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RVAlready:  Let’s actually have an RV this weekend. Enough prep. Enough waiting. Let’s do this.

RVAlready:  I think Iraq and us are ready to roll. I suspect Zim, VND, and others are ready enough. Let’s not waste time forevermore.

Smitty76:  I have a relative who's soul job is to take care of the banks mid range customers (5-10 Million net worth). wants and desires. (Perks) She tells me many of the extravagant wishes they demand, and mostly are fulfilled. Just wondering what the 50 Million Dollar,plus customers will experience?

RVAlready:  Smitty76 - you might find out soon

Smitty76:  rvalready,,Can't happen soon enough !!


Tishwash:   Economic calls to comply with the Commercial Agency Law

A member of the Iraqi Economic Council Ghadir Al-Attar, on Saturday, to implement the provisions of the law regulating the commercial agency in the country.

Al-Attar said in a statement received by Alsumaria News that "the law regulating the Agency's commercial in the fourth article provides that the capital of the company owned by the Iraqis by not less than (100%) and not (50%) as used in some companies."

Al-Attar stressed the need to "facilitate the Ministry of Commerce of its procedures for companies to get the commercial agency leave Iraqi capitalists." 

He added that "creating an organizational environment for the work of commercial agencies inside Iraq will lead to the expansion of activity of service and production institutions to carry out its activity, which extends to the rest of the world." 

"The regulation of the work of the commercial agencies in Iraq by specific laws, working to determine the rights and duties of both individuals and institutions and control the activity of commercial agents, a step to start to regulate various aspects of the Iraqi economy."   lin


Mountain Goat

I have some fantastic news for you about the reinstatement.

...I told everyone I was working on getting a legitimate new timeframe for the RV.

...So, now we have a new timeframe and it is very close at hand. What do we know...: We know that Mahdi has until the end of June to “complete” his cabinet.

...it appears the end of June is the end of the current legislative term. Why is this important? If all of this information is correct, we should be expecting something of a reinstatement and the completion of the “project to delete the zeros” by the end of June.

...The CBI already told us they will NEVER put the (program rate) (currency auctions) on a float while it is on the de-facto peg with the US dollar. So, the only other conclusion we can make is they intend to reinstate the dinar and put it back on a float as all currencies are when they are on FOREX... ...the...articles tell...us they intended to raise the value of the dinar and get it to compete with the international currencies by the end of the current legislative term?... I can hardly keep from jumping up and down…lol...June is almost half over already. So we have about 2 more weeks of expectations and excitement.

The other BIG news from Iraq is all about finally Mahdi being forced to submit some candidates for his unfilled cabinet positions. We know two of these positions are critical to the reconstruction efforts and may even be a sever damper on being able to obtain funding from investors for the reconstruction efforts. So some of the candidate names have already been forwarded to parliament and let’s see what they do with them. Mahdi still has until the end of June to fill these positions or be subject to a “No Confidence” vote. These next couple weeks are going to be interesting.

Bruce (The Big Call)

[via PinkRoses]

...we have some information...showing really definitively really that today [Thursday] was going to be our day for a start.

...Now the other things that were happening...that were giving us reason to believe we were exactly right there was the fact that the AIIB as a partner, let’s call it, with the World Bank, partnering with the World Bank was signed off lasts night [Wednesday].

...Now in Europe last Monday was a Bank Holiday because the European Banks were becoming Basel 4 compliant. That is part of the reason nothing happened last Monday.

...Prior to that we had a holiday in China. Nothing happened over those 3 days, Friday, Saturday, Sunday last weekend. Now, this weekend looks to be a different scenario. We are getting very positive information that makes it look like we could be looking at a new different situation...tomorrow [Friday].

..I got my catcher’s mitt on and ready to receive that fast pitch, that 95 mph fast ball, and kaboom, and just get that information out as soon as possible. I am ready to go.

...I think it is time. I believe it is that close.


The news overnight has been very positive...very positive...My folks in redemption sites are being told to report for work bright and early Monday morning for a very busy week. From the treasury side of it- they believe the reset is on Sunday and it’s a “hard date” ...the real thing...the “go” date...we will see...

...I feel that late afternoon, early Sunday evening we may all finally cross the finish line... Folks in Reno are thinking Sunday for 800 numbers. And I am pretty excited about this weekend…especially Sunday. [Sunday is Fathers Day!] What a great day that will be if everything happens as we are expecting. 

Adam Montana

Well, we did it! We weathered another Ramadan, and Eid al fitr. I am going to state the obvious: Despite no RV announcement during the Big Holiday, this was a more eventful one than normal. All positive, too!

...Historically, many of the bigger milestones have happened around this time of year. Chapter 7 was lifted in late June, for example. A few others have also occurred right around now as well...I have reason to believe we are entering a unique week for the Iraqi dinar...



Samson » June 15th, 2019

Disclosure of Iraq's crude oil reserves

2019/6/15 9:52

Iraq's oil reserves stood at 147 billion barrels, BP said on Saturday.

The company said in its statistical review of the global energy sector for 2019, Iraq's crude oil reserves record 147 billion barrels to replace Iraq in the fifth place in the world. 

Venezuela topped the list with a reserve of 303 billion barrels and Saudi Arabia second with 297 billion barrels. Canada, according to estimates of the company, ranked third with reserves of 168 billion barrels, and Iran 156 billion.LINK

3 reasons to invest in #Baghdad:

- it’s Iraq’s largest city, and the second largest in the Arab world

- it’s a vibrant metropolis, with a strategic location and a talented young population

- a business-friendly environment driven by the @Iraqigovt economic reforms.
#InvestIraq pic.twitter.com/odbqT2z9Zp

Government of Iraq - (@IraqiGovt) June 14, 2019

Iraq decides to grant visas to US investors directly

15th June, 2019

Iraq has decided to grant visas to American investors directly through a special office at Baghdad International Airport to facilitate visits by the National Investment Commission to US investors, the US Trade Representative Office said on Saturday . 

"The second session of the US-Iraq Trade and Investment Board was held in Washington, DC, which was established under the Trade and Investment Framework Agreement signed between the two countries in 2005, headed by the Iraqi Minister of Trade, Mohammed Hashim Al-Ani," the US Trade Representative's Office said in a statement. And US Deputy Trade Representative Jeffrey Grich."

During the meeting, Iraq and the United States discussed a range of bilateral trade and investment issues and further integration of Iraq. In the global economy and look for ways to promote greater mutual market access, thereby creating jobs and attracting investment to both countries." 

The United States expressed its support for Iraq's decision to "re-join the World Trade Organization and carry out local reforms necessary to comply with WTO commitments and tariff liberalization and trade in services. 

The United States also expressed its support for Iraq's decision to accept tax declarations prepared in accordance with international financial standards." 

"Iraq has assured the United States that it will issue 12-month visas to US citizens and facilitate visits by the National Investment Commission to US investors by granting multiple visas for six months through a special visa office located at the airport," the statement said.

"To improve access to bilateral and reciprocal markets, the United States raised the issue of reducing unnecessary documentation requirements and using international standards. 

The United States also encouraged Iraq to reduce the tariff of poultry, while Iraq and the United States also discussed imports of rice and wheat and transparency of the process of grain tenders in Iraq under two memorandums of understanding, and Iraq has partnered with the United States in a memorandum of understanding to increase purchases of medicines and medical equipment and equipment. LINK

S41755k » June 15th, 2019

Re-join the WTO!!!!!!!!!!!! as in we-be-back international world!!

Don961 » June 15th, 2019

America is threatening Iraq .. Things are clear now no more defense of Iran

Friday 14 June 2019

Baghdad - Writings

A communication puts Iraq in the embarrassment of the last moments .. A clear message of threat from the United States of America to Baghdad .. Iran accused and standing next to you is not in your favor do not talk about calm ..

A message received by Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi on Friday June 14, 2019, from US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, in a telephone call to face the fait accompli at a time when the highest head in the United States - President Donald Trump - the responsibility of Iran for the targeting of oil tankers in the Sea of ​​Oman.

Pompeo explained to Abdul Mahdi that Iraq must stand in the face of global terrorism practiced by Iran and not continue to defend or stand with it in one trench; so as not to put Iraq in the range of US sanctions.

It is noteworthy that Abdul-Mahdi tried to discreetly hint at the strength of relations between Baghdad and Tehran, demanding transparent investigations to find out the fact of the targeted tankers.

During the call, the Iraqi prime minister also stressed to the US Secretary of State the position of Iraq on the current crisis between Washington and Tehran and its efforts to achieve calm and protect the interests of the peoples and countries of the region.

Abdul Mahdi also said that he is working for the interests and security of the countries of the region and Europe and the world, asking for more time to calm, which responded to the US minister that the most important that Iraq maintains its stability at this delicate stage. link

A deputy for Diyala warns of the loss of Iraq funds donated by donor countries estimated at 213 million dollars

6.15.2019 14:50

Baghdad today - Baghdad

Diyala MP Ahmad Mazhar al-Karawi warned on Saturday, June 15, 2019, of Iraq's loss of donor funds estimated at 213 million dollars.

Al-Karawi said in a statement received by Baghdad today that "in short, Iraq may lose (213) million dollars, equivalent to more than (253) billion and (470) million," noting that "it represents financial grants from (27) These funds were allocated to support service projects and programs in the liberated areas affected by terrorism, because the central government has not yet transferred 46 billion dinars, which is the size of its contribution to international activities and assistance, although the amount of transfer is included in the table of paragraph (70) 2019) in the budget.

He added that "donor countries can not provide money to Iraq without Iraq's commitment to international treaties in the file of the provision of financial contributions and therefore the biggest loser is what is happening areas liberated, and affected by terrorism, for example the project of Lake Hamrin, which is one of the strategic ways in Diyala being A land corridor for more than a quarter of a million people will be funded by the state funds and the failure of Iraq's payment of financial benefits will lead to delay completion of the project and the most affected is the citizen.

"We asked the prime minister what are the reasons behind the delay in paying Iraq's dues, despite the importance of the issue, which will give a signal to the donor countries to make financial pledges to support Iraq and liberated areas affected by terrorism." link

Samson » June 15th, 2019

The corruption of the Central Bank and the money smuggled

15th June, 2019

The adviser of the Center for Strategic Studies, Ghazi Faisal, recalled the suspicions of corruption in the work of the Central Bank and the money smuggled out of it.

Faisal said in a statement to the "News", "The President of the National Congress, Ahmed Chalabi before his death, revealed many facts about the smuggling of funds through the Central Bank, and revealed that the bank, wasted $ 320 billion could have been a very important reserve of the economy Iraqi".

He explained that "a member of the Integrity Committee in Parliament, Adel Nuri, revealed in an official report, that during the period of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, spent 600 billion dollars without receipts and this is not in any country in the world," noting that "no one knows Where did these 600 billion dollars go? "

He pointed out that "the former central bank governor Sinan Shabibi, revealed corruption in the bank through the smuggling of 800 billion dollars in specific years, even if these billions spent on building Iraq, Iraq would be one of the best in the world."

With regard to the subject of contracts, Faisal said, "220 billion dollars, spent on fictitious contracts and companies and banks for more than 90 thousand imaginary projects." LINK

Moparman » June 15th, 2019

It is time to take down the corrupt, it is time to take down the thief's, it is time to take down Maliki.

Samson » June 15th, 2019

Expert: There are cases of great manipulation in the work of banks

15th June, 2019

The legal expert Ali al-Tamimi, on Saturday, that the absence of legal deterrent contributes to the recurrence of financial violations, noting that there are cases of manipulation of the work of some banks.

Tamimi said in an interview with "News", that "one of the most dangerous things facing the economy of the country is financial attrition," noting that "the absence of legal deterrent contributes to the recurrence of financial violations."

Tamimi pointed out, "the existence of cases of large manipulation in the work of some banks, which lost investor confidence in them."

Al-Tamimi added that "Iraq does not have guarantees to encourage investment in the country and therefore we see a great reluctance of investors to come and not to risk capital." LINK



(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation of the world based on intelligence received from several sources which may or may not be accurate or truthful.)

The number of Deep State Cabalists defecting and/or surrendering to the Earth Alliance is greatly increasing.

However, the few die hard Deep State Cabalists refuse to surrender and are expected to resist until the bitter end.

According to sources, the US Treasury (UST) has been infiltrated and is actively delaying the private currency redemption event (RV).

The Earth Alliance is currently working on clearing the UST of Deep State Cabal infiltrators.

A deadline has been set for this operation to be completed shortly as Deutsche Bank (DB) is scheduled to trigger the collapse of the fiat financial system in order to implement the new Quantum Financial System (QFS).

If the operation is not completed by the deadline, the Earth Alliance will have no choice but to take military action and complete the final phase of the transition the hard way.

This means that the mass indictment event will have to begin earlier than planned.

We are witnessing the final showdown between the Earth Alliance and the Deep State Cabal.

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of June 15, 2019

Judy Note: As of Wed. night June 12 the new gold/asset-backed US Treasury Note (USTN) was said to have gone live, the AIIB, World Bank and BIS were repositioned and all were said to have signed off on the Global Currency Reset.

At any time and likely on Sunday afternoon-evening June 16 notification could be sent out to set Zim redemption and currency exchange appointments through use of 800#s, or by individual contact in text, or email. Redemption Center personnel have been asked to report to work to cover appointments early Mon. morning June 17

Zim redemption would only be done through HSBC Bank. The Global Currency Reset was said to go on a shotgun start where individuals, groups, packages, Whales, Europe, Asia – everyone – would all go at once. 

Word was that if the GCR didn’t go by Sun. June 16 the Chinese would take over so we could begin appointments at least by Mon. June 17

A. June 14 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ:https://www.twitch.tv/theoriginalmarkz 

1. Manuchin has been neutralized and removed from the line of management of the US Treasury. 

2. Redemption Center personnel have been told they would not work this weekend and have been asked to report to work early Mon. morning June 17

3. The 800#s should be out Sun. afternoon June 16

4. It was rumored that Trump would announce the gold/asset-backed USTN onJune 18

5. nflemingjr: We know that the US has until 2 am Sunday morning June 16, unless that has changed, which we will not know until later today Fri. June 14

6. nflemingjr: The banks are preparing their currency pages to state that they are no longer selling currencies until further notice. That means Dong, Dinar, etc. We know that the US has until 2 am Sun. Morning unless that has changed – which we will not know until later today Fri. June 14 and unless there is a new understanding that US Treasury stands to lose the 2% fee that they would get from Zim redemption. 

B. June 14 2019 The Big Call, Bruce, notes by Pink Roses: The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 6-13-19https://inteldinarchronicles.blogspot.com/2019/06/the-big-call-w-bruce-intel-notes-by_14.html 

1. There was some chatter that there might have been some shakeup with the US Treasury as far as oversight of the redemption of Zim. My understanding was Mnuchin signed off on the Zim and signed off whatever needed to be done so that it could go forward from there. This was done yesterday Wed. June 12

2. The AIIB partnering with the World Bank was signed off last night Wed. June 12 at 8-9 pm EST. Also the Bank of International Settlement in Basel, Switzerland (BIS), was repositioned and restructured with some new blood.

3. The USTN was to be live in the 5pm to 6pm range last night Wed. June 12. It was signed off on so that we would have that ready to go. That was announced internally I believe by President Trump. 

4. We know the Redemption Centers have already gone through bales of $100, $50, and $20 bills of our new currency. Repackaged those in amounts of ten $100 bills, ten $50 bills, and twenty $20 bills. That is $1000 in $100s, $500 in $50s, and $400 in $20s in the new USTNs. 

5. There were no more Federal Exchange Notes. I heard today that the President was going to make an announcement either this Sunday or Monday June 16 or 17 about the new USTN. We were no longer in the same position with our US Dollar. Our USD was gone. 

6. We have a gold/asset-backed dollar under the new USTN as our banks become Basel 4 and Basel 5 compliant. Basel 5 means they have enough reserves gold back currency on reserve to at 100 percent of the amount that is in those accounts in our names. So, whatever we have or customers have at the banks are backed by a reserve of the same amount, 100%. That is what the reserve requirements are about under Basel 5. All the Tier 1 Banks are Basel 5 compliant and many of the Tier 2 Banks and some of them are, but most of them are Basel 4 compliant.

7. In Europe last Mon. June 10 was a Bank Holiday because the European Banks were becoming Basel 4 compliant. Prior to that we had a holiday in China. Nothing happened over those 3 days, Friday, Saturday, Sunday last weekend. This weekend looks to be a different scenario. 

8. We were getting very positive information that makes it look like we could be looking at a new different situation after lunchtime or just thereafter tomorrowFri. June 14

9. Nothing that we know of yet happened overnight for the groups, the Core 30, for anything. Nobody was paid. They came to the conclusion that maybe no one in the groups gets paid, the Core 30, anybody until this toll-free number was released. We get a true shotgun start where nobody goes first. Everybody goes almost simultaneously. 

C. June 14 2019 Sean Hannity: Sources say DOJ Inspector General resolved 'hang up' on first Carter Page FISA Application:https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/sean-hannity-sources-say-doj-inspector-general-resolved-hang-up-on-first-carter-page-fisa-application 

D. June 14 2019 CNN: 5,200 people in ICE custody quarantined for mumps or chicken pox exposure: https://www.cnn.com/2019/06/14/politics/mumps-chicken-pox-quarantine-ice/index.html 

E. 2013 World Bank Whistleblower:https://fauxcapitalist.com/2014/04/05/joel-skousens-critique-of-world-bank-whistleblower-karen-hudes/ 

F. International Child Sex Trafficking:

Native American Women Are Being Sold into the Sex Trade on Ships Along Lake Superior https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/gq8xnx/first-nations-women-are-being-sold-into-the-sex-trade-on-ships-along-lake-superio 

Native women, children, and even babies are being trafficked in the sex trade on freighters crossing the Canada-US border on Lake Superior between Thunder Bay, Ontario, and Duluth, Minnesota. 

G. Check for 800#s Notification at:

Dinar Chronicles: http://www.dinarchronicles.com/tetelestai.html
Dinar Recaps: https://www.dinarrecaps blogspot.com/our-blog
MarkZ: https://www.twitch.tv/theoriginalmarkz
MarkZ Twitter: m.twitter.com/originalmarkz
Bruce: Thebigcall.net
TNT Tony: https://twitter.com/the_tnt_team 

H. Rumored Calendar of Events:

Since 1606 the Cabal’s City of London and Vatican Bank had ruled over the US and world economic system. 

July 4 1776 The Declaration of Independence was signed, severing ties with England. From 1765 to 1776 the American Revolution had taken place over taxation without representation. 

Feb. 21 1787 Congress revised the Articles of Confederation. 

Feb. 2 1789 Congress established the Department of Treasury.

By 1810 through debt of the bankers, the US was back to being enslaved to the King of England.

In 1815 Rothschild took over the Stock Market. 

In 1838 the House of Morgan began acting as a Central Bank out of New York and London. Like the London-based Rothschild and Barings banks, Morgan became part of the power structure in many countries. 

In 1871 after the Civil War, the US borrowed money from the City of London and then passed the Organic Act to incorporate US Inc. As with the City of London and Vatican Washington DC became an independent City State so it could function and use US taxpayer monies outside of the Constitution. 

In 1903 Banker’s Trust was set up by eight Families including the Astors, DuPonts, Guggenheims, Vanderbilts, Rockefellers, Morgans, Rothchild and Strongs. Benjamin Strong of Banker’s Trust was the first Governor of the New York Federal Reserve Bank. 

In 1913 The House of Morgan became the Federal Reserve Bank at the same time the Rockefeller Foundation was formed. The two financed the launch of AT&T, General Motors, General Electric and DuPont. Morgan, Chase and Citibank formed an international lending syndicate. The House of Morgan was cozy with the British House of Windsor and the Italian House of Savoy. The Kuhn Loebs, Warburgs, Lehmans, Lazards, Israel Moses Seifs and Goldman Sachs also had close ties to European royalty. The Fed fused the power of the Eight Families to the military and diplomatic might of the US government. If their overseas loans went unpaid, the oligarchs could now deploy US Marines to collect the debts. 

By 1933 the US filed bankruptcy and began functioning on a fiat dollar. The Eight Families and international bankers incorporated the Internal Revenue Service as a foreign corporation in Puerto Rico, with its U.S. branch in Delaware. Purpose of the IRS was to collect US taxpayer monies and send them on to the Federal Reserve, International Monetary Fund and World Bank that was controlled by the Rothchilds, Queen’s Bank of London and Vatican Bank. 

In 1936 Sen. Gerald Nye (D-ND) chaired a munitions investigation. Nye concluded that the House of Morgan had plunged the US into WWI to protect loans and create a booming arms industry. Because they were bankrupt, the eight families retaliated by forming Social Security to pledge The People as collateral to the Rothschild bankers. 

At the 1944 post-WWII Bretton Woods Conference the US government had a historical distrust of BIS, lobbying unsuccessfully for its demise. Instead the Eight Families’ power was exacerbated, with the Bretton Woods creation of the IMF and the World Bank.

June 4 1963: President John F. Kennedy signed Executive Order 11110 which gave the US Treasury the ability to issue its own monies instead of relying on fiat Federal Reserve Notes. After Kennedy was buried those $4 billion in silver notes were pulled out of circulation and destroyed, except for some collector samples. Kennedy’s Executive Order has never been rescinded or voided, yet would not be implemented for another 55 years when, in preparation for a gold/asset-backed standard, President Trump introduced HR Bill 5404 in March 2018.

1971: Because the Fed’s US Inc. remained bankrupt, indebted to the Bank of London and Vatican Bank and had no more gold to back the US dollar, President Nixon signed an order whereby the US abandoned the gold standard.

Oct. 10 2000: A Farmers Union lawsuit passed the Supreme Court that had uncovered the illegal functioning of the IRS and Federal Reserve. The Court ruled that the Eight Families, Queen, Rothchild, Vatican and their Central Banking system were using US taxpayer monies for their own gain. A Freedom from Debt NESARA Law was passed by certain members of Congress and signed into Law by President Bill Clinton, though he only did so under gunpoint of Delta Forces. NESARA has not been implemented by any US President since – until Donald Trump. 

2008: The bankrupt Federal Reserve/ US Inc. covered up an inability to pay even interest on loans from the Queen’s Bank of London and Vatican Bank by designing a mortgage crisis.

2012: The Federal Reserve’s 100-year mandate expired.

March 2018: President Trump returned the US to a Gold Standard US Note (USN) by reverting Nixon’s Executive Order via introduction of the HR Bill 5404. Public disclosure of the USN would occur after NESARA/GESARA was announced.

August 8 2018: President Trump signed the ZIDERA Amendment bill. Zimbabwe Bond Notes would convert into legal tender on a 1:1 with the US dollar. The new CIPS monetary system began running parallel to the Cabal’s SWIFT monetary system.

Jan. 28 2019: 9/11 GITMO Tribunal began.

April, 2019: IRS officially shut down. The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe officially decoupled its local currency from the US dollar, naming the new currency the RTGS dollar with the symbol, ZWL.

Sat. May 18 2019: RV trigger pulled.

Sat. May 25 2019: The Iraqi Dinar officially revalued in-country.

Tues. May 28 2019: The new gold/asset-backed US Treasury Note (USTN) went live in the US @ 4:30 pm EST after the Market closed.

Sat. June 1 2019: There were 209 nations which met in Europe to put their stamp on the Global Currency Reset. Zimbabwe’s RTGS Currency became internationally recognized.

Mon. June 3 2019: Queen Elizabeth signed papers that handed back to The People, US Inc.-British Crown-Vatican-Central Bank’s control over US taxpayer monies and the global monetary system. The Bond Market, Stock Market andDeutsche Bank implosions began, while the US converted from a fiat dollar to gold/asset-backed US Treasury Note (USTN). Rumor was that the Chinese bought out Deutsche Bank.

Thurs. June 6 2019 D Day: The Queen signed papers with President Trump, who then declared that the US was hostage no more to the British Crown and Secret Societies. Historic Bond and Zim redemption took place in Zurich, Hong Kong and London. There was an RV release of regional accounts and some Prosperity Packages began delivery – that was later stopped because of theft by the Cabal. 

Wed. June 12 the new gold/asset-backed US Treasury Note (USTN) went live, the AIIB, World Bank and BIS had been repositioned and all had signed off on the Global Currency Reset.

Sun. June 16 2019: Receipt of 800#s and notification through text or email for Internet Group appointments was expected by Sun. afternoon or evening June 16. Rumor was that the Elders ordered that if the US did not RV by June 16midnight that the Global Currency Reset would happen without them. 

Mon. June 17 2019: First redemption or exchange appointments expected for the Internet Group, as well as package deliveries, SKRs liquid, Whales and groups paid out.

Thurs. July 4 2019: Restored Republic and NESARA-GESARA announcements and revelation that John F. Kennedy Jr. was alive, behind the Q movement and would accept Trump’s invitation that he be his running mate for the 2020 election. Whether the national celebration would occur at Mount Rushmore, the Lincoln Memorial or both, it would be a Fourth of July to remember.

Thurs. Aug 1 2019: Deadline for currency exchanges before going public. Release of new Zimbabwe currency, Mass Arrests, Stock Market Collapse and announcement of the new US Income Tax Code value-added flat tax (VAT) was expected around Aug. 1.

Wed. Sept. 11 2019: All larger notes of revamping currencies due off the street. Market participants were betting on a huge, seismic shock to the financial system in Sept.

Jan. 1 2020: VAT Flat Tax Code effective.

MarkZ: "My folks in redemption sites are being told to report for work", 15 JUNE

MZ: It’s Flag Day and President Trumps Birthday today…..The news overnight has been very positive….very positive

MZ: My folks in redemption sites are being told to report for work bright and early Monday morning for a very busy week

MZ: From the treasury side of it- they believe the reset is on Sunday and it’s a “hard date” … the real thing…..the “go” date …..we will see …I feel that late afternoon, early Sunday evening we may all finally cross the finish line.

MZ: We are being told that Mnuchin has been removed from the circle….from the management side or it ..and the Chinese seem to be content right now at where we are headed.

MZ: Folks in Reno are thinking Sunday for 800 numbers. And I am pretty excited about this weekend…expecially Sunday. 

MZ: So don’t take it as a negative or more “can kicking” Think of it as cleaning up Mnuchins mess and getting it fixed so we can complete this.

Q: if I worked in Reno, I would be an alcoholic by now lol

MZ: I have been told that Trump will be making a announcement on the 18th about our new currency. About the changes to the US Dollar. So expecting a lot to happen before then .

MZ: Things I am looking for this weekend is more upheaval…chaos, .people quitting, being fired…leaving politics…maybe fisa declassification…….I am expecting the hammer coming down.

MZ: Mr. C has not been allowed to do his job. ……yet


Member: WHO does Mnuchin report to: the banking families, so why be surprised at what he does.

Member: Able Danger mentioned that he had been told that there was a change with Minchin and that within 6 min he got message the zim was taken care of. It was among many of his ramblings last night.

MZ: I am also hearing Mnuchin has been neutralized. We are back on track

​Q: the 16th is the elders' deadline....cutting it very close!!

MZ: The 16th was the elders deadline…..we are cutting it close….but am hearing its all been worked out


Member: 2am Sunday is 8 am Monday in Iraq

Member: the Elders and the rest of the world go gold backed and leaves the US behind, the US economy would essentially collapse because nobody would trade with fiat US dollars.
Member: Sunday is Fathers Day!!

MZ: What a great day that will be if everything happens as we are expecting.


MZ: I do not have news on the super Petchelli bonds, historic bonds, Mexican Gold Bonds as of yet.

Member: Wow! If Trump announces on June 18th to the world, we would need to go first. And I am TOTALLY cool with honoring our Fathers (Fathers Day) . They need to be honored, us moms can handle that for sure!

Q: Can you elaborate on what you meant by Zim is taken care of?

MZ: They have set it up so Noone will be able to block this again…….


Q: So 800#'s before Sunday midnight so the Chinese elders won't have to take over??????????

Q: So how did China get to be in charge of everything?

MZ: There is confusion here- we are not talking about the Chinese government….we are talking about the “elders” or Chinese banking families…Think of these as Chinese dynasties………these are ancient families…..they go back thousands of years ….they refer to themselves as “Dragons” They are putting up the gold certificates to reset the currencies around the world….They have accumulated centuries of wealth and gold and greatly believe in helping humanity. Some are called “white dragons”. The gentleman in charge is the “golden Dragon”

Member: POTUS received the Tallano Gold Certificate after the dinner in the Forbidden City


Q: Any word on Farm Claims?

MZ: If what I am hearing is true we will start to see those and the other adjudicated funds roll out on Sunday,,,,,CMKX, Omega, PP’s ect……..

Q: Do you really believe CMKX packages are real?

MZ: I 100 % know they are real……this is payment for a lawsuit that the US Gov. lost…..ordered by the courts. They are real

Q: Will this exchange be subject to taxes?

MZ: I was told over and over again that our currency redemption will not be taxed.

Q: I would like to hear about the dong too. Havent heard anything

MZ: the dong will revaue along with the rest of the first basket…nothing has changed.

Q: Mark have you heard any more info on the St. Germane Trust?

MZ: I have heard nothing on this for weeks now.

Q: Does anyone know what is to be revealed on July 4th at MT. Rushmore?

Member: park ranger from Mount Rushmore said Jr will be announced he's still alive and well

Member: I talked to someone who is the leader of the Republican party for a Minnesota county and he said the 4th of July announcement will be mind blowing for some people

Q: Any truth to Iraq showing a rate of $1.20 now?

MZ: I have read that and heard that may be true in-country. I do not believe that is what we will be getting by any means………but, Follow the news in Iraq and you will see there is plenty to be excited about and show we are right on top of it.

MZ: My suggestion is still…..Do not let your currency out of your sight……..I would not fly commercially with it….Just be cautious and think security .

MZ: I did hear that the cabal tried to start a war to stall everything by bombing another tanker……wow…that was a WTF moment…..

Member: The attacks on the Japanese tankers yesterday were done by small magnetic explosive devices

MZ: I am planning on doing some type of tweet or stream on Sunday. I do not believe anything will happen tomorrow….so planning on giving you some kind of update late Sun. Afternoon or early evening.

MZ: Thanks to everyone for their kind words especially on those days I feel like I am in front of a firing squad doing these updates. You don’t know how much you all mean to me.

Member: Mark, thank you soooo much for your professionalism! We all greatly appreciated all your work!

Mod: Happy Fathers Dad MarkZ and all the Dads. Happy birthday President Trump

Member: Video from SGT Report, Very import, check out what is said about IRAN, Since Iran is now in the news.Watch and get educated about why and how these wars are started MONEY! https://youtu.be/auyu5LLQaqI

Member: White Dragon intel:https://steemit.com/conspiracy/@strapasynthon/66pkgc-trump-acquires-white-dragon-society-protected-gold-to-reset-the-world-economy-and-make-america-great-again



Wed Highlights (per AZhombre):  PS, don’t forget to review the bank procedures. Trust question: Ray/we were informed anything over $50 million granted into a trust would be a taxable event!  Tony/I got $400m and I go to my exchange and put it in my name.  Done, I know what the rate is, and now I want to put it into a trust.  I’m going to have to pay $200m in taxes?  Ray/no, you’ll pay tax on $350m is what we’re being told, if the trust keeps it. Just because you put it there doesn’t mean it’s going to stay there to be taxable, unless you don’t know what to do with it. Based on that, it would be taxed on the $350m, because it’s over the $50 m threshold, that was reported to us. T/if I take that same $400 m and just left it in my name during the exchange, it’s not going to be taxed!  Right?  That’s what we’re being told.  R/yes, if the exchange is not taxable, yes.  T/ So again, if I took that same $400m and just put it into a trust to start with, because that’s where I wanted it to end up anyway, now I’m not paying tax on it again, because it’s within the first exchange, right? And the trust is doing the exchange, not the individual.  R/right.  T/so now I’ve got my $400m in my trust. And I can break it off into smaller $50m donations into other trusts that I can control again without it being taxed. Is that correct?  R/yes!  T/Because it’s $50m or less!  OK, so we’re avoiding the taxman!  Think about what you’re doing people.  Because at $350m, you just gave away $175m just because you just made one mental mistake.  That’s going to be costly!

Ray/Tony, It’s Friday!  Gooooood morning TNT. The week is over, but the fun is just about to begin.  Everything’s been quiet.  Not a whole lot of news.  We do know the banks are still on standby right now. Trying to find out (at 2 banks), banks still excited about the weekend.  Iraq didn’t name the actual ministers.  They don’t do things on Friday but will do on Sat.  Back in May Mahdi said all the reforms would be completed by June.  MC’s will be used everywhere July 1st.  Actually, able to do currency exchanges thru their card.  Haven’t received anything from committee guy, treasury.  Saying could be at any time, but everybody agreed this month.
Questions Wed, June 12, 2019: https://tntshowtime.activeboard.com/t65623043/questions-for-ray-cc-061419/" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">https://tntshowtime.activeboard.com/t65623043/questions-for-ray-cc-061419/">https://tntshowtime.activeboard.com/t65623043/questions-for-ray-cc-061419/
Fuze: Do either of you personally believe the CBI is waiting on the Cabinet’s completion before announcing the new rate?  If the US Treasury believed the cabinet naming is the issue, why would they encourage the banks to be on high alert for the last few weeks when the cabinet issue has been stalled for months?  Ans: So many months we’ve told, article 8, ministers, and every time we get achieved nothing happened.  Mahdi is saying all the reforms will be completed this month.  The US wants to know who’s going to be in charge of all this money.  Situation with Iran doesn’t help.
Arro: I would like to know what currencies will be in the next round? Is it possible to get that info?  Ans: Ray/look at it like you’re at a banquet.  Eat #1, then #2, then #3.  T/most of you won’t qualify.  $10m min for US investors.
Mac0929: On Mon’s call you mentioned the bank creating “3 non-interest-bearing trust accounts and 1 working account” before doing the sweep later into different accounts.  Can you explain what a trust account is?  Are they forming a trust for us?  Or is the word just the same and this doesn’t have anything to do with a trust.  Ans: R/asked and answered.  Trust account, not an entity.
SunStar: Can a trust be set up as a non-profit?  Whoever sets up a trust for you would they also provide you with W2 tax information quarterly or yearly?  Can a trust receive government grants?  Ans: R/yes.  If arrangement made.
Jiminkc: (1) Do banks know if this is a non-taxable event, or will they know at the time of the exchange?  If so, will they provide written proof?  (2) Ray, what info will we need to bring to set up the trusts the bank wants us to set up?  (3) Section 4 of the steps you gave Mon sends us “to a different part of the bank.”  Is that for a much-needed restroom break after all we have done and realize our lives have dramatically changed?  Can you now tell us why you left that part out?  Ans: T/don’t know what banks are going to do with regards to tax.  Been told “non-taxable event”.  Haven’t received any “proof”.  Ask your tax advisor and be prepared for it to be a taxable event.  If not, you win! Don’t know about banks setting you up in trusts.
BurbankLou:  Have the prices of dinars in Iraq changed anymore?  Could Iraq be waiting for the prices to get closer to the new value before they go public?  Or, what is it that the US wants done before they permit the RV?  Ans: T/no price changes since last one.  Gradually going down.  Might do that next week.
Evergreen:  Tony or Ray, do you know of a US bank that has multicurrency accounts?  Since MasterCard and Visa have provided cards for the Iraqi people living both inside and outside of Iraqi, could we possibly assume they have re-instated?  If so, there are banks in the US that do ofer multicurrency accounts.  Could we not open up an account there and order one of the Iraqi MasterCard or Visa cards?  Ans: T/WF does.  They are doing something with their MC using them outside the country with different rates at 7 countries around them.  May not be official RI.  R/you can chk w your bank if they have multi-currency accounts.  Ray faded in and out!  T/we have no clue what you said.  R/changing mike.  Hold on. (Tony trying to get info from contacts and Ray trying to be heard more clearly).
Jm8653: Are you hearing the Treasury has been the holdup and the Chinese is giving Washington until midnight the 16th to get this released, otherwise, they will take it over with HSBC, Wells, BofA and Chase.  This came from one of the egotistical intel providers.  Ans: T/been hearing the Treasury is the hold-up.  The Chinese directing the Treasury is ludicrous.  They aren’t going to take over all the banks.  Why haven’t they done it in the last 10 yrs?  Nobody is taking over our gov’t tomorrow and having a “new republic”.  Trump’s going to be our new “dictator”?  Please, doesn’t make sense. R/fades in and out.  Q&A, if you’re not asking question you’ll get kicked off!
404/CIA Lady! No references of high alert.  T/high alert, maybe this weekend.  C/what’s your favorite time (Fri after market?).  T/they didn’t give us a time frame.  Something today or tomorrow.  Don’t know with the Madi situation.  Don’t look for it to go the last day of June, with international cards first of July.  All the banks are still on alert this weekend! C/happy fathers-day!
281/Houston, TX. C/good news all banks on alert. Asked CPA, knows about currency.  Advised them not to touch it for 1 to 3 yrs. in case taxes in future. T/better safe than sorry.  Let it sit there and collect your interest.  Everybody I know who have already exchanged, never during this exchange process over the past 10 years, were taxes taken out.  C/if given currency with a verbal and non-written statement, do they have to give it back?  T/not attorney.  If we make a verbal agreement and we go to court, it’s like a contract and will probably stand up.  If there’s a witness to the verbal agreement it can stand up in court.  Possession is 9 tenths of the law.  I gave you 1 note, I gave you 10 notes, etc.  People will do crazy things.  Example of baseball player shot by somebody for $8k.  Be careful.  If somebody gives you something that has no value now, give it back.  If not, they will see you did well and will want to come after you.  If they want it back, give it to them.  Still have time today to buy currency today, if they want.
Tony/ items in Iraq haven’t changed much over the month.  Told daily about the Lower coins.
386/ Have rates changed?  T/no. R/Dinar 3.63, Dong 47 cents, Rupiah 1.08, Afgahni ???   Zim 22 cents, Rial 3.24 (?)
209/ Stockton, CA. T/in Jan they had a card and people in US could buy things on the internet.  In July they’re coming out with MC/V that can be used in and out of the country and unrestricted to all point of sales internationally.  C/what’s importance?  T/international currency!  Article telling them over it will be trading to 1:1200 Dinar (current rate), then later saying 1:1.3 = 83 cents.  Their cards and their rates.  A different rate we’re going to exchange at banks in USA.  C/Mon a man talked about 1% compound overnight banking.  Giving you this money and you’re making 22% or 200% a month.  Caller said she went to bank and asked how much $ she’d make on millions?  They didn’t know about fractional banking.  T/we do this because we’re planning out our futures.  They work at the bank.  Google “fractional banking”, “sweep accounts”… I know more about your bank than you do, and you work here.  Everybody going to the bank today will get the same thing.  1% a month compound monthly or …. Compounded pmt. is better.  C/how does bank make 22%.  T/ compound interest!
972/Dallas, TX. Danny in Dallas.  C/the exchange hours?  T/most banks are going from 7am to 11pm the first 10 days. Trying to get as many people through as possible.  C/After this exchange, short time before 2nd basket?  T/about 6 months.  C/will you be giving general info?  T/you think after 10 yrs. of this you want to go thru it again?  Don’t know what the NDA says.  They Do Not want to go thru this again.  People will know people who made money, so millions will get involved.  We’ll talk about things that may not be the next basket.  C/who do you think would also have access to that material?  Find such info?  T/go to wealth manager.  Would have to be somebody who wanted the people to know.  No internet site like now.  Probably try to move a lot faster.  Not rebuilding countries, etc.  We won’t be directly involved.  Wouldn’t do it again!  C/I believe.
281/Houston, TX. Mtgs in May talking about general budget for 2020.  A lot of people said they should have new rate.  Did you get to see articles like this?  R/aware it should have the new exchange rate.  Somebody saying we have to wait for 2020 for this to happen, we’ll have to wait until Jan to see our RV.  C/will the budget be put out before the end of the month?  T/no.  By June!  Coins, cards in 1st wk of July., We can say that just like he did.  But we didn’t know 2 oil tankers would be bombed!  They aren’t living up to dates and time frames.  C/I feel everything is done, every time we’re close, they could come up with any excuse. What’s your opinion?  How long can they continue?  T/until they do it!  Not the best thing for the country.  At some point people in Iraq will get too upset and something’s going to happen.  Everybody loses but Maliki.  Hope Mahdi can do something before a war breaks up.  Who’s going to be in charge of this money?  (Minister).
954/Fort Lauderdale, FL.  1st time caller.  Do we have to wait for our election?  T/don’t think another country’s election has anything to do with this revaluation!  Hasn’t been part of the GCR or anything else.  Has nothing to do with countries voting.  In place for over 50 yrs.  Nothing to do with the Chinese telling Trump to do it.  Who does that make sense to?  Some Guru’s have talked about certain people getting paid and no proof to it. If you can give me some proof, I’d gladly accept it.  Most of them don’t make sense.  Be careful who you’re listening to.  How many times have these guys received the 800#’s?  They don’t even have them.  There’s only 5 people who are supposed to get them.
610/Gman in PA. (TNT ad removed)
Wrap-up!  The bank is still waiting.  Feel like something is going to happen over the weekend.  Tony waiting for calls from 3 of them right now for updates.  Done, ready, and RV is on the way.  All the reforms will be completed by June (Mahdi). Enjoy your weekend.  Ray/members have created a 21 pgs. booklet. http://tiny.cc/prep4xchange " target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://tiny.cc/prep4xchange">http://tiny.cc/prep4xchange good compilation and what to expect.  Some pages are worksheets.  Not being sold.  T/go get it!
Ray, keep believing.
Interesting Recent Comments & Questions (AZhombre’s picks):
R/members have created a 21 pgs. booklet. http://tiny.cc/prep4xchange" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://tiny.cc/prep4xchange">http://tiny.cc/prep4xchangegood compilation and what to expect.  Some pages are worksheets.
R/ Don’t put your money into entities too fast!  Look at 3 ways of giving; A, B, or C.
R/ We all should have a “distribution list”.  X amount of $ or currencies.
R/ You have options & opportunities, so you can pick the best investments.
T/ We’re still looking for all this to be over this month.
T/With new international cards, they can go international & w/draw from machines.
T/ Still must dial 800# with a 5k note, can’t just walk into the bank to exchange it.
T/ I’ve got 4 banks that are saying they will exchange the Zim notes!
T/ I’m going to try and get contract rate on all my currency!
T/ Heard you can get contract rates on all the currencies regardless if you have Zim or not.

Latest Rates; Dinar: $3.50, $3.63, $4.43.  Dong: $0.47 – $2.23.  Zim $0.22 – $0.33 cents.  Afghani $2.39.  Rial $3.24.  Rupiah: $1.08-$1.30 ($1.20).