Thursday, May 9, 2019


MarkZ update Thursday Morning :  Highlights by PDK-Not Verbatm

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

MZ: Dow dropping…..Chinese elders traveling today….there is a lot coming together…. and no Mr. C has not been paid yet…..there is a lot of movement still…….

Member:  MARK, Please tell Cottrell he is not alone. We Have "NOT BEEN PAID EITHER"!!

MZ: When I found out that Chinese Elders were traveling today I thought “Hmmmmmm-maybe he’s getting paid today”

Member:  [...if the Emir of China is going to DC and they do actually make a deal this week then i believe we could see what we seek on Sunday...all imo] Frank26: I...SECOND THAT EMOTION... DELTA: I...THIRD THAT...

Q: Could we see 800 numbers today?

MZ : I was expecting them last night but did not see a single package delivery overnight….but with things moving again today….with the Chinese Elders and signatories coming today I realize I was premature in expecting those numbers last night …I am watching today closely though  with who is moving where today.

Member:  Pompeo is returning to US today - not going to Greenland as scheduled

Member:  Trump-China talks; Pompeo-Iraq; Middle East-military action by many; Elders-travel

Q: It doesn't make sense that fines and penalties for cmkx (Stock deal gone bad) would have any attachment to a global currency revaluation??? What say you???

MZ:  It makes perfect sense to me. It was designed this way by Mr. Mayheu way back when….he did not want our funds stolen and did not trust our government.

Q:  is the elders traveling a good sign? what do you think it means.

MZ: Its an excellent sign ..imo……


Member:  This was flemings note last evening..... nvflemingjr: 5/8/19 I only have time to say this, when the Chinese travel to the US they always have a couple Elders that travel with them 1 or 2 of them can sign on the dotted line for the Dragon Family in charge. That is why I have a hunch that the 800#'s will be released when they get here because the signatory for the treasury will be in the meeting as well. Trump and Pompeo have already signed off as of last Friday, Iraq will have their rate announced

Q:  is there anything that will prevent a "bail in" where they can rob our bank accounts and leave us hung out and heavily invested in our projects with no money to continue them, just as the banks were "bailed out" in 2008-2009.

MZ: That’s one reason we want the Fed. Reserve to die…..its called ping and tap…..it allows them to ping your account to see your balance and tap it for money……once the reset happens they cannot do that anymore.

Q: Any news on the lawsuit?

MZ: They are still moving forward….they have a stack of evidence…its actually a slam/dunk…….the question is  will it come to fruition before they pay us?

MZ: A little history today on PP’s: (Look up Reagan, Wanta, Mitterand funds) Pres. Reagan conceived of a world where banks were not debt based. A world where real people controlled their own money. Reagan looked at the fiat system as debt-slavery.   I will put together a call about CMKX and the entire history of what happened. Reagan was big on what he called “Compassion capitalism”

It was late eighties or early ninties when the funds were put in place for the first prosperity packages. Billions- maybe trillions of dollars were set aside for this.

This reset should have gone on 9-11……Bush, Clinton, and Obama fought against the reset with everything they had.

(please listen to call at minute 13:00-19:00 for the details on this history ….available on today’s replay)

Member:  DOW is down 325

Member:  Dow drops 300 points after Trump says China 'broke the deal,' resuming this week's sell-off

Q:  Eagleone, Nflemingjr is the window of the 1st through the 7 extended???


MZ: Moving on to the Gesara/Nesara/Germaine trust stuff…..There is so much conspiracy theory stuff out there…….i believe that much of it’s real……I realize many of you don’t ….thats ok……we do not need to agree…..everyone is free to do your own research.

Member:  your Sean Hannity video was great   https://youtu.be/AP3zcoQsdqw

MarkZ- It really was…how do you all think the Clinton Admin. Came up with so much money….it was the re-evaluation of the Kuwaiti dinar….
Q: Whaat do you think about Deutsche Bank? Surely it's inevitable that it's going to collapse soon, and with it the german / EU economy

MZ: there is a better then excellent chance that it will implode….guys, you are going to get your global currency reset…..it they wait till Europe and the uS implode..it will reset the hard way……This is the longest run that fiat currency has made in human history……usually it goes right back to a gold standard …sometimes after a war………that’s how it has worked in the past……

MZ: this time they did something different….the bankers and military complex came up with the “petrodollar” You all should watch the Mike Malony videos on the “Hidden Secrets of Money”

Member:  petro $$ -thank Kissinger

Member:  I think the RV will happen when we LEAST expect...the whole "build us up" get excited, then the down-turn is a tactic....then when you are not paying attention like before..BOOM!! IMO lol

Member:  10's of TRILLIONS of derivatives are coming do over the next month, & they have NO WAY to pay for them. They have to RV NOW

Member:  Many times worse then the dirty 30's --if it doesn't happen...soon!

MZ:  Yes….1929 has nothing on what we are going through now…..we are setting up for a huge crash….

Member:  The Creature from Jekyll Island is a great read on the USD/petrodollar/Fed

Member:  When the "PTB" Tell us to "Be Quiet" and Don't talk about this or That, everything slows down, little Intel, little info. It's TIME NOT TO BE QUIET. We must tell the PTB we will NOT BE QUIET ANYMORE!!!!


Member:  I'm betting trade deal is done today or tomorrow being Chinese officials and elders are here. ****** and the day after the RV is finally let go forward.

MZ: there are a lot of paid shills out there discrediting many intel providers…..we should ask ourselves “why”??

Member:  I ALWAYS at least look when other's are discrediting in any area...Don't follow the CROWD

Member:  Here ya go peeps - Fiat Currency: When did the US become a fiat currency? Fiat Currency Collapse: Recent History. A more recent example is the case of the Bretton Woods Agreement. This system was agreed upon in 1944 with 44 countries participating. ... The International Monetary Fund (IMF) was established as a result with an aim to monitor exchange rates and lend reserve currencies to nations. https://multi-act.com/evolution-of-money-drawbacks-of-the-fiat-currency-system/

MZ: We know its inevitable…….the reset will happen…we have to move back to real value

Member:  https://eagleonetowanta.com/

Member: https://www.google.com/search?q=wanta+reagan+mitterrand+trust&oq=wanta+reagan&aqs=chrome.1.69i57j0l2.5776j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

Member:  CMKX in Court Part I https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I4-KTFP16ZY&t=44s
Its the largest fraud case in world history. It is alledged that between June of 2004 and October of 2005, over 2 trillion dollars worth of fake CMKM Diamonds Inc. shares were sold to the public. The companys shareholders are now suing the S.E.C for 3.87 trillion dollars.

Member:  All three videos of Al's court case are at my youtube channel... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHdiN6kdro86zoIis5Tp_sQ?view_as=subscriber

Member:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqVyN3ur-UU    Wanta video

Member:  my playlist on Wanta .. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29bkCJ81TOU&list=PL1yWdjkeR-5KSR11kvFZwmZBYf4wYf0Kh

Member:  Four big families of the Republic of China https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Four_big_families_of_the_Republic_of_China   They were responsible for much of China's management of finance, politics, economy, and law. The four big families begin with the Chinese surnames Chiang, Soong, Kung, and Chen.

Member:  Link to St. Germain Trust: https://saintandrewstwinflame.com/2015/08/07/change-is-on-the-horizon-saint-germains-world-trust-important/

Member:  Should watch The Awakening by QANON. Very enlightening.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vw9N96E-aQ&

Member:  https://www.kitco.com/commentaries/2019-05-09/Thursday-s-Forex-Analytical-Charts-May-9.html

EAGLE ONE'S CALLS: Part 2 5/7/19: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cidxwq6mx5ifypr/EagleOne_Pt2.mp3?dl=0 

Part 1 5/2/19: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vr8w3vyl0lwlbf0/EagleOne_May%202.mp3?dl=0

Note:  Please listen to the replay….there was a lot of information today that highlights cannot do justice to……….

Replay is  https://www.pscp.tv/w/1BRJjvMjgMBJw

Or  https://www.twitch.tv/videos/422486642##



Bruce (The Big Call)

What is really interesting a lot has been happening, but we have been in a slow and soft roll out of this RV GCR.

...What also happened yesterday is we had brand new live rates of the currencies on the screens... Now I have heard of a few rates. I cannot give rates this time. They do not want those out there, but I can tell you if you remember the last time when we talked about the Dinar is higher than it was then. Iraq should put out tomorrow this final disclosure in the Gazette of whatever they are doing with their Parliament, and quite possibly their new rate on the Iraqi Dinar. Least that is supposed to happen on Wednesday which is their day to publish their official Gazette, their official record.

We have certain countries like Japan, like the United States, and a few other countries that are already Basel 4 compliant. The countries that are Basel 3 compliant are good to go for the exchanges. If a country is not Basel 3 compliant is a go around. It is a work around, go around until they are. So, everything is really moving along really excellently this time. I am ready for this to start and go just as everybody else...Have everything ready to go because this is finally looking like it is our time.

Frank26 (KTFA)

IMO, I believe the President of the U.S. is in control of the whole RI of the Iraqi dinar & his dealings with China because they're digging up Iraq...not just with China but with others that are working with Donald Trump. So he tells China get your financial negotiator here...we have got to do some things and finalize it with you regarding Iraq ...because I have business to do with Iraq and you're postponing it.

...So they don't show up... So Trump says ok we're jacking you up from 10% to 25% on your tarriffs by this coming Friday. So China says ok we'll be there. The next thing we know Pompeo shows up in Iraq...he says we're getting some things done...China's almost done. There's a combination of China, the USA, Iraq and Iran...that is going to open a lock to the Re-Instatement of the Iraqi dinar.

MilitiaMan (KTFA)

"URGENT Pompeo arrives in Baghdad to meet Abdul-Mahdi and Foreign Minister"

With this now urgent article showing Pompeo in Iraq for a short and sweet visit, fits the bill imo!




[So the RV has started- just hasnt gotten to our turn yet?]

Yes... When i came into this 10+ years ago i was told it was supposed to be happening then!!! I have hung in here and ...i am still here and at this point i am very happy that it hasn't happened sooner because we would not have learned the things we have to better protect ourselves. Feel confident now and looking forward to this process finally coming to an end!!!

Mountain Goat


This is the article IV consultation session we have been waiting for since last year and it was postponed twice in 2018. We knew any reinstatement could not occur outside of the early January-march period without this last consultation. Now we have it.

...Am I saying the reinstatement is now free to go? No, there are still approvals and the will of the CBI and the Finance Committee to approve it and go ahead. There are no signs they intend to do this now. But at least now we know we are getting closer and there are possibilities.



  • Monday’s updates: Anything over $9,999 you’re going to need to call the 800# and won’t be able to go to teller at bank.  Timeframe started on Saturday and can’t tell you when it ends.  We’re in a good spot.  Trying to figure out if you or Ray are excited!  R/I don’t know!  T/guys, I’ve been excited all over the weekend.  Hearing our guys were paid.  The 3rd time we hear it, said we need to hear it from Bagdad.  People in Kurdistan saying a whole different story.  Banks expected since last week.  We’re ever ready.  Ray/ Waiting is a very important word for us.  That one word is going to be very essential to us, for those not chasing the contract rate.  How are you going to go thru this process?  In some cases, less than 24 hours observe what’s taken place.  When you know what’s going on.  Wait until the 1st wave takes place.  Will know what to plan.

  • Tony’s opening remarks: Good morning TNT.  What do we know?  The banks are still on standby right now. Waiting to see how Pompeo’s visit will affect what’s happening.  6 months we’ll talk about it today.  Rate is still there, banks still waiting.  Nobody in Reno is getting paid.   Contractors over there getting paid.  Some believe them, some of them don’t.  Kurdistan is ready to go and has paid out people.  Nobody in Bagdad has.  Supposedly the CBI has received authorization.  Not going to let it go until the UST does.  4 treasuries (USA, Britain, and 2 others haven’t).  Will tweet when something happens.

  • Board Questions:

  • Sadie: In your opinion what do you think is going to happen to the price of Gold and Silver as soon as the RV triggers?  Ans: I have no idea!  Don’t do gold and silver, it’s long term.  Doesn’t have return as IPO’s, etc. have.

  • Jozmo: On Monday you said the IMF investment was risky.  Could you please clarify?  Ans: I didn’t say the IMF was risky.  Other things can make you more than what IMF offers, but they are risky.

  • SandolaG: My husband has been called to work out of state.  Can I do our currency exchange initially setting up a joint account, get the proper forms from the bank for him to sign, mail to him, he signs and returns forms? Ans: Ray/sure it is.  You don’t need to do a joint account, unless you’re not doing the Contract Rate that required NDA.

  • Tndr: Can you explain the mechanics of the Contractors getting paid reflecting the $3.63 rate?  Saying “they” are getting paid in Kurdistan new rate.  Who is “they”, citizens or contractors from outside the country?  How was this new rate revealed to you?  Was it an out of Iraq country contractor exchanged to USD that shared this?  Can only the CBI set the rate?  Or is the IQD trading higher without a formal rate change?  Is this like a “spilled milk” scenario meaning there is no way to go back to the program rate in Kurdistan?  Ans: I can tell you we have Iraqi people who have contracts with the country.  Fairly large contract.  Have American citizens over there that have contracts with the country.  50% of their workforce has to be Iraqi citizens.  Telling us how they are getting paid from Iraq.  Sat, the said not only did they get paid, but their citizens paid on the cards.  Exchange rate based on whatever country they are in.  Never going to tell you a specific company or person.  Not sacrificing people or businesses.

  • When the CBI puts it out there, everybody will know.  People in USA got different rates.  They aren’t giving us all of the details how it’s working.  Visa and Master Cards are “international”.  How can they be international if they aren’t trading the Dinar in multiple countries.  Don’t know how but are doing it!

  • Kozmo: I’m concerned about the Iran situation.  Do you think this could cause a major delay regarding the US signing off?  Ans: Iran situation has been going on a long time (80% of trade comes from Iran). Pompeo saying, they are going to continue allowing them to trade for oil, gas, for stoves to work and vehicles to work.  Other issues; Iran flooding market with counterfeit money.  Slowing this down.  Have to get it under control.  So many corrupt people involved.  New denoms have anti-counterfeiting features.  How big, long, of an issue, is what we’re waiting to hear.  Banks have worked it out.  Getting De-La-Rue machines from Germany.

  • Lkrkl:  On 4/29 you said codes were good for 30 days and they were posted 4/09.  After 5/09, will they need to be renewed?  Ans:

  • Ms50:  It’s been said that Zim is supposed to split 80% for humanitarian and 20% for our own use.  Will the 80% be taken off the top then we receive the 20%?  Ans:

  • 7mmstw: If the bank tellers can only process exchanges less than $10k, than means a high % must go thru the 800#’s, like 25m people!  How can the banks handle that?  Ans: The banks have a system for that, why are we concerned?  Banks set up 800#.  They are going to work from 7am to 1am.  Trying to get the bulk out in first 10 days.  Not one bank (WF, Chase, etc).  Don’t think one bank is going to process us.  The majority of people won’t even go in for 6 months, when they find out later within the 2-year plan!

  • Lightspirit: Which ball of confusion is the right ball to be watching these days?  Madhi Abadi, US Govt, China?  Ans: T/I didn’t know they were different!  They’re all playing a part in this.

  • Onyxx55: I tried to send a donation to TNT but was not successful.  Ans:  R/just keep doing it.  Had 1 member that had to try 6 times but was accepted.  May have to contact your bank and let them know that you are approving “cash” donations through CashAp.

  • Lena: I hope you have explained where we are.  Your intel sounds so positive, but I don’t see the same positive news you report.  Please give us a conservative report as to where you think we are. Ans:  You don’t see the news where?  You have to know somebody who sends you the info every morning.  Go to multiple sites.  You say you’re not seeing it.  Don’t know where your looking.  All the laws are in need except the Ministers, if they need them.  Not arguing.  Something must have resolved.  Nobody is talking about it, just a show.  Bottom line: this Iran, maybe they’re moving missiles or not.  Mass confusion at the end.  Until they resolve all the sanctions are working, we have to wait.  Maybe they are position ships because we’ve come down to it.  Let’s hope we’re not going thru a 20 yr war.  We’re seeing more countries are willing to pour billions into Iraq but saying you can’t have access to the money in the account yet.

  • Scubbie59:  Go on trip or not.  R/take some currency with you if you need to exchange for airfare to get back.  R/don’t know if you’ll be able to exchange out of country.  Have somebody here to exchange then wire you so money so you can get home.

  • Jamby67:  Time for rates to come out this week?  T/yes!  Surprised that question wasn’t asked earlier!

  • Live Callers:

  • 865/Atlanta, GA. CIA Lady! C/have your folks saying if he’s still there or left?  T/don’t know.  Nobody is putting it anywhere.  C/30-day limit as of 9th of April, be alarmed?  T/don’t need to be.  On the 1st the already renewed the numbers.  Tony was informed how that’s done. Without them going the BIS isn’t going to allow mass confusion.  C/connected to “algorithms” spoken about in the past?  T/don’t know.  Global monetary system linking them all together.  It could be part of the system, had to run all the test and pings.  System is working; put in different rates.  Now we’re just waiting for a go!  C/Well-found Wed!

  • 610/ Allentown, PA. “Gman from PA” (TNT Ad Removed)

  • Tony/just notified by Tish that Pompeo is out of Iraq!

  • 828/Asheville, NC. C/Will we be able to go to a larger bank to exchange?  T/surly they’ll have something close to you where you can go.  They’re going to ask how much currency you have, etc.  May be able to say that location is too far.

  • 972/ Dallas, TX.  Danny in Dallas. C/Ray listened politely and gave me input! Friday 3:45 likely a good time?  T/there is no rhyme or reason.  We do know that exchange personnel are within 1 to 1.5 hrs. being called in.  We’re going to have a pretty good head’s up.  They want to process people within 2 hrs.  We’re not going to notify you when we know they’ve been called in, but able to answer your calls.

  • 617/Boston, MA.  Having difficulty with distortion, etc.  Just wanted to share feedback.

  • 281/Houston, TX. How will tariffs affect us?  T/How do you conduct business in the public?  US issuing idle threats to China.  Let’s say tariffs are implemented and increase prices by 25% and the Pres says it won’t affect us.  How are you going to increase the prices on China and not increase the prices on the citizens?  Workers pay didn’t increase 25%.  How isn’t this not going to affect them?  How’s it not going to paid for if not by the American people.  C/Is this the first time during the last year or so, info has been sent to them from the Treasury?  T/the banks have received it before.  Never known the CBI have received it.  Like Charley Brown.  Put the football down and don’t move it so I can kick it!  C/good sign about this notification.  T/anytime they do a step closer it’s a good thing.  Banks put people on standby and haven’t done that since January.  We’ll see where it goes.

  • 754/Fort Lauderdale, FL.  C/is the Real going?  T/Real isn’t going if we have trade sanctions.  As of this morning, someone called and said they were with their Private Banker and told it’s still on the list.  C/read comments from Pompeo why he went to Iraq.  T/agreed to what Iraq wanted and would give them 6 more months.  C/what’s happening in Reno?  T/people out there in groups, flown out there 4-5 times this year.  Some getting divorces and remarried!  Others fly in occasionally, wait for their money, then fly back out without their money.  Most of them are in the Peppermill.  I live 1.5 hrs from Reno and wouldn’t go there until it RV’d.  C/do you think we’ll see this by the end of this month or June deadline?  T/June deadline was set “by June” 1st or 30th.  I do think they pushing toward that.  Are they going to be authorized to complete it.  Will Iran be in a position the US wants them in by then.

  • Tony/dinar, dong, etc.…If you have Zim, you would have to go to a different exchange location!

  • 303/Denver, CO.  C/confused with contract rates in the Middle East.  How can they be paying them now.  Even if paying in Dinar, they would go thru currency auctions to exchange Dinar for Dollars.  Is there a 2nd system being applied?  A lot of info is circular and doesn’t make sense.  T/our contractors are telling us this is what the got paid and the rates they received.  Somehow if you have a Visa or Master Card, the rate will be different in different countries.  Don’t know how.  Doesn’t make sense Kurdistan does it but Bagdad didn’t.  I don’t know.  Telling you getting rates from Iraqi citizens and US citizens also. If you’re a contractor and put out a new contract, when you change the value, does that change the value your workers receive?  The citizens don’t have contracts.  It would be based on a new rate.  C/maybe they’re doing it.

  • 509/Spokane, WA. C/haven’t heard about lower denoms for a while. Basically living on their cards.  T/use to be 11%, now 24% living on their cards.  Told everyone to get a card and paid electronically.  C/people from Iraq and living on their cards also.  T/We know they have received the new rates on their cards.  We wanted to see it with the masses, but right now it’s not!  Can’t use their cash yet.

  • 907/Anchorage, AK C/spoke w banker yesterday and was told this was a scam?  T/When Kuwait’s money was valueless, they still had a work force.  They are paid $5-$15k/mo.  When they were invaded by Iraq their money went down in value.  Previous workers received hundreds of thousands of dollars when the rates went back up.  They walked off their jobs.  Kuwait had to import more workers to replace.  Banks are saying “there are dinar scams out there”, not that “dinar was a scam”.  C/why doesn’t the whole nation turn over to solar power?  T/how long will that take?  C/how long are they going to depend on Iran?  T/they will work with other countries and make changes for themselves.

  • 214/Dallas, TX. C/any new news about Zimbabwe?  T/No.  Do know somebody was fired for saying he want to go after Zimbabwe.  C/black-market rate is $5.  T/heard screen rate was 22 cents.  C/by August it float to the current rate of $3, or 30 cents.  T/our bank people are still saying Zim is going!

  • Tony/hopefully we’ll find something by the end of the week.  I do think something will happen before June.  Be ready so you don’t have to get ready.

  • Ray/if anything happens will let you know.

  • Latest Rates; Dinar: $3.50 – $4.43.  Dong: $0.47 – $2.23.  Zim $0.22 – $0.33 cents.  Rupiah: $1.08-$1.30 ($1.20).
  • Frank26: "that is going to open a lock to the Re-Instatement of the Iraqi dinar" , 9 MAY

    Frank26 IMO, I believe the President of the U.S. is in control of the whole RI of the Iraqi dinar & his dealings with China because they’re digging up Iraq…not just with China but with others that are working with Donald Trump.  

    So he tells China get your financial negotiator here…we have got to do some things and finalize it with you regarding Iraq …because I have business to do with Iraq and you’re postponing it. 

    So they don’t show up… So Trump says ok we’re jacking you up from 10% to 25% on your tariffs by this coming Friday. So China says ok we’ll be there.  

    The next thing we know Pompeo shows up in Iraq…he says we’re getting some things done…China’s almost done.  

    There’s a combination of China, the USA, Iraq and Iran…that is going to open a lock to the Re-Instatement of the Iraqi dinar.

    TNT JSL: "what happened to all the Lower Denoms that were suppose to be in circulation a couple weeks back in Iraq?", 9 MAY

    Positive IS what Positive does. A lot to be thankful for everyday as we move closer to our goals, once this rv's, I am pretty sure we will all be laughing all the way to the bank and back from the bank, and all this waiting and preparing will have been worth it times a million. Blessings to All here who can continue to help encourage others along this once in a lifetime journey.

    Probably none of you have heard, but what happened to all the Lower Denoms that were suppose to be in circulation a couple weeks back in Iraq? Also all the Bank machines loaded with Lower denom s? Did it happen? are we in a Black out to the revalue in Iraq?

    JSL I have a few sources and right now they have all been told to shut up talking. It is as quiet as a church yard graveyard late at night.

    Alonghorn Well it seems to fit what your saying because last month I was never built up as much as we were here to the fact we are at the front door. Then suddenly for 2 weeks n Nothing! So I hope this is a good point to be at today

    yet another person calling for Zimbabwe to use their own money ...

    TNT Joshua: "Tony Said Kurdistan paid their contractors at $3.63", 9 MAY

    Can someone tell Tony and ray that Steve Mnuchin is in Iraq shaking hands with the PM....that's unbelievable.. 

    Tony Said Kurdistan paid their contractors at $3.63 Thinks they always are more progressive and Baghdad usually is right behind them. Saying more banks on board and on one and a half hour alert. Said banks saying 60-90 minute appointments. Need appt if you have $ 9,999 ON DONG AT TELLER

    WangDang said months ago....1) Kurdistan, gets paid 2) budget opens with value 3) Boom

    Secretariat of Baghdad: the lifting of concrete blocks from the vicinity of two branches of the Rafidain Bank downtown

    Baghdad Mawazine News 

    The Secretariat of Baghdad announced, Monday, the direct lifting of concrete blocks from the vicinity of two branches of the Rafidain Bank downtown. 

    The Secretariat said in a statement that "the joint work with the Baghdad Operations Command was the direct lifting of concrete blocks from the vicinity of two buildings belonging to the Rafidain Bank, the branch of Paradise and the branches of Alawiya opposite Al-Firdous Square in central Baghdad." 

    The Secretariat added that "the work was followed up by the Office of the Secretary of Baghdad and the participation of the productive department to be followed by the staff of the Service Secretariat campaign to clean and rehabilitate the signatories, especially since they have been closed since 2008." 

    Ended link