with you. 

Interesting Recent Comments & Questions (a few of AZhombre’s picks):

• R/members created 21 pgs. booklet. tiny.cc/prep4xchange w worksheet.
• R/Contract rate won’t be fluctuating.
• T/Still must dial 800# with a 5k note, can’t just walk into the bank to exchange it.
• T/Have a plan for what I shared. You can expect 1-2% fees, probably less.
• T/Are those 13 (banking seminar) events on the same day? R/yes. (see web site).
• T/Heard you can get contract rates on all the currencies I’m going to try on mine!
• T/You with millions are going to be able to negotiate. (it’s how you negotiate).
• T/Iraqi Dinar will be higher than the Kuwait ($3.29) Dinar. Within 15 cents range.
• T/From another source we have 30m people with Dinar. 5m new millionaires!
• C/2nd basket: Russian Ruble, Indian Rupee, China Yuan, Mexico Peso, Norway Krone, Swiss Franc, Australia Dollar, and Pakistan Rupee.
• Former Rates; Dinar: $3.50, $3.63, $4.43, $28.50. Dong: $0.47, $1.00, $1.37, $2.23. Zim $0.22 – $0.33. Afghani $2.39. Rial $3.24. Rupiah: $1.08-$1.30 

• Updated Rates (7/05/2019) Dianr: $3.65, $4.47, $6.00, $8.00. Contract rate $28.50. Dong: everybody can get $0.47, $0.56, $0.87, $2.27 and contract rate of $6.00. Zim: $0.11, $0.22, contract rate of $0.35), & Rupiah: $1.05, $1:08, $1.25. 

"Trump is Signing Everything" - MarkZ Q&A Intel Stream Highlights , 20 JULY

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context. Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

MZ: I have a couple attorneys with Historical Bonds in Europe who say they are now set for Tuesday morning...All Bonds

MZ: From the DC Beltway......There are rumors Trump is signing everything he needs to this weekend…A photo op for Trump.....Definitely consider this a rumor....i like the DC rumors as much as Reno rumors lately...lol

MZ: We hear that CMKX deliveries are all in place and ready to go…..they just need the word

MZ: There is no new rate in Iraq as of yet.

Member: Rod Sterling (Twilight Zone) is going to show up at any moment

MZ: Either that or Bill Murray as we face another “Groundhog Day “ Weekend

Member: Chinese Elders- Please release the RV/GCR and the 800 #'s. We are ready to bless those who are in need.

Q: Hi Mark, Have heard from your Redemption Center contacts..? Are they on High Alert..?

MZ: My guys attended a meeting this morning and are not at work today at the RC’s…and they have not been told to be at work this weekend….sorry, but that is why I don’t believe we will be exchanging this weekend.

MZ: Could they pull the trigger and let us make our appointments this weekend? Absolutely they could to start exchanges next week…..

Q: Has there been any arrests in Cleveland? Could this all have been theatre for some reason?

MZ: It could have been…maybe some kind of sting? We do not know…I do feel encouraged with what took place on the 12th when the White Dragons took over and re- issued new Gold Certificates…..I think it is very possible that they are waiting for Trump to okay things.... to finish up.

Member: The calm before the storm it's all coming together price Andrew getting caught in the Epstein trap makes since why Trump met the queen… trust the plan it's all coming together

MZ: The Grand Jury investigation into the delays of the reset is still scheduled to start on July 23rd. this doesn’t mean we will have any answers…it just means it will start to get to the bottom of this exchange and possibly who has caused delays

MZ: My thoughts are they will get the reset done before the Grand jury seats…I do not think many involved want their dirty laundry aired in public….imo

Michael Cottrell started talking about minute 15:00 ...He answers questions for about 40 minutes





MZ: in my opinion we are at the very end of this……the world needs this reset so badly. They cannot afford to wait any longer to release the reset.

MZ: If this day to day waiting is getting to frustrating for you....my advice is take a break....walk away for a bit......read a book, spend time outside or with family.....

MZ: The next scheduled stream is Mon. AM at 10est unless something big happens over the weekend , in which case i will send a tweet and have a stream.

DG: https://www.gold.org/goldhub/research/gold-investor/central-banks-return-to-gold

Replay for MASTERS TRUST Call Conference Call # 712-770-4019, Access Code: 575203# www.TheMastersTrust.orgTheMastersTrust@AlbertAviles.com


Note: Please listen to the replay to hear details and M. Cottrell’s part of the stream. He spoke about the new QFS Banking system, derivatives, the FDIC, mortgages, offshore accounts, Historic Bonds, Dr. Shabibi, Iraq, the Gold Treaty, Deutshe Bank and much more………..

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/454954672##

YouTube: https://youtu.be/Q3GLIiNQdmU?t=1

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of July 20, 2019

Judy Note:

A contact in DC said that Trump would be signing everything off Sat. July 20and was setting up some kind of photo op. 

Tony claimed that the banks were doing exchanges yesterday Thurs. July 18and today Fri. July 19, plus planned on starting Tier 4 tomorrow Sat. July 20

The Bretton Woods Conference ran from July 5 to July 20, 1944 and made the US Dollar the world standard for currency exchange. After 75 years 207 nations have decided not to continue using the US dollar. The Bretton Woods agreement could expire tomorrow Sat. July 20

Eagleone2025 was told that the codes were being entered this weekend. 

Several sources in DC have said we would be in banks next week starting around Mon. – Tues. July 22-23 and heard they would wrap this up before the end of July. 

In Europe appointments to process Historical Bonds have been set for Tues. July 23

Farm Claims and other recipients were promised funding this week. 

This past week a number of former bankers concocted a scheme that involved putting out bogus 800#s, obtaining people’s currency and bond serial numbers and directing people to fake Redemption Centers. There were 1300 currency/bond holders scammed and 64 perpetrators arrested. 

About The 800#s:

WARNING: Be careful with whom you deal in exchanging your currencies or redeeming Zim Bonds and triple check the validity of 800#s to call for appointments. 

You DO NOT have to be in a group, could easily exchange and redeem yourself, plus instructions on websites advertising the 800#s would apply to all participants, banks and Redemption Centers worldwide. 

When you call the 800# DO NOT give out the serial numbers of your currency or bonds. The only thing the person on the other end of the line would need to know was what you had (Zim, Dinar, Dong, etc.) and your zip code so they could direct you to the correct Redemption Center in your area.

Validated 800#s and instructions on how to set appointments, redeem Zim and exchange currencies would be sent out by email and published on the below approved websites only AFTER 800# release and only AFTER those instructions were duly verified. Check to make sure the 800# you received by email was also present on these different websites:

Dinar Chronicles: http://www.dinarchronicles.com/tetelestai.html
Dinar Recaps: https://www.dinarrecaps.com/our-blog
MarkZ Calls: https://www.twitch.tv/theoriginalmarkz
MarkZ website: theoriginalmarkz.com
MarkZ Twitter: m.twitter.com/originalmarkz
Bruce: bigcalluniverse.com https://www.iqdcalls.com/The_Big_Call.html
TNT Tony: https://twitter.com/the_tnt_team 

A. July 19 2019 6:30 pm EST Message for Byington, Anon: "Message for Judy Byington" by (Anonymous) - 7.19.19 

1. The Bretton Woods Conference ran from July 5-July 20, 1944, which set up the program whereby the Dollar became the world standard for currency exchange. Maybe the simplest reason for what is happening is that after 75 years, the Bretton Woods agreement simply expired! 

2. The rest of the world has decided not to continue using the US Dollar, as has the US government. The timing is highly coincidental. 75 years expires tomorrow! Let's see what happens tomorrow and Sunday. 

B. July 19 2019 TNT Call Ray, Tony: http://tobtr.com/s/11428045 

1. The banks met yesterday Thurs. July 18 and decided that night at 6pm EST it was a go. An update around 3-4am EST this morning Fri. July 19 everything became on standby and High Alert – and was where we remained right now at3pm EST July 19

2. This has happened Tues. Wed. and Thurs. of this week where everything was a go and then stopped. 

3. They did transactions yesterday Thurs. July 18 and again today Fri. July 19

4. Tier 4 should start later today or some time tomorrow Sat. July 20

5. They planned to do transactions for the first 10 days and then would change the format. 

C. July 19 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ:https://www.twitch.tv/theoriginalmarkz 

1. A contact at a Redemption Center has been told they would not be working this weekend. 

2. A European contact reported that they were still looking for funding todayJuly 19

3. I have a couple attorneys with Historical Bonds in Europe who say they are now set for Tues. morning July 23

4. A contact in DC said that Trump would be signing off everything he needed to tomorrow July 20 and was setting up some kind of photo op over this next weekend. 

5. Farm Claims recipients expected funding this week.

6. We hear that CMKX deliveries were all in place and ready to go. They just needed the word.

7. I feel encouraged with what took place on Fri. July 12 when the White Dragons took over and re- issued new Gold Certificates. I think it is very possible that they are waiting for Trump to okay things to finish up.

8. Eagleone2025: I have been told that the codes were being entered this weekend. Several sources in DC have said we would be in banks this week starting around Mon. – Tues. July 22-23.

9. Eagleone2025: Only Trump knows. I have heard they will wrap this up before the end of July.

10. Eagleone2025: Trump has signed off. The Navy man Admiral has finished his job. Make sure you get bank checks before you leave the banks and some cash. 5-7 bank checks. Like millions.

11. Eagleone2025: CMKX Packages were still in the works. It has been slow, but was going. When you go in the bank make sure your funds are accessed before you leave the bank. 

12. Mike Cottrell: 

They were doing Structured Payouts on Zim and large currency payouts in order to regulate hyperinflation. 

I have no concerns about the US Treasury regulating Structured Long Term Payouts once the Global Currency Reset was in place. 

A Global Treasury Bank would be in place that would nullify the Federal Reserve once the GCR took place. 

A good part of Congress would be replaced, especially if they have been in more than six years because they had been compromised through bribes or duped into illegal situations. 

There would be no reason to have Off Shore Accounts once the GCR was in place. 

In 2006 the Golden Dragons wanted to crash the banks and start over with the gold backed currency. They decided not to because it would cause too much financial chaos around the world. Instead this past weekend they decided to take over Deusche Bank (which owns most of the derivatives in Europe) in order to close it down. 

D. July 18 2019 11:55 pm EST BOOM Day, Sierra: Sierra (NZ) -- BOOM Day: 19th July? 

1. President Trump and Q were sending cryptic messages that seemed to indicate 19th July would be a BIG DAY.

2. Q drop #3457 featured a picture of a watch. The time on the watch was4.48pm (or it could be 4.49 which adds up to 17). And the date in the little date box? It looks like 19th to me. Check for yourself: https://qanon.pub/

3. Q drop #3457 featured a re-post of drop #3456. There was an image of the watch.
Worth remembering.
'If you look closely enough you might see...'

4. A sign that 19th July might be YUUUGE is, interestingly, linked in with a tarot card. There is a video on President Trump's Twitter feed showing a flag unveiling ceremony that took place today. The USA flag survived the Normandy beaches of WW2. Before the flag is unveiled, a tarot card Sun symbol can be clearly seen draped over the USA flag.

5. The tarot 'Sun' card was number 19 in the major tarot Arcana cards which number 22. President Trump recently tweeted about catching MS13 criminals - he said they were '19 of 22'. Scroll down his Twitter feed - you would find a 24 minute video of the flag unveiling ceremony. At 18' 40" in the video, you could clearly see the tarot sun symbol behind President Trump:https://twitter.com/realdonaldtrump?lang=en

6. Check out this Twitter thread which also helped to explain the connections:

7. There was a brilliant Twitter thread that pulled together recent Q posts about Epstein's Satanic Temple. Epstein was the 'keystone' in the destruction of the Deep State. His temple featured a 'keystone' in its design. What happens when you remove the keystone from a building? It crumbles to the ground.https://twitter.com/JohnOutbakjak/status/1151976602575577089

8. Q gave a link to the Twitter feed in drop #3453:
(Link to above Twitter thread)
'Explore further.'

'Note the date of the post - Nov 2017.
Note events happening today.
News unlocks.'

9. As I scrolled back over the long history of Q drops, I was astounded at how often the 'future proves the past', exactly as Q often said. It confirmed how meticulously the Alliance plan was conceived - and how many years it has been in the making.

10. A Q follower held up a gorgeous baby at President Trump's recent rally. The baby's onesie had 'Trump' on the front, and a Q on the back. President Trump made a big fuss of pointing out the baby - and at the precise moment the mother turned the baby around so President Trump could see the Q, he said: 'What a picture!'

11. Q has been saying all along - when will someone ask the big question: 'Who is Q?' Q said, 'The picture will be the signifier.' Maybe this adorable baby will finally open the flood gates and let the WORLD know about Q.

12. Bring it on! Where We Go One We Go All. Love and Light Sierra (NZ) 

E. Rumored Events:

Fri. June 14 2019: The Quantum Financial System was activated, Tier 3 completed and a Tier4A test group of 2,200 individuals began. After two weeks of that testing, or by July 1, they planned to release the 800#s – that didn’t happen as yet.

Mon. July 1 2019: President Trump signed an Executive Order and Congressional House Bill 3151 to reform the IRS, which would be abolished as per GESARA compliance.

Wed. July 3 2019: President Trump signed an Executive Order, content unknown, covering tax laws in the interim between July 3 2019 to Jan. 1 2020.

Thurs. July 4 2019: Mass Arrests began on over 100,000 sealed indictments.

Sat. July 6 2019: Arrest via sealed indictment of Jeffrey Epstein who flew political and global elites including the Clintons and British Royalty on his private jet the Lolita Express, to his privately owned “Pedophile Island” where human trafficked minors were said kept in underground tunnels to be exploited, raped and killed in the Cabal’s multi-million dollar Satanic Temple.

Fri. July 12 2019: Packages reactivated deliveries. The new USTN currency was sent out to banks. House Voted to broadcast GITMO Trials, Washington Post: https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2019/jul/13/house-votes-in-favor-of-broadcasting-guantanamo-ba/

Sat. July 13 2019: German Deutsch Bank was bailed out by the Chinese Elders. Failure of that Deutsch Bank had been expected by Mon. July 15 – which would have imploded the entire Cabal Central Banks across the globe. It was believed this buyout was done with the intention of closing Deutsch Bank and the entire Central Banking system including the Federal Reserve.

Sun. July 14 2019: ICE began arrests of thousands of undocumented immigrants across the country, combining it with raids on M-13 human trafficking operations.

Mon. July 15 2019: There was a meeting in Cleveland between the new US Treasury, President Trump, Chinese Elders, military and the phony Mr. Cottrell who signed off on fake codes that were entered into the system and were caught. 

This week a number of former bankers concocted a scheme that involved putting out bogus 800#s, obtaining people’s currency and bond serial numbers and directing people to fake Redemption Centers. There were 1300 currency/bond holders scammed and 64 perpetrators arrested. 

Tues. July 16 2019: A very valid source said there was a phone conference with major world players Tues. evening July 16. World leaders were called into a closed door meeting to be briefed on the final roll out of the transition. Due to the shenanigans at the new US Treasury in Reno they had to issue new Gold Certificates that arrived in the US early Wed. July 17.

Wed. July 17 2019: about 25 min. into President Trump’s speech at his Rally in North Carolina the new gold-backed USTN went live.

Thurs. July 18 the new currency codes were released so that the new rates could be brought up and locked in bank screens. 

Fri. July 19 2019 at 4:49 pm EST: Q recently dropped a couple of messages hinting that BIG events would happen around 4:49 pm EST Fri. July 19

Fri. July 19 2019: EagleOne said the Redemption/Exchange Appointments would be set anywhere from Fri. July 19 to Tues. July 23

Sat. July 20 2019: A contact in DC said that Trump would be signing off the RV July 20 and was setting up some kind of photo op on this 75th anniversary of the Bretton Woods Conference, which made the US dollar the standard for international currency exchange. 

Tues. July 23 2019: Appointments were set to process Historical Bonds in Europe. 

Thurs. Aug 1 2019: Deadline for transition to a Quantum Financial System (QFS), plus for currency exchanges to negotiate for higher rates before the reset went public. Aug. 1 was also the deadline to release the new Zimbabwe currency, plus an announcement of the US Income Tax Code value-added flat tax (VAT).

Mid August 2019: The RV would happen before the new Quantum Financial System (QFS) implementation by mid-August.

Sun. Sept. 1 2019: Restoration of the Republic (for the United States of America) was expected to be completed, though wouldn’t be announced untilSun. Sept. 15.

Mon. Sept. 2 2019: Currency exchanges for the general public begin, if not before.

Wed. Sept. 11 2019: All larger notes of revamping currencies due off the street. Market participants were betting on a huge, seismic shock to the financial system in Sept.

Sun. Sept. 15 2019: Possible deadline to announce the Restored Republic.

Sat. Sept. 30: End of the fiscal year. For some time US Taxpayer monies had been sent to the US Treasury in Reno, though Sept. 30 officially ended the IRS.

Jan. 1 2020: VAT Flat Tax Code effective. On July 3 President Trump had signed an Executive Order, content unknown, covering tax laws until Jan. 1 2020. Reset of a second Basket of foreign currencies.

F. Help Us Save the Children. In all your giving, please don’t forget exploited children and the nonprofits rescuing them from International Sex Trafficking Rings:

Tim Ballard’s Underground Railroad: Operation Underground Railroad 

Kevin Annett’s International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (website taken down by the Vatican Cabal) email: hiddenfromhistory1@gmail.com

G. Judy Note: While Mass Arrests continued, a soft Martial Law, Stock Market Crash and Internet outage could occur. If at all possible, be home, be safe, keep your phone charged and have sufficient water, food and emergency supplies for yourself and others. President Trump would communicate through his new Emergency Broadcast System.

H. WARNING: Be careful with whom you deal in exchanging your currencies or redeeming Zim Bonds and triple check the validity of 800#s to call for appointments.

1. Unauthorized people have posed as representatives of Wells Fargo and other banks while trying to convince people to exchange their currencies with them.

2. Bank employees have advertised fake 800#s that sent people to bogus so-called “Redemption Centers.”

3. Just this last weekend top US Treasury officials tried to skim monies off the new system for use of the Cabal, although all were arrested.

4. It was rumored that the Cabal had set up their own bank, disguised it as a branch of HSBC, told a large international humanitarian group that they were so “special” that they would redeem early and without 800#s, or Redemption Centers, but via the Internet in an obvious plot to steal their monies and make sure the group’s thousands of humanitarian programs wouldn’t be funded.

5. This week a number of former bankers concocted a scheme that involved putting out bogus 800#s, obtaining people’s currency and bond serial numbers and directing people to fake Redemption Centers. There were 1300 currency/bond holders scammed and 64 perpetrators arrested.