Wednesday, May 29, 2019


I could really use the break tonight folks. No Wednesday evening podcast. The news has been FANTASTIC! We will discuss it in the morning at 10am EDT.


Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of May 29, 2019

Judy Note: Evidently the RV trigger was pulled Sat. May 18. It was reported that some Prosperity Packages were being delivered and certain groups were paid out, though all were under NDAs. Various countries were said to have began exchanging. 

Some appointments to exchange in the US were said done on Tues. May 28, the same day the USTN went live in the US (4:30 pm EST after the Market closed). The USTN had been traded internationally for some time. Today May 28 a Tier 4A person was told he would be liquid tomorrow afternoon Wed. May 29

Rumor was that notification for Zim appointments was by individual text, while they wanted those appointments made by Sat. June 1. Private currency exchanges (the Internet Group) for higher rates would be by 800#s release and face completion by Tues. June 4, after which the general public were said to begin exchanging. 

On the political front the Stock Market had been standing near or below the red after losing all gains for the year back on Oct. 1 2018. The impending crash would eliminate the fiat US dollar and allow the gold/asset-backed Quantum Financial System to take over. 

US Attorney General William Barr was under deadline to declassify FISA documents and the Comey Report by Wed. May 29, while the Horowitz investigation was ordered public by Sun. June 2 – any or all of those disclosures when combined with the ongoing arrests on over 100,000 federal indictments charging political and global elites, could cause a need to implement Martial Law. 

In case things get ugly with banks and stores closing for a short period of time, it was advised to be prepared with extra water, food, cash on hand and emergency supplies to help yourself and others. 

A. May 28 2019 The Big Call, Bruce: Thebigcall.net: 712-770-4016 pin123456#

1. On Sat. May 25 Iraq turned on their ATM machines with the lower denominations. That means an in-country revaluation of the Dinar. 

2. Today Tues. May 28 certain groups out West received documents telling them they were about to be paid. 

3. Today Tues. May 28 at 4:30 pm EST after the Market closed, the USTN went live in the US. The USTN has been traded internationally for some time. 

4. Most of Bruce’s sources said we were very, very close. 

5. Today May 28 a Tier 4A person went into a bank, did paperwork and was told he would be liquid tomorrow afternoon Wed. May 29

B. May 28 2019 Morning Coffee with MarkZ: "Coffee with MarkZ " Tuesday Morning Q&A 5-28-19https://www.twitch.tv/videos/426014373 

Begins at 5:10, intel at 18:30 and at end. 


MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context. Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

1. Last night Mark’s Reno contact was expecting 800#s sometime after noon EST today Tues. May 28 after the West Coast banks opened. 

2. Meetings on bonds were going on right now in Switzerland. 

3. CMKX Packages: Mark knew of three delivered on Sun. May 19, though has not been informed of any more deliveries since. 

4. The US Gold Certificate has been delivered to Rep Kelly 16th District of PA DC# (202) 225-5406 Erie (814) 454-8190. 

5. Eagleone2050: Eagleone was trying to help people all over the world all night long May 27-28

6. Don’t wait to exchange. Exchange rates have been locked in. If you wait you may lose out on the higher private exchange rates being offered the Internet Group. 

7. We were told way back when and even saw it in international news articles, that the Basel 3 reset was supposed to go on March 29. Most of the world was ready but a handful of smaller countries were not ready. Smaller countries including Zimbabwe were given an extension until June 1st.

8. This doesn’t mean you have to have your redemption done by June 1. I was told just having your appointments set by June 1st guarantees that you could redeem your Zim. That was still the expectation and they still could extend this. They did not want to extend the date and kick the can down the road was what I’m told. All I can say is make your appointments ASAP, as soon as 800 numbers were released.

9. Adminbill: The Zim was not the hold up.

10. Nflemingjr: There was no news that could be given out at this time, but the day was young.

11. Regarding PP’s and Omega Packages: I’m told packages would have their own specific 800 numbers. As far as deliveries, it has been quiet.

12. Nflemingjr: I have been told to keep it quiet. That did not mean anything has changed. This was a fluid situation. If I could give out the 800 number I would, but I have not been given the OK to do that.

13. I am told the rates were locked in and I believe you should make your apt. just as soon as you see the 800 numbers.

14. I personally believe they have given out the 800 numbers to certain people as a test to see if anyone leaked the number out to Dinarland.

15. Warren Buffet has invested over 17 million in the Iraqi Dinar. So, we were as crazy as Warren Buffet for believing in the RV of the Iraqi Dinar.

16. There were people paid to be mean and post disinformation on many Dinar Intel sites.

17. Eagleone2025: Eagle One will have a Military Call tonight Tues. May 28 8 pm EST.

18. Brent Johnson Number: 605-313-5405 Access Code: 888316 tonight Tues. May 28 at 9pm EST Will touch on international banking and dual citizenship.

19. Master Trust Call today Tues. May 28th at 4:00 PM Pacific time. Conference Call # 712-770-4010, Access Code: 575203#www.TheMastersTrust.org TheMastersTrust@AlbertAviles.com

20. To get a “Text” when Markz Tweets, Text “Follow @originalmarkz” to 40404.

21. Mark would tweet or do a stream about 4 or 5 Tues. May 28 EST.

C. May 28 2019 12:23 am EST Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure: GCR/RV Intel Alert for May 28, 2019 Operation Disclosure (Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation of the world based on intelligence received from several sources which may or may not be accurate or truthful.)

1. All nations were undergoing reforms to complete their compliance with GESARA.

2. Disclosure was seeping into mainstream media outlets. 

3. Trump was showing the world that globalism was dying and nations were in favor of global economic change.

4. Faux RV movements and false starts continued to purposefully bring out hidden Deep State Cabal players.

5. The RV was expected to begin once the fiat financial system transitions to the new quantum financial system (QFS).

6. We're in the final stages of the transition. 

D. May 28 2019 3:34 am EST Clarification, Martha: "Clarification" by Martha - 5.28.19 

1. Let me be clear. The RV has happened. Groups have been paid, we have had confirmation from some with funds, payouts have started and were almost complete and people were under NDAs. 

2. The Zim was being handled privately by invitation, exactly as stated by a TNT post. 

3. There were major geopolitical problems as this was released. The next weeks were going to be the downfall of the "bad" guys. Be ready for the arrests. FISA was being released. Martial law was a given. 

4. Be prepared to help those in need from the bottom up. 

5. The banks may fail but your money would be off ledger, digital and protected by the QFS. 

6. We aren’t waiting for the QFS. It has been active for almost a year.

7. We were still under restrictions in releasing info. 

8. There was no place for negativity or whining on IDC. Stop hanging on to every word that Tank and Kim keep posting. They don't control the gold, or the QFS. 

E. May 28 2019 6:46 pm EST Intel Report, Super Shadow: Shadow Super Exopolitical Intel Report -- May 28, 2019 Operation Disclosure

Another Cabal underground base was raided under Three Rock Mountain in County Dublin, Ireland. Earth Alliance operatives shot and killed 25 Cabal mercenaries and scientists who were in the process of building another mini Hadron Collider dimensional portal. Documents found at the site revealed plans for a Mirader invasion with the help of the Chinese. The plan was to blame North Korea for a nuclear attack on the United States. This attempted false flag was subsequently stopped by the Alliance. This may further delay the plan to mass arrest a number of Irish Cabal members, including the Irish Prime Minister. 

F. International Child Sex Trafficking:

May 27 2019 Essence of Evil: Sex with Children Has Become Big Business in America, John W. Whitehead, the Rutherford Institute:https://www.rutherford.org/publications_resources/john_whiteheads_commentary/the_essence_of_evil_sex_with_children_has_become_big_business_in_america

Children, young girls—some as young as 9 years old—are being bought and sold for sex in America. The average age for a young woman being sold for sex is now 13 years old. Sex trafficking—especially when it comes to the buying and selling of young girls—has become big business in America, the fastest growing business in organized crime and the second most-lucrative 

G. Calendar of Events:

Mon. May 13: Black Monday Stock Market implosion. 

Fri. May 17 before the Stock Market closed, Trump deliberately cut off talks for a Trade Agreement with China so that China and other nations would dump their U.S. Treasury holdings. This would bankrupt the U.S. Corporation and eliminate their fiat dollar Central Banking system – a necessary move so that the new asset/gold-backed Quantum Financial System could replace the fiat dollar and take over the global economy. 

Sat. May 18: Iraq pulled the trigger on the RV. 

Mon. May 20: Black Monday Stock Market implosion. 

Tues. May 21, late: Gold Treaty Revisions signed and implemented. 

Thurs. May 23: Stock Market plunged, again, due to China-US Trade War. Trump gives AG Barr authority to declassify FISA documents:https://www.foxnews.com/politics/trump-gives-ag-barr-authority-to-declassify-documents-related-to-2016-campaign-surveillance 

Fri. May 24: Trump left for Asia, Japan, Europe, UK after ordering declassification. 

Sat. May 25: the Iraqi Dinar revalued in-country. 

Tues. May 28: the USTN went live in the US after the Market closed.

Wed. May 29: Deadline for declassification of FISA, Comey Reports as per order of President Trump. 

Sat. June 1: Deadline for Zim appointments to be made. RTGS$ would be internationally recognized.

Sun. June 2: Trump ordered declassification of Horowitz investigation and then would leave for the UK. 

Tues. June 4: End of private currency exchange/ redemption for Internet Group. Public could now exchange. 

At any time results of the GITMO 9/11 Tribunal could be announced. 9/11 was said planned by prominent political elites who had a practice of stealing funds from the US Treasury and global monetary system. (GITMO Tribunal officially began Jan. 28 2019). 

Mon. July 1: Public exchange deadline for Dinar and Dong.

Thurs. Aug. 1: Zimbabwe's RTGS$ currency internationally recognized. 

Thurs. Aug 1: A new US Income Tax Code announcement – no personal income tax and in it’s place, a value-added tax (VAT), or 23% tax on new items only (no tax on used items, food or medicine), with special exceptions for the poor. The IRS was said to have been shut down in April 2019. The flat tax code was said to be effective on Jan. 1 2020, although the attached link mentionedJan. 1 2021https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/house-bill/25/text?q=%7B%22search%22%3A%5B%22H.R.+25%22%5D



Tuesday Night KTFA CC 5-28-19

PLAYBACK # : 605.313.5163 PIN: 156996#   Or (605) 313-5153   PIN:  319183#



Popeye7:  Very encouraging CC as they seem to have a time frame in mind between now, and the end of June... Hopefully closer to now...

Iobey777:  YES, DELTA gave a "TF"....but!!!! IMO...if you listen carefully, you will hear Delta saying that even though that is "possible" they "could" take that time..but they really have NO REASON to do that!

IHO..EVERYTHING IS DONE..  EXCEPT THE BIG  ANNOUNCEMENT ,also the CBI has announced those payments to the citizens and IHO, it would be great for them if they did the RI BEFORE EID! Giving them more purchasing power to celebrate with!!

IMO..many just heard Delta say end of June and that froze in their minds and they totally lost the rest of the GREAT CC presented tonight! I'm not saying you did that at all, just saying I saw a few come in to chat all broken down and disgusted because they did not get a date or a rate tonight! Saying "same ole same ole"   that hurt my heart to see that!

Delta repeated several times  that IHO..it would happen before EID! Also, he said the CBI and Parl had been given a Strong warning to FINISH IT and that's why the FML was passed so quickly!

He is just watching for the President of Iraq to sign it!  worse case scenario, he said...the president waits 15 days to sign it into law and the Gazette waits another week to publish it! (which would put us in the late June TF)

IMO..Delta does not anticipate it going that way. Remember that recording was done last week! I'm going to remain optimistic and happy as I can see that the LORD is answering our prayers and this is coming to us ...SOON!! IMO...SMILING!!

Popeye7:  Amen Iobey... Like I mentioned in chat, why would they seem to ensure that the FML was passed, and ready to be placed in the Gazette before EID begins as you stated above as well... Thinking along the same lines... Frank, and Delta's enthusiasm was certainly heightened it seemed during the CC... We know they cannot give us a date, but..............Something tells me we're into something good...    Herman Hermit's...

If the Iraqi government, the banking system within Iraq, and CBI want to score HUGE brownie points with the people they were elected, or chose to serve, well this occurring ASAP, or before EID would certainly serve that purpose in a big way...(smile)



MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

MZ: the news isn’t bad…it’s just not what we want yet. I am as frustrated as you are. This has taken such a toll on my health and family that I was ready to throw in the towel yesterday….so thanks to all the kind people who encouraged me and helped me recharge

MZ: I am definently taking the weekend off though ….I will not read any emails or answer the phone this weekend. Hopefully we will be done before that.

Member:  This weekend off? I hope you can take 6 months off! Let’s stick a fork in this RV!!

MZ: I spent most of yesterday staying close to the PC , and streaming equiptment because I was told I would be allowed to release the 800 numbers yesterday…..I’m salty because I changed my schedule to sit here and wait all damn day…I waited and nothing.

MZ: I am still being told that today is “value” day….and we will see the 800 numbers……we shall see.

Member:  We are on crunch time for those 800 numbers

MZ : I am not under an NDA for currency or for CMKX….

MZ: I’m told there was a large scale Zim exchange where a lot of currency went missing….they are working on finding it and  making sure this does not happen when we start to exchange..They are checking serial numbers to make sure it doesn’t get exchanged twice.

Q: Was the zim stolen?

MZ: We believe it was stolen – but it was after the person exchanging got there SKR. They are watching closely so that no one else tries to redeem those notes.

MZ: I was told someone was slowing the CMKX deliveries in order to slow down the reset….this is exceptionally frustrating for us all…..

MZ: I was also told there was an issue at the BIS (Bank of International Settlements)  that was resolved.

MZ: I hear the paymasters were also pushing for higher fees…..they have been sitting in hotels waiting for so long that they want to be paid for that time.

MZ: Today is a 2 stream day so I will have another stream tonight at 8pm est


MZ: Noone I talk to can “make” this happen….they are cogs in the machine.

MZ: Some in the government are lying on purpose to keep us guessing…..most people are good people who pass on exactly what they are told from good sources.

MZ: I have gotten rid of sources in the past who I found out was feeding me crap

MZ: Had a long conversation with Mr.C today and he has not completed his transaction. He is more keen on coming in and talking with all of you, the history and todays economy…….Mr. C warned me that I need to slowdown….and take it easier…..he had to step out of the limelight after almost losing his life…..he wants me to take it easy so as not to have a stroke or any other health hazard.

MZ: No matter the time you have spent following the ups and downs of this RV saga…I believe we all deserve purple hearts after this is all done

Member:  Regardless of the time spent waiting we've all been wounded on this rollercoaster.....mentally

Member: I was diagnosed with RV PTSD….lol

MZ: About the Swiss bonds (Petchelli)  ..I heard that a group there supposed to exchange yesterday….I have not heard yet if they did …hope to get an update today

MZ: On the Zim…..I am told if it doesn’t roll out today ….if we don’t see the 800 numbers…they will extend the June 1st deadline for 4 days. Until June 4th for us all to make our exchange appointments . We all hope they get it done today and that doesn’t happen.

MZ: Your zim bonds will not expire- just the contract to exchange expires….and they have to sign new contracts…..they are hoping to avoid that is what I hear.

Q: Any news from Asia?

MZ: No news from Asia…most of my news came from Europe and domestically  today.

MZ: IMO….some really big news is Russia is going to an asset backed digital currency…..They have made no secret of this in their news…….We can all read about it on RT news and other sites today.

MZ: You won’t see it in the US news….whether they say it or not…we are currently in a media authoritarian state in the US .

Sabickford:  The mind is like a parachute; it works much better when it’s open.

Q:   I've read that the USTN is live in the U.S. since yesterday afternoon!! Any thoughts?

MZ: I don’t believe its 100% live yet. I believe we are running on a hybrid system…I believe we are using the USTN internationally …just not domestically yet.

Member:  I believe the 800#'s didn't come out yet, because the redemption and exchanges will be done in the new USTN. I think the USTN needs to be live first in the U.S.
Q:  What's your take on the relevance of Bilderberg meeting this weekend?

MZ: I believe that the Bilderburg meeting this weekend will be on “how do we deal with the new world now that the fiat currency is gone!”.

Member:   I believe that FISA declassification is key to RV release and that Attorney General Barr can do that today!

Q:  ???? if Zim is by private appt ONLY, how will they know who has it and phone info????

Member:  My guess is they will know most of who owns Zim by whom purchased it!!!


Q: I heard the 800 numbers given out this week were fake

MZ: I believe some of them were…I beleive it may have been a test

Member:  I agree it was likely a test to see who could actually be trusted with instructions.

Q: I thought the Reno guys were being sponsored by the banks.

MZ: Some are but think of them like real estate agents.   They don’t get paid until the deal is closed

MZ: While we wait- make up your action plan. Have lists prepared for what you need to do during and after the exchange.   Gather all the info you need for after the RV. 

Saltytoes:  “If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.” — Napoleon Hill

Member:  Tomorrow and Friday it’s bank holiday in Switzerland

MZ: One of our mods lost everything they own in a house fire a couple days ago….they set up a go fund me account to help them.  Thanks for everyone who has been helping.

To “Support The Mods” Donate https://www.gofundme.com/f/mod-support
Member:  Pray for people who have been dealing with tornadoes and floods. they are so hurting
MZ: I will be having another stream tonight at 8:00 PM est……Really hoping we have big news by then
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Keep in touch with Markz on twitter: https://twitter.com/originalmarkz

Note: Please listen to the replay- Lots of information, chat moves quickly and Mark speaks very fast.

Twitch:   https://www.twitch.tv/videos/431561932##

Youtube:   https://youtu.be/2k64TWeKYHQ?t=1



TRANSCRIBED BY PINKROSES (Thank you, PinkRoses. ~ Dinar Chronicles)

 Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. Let’s talk a little bit about we have received a few people that have written in that let’s face it they have lost hope. They wonder if maybe they got a situation that they have gotten scammed, or maybe they have followed something for a long time that has not just come to fruition yet and they feel jaded. They feel, I do not know how to say it any better. What I can say to that is I have been in this just about as long as anyone has being my 15th year. I have been told a lot of things. I have followed a lot of things. I have had to glean information from a lot of sources. A lot of things I have read. Some things I have heard on calls. Of course, I have, as you know started the Big Call and we are in our 8th year.

Bruce: So, we have had people that have been listening to us solid for 8 years, and I appreciate that. First of all, I just want you guys to know I appreciate the loyalty that people have been listening. There is a reason why we have been selected for being able to put out the toll-free number when it becomes available. I think that is a very beautiful honor for us as the Big Call to get that responsibility, and we take it very seriously, but to say to people that say maybe things are not going the way they should have yet which I think we can all agree we much rather have had it happen by now.

Bruce: Yet, the strange thing is in talking with Sue, she has people that get up with her for her one-on-one coaching sessions some of which have only been in this for two weeks to a month or so. They are brand spanking new. You think who is the last one that will come in before the door is closed essentially. That is really kind of what I wonder especially when we hear about new people. So, sometimes I have to review a little bit for the new people that are constantly coming and finding the Big call not only in the United States, but some of them internationally. Some of them are just finding out about things. That is okay. That is good.

Bruce: Now, for those who have been in this ride for a long time and have seen a lot of things come and go and seen opportunities come and go, I want to remind you that this is something that was never to be your main source because we know that God is your source. We know that He gives us the power to get well. Is this an opportunity whereby we can obtain wealth? Yes. Do I feel that God led me to this? Yes. Is this the only way we can actually get funds for our families, to feed our families, to create a retirement? No.

Bruce: There is a thing I call Plan A which is your current day job or night job. This is what you are doing now to make ends meet, and maybe things are not going great or maybe you are running along just fine. Hopefully everybody has a Plan A. The Plan B which I term because of Blessing. Plan B is the plan we can switch over to. Okay when it comes in, but you know what it hasn’t come in yet. Not for us. It has come in for a number of people, but it has not come in for us yet.

Bruce: So, I want to just elevate everybody to the point where they realize you need to dance with the one who brung you. You need to stay with what you are doing and do not quit your day job, and perhaps get a job if you do not have one now, even now. Even as close as we are now with everything coming thru for us that I can see. I do not have it to give you. Some people even close contacts of mine ask me: Do you have the toll-free number yet? I said No, I don’t have it yet. There are people that put things out there that say: Well, I know Bruce has the number. No, I don’t. I do not have the number.

Bruce: I tell you this much. A number was put out to about 4 individuals already, and they were tested to see any of them would leak it before the time. You know what? Two leaked it, and two didn’t. You know what? That number wasn’t even the right number. It wasn’t even a number that would connect you to the Call Centers. Now, did I get tested with that? No. Why not? I don’t know. They just didn’t put me thru that test. Oh, I would have passed it. Don’t worry. Two did and two didn’t, but it wasn’t a genuine actual toll-free number that went to where we wanted it to go. I just wanted you to know.

Bruce: So, what my comment is I want people to realize that this is a real thing. This is happening. This is a global currency reset. This is not just the revaluation of one currency or two currencies or the five that we have. Okay, because one of them dropped out. The Afghanistan Afghani is not going to be in the first offering. We have said that for about a month now. So, realize that you guys have to regard this and be very discerning for what you read and for what you hear even on my call. Even on my call you have to test it. God says test it to see what is true. I know that is hard to do, but I do it all the time all day long with information that I get. Some of it is the spirit of discernment that I believe God has given me to weigh in and discern whether a given thing is true or not true, and whether it is meaningful, and whether it is applicable or not. I think that is really what all we have to try to work on. We all have to do that.

Bruce: I feel very confident about what it is we are waiting for. I get a lot of Intel through out every day. I got a lot since the last call. Were we looking for it to go between the last call and Memorial Day which was yesterday? Yes. Things were looking good. Things were looking like we were going to get started over the weekend. We read things about it. We saw some things. There was a possibility of it, but guess what? Didn’t get it. Today looking solid. Looking really good. We had times, two different times for this to go today. It didn’t happen. I am not quite sure why, but I have something to give you that might be a reason why not so far.

Bruce: We know that for example this is what we know. We know Iraq on Saturday turned on their ATM machines at the airports with the lower denominations. Now, if the ATMS are on in the airports in Iraq, they are probably turned on elsewhere, but we know specifically the ones at the airport are working with lower denominations. That means you have an in-country revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar. Now, we know that certain things that happen even in Iraq are kept from us here until the exact proper time for it to be revealed.

Bruce: The other thing that we know is that certain of groups primarily based out west have been updated with documentation. Some of them have been updated with information telling them they are about to be paid. I know a lot of them have heard that for a long time now. We have had specific times we thought they would be paid overnight last night. I do not have that as happening yet. I can tell you that today at 4:30 pm EST our new currency, our USTN, went live here in the United States. Now why did they wait until after markets were closed today to do that? Probably because it would have affected the markets one way or another, and they did not want that to do that, to happen. Now, we should get some evidence of that.

Bruce: I know the USTN has been live in other parts of the world and it has been traded, but it just not been live here. We know the USTNs have been seen, the 50s, 100s, 20s have been in certain states already. From the banks we know they are out in some cases. Not my bank. Not yet. I have not seen it yet. So, it is not widely known. Will there be an announcement about it? You would think so. You know they may not. They may just bring it out when it is time. People may say: Oh, okay. Cool. That is the new 100. It may not be any big deal. I just want everybody to know that we get information from many sources, and most of my sources are saying that we are very close. Now, I can’t tell you exactly when. I have never been able to tell you when. Yet, I know I have come as close as possibly can come to calling is without actually calling it. I know I have been on the edge with it, and maybe that has been wrong. I am only trying to give you what I am getting. I am only the messenger. I can’t shoot the people who are giving me the information because they are only the messengers too.

Bruce: You know what, somebody says: You have been wrong every time. Everybody has been wrong. It never happened yet. Then you have people say: It never is going to happen. Don’t go there. If you go there, you may as well hang up and not listen to the call at all and just concentrate completely on just whatever it is you want to do.

Bruce: I do not want anybody who has been listening to this call especially if you have been on for 8 years to give up now. I do not want you to do that. I do not want any of us to give up. There is new people that have been in it for a week or two or a month right now on this call that say: What do you mean? I just found out about it. What are you talking about giving up? Exactly. Don’t. Who is it that said this approached me never ever give up That is what it is. We never give up. We know this is the way the wealth of the wicked is laid up for the righteous, or laid up for the just. We know this is a marvelous way we will be funded, and be able to truly give to humanity and sow seed into people’s lives.

Bruce: Yes, we will help ourselves. Yes, we will help our families, but think of the good we will do with this as soon as we get it. It is going to be amazing. Just the projects that Sue’s fairly new people came to her for a session:foodforthesoul.org. That is cool. I hope that means we can get some soul food too. I hope that means that, Food for the Soul. That is a great name. Yes, I would like to partner with them. I like to partner with them in the inner city especially where we plan to do food banks and community gardens, and we plan to partner with some of the local churches as well as far as distribution of the food like so many churches have now in the United States. They have a food bank. They are the store house.

Bruce: That is what we want the local church to be is a store house including some of these community food banks. We want to tie in the community gardens wherever possible, wherever it is feasible to grow those whether it is indoors in a community humidity temperature-controlled environment like a green house some type, or whether it is actually outside and it is actually growing in the growing season spring and summer. We got people who want to help us with that. 

Bruce: I am at the point right now guys where I am looking forward maybe to get more information even tonight after the call because it seems it always happens that way. We get something, but I am going to tell you that we are very close. For example, I know of a situation in the southwest of a Tier 4A person that went into the bank today and finished up paperwork and was told that he will have access to access to almost 20% of his total exchange tomorrow afternoon. For that to happen with Tier 4A, Tier 4B has to be right there. Right there. Maybe even about the same time. Now, there are other places in the country that were very active today. Reno, of course, Chicago, Miami, all of this.

Bruce: Also, I can tell another thing to relay your fear is regarding the Zim. You realize regarding June 1 which is Saturday those people who are involved in Zim Platforms are going to be receiving their paperwork on Saturday, and they have a certain amount of time to send it back, and then the Trustees have a certain amount of time to process that, another 72 hours. Then those people are supposed to be paid. Now, all of that is happening is based on Zim and a predetermined rate that has been pre-negotiated for buyers and sellers of the Zim. So, I am saying everything is still on track and don’t be concerned.

Bruce: Where we get a good indication is from certain contacts within the banks and Redemption Centers. We know typically what to expect in timing based on schedules. Based on what it is going on what we hear from them even though things are very quiet. Things are quiet. People are under NDAs or gag orders, and that even though we do not like not getting something sometimes, that is a good sign. That means things are right there, and that is happening all over the country and all over the world.

Bruce: So, I am still very encouraged even though we didn’t have this by yesterday by many of us thought, but I am definitely not going to give up. I am going to dance with you guys, and I am going to take you to the threshold of this and beyond with our projects because we are going to get involved with Rebuild America. We are going to get involved with the veterans with the Veterans Retreat Network. There will be some crossover between those two programs. We are going to start in the United States and then branch out. Just like Food for the Soul starting out in the United States and branching out feeding the world. 

Bruce: I mean guys there is no reason what so ever we can’t make a huge difference and at least get clean water and nutritious food to everybody around the globe. If we have to go around governments, we are going to do it that way. If we have to use Samaritans first wherever they are, we are going to go in and do it that way. We are going to work very closely with Dr. Ben Carson for Rebuild America with all the Opportunity Zones, the 8,761 Opportunity Zones in the United States. We are going to work very closely with Dr. Carson and his office in trying to establish new homes, multi-family and single family, neighborhoods, all kinds of things as part of Rebuild America. We are going to get green spaces put together.

Bruce: We are also going to try to partner with First Tee Program like what happened in Atlanta. It is happening all over the country. The point is we have the contacts of who we are going to work with in combining these areas. Also work with other Veterans organizations that we vend out. Make sure they are okay and not eating up too much of the donation for their administrative costs and so on. Those who check out, we will help them as well.

Bruce: So, there is a lot we are going to be doing, and I want you guys to be part of it. Yet I don’t want you to give up hope. I want you to be encouraged, and I want you to stay with your Plan A until the time I get the toll-free number and can put it out. At that point, you will be able to make a change if that is what you want to do with your employer or in your own financial situation because of the blessing of Plan B. I do not want anyone to give up. I do not want anyone to leave the source that God has provided for you as Jah as Provider, and it maybe merger, it may not be ideal. It might be a job you really not like. I get that. I have had a couple of those in my life, not too many thank God.

Bruce: Guys, this is where we get tough. This is where we stick together. Do you realize this whole thing with the Redemption Centers, with the Banks, with our Wealth Management, is all a collaborate effort with all of this. Do you realize the Redemption Center people have been going in month after month, day after day I do not know how long. I am going to say 2 years expecting this. Yes, a lot of them have already done exchanges with all of this. Do not kid yourself. A lot of them have already done exchanges. Now those exchanges have turned into Safe Keeping Receipts with some liquidity. Possibly advances. Okay, with some liquidity, but majority of them, no they haven’t been paid. First of all, they haven’t been paid because the agreement is to pay them in USTNs, the new currency, and the USTNs just went live at 4:30pm today here in the United States. 

Bruce: So, it is like we are just at the point where we should be able to do that now. We should be able to go because of that fact alone. Now, I am not into the blame game. I am not even going to blame the Treasury. I am not going to blame the banks. I am not going to blame the Administration because they are doing the best they can with the resistance that they have from you know who. I am going to tell you I feel good about where we are. I really do. This is a collaborate effort. This is something that we are working with everybody.

Bruce: You know the Redemption Centers staff that have gone in day after day, don’t you think they are a little bit like: When is this going to happen? When are we going to exchange? When are people going to be able to redeem Zim? You know they are anxious for it probably just as we are by now. So, when you sit down across from somebody, you can take a deep breath, smile and say: Can you believe we are finally here? We, the collative two of us, we. Can you believe we are finally there, we got this, and we are here now? We are about to do this incredible redemption of Zim and exchange our currencies. Did you every think it was ever going to happen? Did you think? 

Bruce: These are rhetorical questions, but the point is collaborative. It is not us against them. Just because they are on the other side of the table or desk from you, don’t look at it as an effort without their compassion, without their caring for what we are doing. I do not expect them to be touchy feeling. I am not talking that. I do expect the Redemption Center Staff to be courteous, to be genuine, to represent the banks they are working for well, and to give us a very beautiful and fair and wonderful experience with them.

Bruce: I am encouraged. I want you guys to stay encouraged. I have done this for 8 years and I want to continue to going with it. I am not going to give up and I am not going to stop doing the Big Call. So, just stay with me. Stay with Sue. Stay with Bob. Stay with Pastor Steven, and we will take you all the way to the end. That is really what I wanted to say to everybody tonight. We do not get great information very easily and you guys do not even need it anyways. I have already told you guys what you need to know. If you have to listen to past calls, try to get them off the archives.

Bruce: I am excited. I just want to get that call that says: Okay, Bruce, this is so and so, and we have your toll-free number. That is what I want to hear. I haven’t yet, and I am looking for that. There is hardly if much anything else that I think we need to hear except that. I can’t think of anything else that has to happen. The Gold Treaty has been signed off. The paperwork has been done. If they needed an extension for the Zim for us, they have done that too. I think everything is read to rock-n-roll. I think the Zim Platforms are ready. The paperwork is ready to go out on Saturday, and we are supposed to be in and started before that happens.

Bruce: That is all I can tell you. That is the plan. Let’s see if that what happens, and let's see if we can all just stay in faith for it, and be calm, and believe as we need to speak it into existence in our own lives and stay with it. I want to thank everybody for listening. I appreciate it. Thank you, Sue. Thank you everybody for tuning in and we appreciate you. We look forward to bringing you good news as soon as I get it. Good night everybody. Thank you, Bob. Good bye.




SusanaC:  Bruce call last nite----1. recvd concerns from people who are desperate: still waiting for rv & 800#s, 2.no 800#s the ones that went out were a test using 4 indiv no redemption, 3.no afgani in 1rst basket,

4. confident in RV---time windows expecte failed, 5. atms at airports in iraq have low denoms, 4. ustn live at 4;30 pm yesterday...not widely distributed,

6. hold on don't give up, 7. tier 4 group source 20% acess of funds starting today we will follow in same time window, 8. zim june first, 9. 6/1 is date for platoform start...we go between 5/29 and 6/1 platforms, start….new window 5/29-6/1

Fuze:  GM, in country once the rate change, IF the rate is consistent with the rate they published to use IN COUNTRY in the old US congressional report; 100,000 iqd would equal between $83,000.00 to $92,000.00 us

Wonderboy:  Giving 100,000 dinar to citizens for $.00086 does not make sense. 100,000 dinar at $28 = $2,800,000! 100,000 dinars at $3.60 = $360,000

 100K dinar = 28,000 by the notes....still before an RV.

 Wonderboy, tony gave info that the 100k dinar would be equivalent to $28,0000 in spending power. Not the same conversion for us because $100k would convert to $360k. Iraqis are not getting that amount.

  first in country for the iraqs is different from out country and in the US...... giving the currency before it revalues is different from giving it after it revalues..