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Not a bank story...a hotel story

Thank you team Dinarrecaps,

My daughter went to book a room at Holiday Inn in Utah and upon checking out it asked which currency she wanted to use. She had never seen that before. She decided to use the Iraqi Dinar and sure enough, she could, along with the Dong or the Zim.

There were over 100 currencies she could check out with. She continued to check out in Iraqi Dinar and it asked which credit card she wanted to use. American Express, Discover, Master Card or Visa.

In US dollars the room was $152.00 in Iraqi Dinar it was 188,788 dinar.

She also checked Hyatt and Double Tree Inn. You can use hundreds of different currencies.

This means Thursday there was a software update for all hotels. Is this what Frank meant when he said on Thursday, one could go to McDonalds with different currencys?

Now, there has not been a rate change for the dinar on the hotel sites...............however, it has to be international for it to be in use and with the option of all the different credit cards.

I am surprised the intel providers have not put this intel out. I have been hopeful for 10 years..........maybe we are getting close.

Let us keep hoping for the happiest day when we are in the bank.

Deputy for the rest: the failure to complete the cabinet cab proves Abdul Mahdi's inability to overcome the effects of neighboring countries.

On Saturday (June 8, 2019), the deputy of the Sawsan Alliance, Javad al-Moussawi, attributed the failure of the ministerial cabin to the inability of Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi to overcome the .effects of neighboring countries

The delay of the state of Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, in the resolution and send candidates for" the rest of his Cabinet, is a clear violation of the Constitution and a sign of a significant weakness in its administration and its response to responsibility," Moussawi said in a statement received by .Baghdad

He explained that "has been proved in more than one place and appropriate inability of the Prime Minister to overcome the effects of neighboring countries and his weakness in the firm management ".of this subject and other topics such as the management of the Kurdistan region

He pointed out that "the parliamentary legislative power is able to resolve the selection of the rest of the cabinet cabin within one week only if 3 to 5 candidates were sent by the prime minister to each ".ministry link

Today is World Oceans Day ....“ A healthy world ocean is critical t​o our survival "

Today is World Oceans Day, an international affair to celebrate the seas and sing their blues. Observed since 2002, the occasion is marked by conservation events around the globe. This year’s sad theme is plastic pollution.

Just as scientists are starting to make sense of the mysteries of the oceans’ depths—we recently discovered what makes the deep-sea dragonfish’s teeth transparent—the world’s waters are under serious threat.

Rising temperatures are melting ice caps and pushing sea levels up globally, but there’s more. Human trash is everywhere, making its way into the bellies of beasts even in the oceans’ nether reaches.


Restored Republic via a GCR- Rumors as of June 9, 2019

Compiled 9 June 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington

Below is a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the individual reader to do their own research and decide whether or not it is valid.

Judy Note: Intel providers have gone silent. The RV schedule appeared to be on time and as reported on Fri. June 7.

Most Prosperity Package and CMKX deliveries were expected over this weekend. At any time there was expected to be notification through email or text for Zim redemption appointments, with hope that most Zim would be redeemed in three days, or by Wed.

June 12 midnight EST
. By the early part of next week 800#s expected to be released for currency-only exchanges, with a two month deadline to complete.

. Rumored Calendar of Events:

June 4 1963: President John F. Kennedy signed Executive Order 11110 which gave the US Treasury the ability to issue $4 billion in silver certificates, or issue it’s own money instead of relying on Federal Reserve Notes. Those silver notes were pulled out of circulation and destroyed right after Kennedy was buried, except for some samples in the hands of collectors. This Executive Order that gave the US Treasury the ability to print it’s own monies has never been rescinded or voided, yet would not be implemented for another 55 years when President Trump introduced HR 5404 in March 2018.

Oct. 10 2000: Freedom from Debt NESARA Law that passed the US Supreme Court, was signed into Law by President Bill Clinton at gunpoint of Delta Forces, though has not been implemented by any US President since – until Donald Trump.

March 2018: President Trump returned the US to the Gold Standard US Note (USN) by reverting Nixon’s Executive Order via introduction of the HR 5404 Bill. Public disclosure of the USN would occur after NESARA/GESARA was announced.

August 8 2018: President Trump signed the ZIDERA Amendment bill. Zimbabwe Bond Notes would convert into legal tender on a 1:1 with the US dollar. The new CIPS monetary system began running parallel to the SWIFT monetary system.

Jan. 28 2019: 9/11 GITMO Tribunal began.

April, 2019: IRS officially shut down.

Sat. May 18 2019: RV trigger pulled.

Sat. May 25 2019: The Iraqi Dinar officially revalued in-country.

Tues. May 28 2019: USTN went live in the US @ 4:30 pm EDT after the Market closed.

Sat. June 1 2019: There were 209 nations which met in Europe to put their stamp on the Global Currency Reset. RTGS$ internationally recognized.

Mon. June 3 2019: Queen Elizabeth signed papers that handed back to The People, British Crown-Vatican-Central Bank’s control over US taxpayers and the global monetary system. The Bond Market, Stock Market and Deutsche Bank implosions began, while the US converted from a fiat dollar to gold/asset-backed US Note (USN).

Wed. June 5: The 47 Whales were processed and paid on Wed. June 5. That started the payouts. Tier 4A was made liquid.

Thurs. June 6 2019: Historic Bond and Zim redemption in Zurich, Hong Kong, London. RV release of regional accounts. Prosperity Package began hard deliveries.

Mon. June 10: Expected 800#s release. John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum would close (perhaps to redecorate and document a more accurate history of Kennedy)? https://www.jfklibrary.org/visit-museum/visit/plan-your-trip

Tues. June 11: Expected beginning of currency exchange appointments.

Wed. June 12 2019: Most of Zim redemption completed.

Thurs. July 4 2019: John F. Kennedy Jr. Revival and NESARA-GESARA Announcements at Mount Rushmore?

Thurs. Aug 1 2019: Possible deadline for currency exchanges before going public; Zimbabwe new currency release; Beginning of Mass Arrests, Stock Market Collapse; Announcement of new US Income Tax Code value-added flat tax (VAT).

Wed. Sept. 11 2019: All larger notes of revamping currencies due off the street.

Jan. 1 2020: VAT Flat Tax Code effective.

Dinarrecap: INTEL FROM RG , 9 JUNE

I just heard from a guy I know over in Iraq who is involved with the CBI. He says there's nothing else that needs to get done. It might happen by later today or at least by Monday. The bank is on very high alert.

They’re expecting the 800 # to go out soon.

According to Forex, the rates are very, very good . So just hang tight …..we’re just in a wait by the hour zone.

Make sure you've got all your things organized and are ready to go.

I'm actually very excited after waiting all these years our dreams are about to come true.



Frank26 Video Sat. Night.   https://youtu.be/AT8Vau_vgY8?t=1

Stevearoo:  Fireworks!!!! And did I understand you said $ 3.00?

Misterdinar:  Thank you Frank for the short and sweet video!!! Family, We saw fireworks!! We saw the very END of the fireworks!! Lasted for 30 minutes!!     30 / END / Fireworks!!!!

LadyHammer:  Delta,  what do you think about these fireworks in Franks video??!!??


MoEagle:  FYi.. i HEARD one can can select IQD to book Holiday Hotel room... I have upcoming trip and just tried to book a Holiday Inn in Colorado Springs in the near future In US dollars the room was $212.00 in Iraqi Dinar it was 240,153.00 dinar.

Pearle:  MoEagle, so dinar is proving itself to be international....boom boom boom, bang bang bang

MoEagle:  One now selects the type of currency when paying via a CCard... you just have to select the type from a LONG list and the IQD is on the list.

MoEagle:  Folks I have been in this for 10 years and road this roller coaster.....looking for a positive sign in the big picture.. I expected a list, BUT NOT with the IQD on the list before we seen on forex….this is WOW in my book...... I am not a guru


Tishwash:  Mnangagwa: Zim to dump US dollar for new currency by year end

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa says his government will reintroduce the long discarded Zimbabwean dollar before the end of the year.

“It is impossible for a country to develop when it does not have its own currency…” Mnangagwa said Friday.

He added, “As a country, we should have our own currency and plans are already under way to rectify that.

“This culture of relying on the US dollar whose value changes every day is not sustainable as it has the effect of raising prices every day and this is caused by that we do not have our own currency.

We have to use our own currency.”

Zimbabwe dumped its own currency in 2009 after it had been rendered worthless by a decade of hyperinflation, and adopted use of multiple currencies.

Mnangagwa said the multi-currency regime had been adopted to deal with the hyper-inflation experienced between 2008 and 2009 but should not be maintained going into the future.

“Between 2008 and 2009 our country’s currency lost value and some people became billionaires or trillionaires due to high inflation,” the president said.

“At the time, government decided to adopt the multi-currency regime where we started using, the U.S. dollar, South African Rand, the British Pound and Botswana Pula for transacting. It was a policy measure to address the challenges that were being faced then. We, however, cannot continue going forward without our own currency.”

He added that the country would not develop if it continues to use other nations’ currencies.
“A currency is only printed by its owners and the only way to get (foreign currency) is through exports, Diaspora remittances or foreign investments but as a country we should have our own currency and we have embarked on that journey,” he said.

He added that when the local currency is re-introduced, it would no longer be possible to use foreign currency while transacting locally.

Mnangagwa’s pronouncements come barely two months after Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube denied international media reports he had claimed the Zim-dollar shall be reintroduced.   link


(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation of the world based on intelligence received from several sources which may or may not be accurate or truthful.)

Short update:

All sources have gone silent over the weekend.

Expect massive change to occur very soon as the final phase of the transition is about to be initiated.